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Praxis Q _ A - Lyndon State College by wuzhenguang




1. What Praxis tests do I need to take to obtain VT certification?
   You have to take the PPST AND a subject specialty test (PRAXIS II). (See attached
   table for specific test name and number)

2. Do I have to pass the Praxis I & II test before I can student teach?
    Yes. Be sure to pay careful attention to the registration dates and timelines

3. Do I have to pass the Praxis I test before I can be accepted into the Education Major?
    Yes or have a passing SAT score that can be substituted. See # 29 on sheet.

4. Where can I get information about PRAXIS Registration and Test at a Glance booklets?
    In Career Services, Advising Resource Center or at

5. Can I register on-line and/or get information?

   Yes by logging on to In fact, they prefer that you
   use their web site. Candidates who register on-line will no longer be mailed a printed paper
   ticket. Candidates who registered online must print out an e-ticket from the on-line
   registration system. .

6. Where can I get study preparation materials?
    Career Services has copies of sample tests that you may borrow for a day.
    The LSC Library has study materials that you may borrow.
    You can purchase your own study materials (for Praxis I and Praxis II) in the LSC Bookstore or use
    an order form in the Registration Booklet or on line.

    A link to some on-line study materials is on the PRAXIS page on the LSC Career Services

7. What are the Vermont passing scores for Praxis I?
   PPST: Mathematics: 175         Reading: 177            Writing: 174

  OR a COMPOSITE SCORE OF 526 (the total of the Reading (177), Writing (174) and Math (175))
  may be used instead of the individual passing scores. This means, for example, that a higher Reading
  score could offset a lower Math score. If your total score equals 526 then YOU DO NOT HAVE TO
  RETAKE PRAXIS I. You can "mix and match" scores. (e.g., If you scored 180 in Reading in
  December 2011, 176 in Writing and 170 in Math in September 2012 you may total these scores and
  establish a passing composite score).

8. Can I obtain a fee waiver for the cost of the tests?
    Check with the Financial Aid Office. Jody Card completes the waiver form found on-line @
    ETS allots a number of waivers nationally for each test date. ETS distributes the fee waivers on a
    first come/first serve basis. ETS may not cover all your costs. Submit your request early.
9. Is there a waiting period before retaking a Praxis test?
    There is NO waiting period if someone fails a Praxis PAPER AND PENCIL test.
    There is a 30 day waiting period if someone fails the COMPUTER test. A person can take each
    computerized PPST once/ month up to 6 times in a 12 month period.
    There is NO waiting period if someone takes the PAPER AND PENCIL test and then takes the
    COMPUTER test or vice versa.

10. How fast are scores reported?
   ALL test takers, regardless of registration method, will access their score reports online. Test takers
   may also print admission tickets (for paper-based testing only, except test takers requesting special
   accommodations); change personal information; and order additional score reports via their My Praxis
   account Praxis I& II:-paper 4 weeks. Via computer- 2 to 3 weeks. Can get scores by phone 3
   days in advance of scores being reported on line. BUT THERE’S A $30 FEE. (Ex. 11/17
   test…probably can receive phone scores 12/14…ETS mails 12/18)

   See the “scores by Phone” section on the website

11. Can someone take Praxis II before taking Praxis I?
12. Can someone take Praxis II if she/he has failed part of Praxis I?

13. Can someone take parts of Praxis I and Praxis II on the same date?
    Yes, provided the tests are both being offered at the test site AND their testing schedule doesn’t
    conflict. (Ex. the PPST Writing (20720) is one hour and offered in Session 2 and Elementary
    Education (10014) is 2 hours and is offered in Session I. There isn’t any scheduling conflict.

14. A student registers for a retest, thinking that she failed the test…She discovers
     that she passed the test. Can she obtain a refund if she finds out that she
    doesn’t have to take a test?
15. A student registers for a Praxis I retest, thinking that she failed the test. She
    discovers that she passed the test. Can she register for the Praxis II test
    Yes, provided the Test, Center and Date Change Request Form (found on is received by ETS’ late registration deadline with the
    $45 fee.

16. Can a student register on-site for a test?
   Test takers who need to register for a test, but have missed the regular and late registration deadlines,
    may do so under Emergency Registration for a $75 fee. Emergency Registration will guarantee test
    takers a seat at a test center. (Please note: because of the amount of time needed to review
   documentation, this service is not available for test takers who require nonstandard testing
    accommodations, PLNE accommodations, Monday testing, or who are testing outside the
    continental U.S.) Emergency Registration can ONLY be done via the on-line registration
    system at and meet the Emergency
    Registration deadlines.
17. Can and should you list LSC as a reporting school?
    Yes. Make sure that students list LSC’s number, 3767, on the “Designated Score Recipient
    Institution” question. The R denotes a receiving school status. The A denotes a training school

18. Can and should you list the VT State Department of Education, 8410, as a reporting
    school on “Designated Score Recipient” Question ?
    ETS automatically reports the scores to the Vermont Department of Education

 19. What is LSC’s test center code?

 20. What are the 2012-13 test dates for paper-pencil testing?

Sept. 22, 2012 (Not offered)                              April 13, 2013 (Offered at LSC)
Nov. 3, 2012 (Offered at LSC)                             June 8, 2013 (Not offered)
Jan. 26, 2012 (Offered at LSC)                            July 20, 2013 (Not offered)

21 Where can I take the Praxis I and Praxis II paper-pencil tests?
    You can take Praxis I and Praxis II tests at LSC provided that it is offered.

22. If you register to take the test @ LSC and you are told that the center is full,
    DOUBLE CHECK W/ the Career Services Office or Dianne Rivers. This
    often is not the case.

23. Can I take the Praxis II tests in the Williston Test Center?
   NEW CHANGE –NOTE :As of September 2010 they will be offering Praxis II Elementary
   Education (5014) at the Williston site. Cost= approx. $125.

24. Are there any other dates when I can take the Praxis I tests?
    If you wish to take the computerized version you can arrange to take it Monday –Friday ( & possibly
    Saturday at either the Williston Test Center and Lebanon Center). They are open 8-5 and are located
    in the Blair Park Center in the Kidder Newhouse Building. Their phone number is 802-872-0251.
    Lebanon College located in Lebanon, NH downtown mall also is a testing site. Call 603-448-
    2445.(best time to connect with them is between 8-10AM.) If you have a credit or debit card You
    If you are eligible for a fee waiver you need to FIRST OBTAIN the fee waiver and then call the test

25. Can a student apply for Vermont Certification if she passes the Praxis exams?
    AND does not have LSC’s stamp recommending her for certification?

26. What are the required PRAXIS II tests and their passing scores?
    See attached table.
27. How do I fill out the form for Praxis I?
    Session 1: note that you are taking 2, 1-hour exams, Reading (10710) and Mathematics (10730)
    Session 2: note that you are taking 1, 1-hour exam, Writing (20720)

28. Is Praxis II required for Physical Education?

   Yes, Physical Education majors need to take tests 0091 or 0092.
29. SAT, GRE, or ACT scores may be used in lieu of the PRAXIS scores.

      GRE composite score needs to be 1100 (500 minimum Verbal & 500 minimum Math)
      ACT qualifying scores are 22 in English and 22 in Math
    If you took the SATs after April 1995 and have a 1100 total SAT score AND
    a minimum 500 on the Quantitative/ Math and a minimum 500 on the
    Verbal/English these scores may be used instead of taking PRAXIS I. At this
    point there is no limiting time frame when the test had to have been taken.
    (e.g., You could count SAT or ACT or GRE scores taken in the mid
    80s.). In order to substitute SAT scores contact the College Board and request that they
    send official scores to institution #4142.
    She /he must provide:
     Full current name and address
     Full name & address @ time of test-taking
     Date of birth
     Social Security #
     Registration # if the person has it
     Test month & year (at least the year)
     Where the test was taken…city & state
     HS Name
     Where the scores need to be sent VT State Department of ED #4142
     Daytime phone #
    If a person is requesting the scores by mail this is the address: Obtain “Archived Score
    Report Order Form” from LSC Career Services.

    College Board SAT Program
    Att: Archive Request
    PO Box 8057
    Mt. Vernon, IL 62864
    If a person is calling in the request this is the number 866-756-7346...Press 0 and tell the
    person you have an Archive request. THE STUDENT MUST USE A CREDIT CARD to make the
    request via phone. Hours are 8 AM -8:45PM M-F.

    Cost: $10 for each score--$24 search fee – $29 optional rush reporting fee


Link to VT State Department of Education information.

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