Coffee Franchise v Building a Unique Business by davidkurniawan


									Coffee Franchise v Building a Unique Business

Building a business from the ground floor is a very time consuming,
emotionally taxing, and financially straining prospect. This is one
reason that franchise businesses are so popular among those seeking the
security of business ownership but not willing to risk their financial
futures and security in the effort. The price that is paid for the lower
risk of franchise ownership is lower profits while the business is being
built in the form of franchise fees and expenses related to following the
rules and requirements of the franchise organization.

The problems with building a business of your very own are plentiful. The
first hurtle to overcome is that the average first time business owner
doesn't know beans about coffee much less about the market, building a
business plan, or operating a business. This is problematic if you are
pursuing something as specialized as coffee for your business. A coffee
franchise does not only provide a product and concept for running a
business but also provides valuable training on the product as well as
the process of running a business. This knowledge alone is well worth the
franchise fee when you choose a great partnership for your business.

Coming up with a concept that is unique and trendy is another problem
that most first time business owners face. It's great if you have a
fabulous concept and the know how to implement that concept it can be
disastrous if you are lacking one or the other however. The coffee
franchise builds upon someone else's concept and implementation. This
means that you learn from the trial and error of other people saving time
and money in the process while turning over an even great profit much
sooner than if you were building your own business from the ground floor.

A coffee franchise is often preceded by its reputation. This is another
benefit that is huge when it comes to expensive advertising and name
recognition. If you have a name that people know before they walk in the
door then your customers know what to expect and you will have customers
that come to you because they tried the franchise elsewhere and liked it.
People enjoy doing what is familiar to them for the most part and you can
capitalize on the efforts of others to build a reputation to catapult
your own.

Franchises are essentially partnerships. The parent company is dedicated
to your success because they have their name attached to your store.
While they aren't necessarily silent partners in the running of your
business (as most franchises have very strict formulas for success) they
are going to make their best effort to help you succeed as a partner
rather than a competitor. This is good for you as a coffee franchise
owner as you have someone that is willing to help you succeed. Most
people going it alone are doing just that and have no one there to help
them work through the rough spots or offer training, education, or

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