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in your                                       Act gives a clear definition of aspects that
                                              may not be discriminated against such

recruitment                                   as race, gender, family responsibility, HIV
                                              status, sexual and religious orientation.        inside this
process                                       However, recruiters often overstep these
                                              boundaries, and continue to view certain
                                              factors as acceptable criteria for eliminating
by Lynn Wolmarans                             candidates.                                       Avoid discrimination in your
Remember those team picking line-                                                               recruitment process P.1
                                              Personal Circumstances
ups at school? The leader would               Application forms are often riddled with          You only have 4 minutes to make a
select players one-by-one, choosing           personal questions regarding marital status,      first impression P.2
the strongest looking candidates              number of children and where candidates           New on the block P.3
first. Finally, there would be one or         reside. However, it is no longer acceptable       Worries@work P.3
                                              (or legal) to preclude a female candidate         Developments in the pending
two children left, unwanted and
                                              because she is a married mother of 2, upon
heartbroken. School may be over, but          the assumption that she would need time
                                                                                                labour legislation P.4
this process isn’t. Only now it has a         off to care for sick children. Selectors may      Top Candidates and Vacancies P.5
name: Discrimination. And it’s illegal.       also not exclude candidates from a specific
                                              area, upon the assumption that residents of      a study by VIP Payroll, approximately 73%
Effective recruitment can be a time-          that area are prone to undesired behaviour.      of payroll operators are women. Vickesh
consuming and expensive process, due          These personal questions are often thinly        Naidoo, Recruitment Consultant at VIP
to the salary cost of HR staff involved,      veiled during interviews. For example, to        Cape Town, adds that “an integral part
advertising and possible revenue losses       ascertain whether a candidate has family         of VIP’s placement service, is supplying
while the position remains vacant.            responsibilities, the interviewer might ask      clients with temporary payroll administrators
Companies often resort to blatant             whether he/she would be able to work             while their permanent employees are on
discrimination in a bid to reach a short      overtime if required.                            maternity leave”. But while the prospect of
list more quickly. In so doing, they risk                                                      any employee being absent for 4 months
overlooking the best candidate for the        Health / HIV Status                              is a daunting possibility for employers,
position, as well as prosecution. Bear        The numbers surrounding the prevalence of        they may not discriminate against female
in mind that a person does not have to        HIV in South Africa are daunting. Already in     job applicants on the basis that they are
be employed by your company in order          2005, an estimated 10.8% of the population       pregnant, or may become so in the future.
to lodge a complaint with the CCMA.           older than 2 years tested positive for
The Employment Equity Act affords the         HIV, according to a survey by the Human          Religion / Culture
same rights to job seekers as employees,      Sciences Research Council (HSRC) (www.           While it is important for employees to
protecting them from unfair discrimination, Employers therefore have to         feel at home in the working environment,
and providing a framework for implementing    face the grim fact that existing or new          employers may not discriminate against
affirmative action. (       employees’ positive HIV status may affect        job applicants because of their religious
What is discrimination and on what basis      their business in the short or long term.        or cultural orientation. An applicant may
may you not discriminate?                     However, according to the Code of Good           withdraw, or decline a position, due to the
Discrimination can be defined as unfair       Practice, employers may not discriminate         nature of your business or the industry in
treatment of a person or group on the         against existing or potential employees on       which you operate. For example, if a job
basis of prejudice. (wordnet.prineton.        the grounds of their status.                     seeker’s religion prohibits the consumption
edu). Section 6 of the Employment Equity                                                       or promotion of alcoholic beverages, he/
                                              Pregnancy                                        she may decline an opportunity to work
                                              With a growing number of women and               for a liquor retailer. It is therefore advisable
                                              mothers joining the labour force, employers      that employers state their industry when
                                              are faced with the possibility that their        advertising positions, allowing candidates
                                              female employees may take maternity leave        to make an informed choice as to whether
                                              at some point in their careers. According to     they should apply.
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                                                                                                            vip recruitment update                1
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When is Discrimination Not Unfair?                      thoroughly to ensure that they are         Recruitment Agencies
Section 6 of the Employment Equity                      familiar with the company’s policy            •   If you are uncertain of how to fully
Act goes on to state that it is not unfair              regarding fairness in the recruitment             eliminate discrimination from your
discrimination to apply affirmative action or           process.                                          recruitment process, it may be
to exclude certain candidates because of            •   Set up a list of questions prior to               wise to use the services of a
inherent job requirements (e.g. to exclude              commencing the interview process.                 reputable recruitment agency.
a blind worker from driving a bus). It is               Ensure that all questions are directly            This will safeguard your company
important to note that affirmative action may           related to the competencies required              against possible violations by your
only be applied as part of your company’s               in the job.                                       HR department or managers. A
Employment Equity Plan, in order to meet            •   Ensure that the same questions are                recruitment specialist will focus
the numbers and goals set out therein.                  presented to all candidates.                      on your company’s requirements for
                                                    •   Should a candidate volunteer                      the job. An agency can also provide
How can your company avoid                              personal details, interviewers must               you with background checks, for
discriminating?                                         remain disciplined and resist the                 which they will obtain the
When recruiting new employees, use                      temptation to probe further.                      candidates’ permission. This
the following tips to avoid falling into the                                                              includes reference checks with
discrimination trap:                             Selection                                                previous employers, a report from
                                                    •   Finally, you may be faced with                    the Credit Bureau, as well as
Advertising                                             choosing between two candidates                   credential verifications.
    •    State the nature of your business              who appear to be equally
         and industry clearly, even if you              competent. At this point, there is         By taking the time to put fair recruitment
         choose not to divulge the company              much to be said for “gut feel”,            policies, procedures and benchmarks in
         name.                                          as a particular candidate’s                place, you will not only safeguard your
    •    Mention that the incumbent may                 personality and demeanour may              company against any legal repercussions,
         be required to work overtime (if this          have impressed the entire panel.           but ensure that the most competent
         is the case).                                                                             candidate is appointed.
                                                 However, do not at this point revert to using
Interviews                                       prejudices as a means to
    •    Use a panel to interview candidates.    distinguish candidates.
         A single interviewer may deliberately

                                                                 you only have 4 minutes
         or inadvertently select candidates
         according to personal prejudices.
         Brief members of the panel

                                                                to make a first impression
Did you know that 90% of a person’s              depending on the type of meeting. If you’re       Tip 3: Act what you want to be
opinion of you is formulated within              about to meet a new client regarding a big
                                                 business deal the impression is not the           Less than 10% of the messages we convey
the first four minutes of meeting
                                                 same as the one you want to leave with            are through words. Our bodies speak
you? The bad news is that if you blow            your boyfriend’s parents after your first lunch   unconscious volumes about what we think.
the first four minutes, you only have            together. This may lead you to think that         The good news is that we can become
a 10% chance of correcting this.                 you have to have different personalities for      aware of our bodies and train ourselves to
The good news is, you only have to               different situations. Not so. As you cannot       use them to convey positive messages.
manage the first four minutes and                be (and should not pretend to be) what you        Here are some valuable insights into what
                                                 are not, this process involves enhancing          your body language portrays and how you
the rest will take care                          different parts of your personality and using     can adjust its unconscious behavior.
of itself.                                       those to make the best impression for the
                                                 situation rather than reinventing yourself        Be aware that your pupils may grow four
Here are four simple tips you can use to         each time.                                        times their size when you are looking at
ensure you make positive first impression:                                                         something you really like while they reduce
                                                 Tip 2: Look like what you want to be              in size when you are feeling negative. You
Tip 1: Know what you want to be                                                                    cannot really control your pupils but you
                                                 Research has shown that when we form              can control your thoughts, so keep those
The success of all meetings lies in the          an opinion of someone, our eyes are               negative thoughts out of your mind in
preparation for that meeting. Before you         responsible for 87% of the opinion we form,       order for your pupils and thereby your eyes
walk into a room therefore, think clearly        our ears for 9% and our other senses for          to look bigger and more appealing. Also
about what impression of yourself you            4%. So while the saying “Don’t judge a            practice meeting the other person’s gaze
want to leave behind and work backwards          book by its cover” bears much wisdom,             for about two thirds of the time. This shows
from there. This impression will be different    the truth is that when it comes to making a       that you are confident and have no hidden
                                                 first impression, you are always judged by        agendas.
                                                 your cover. When you get up in the morning
                                                 don’t open your wardrobe and wonder what          Smile. This shows that you are pleased
                                                 to wear. Open you diary, know who you are         to meet the other person and willing to
                                                 going to meet and wear the impression you         engage in conversation. Beware of a false
                                                 want to leave behind.                             smile though as that will convey a message
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2       vip recruitment update
                                           Continued from Page 2                            confidence while slouching back shows
                                                                                            boredom and disinterest.
                                           you only have 4                                  Rule 4: Take the initiative
                                           minutes to make a
                                                                                            Make it your responsibility to ensure a
                                           first impression                                 positive outcome of the meeting. When you
                                                                                            enter the room, make use of eye contact,
                                           of insincerity. If you talk with hands facing    your smile and open palms to show your
                                           upwards it indicates that you are compliant      willingness to engage. Ensure that your
                                           and open to discussion while hands               handshake is firm and you meet the other
                                           facing downwards indicate dominance.             person’s eyes. Let your first words be
                                           In the first four minutes, focus on keeping      positive and confident, eg. ”Hallo Fred,
                                           your palms facing upwards to show your           I’ve been looking forward to this meeting”
                                           willingness to converse. You should also not     or, “It’s really good to see you”. These are
                                           sit on your hands, as this make you look         stronger opening lines that “How are you?”
                                           scared. Furthermore, folded arms show
                                           defensiveness and a desire to shut yourself      People like to feel that someone is
                                           off from the conversation so rather keep         interested in them so especially in a

new on
                                           your arms open and hands comfortably             personal meeting, make the first four
                                           folded in your lap.                              minutes more about them than about
                                                                                            you. Talk about something you see

the block                                  Crossing your legs in conversation is not
                                           necessarily negative but focus on crossing
                                           your legs towards the other person rather
                                                                                            around you (photos against the wall,
                                                                                            sports trophies in a cupboard). In a
                                                                                            business meeting it is also important
Meet Claire Keyser, Cape Town’s            than away, as this shows your willingness to     to show some personal interest, but
                                           engage with them and include them.               then move on to state the purpose of
new recruitment consultant for
                                                                                            your meeting. We all like to do business
permanent placements.                      Your posture also plays a role in your           with someone whom we perceive to
                                           non-verbal message. If you sit upright and       be confident and who can make things
My working career started out mostly       attentive, it indicates that you have an         happen. It is therefore imperative that
in the Travel and Hospitality field        opinion to contribute and are interested in      you prepare well and take the initiative to
and I really fell into Recruitment by      partaking in the conversation; sitting forward   ensure that you achieve what you set out
chance and have since never looked         indicates eagerness, sitting back shows          to achieve.

I studied Travel & Tourism and
decided to cut my studies short and
travel overseas. I travelled extensively
throughout Europe but it was always
                                           worries@work                                     Servanthood: the willingness to submit,
                                                                                            play team ball, and follow the leader
in the back of my mind to return to        If you have a work-related problem
South Africa as I love my country, its                                                      Growth potential: a hunger for personal
                                           that you need advice on, e-mail your
people and its culture.                                                                     growth and development; the ability to keep
On my return, I worked in Car Rental       question to:                                     growing as the job expands
at Cape Town International Airport We
for a couple of years and then landed      may give you some useful advice.                 Follow-through: the determination to
up in Recruitment.                         In this issue we deal with questions             get the job done completely and with
                                           around the selection of leaders.                 consistency
I worked as a Specialist Consultant
in the field of logistics and shipping.                                                     Loyalty: the willingness to always put the
I literally started from scratch and       Q: I have to appoint a new manager for a         leader and the organisation above personal
underwent training and completed           team. I have interviewed the candidates and      desire
various courses as well as my APSO         three of them stand out as possible leaders.
exam. From the start I absolutely          It is difficult to choose between them. Do       Resilience: the ability to bounce back when
loved Recruitment and found it             you have any suggestions?                        problems arise
extremely rewarding and interesting.
I felt I got the best of both worlds as    A: Johan Maxwell gives some valuable             Integrity: trustworthiness and solid
I enjoy the sales aspect as well as        advice on this topic. He says that there is      character; consistent words and walk
dealing with clients and candidates        no future in any job. The future lies solely
alike. Now I find myself in an             in the person who holds the job. What you        “Big picture” mindset: the ability to see the
extremely challenging position at an       need to do is to be able to identify which of    whole organisation and all of its needs
industry leader in its field, VIP.         the candidates has the best potential. He
                                           suggests that you look for the person who        Discipline: the willingness to do what is
                                           possesses most of these qualities:               required regardless of personal mood

                                           Positiveness: the ability to work with and       Gratitude: an attitude of thankfulness that
                                           see people and situations in a positive way      becomes a way of life

                                                                                                       vip recruitment update             3
                                                                developments in the
                                                                pending labour legislation
                                                                   by Karen Ekron

                                                the changes of legislation, an employer                 about anyone else (called the ‘data
                                                who uses brokered labour can still be held              subject’) may not do so without the
                                                responsible for fairness, and be expected               express and informed consent of
We are on the edge of some of                   to extend all the requirements of fair                  the data subject
                                                labour practice.(Nape vs INTCS Corporate            •   Any data subject may call to
the most significant changes
                                                Solutions(PTY) Ltd (2010) 19LC 7.1.2                    review the information stored
we have seen since the current                  Some other interesting legislative changes              about them at any time, and can
Labour Relations act was passed.                in the pipeline include:                                call for corrections to be made. In
An important case has meant that                    • Enhancing the powers of the CCMA                  case of a dispute, a data
even if the law with regard to labour                   to intercede in disputes                        ombudsman, appointed in terms of
                                                    • Increased powers of the CCMA                      the Act will protect the individual
brokers is not changed, the dam
                                                        Commissioners                               •   No data that is stored in
has broken insofar as the liability                 • Removing the employer’s right to                  computerised form may be
of the employer using brokered                          object to the conciliation/arbitration          disclosed to any other person
labour is concerned. There are                          process                                         without the express and informed
new developments on the use of                      • Take away the right of free access to             consent of the data subject
suspension and we need to take                          the CCMA for employees earning                  themselves. Failure to obey this is a
                                                        more than a certain amount                      serious offence.
on board the requirements of the                                                                    •   Where computerised information is
                                                        per annum
Protection of Personal Information                  • Pave the way for the Minister of                  stored by a data capturer, specific
Act. (POPIA)                                            Labour to create what effectively will          steps have to be taken to ensure
                                                        be a national minimum wage                      security of such data. Every
This was the message from Andrew Levy               • Allow the Minister of Labour to                   organisation has to appoint a
during his recent Annual Labour Law                     establish compulsory Bargaining                 specific person to ensure that these
seminar. The proposed Labour Legislation                Councils irrespective of the wishes             steps are taken and they can be
is still on the cards, but it seems to be way           of employers in the sector                      held liable, as well as the
behind schedule, and it is certain that there       • Create new methods for the                        corporation for any breaches.
will be no new laws introduced this year.               enforcement of CCMA awards on               •   Persons who have access to and
It is however certain that labour brokers               employers                                       who handle personal information will
(temporary employment services) will not            • Exert greater control over private                need special training and will be
be banned outright, despite the views of                arbitration and the activities of               subject to special duties of care.
the Department of Labour and COSATU.                    private arbitration agencies
The proposed new legislation might also                                                          All in all, there are some interesting times
prove to be academic, as developments in        In terms of POPIA here are some of the           ahead. We will issue articles in each quarter
case law have been such that even without       requirements of the Act that will affect you     of our newsletter highlighting the most
                                                as employer, once promulgated                    important legislative information that will
                                                    • Any person who stores private              affect you as an employer.
                                                       information in computerised form

4    vip recruitment update
top candidates and vacancies
Please quote the reference number                      references. She is immediately available CTC
                                                       negotiable. Ref: IRSO02
if you are interested in any of these
candidates or positions.                               Permanent or Temporary: Highly skilled
                                                       candidate with 10 years VIP working experience
Candidates - Gauteng                                   is available immediately. According to his last
Temporary: Candidate has VIP consulting                client he is very motivated and a quick thinker. His
training as well as 2 years experience on VIP          ability to adapt to every situation and to assess
Payroll. Candidate is ideal for processing             the problems at hand made him a great asset            qualification or at least 1 year’s experience on the
smaller payrolls for employers who may need            to the company. He has processed over 400              VIP Payroll system. Must be able to operate in a
someone on an ongoing basis for 1 or 2 days a          salaries and 200 wages. Rates negotiable.              methodical manner and have great attention to
month. Available immediately, advance booking          Ref: SPCB01                                            detail. Must be available with immediate effect
necessary. Ref: QDMAV01                                                                                       and be willing to travel. Market related salary, no
                                                       Permanent or Temporary: Highly motivated               benefits. Ref: VN001
Temporary: Senior candidate available                  candidate with 6 years VIP working experience
immediately for temp or permanent positions.           is available immediately. She has processed            Contract Payroll Administrator available for 5
She has 10 years experience on VIP Payroll             over 400 salaries and 300 wages. She is a very         months in Johannesburg (Rivonia), the successful
with good knowledge of payroll, reports and            dedicated and hard working individual who can          applicant must have minimum 5 years experience
reconciliations. She will be able to operate as        adapt to every situation. Rates negotiable.            in a payroll environment. Salary is negotiable,
a payroll administrator without any supervision.       Ref: SPMVD02                                           and the applicant must be immediately available.
She is willing to work in the Johannesburg area                                                               Position starts 1 December 2010. Ref: KE001
with a CTC of between R20 000 – R22 000 per            Candidates – Cape Town
month. Ref: MDMAV02                                    Permanent: This highly experienced candidate is        Permanent Payroll Administrator available in
                                                       available with immediate effect, to take control of    Boksburg area. Must be able to handle a
Permanent: This highly experienced candidate           your payroll department. She has over 14 years’        bi-weekly payroll for +/- 500 employees. It would
has been working on VIP since 1999. She is             experience on the VIP Payroll system, and has          be beneficial for the candidate to have an HR
currently working in the outsourcing environment       previously handled in excess of 1000 monthly           background. Salary between R8 000 to R16 000
and pays over a 1000 salaries per month. She           paid salaries and 2000 weekly wages. Candidate         CTC. Ref: AP01
also has extensive bookkeeping experience and          has a B.Comm degree, coupled with various
wishes to work closer to home. She is currently        Payroll and HR short course certificates. Looking      Permanent Payroll Administrator in Brakpan
in the market for R28 000 CTC but will consider        for position in and around CBD (Cape Town) and         area. The suitable candidate must have
dropping in salary if the company is based in the      a salary of R30 000 per month CTC. Ref: VNJV           experience in salaries and wages on VIP Premier,
East Rand. Ref: APJF01                                                                                        reconciliations and general ledger. SEIFSA
                                                       Permanent or Temporary: Candidate has been             experience is advantageous. Salary between
Permanent: This AA candidate will be the perfect       working on the VIP Payroll system since 2005.          R20 000 and R25 000 CTC. Ref: AP02
asset to your organization! He has been working        She has previously handled payrolls in excess of
on VIP since 2000 and is currently processing          290 monthly employees and has assisted with            Temporary Data Capturing position available
over 300 salaries and 500 wages. He is currently       the running of a weekly payroll for over 5000          in JHB City. 2 Years working VIP Experience is
employed with an outsourcing company. He               employees. Candidate has done various VIP              a must. Salary R8 000 – R10 000 per month.
wishes to find a position in Pretoria and his          training courses to keep abreast of latest payroll     Candidates need to be available immediately and
current CTC is R20 000 per month. Ref: APFD02          updates, and is available with immediate effect        willing to travel. Ref: SP01
                                                       and a salary of R13 500 per month CTC.
Permanent: Candidate in Johannesburg / East            Ref: VNRJ                                              Temporary Senior Payroll Administrator available
Rand is looking for a payroll manager or payroll                                                              in Sandton. The client is looking for at least 6
accountant position. He has extensive experience       Permanent: Candidate has handled payrolls in           years VIP working experience, full payroll function,
in the following areas: VIP payroll and benefits       excess of 100 monthly paid staff and 700 weekly        reconciliations, ODBC and reports. Salaries 500
administration, reconciliations and recons of GL       wages. She has been working on VIP since               and wages 300. The ideal candidate must be
accounts, management reports, payroll budgets,         2002 and is capable of handling both payroll and       able to work independently and be available to
compliance with legislation, job evaluations and       HR functions on the system. She has attended           start as soon as possible. Ref: SP02
integration with HR systems and various other          payroll courses, including a Tax year end/IRP5
payroll functions. This candidate has a stable         workshop, at VIP. She is available with a calendar     Permanent Payroll Administrator Sandton. The
work record at various corporate companies and         month’s notice period and a salary of R16 000          company is looking for a payroll administrator
his references say he is an excellent candidate.       per month CTC. Ref: VNFF                               who will be responsible for all aspects of the
He is immediately available and looking for a                                                                 payroll function on VIP, leave administration,
R35 000 monthly CTC. Ref: IRAR01                       Permanent: This junior candidate has attended          third party and statutory payments. Good
                                                       our VIP Payroll Academy and has 3 years’               communication and interpersonal skills.
Permanent: Candidate in Pretoria /                     experience on the VIP payroll system. Candidate        R12 000 - R16 000 CTC per month. Ref: IR001
Johannesburg area is looking for a payroll             is currently in a position where she assists with
manager position. Her field of expertise is the        the payroll processing for 300 monthly employees       Permanent Senior Payroll Administrator
following: Payroll (VIP) and HR management with        on VIP. She is looking to broaden her experience       Middleburg. Candidate should have excellent
specialization in payroll taxes, Financial reporting   within the payroll environment and is available        salary and wages experience on VIP Premier
relating to management reports and admin               with one month’s notice. Salary of R6 000 per          and knowledge of legislation. At least 3-5 years
functions, employee contracts and employee             month CTC. Ref: VNFS                                   payroll experience is essential. ODBC and report
benefits, has dealt with various bargaining                                                                   writing will be advantageous. This challenging
councils, retirement benefits, reconciliations and     Vacancies                                              environment is ideal for a candidate who can
tax year-end procedures, various remuneration          Temporary HR Administrator - Client situated           handle a busy payroll. Must be deadline driven
models, General ledger and income statements.          in Montague Gardens, Cape Town, requires the           and an independent worker. AA Position. CTC
This candidate has exceptional experience within       services of an HR administrator for a period of 6      highly negotiable. Ref: IR002
corporate companies and comes with excellent           months. Successful candidate must have a VIP

                                                                                                                           vip recruitment update                5

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