Night Diving

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					               Night Diving
•   Why dive at night?
•   Special equipment
•   Night diving procedures
•   Overview of night dive
                           Night Diving

• Curiosity - offers a certain
  mystique and fascination
• Nocturnal marine life
• A new look at a familiar site
• Additional chance to dive
• Night diving allows you to see the
  natural colors of organisms by
  providing artificial light
                     Night Diving

• Bioluminescence
  – The light produced by
    a chemical reaction
    from an organism
    which is transferred to
    light energy.
               Night Diving
• Types of Lights
  – Disposable battery or rechargeable
  – Different types of handles
               Night Diving
• Lights
  – Primary and Backup light
                 Night Diving
                  Light Use

• Keep lights off when underway
• Make sure light is on when
  entering water
• DO NOT point in others eyes
• To gain attention
• U/W Hand signals
• Surface signals
• Turn light off when not in use.
• Light maintenance
              KEY LARGO
Each diver will be required to supply four new
    “C” batteries for your USF issued light.
               Night Diving
                Light Stick
• Each diver should be equipped with a light
  – Battery powered or chemical stick
  – Allows for a visual above and below water
            Night Diving
       Underwater Strobe Light
• Serves as visual reference for the descent
  line and the entry/exit point.
      Night Diving Procedures
• Select a familiar dive site that is easy to navigate.
• Plan your entry at dusk
• Reduce the distance you swim
       Night Diving Procedures
• Remain close to your buddy
• Note any special features on your buddy as well
  as your group leader.
• Decide who will lead and who will follow
• Determine what to do in the event you become
     Night Diving Procedures
• Monitor Air Supply
• Control Anxiety
  – Stop, Breathe, Think, Act
           Overview of Night Dive
                 Key Largo

• We will be diving on a site dived earlier that day
• The water temperature will not change significantly
• Topside conditions will have a tendency to be cool-
  bring something warm to wear for the return
• Do not turn your lights or lightsticks on while the
  vessel is underway
• Stay with your buddy and your group
• Your dive leader will review additional emergency
  procedures prior to the dive
                     Night Diving
                      Key Largo

• There will limited time between afternoon dives and night
  dives – 1 hour max. - bring food for between dives
• Between dives remove only your tanks
• After the night dive stow gear in locker
• Eat dinner
                     Night Diving
                      Key Largo
• Spaghetti, sauce, meatballs and bread will be provided
• You will need to provide a beverage & salad if desired
• Don’t be late – get a good nights sleep

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