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   Master                                                                                    Early Childhood

                                                                                             Middle Grades

    of Arts                                                                                  Secondary Education

                                                                                             Special Education
                                                                                             (Athens only)

   in Education                                                                              Art Education
                                                                                             (Demorest only)

                                                                                             Music Education
                                                                                             (Demorest Only)

The School of Education at Piedmont College strives to           Initial Master’s Level Certification (MAT degree)
prepare reflective, scholarly, proactive educators, who          For students with a degree other than education who want
effectively educate their own students to become knowl-          a Master’s degree and initial certification, programs are
edgeable, inquisitive, and collaborative learners in diverse,    individually designed based on previous coursework and
democratic learning communities.                                 experience. (MAT is not available in Middle Grades.)

                                                                 Applicants are required to apply and be accepted by the
Advanced certification (T-5) (MA degrees):
                                                                 School of Education. Degree is granted based on successful
        Minimum of 11 courses (31 semester hours) for
                                                                 completion of required coursework. Recommendation for
        Early Childhood Education and Middle Grades.
                                                                 certification is based on a passing score on the Praxis II
        Minimum of 12 courses (36 semester hours) for
                                                                 exam in the appropriate field.
        Secondary Education in Math, Broad-Field
        Science, English and History.                            Ask us about our post-baccalaureate programs for initial
        Minimum of 12 courses (36 semester hours) for            certification in middle grades education and drama
        Special Education General Curriculum.                    education..
        Minimum of 11 courses (33 semester hours) for
        Music Education and Art Education.
                                                                 • Advanced certification courses offered in the evening
For certified teachers seeking to change their field of certi-   • Individual advisement
fication, additional courses may be required based on            • Theoretical and practical professional course work
analysis of undergraduate transcript.                            • Two campus locations - Demorest & Athens
                                                                 • Approved by the Professional Standards Commission
                                                                   of the State of Georgia

                        For current information, contact the Demorest main campus at 1-800-277-7020
                 or Piedmont College Athens Campus at (706) 548-8505, or contact us at

Dear Applicant:

Thank you for your request for an application to Graduate Studies at Piedmont College. We are
proud of the degrees that we offer and are looking forward to your participation.

Enclosed in this self-managed application packet are the materials that you will need to
complete your application file. Pay special attention to the admissions requirements for the
degree that you seek. The requirements are listed on a separate sheet in the packet. Use this
sheet as a checklist as you gather the documents you need to submit to the Graduate
Admissions Office. The admissions file must be complete prior to entry into the program.

If you have already taken the admissions test and did not ask the testing service to send a score
to Piedmont College, you will need to contact that service to request an official copy of the
score report. Please request that your test score report be sent directly to the Office of
Graduate Admissions, Piedmont College, P.O. Box 10, Demorest, GA 30535. When you request
references, have the person providing the reference send it directly to Piedmont College
Graduate Admissions, P.O. Box 10, Demorest, GA 30535.

You may have your transcript sent directly to you or directly to us. If they are sent to you, do
not open them. Once opened, they become unofficial.

If you have any questions about the admissions process, please do not hesitate to call the Office
of Graduate Admissions at 1-800-277-7020 extensions 1181, 1352, or 1118. Our email address

Welcome to Piedmont College!


                                                             Anthony J. Cox

                                                             Director of Graduate Admissions
                               For Completed Graduate Applications
Dear Applicant,

Carefully review the following information for degree and location. Please submit your
application as soon as possible, and make every effort to complete your application file before
the published deadline. However, if you may have trouble completing your application before
the published deadline, please contact us and we may be able to offer an extension.

                                   Cohort Locations
                   Cohorts Beginning Summer Semester
     Cherokee MA & EDS – TBD                 Hall MA & EDS – April 1st
    Dawson MA & EDS – April 1st         Tallulah Falls MA & EDS – April 1st
    Gwinnett MA & EDS – April 1st               Walton MA – TBD

                                 Cohorts Beginning Fall Semester
      Athens Hybrid MA – May 1st
                                                                  Gwinnett MA & EDS – TBD
           Atlanta EDS – May 1st
                                                                        Henry EDS – TBD
        Augusta MA & EDS – TBD
                                                                   Jackson MA & EDS – TBD
             Barrow EDS – TBD
                                                                  Paulding MA & EDS – TBD
      Cartersville MA & EDS – TBD
                                                                   Walker MA & EDS – TBD
              Elbert EDS – TBD
                                                                       Walton EDS – TBD
        Franklin MA & EDS – TBD
         Campus Locations: Athens & Demorest
MAT, MA, Certification Only, MBA and Non-Degree applications:
                 Spring Semester                  December 1st
                 Summer Semester                  April 15th
                 Fall Semester                    July 1st
Athens & Demorest Education Specialist:                            April 15th
        (Starts Summer Semester Only)
Athens & Demorest Education Doctorate: April 1st
1/24/2011      Application deadlines may be changed at the discretion of Piedmont College.
                                Application Checklist for MAT
Thank you for your interest in the MAT program at Piedmont College. Listed below are the requirements for the
application process. If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact Graduate Admissions.

Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) for applicants who do not have a teaching certificate
_____    Completed application with signature
_____    Personal Affirmation form (Follow directions on the form)
_____    All final, official, and sealed transcripts from every post-secondary institution attended. These must be submitted
         in the sealed envelopes sent from the Registrar’s Office. 2.5 cumulative G.P.A. required
_____ Three professional references on the Piedmont College reference forms. (Be sure to complete the top portion of
         each form before giving it to the person you select.) The references should be enclosed in sealed envelopes and
         mailed directly to Piedmont College Graduate Admissions by the person completing the reference. Do not
         include them with your application, transcripts, application fee or other required documents.
_____ GRE or Miller Analogies Test *
* If you have taken the test within the last five years, you may request an official transcript to be sent to Piedmont College
from the testing service.
______ Applicants for Music Education must have a music major or equivalent, and submit a video audition or arrange for
          a live audition.
______ Applicants for Art Education must have an art major or equivalent, submit a portfolio of art work for review by the
        Director of Art Education
______ Cleared Certified Background Check. Please note that this is a self-directed background check for which you will
        be responsible for the service fee. Information about this process is included in the application packet. When the
        background check has been verified and cleared by Graduate Admissions, you will be considered for acceptance.
______ Proof of Current Background Check. If you are a full-time employee of a school district, you may complete this
          form. Substitute teachers are not eligible to use this form, and must complete the Certified Background Check

                      PIEDMONT COLLEGE
                      School of Education
                                                                                                             Application for Graduate Admissions
Today’s Date: _____ /_____ /_______                                                     Applying For:                                              yEAr

Campus: Demorest                                                                                                     Fall ________________________
           Athens                                                                                                    Spring ______________________
           Cohort __________________ (location)                                                                      Summer _______________________________
Section I Degree Program (Select One)
       Education Doctorate in Teacher Leadership
       Education Specialist in Teacher Leadership
     Master of Arts in Teaching (Seeking Initial Certification)               Master of Arts (Seeking Advanced Certification)
           Early Childhood Education                                                  Early Childhood Education
           Secondary Education - Field: _____________                                 Middle Grades Education - Field: _____________
           (choose one: Math, Science, History, or English)                           (choose one: Math, Broadfield Science, Social Studies, or Language Arts)
           Special Education (Athens Only)                                            Secondary Education - Field: _____________
           Music Education (Demorest Only)                                            (choose one: Math, Science, History, or English)
           Art Education (Demorest Only)                                              Special Education (Athens Only)
     Certification Only Program                                                       Music Education (Demorest Only)
           Middle Grades                                                              Art Education (Demorest Only)
           Drama Education
       Non-Degree Studies - Statement of Purpose (e.g., Personal Enrichment, Career Advancement, etc.)

Section II Personal Information
Name __________________________________________________________________________________
                              LASt                                 FIrSt                             MIDDLE                          NAME PrEFErrED
Other Names used on official records if different from above:           ___________________________________________________
Social Security Number: _________________________________________________________________
Date of Birth: _____ /_____ /_______ Place of Birth: _________________________________________
Current Mailing Address:                                                                Phone Number:
___________________________________________                                                Home ___________________________________
___________________________________________                                                   Work ____________________________________
___________________________________________                                                   Mobile     __________________________________
               StAtE                                         ZIP
___________________________________________                                                   Other     ___________________________________

E-mail Address: _________________________________________________________________________
U.S. Citizen?                 Yes          No        If not, citizenship: ___________________________________________
Residency/Visa Status: _____________________ Alien Registration #: ________________________
In Case of Emergency, please contact: _____________________________ Phone: ________________
Optional (for statistical purposes)
Sex:     Male       Female          Ethnic Origin:
                                                            Non-Resident Alien                                                Hispanic/Latino
                                                            American Indian/Alaskan Native                                    Asian
                                                            Black or African American                                         Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander
                                                            White                                                             Race/Ethnicity Unknown
                                                            Two or More Races
Section III
How did you hear about Graduate Studies at Piedmont College? (check all that apply)
  Family Member Attended Piedmont          Newspaper                       Piedmont Publication
  I visited Campus                         Piedmont Student                Piedmont Alumnus
  Radio                                    Internet                        Friend
  Other: _________________________________________________________________________________________________
Have any of your relatives attended Piedmont College?            Yes      No

Section IV Educational Experience

College/University Preparation (most recent first):
                                                     Dates of    Degree    Graduation                           Transcripts Under
     Name of Institution           City/State                                              Major         GPA
                                                    Attendance   Earned       Date                               Another Name?

                                                                                                                       Yes         No
                                                                                                                       Yes         No
                                                                                                                       Yes         No
                                                                                                                       Yes         No

Section V Employment

               Employer                                   Address                             Position                  Dates

                                                                                                               From:         To:

                                                                                                               From:         To:

                                                                                                               From:         To:

                                                                                                               From:         To:

Section VI
In submitting this application I have answered all questions on this application accurately and to the best of my abil-
ity. I understand further that it is solely my responsibility to complete the admission process correctly, in a timely manner,
and to determine if materials requested have been received by the Office of Graduate Admissions by the deadline. If any
requirement is not completed by the deadline date, I understand that I may not be accepted for the following semester.
I understand further that applications that are incomplete will not be processed until such time as all requirements have been met.
I agree, if admitted, to adhere to all rules and regulations prescribed by Piedmont College as they apply to all enrolled students.

All documents submitted to the Office of Graduate Admissions become the property of Piedmont College and will not be

Piedmont College does not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, color, sex, age, handicap, national or ethnic origin in ad-
ministration of its educational policies, admission policies, scholarship and loan programs, or athletic and school-administered

____________________________________                ________________________________________________________________
                   DAtE                                                        APPlICANt’S SIGNAturE

                               Mail this application and all required supporting documents to:

                                                   Graduate Admissions
                                                     Piedmont College
                                                    Post Office Box 10
                                                  Demorest, Georgia 30535
                                             Piedmont College
                                        Professional Reference
Attention: Use blue or black ink. Signatures of both the applicant and the provider of the reference are required.
Part 1: Applicant Section
Applying for (check one box):         Fall       Spring         Summer       Year: _______ Program ____________________
Applicant Name: _____________________________________________________________SS# ______-____-_______
Mailing Address: ___________________________________________________________________________________
        City: _________________________________State: _______ Zip: ____________ Country: _________________
        Email address: _______________________________________________Phone: (                             ) __________________
The provisions of the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 provides the applicant with the right to access this reference
The right to access and read this reference may be waived but no school or person can require anyone to waive this right. Check one
of the following statements and sign this form then forward it to your professional reference.
____ I waive my right to access this form.                         ____ I do not waive my right to access this form
Applicant Signature ________________________________________________________________________
Part 2: Professional Reference Section
The applicant identified in Part 1 has applied for admission to one of Piedmont College’s graduate programs. Please assist us by
providing responses to the following questions. Do not return the completed form to the applicant. Please mail it to: Piedmont
College, Graduate Admissions, P.O. Box 10, Demorest, GA 30535. Personal letters of reference are welcome but not required.
How long have you known the applicant? ____________
How well and in what capacity do you know the applicant? __________________________________________________
Have you taught the applicant in a course or class? ________________________________________________________
Please comment on this applicant’s strengths and weaknesses as they pertain to success in a graduate program.
Please supply any additional information that would be useful in our decision to accept this applicant.
Please evaluate the candidate on each of the following attributes by placing an X in the appropriate box.
                                                Very                                                 For Office Use Only
                                Excellent       Good         Good          Fair      Unknown
 Emotional Maturity
 Use of Standard English
 Intellectual Potential
 Research Potential
 Ethical Behavior
 Team/Social Behavior
Signature _________________________________________________________________Date ____________________
Printed Name ___________________________________________________ Position ___________________________
Institution/Organization ___________________________________________Department _________________________
Mailing Address: ___________________________________________________________________________________
City: ________________________________________State: _______ Zip: ____________ Country: _________________
Email address: _________________________________________________Work Phone: (                              ) __________________
 Applicant Name:                                                                           Social Security #

                                                     Piedmont College School of Education
                                                                     Personal Affirmation
The School of Education at Piedmont College and The Georgia Professional Standards Commission believe that teachers should be held to the highest moral
standards and code of ethics. The School of Education maintains the right to deny admission to the program for good cause, after an investigation is held and a
notice and hearing are provided to the applicant. Any one of the following may be considered good cause for denial of admission.

Enter a truthful "Yes" or "No" response to each of the following questions. All questions must have a response. DO NOT include matters that the
PSC has investigated or is currently investigating.

                1.    Have you ever had an adverse action (i.e. warning, reprimand, suspension, revocation, denial, voluntary surrender, disbarment) taken
                      against a professional certificate, license or permit issued by an agency OTHER THAN the Georgia Professional Standards

                2.    Are you currently the subject of an investigation involving a violation of a profession’s laws, rules, standards or Code of Ethics by an agency
                      OTHER THAN the Georgia Professional Standards Commission?

                3.    Have you ever received a less than honorable discharge from any branch of the armed services?

                4.    Have you ever left an employment position (retired, resigned, been dismissed, terminated, non-renewed or otherwise) while under

                5.    Are you currently the subject of an investigation involving sexual misconduct or physical harm to a child?

                6.    Are you the subject of a pending investigation involving a criminal act?

                7.    For any felony or any crime involving moral turpitude, have you ever:

                             1. Pled guilty;                             5. Been granted first offender treatment without adjudication of guilt;
                             2. Entered a plea of nolo contendere;       6. Participated in a pre-trial diversion program;
                             3. Been found guilty;                       7. Been found not guilty by reason of insanity; or
                             4. Pled guilty to a lesser offense;         8. Been placed under a court order whereby an adjudication or
                                                                            sentence was withheld

                8.    Have you ever been convicted, or pled to a lesser offense for any sexual offense?

                9.    Have you been convicted of a drug offense (felony or misdemeanor) after July 1, 2008, while holding any professional certificate, license or

I affirm that there is nothing in my personal history that would prevent me from being qualified for the teaching profession. I understand that upon
employment in a Georgia school a complete background check will be run, including a fingerprint check.

Signature: ____________________________________________________________________________________ Date: ____________________________________

If you have answered yes to any question above, attach to this form a written explanation of the event in a sealed envelope addressed to Dr. Jane McFerrin. Next,
contact Dr. McFerrin at 706-778-8500, ext. 1201 for an appointment and more information concerning your eligibility for a teaching certificate.

                                                                         Moral Turpitude
            Crimes involving moral turpitude:                                                     Crimes NOT involving moral turpitude:
            � Fraud or false pretenses in obtaining something of value                            � Public drunkenness
            � Larceny or a misdemeanor theft by taking                                            � Driving under the influence
            � Larceny after trust                                                                 � Carrying a concealed weapon
            � Murder                                                                              � Unlawful sale of liquor
            � Soliciting for prostitutes                                                          � Simple Battery and Simple Assault
            � Voluntary manslaughter                                                              � Misdemeanor criminal trespass
            � Sale of narcotics or other illegal drugs                                            � Child abandonment
            � Pattern of failure to file federal tax returns                                      � Misdemeanor offense of escape
            � Criminal Issuance of a bad check                                                    � Obstruction of a law enforcement officer (Misd.)
            � Making a false report of a crime                                                    � Possession of less than one ounce of marijuana
               You must process your own background check
               in the time indicated by your orientation leader.

               To order your background check ……..
               1. Go to:

               2. Enter as “Student” and put in the Piedmont package code:         im27

               3. Review the package information, cost and contents.

               4. Choose the method of payment.

               5. When you are finished click “Submit Order”.

               6. Write down the Password you are given. This will be
                  required to access your results.

               7. Your order requires you to provide a signed release form to
         Follow instruction on their
                  website to do this electronically. If you prefer you may print it
                  and fax it in to them.

                 The results of your background check will be available in
                 approximately 3 – 5 business days.

               Your participation in this process acknowledges your
               understanding that Piedmont College may access your
               background check as needed. Your information will remain
               confidential and secure by Piedmont College.

*If you are currently a full-time employee of a school and have a background
check on file with that school, you do NOT have to submit your own check with
Certified Background. Instead, ask Graduate Admissions for the “Proof of
current Background Check” form and submit it, signed, with your Graduate Application.

                Proof of Current Background Check

       Piedmont College School of Education teacher candidates who are
currently employed full-time with a public school system with a current
background check, may be exempt from applying for a background check
though Piedmont College by completing the following statement signed by
the principal of the school where they are employed. Substitute teachers are
not eligible for this option, unless they are hired as long term substitutes.

            My signature confirms that ____________________________,

    a Piedmont College teacher candidate, is currently a full-time employee

    of ___________________________________________ School, in

    ________________________________ County, and has undergone a

    background check to satisfy employment requirements for this school.

Principal’s Signature __________________________________

(Date) __________________

If this is for admission to Piedmont College, please send it to the Admissions office. If it is for

admission to the Teacher Education program, please attach it to your application. For more

information, please contact Libby Willis at or (706) 548-8505

Rev. 01/15/2010
                                          GRADUATE STUDIES
                                      INTERNATIONAL ADMISSIONS

Dear Applicant:

Thank you for your interest in Graduate Studies at Piedmont College. We welcome you and want to be of service during the
admissions process.

You will need the following information to complete your self-managed admissions portfolio:

1.   Completed application with signature.

2.   All official, final, and sealed transcripts from colleges that you have attended. Transcripts from foreign schools must be
     received by Piedmont College in English. Applicants must obtain an evaluation utilizing the services of an acceptable
     evaluating service such as:

     World Education Services, Inc.               Education Credentials Evaluators, Inc.             Josef Silny & Associates
     P.O. Box 745                                 P.O. Box 17499                                     7101 SW 102 Avenue
     Old Chelsea Station                          Milwaukee, WI 53217                                Miami, FL 33173
     New York, NY 10113-0745                                          

3.   Other admissions test score if required by the degree. Check the catalog for degree requirements.

4.   All applicants whose primary language is other than English must have a minimum TOEFL score of 550 (or computer-based
     equivalent score of 213 or internet-based equivalent score of 79). Non-U.S. citizens (and immediate family members) who
     are members of allied military forces or civilian agencies who make application to Piedmont College are exempt from
     TOEFL Scores, provided their proficiency in English is certified in writing by an appropriate U.S. military official.

5.   Three professional references submitted on Piedmont College reference forms

6.   Other documents as required by the graduate degree for which you are applying.

7.   International students must submit a financial statement showing sufficient availability of funds and the source of these
     funds for one year of graduate studies. Before an I-20 can be issued for an admitted international student, the student must
     place on account with the College an amount equal to the first year’s tuition, room and board, book charges and funds for
     return air fare to his/her home country.

8.   All tuition and fees must be paid in U.S. dollars at the beginning of each semester.

If you have any questions about Piedmont College, please call at 1-800-277-7020 or email us at You can
find us on the web at

Again, thank you for choosing Piedmont College.


                                                                                 Anthony J. Cox
                                                                                 Director of Graduate Admissions



    The Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) degree is a program of study designed to prepare the candidate who has
a bachelor’s degree but who does not have a clear, renewable teaching certificate in the State of Georgia.
Piedmont College Graduate Studies and the School of Education are proud to offer this program and sincerely wish
you the best as you work toward this goal.

    Full acceptance to this degree is a two-step process. In order to be clear about what will be expected of you,
please understand the following admissions criteria:

      1. Acceptance to Graduate Studies:
      In order to be unconditionally accepted to Graduate Studies, you must meet the published admissions criteria
      for the degree that you seek. Consult the Piedmont College catalog for that information, or you may go to the
      website at Under certain circumstances conditional acceptance is offered. In order to
      be fully accepted to Graduate Studies, you must meet the conditions listed in your acceptance letter by the
      deadline stated. Please note: Full acceptance to Graduate Studies is not the same as full acceptance to the
      Master of Arts in Teaching degree. It is a necessary first step and allows you to register for courses and take
      classes for a limited amount of time until you meet the requirements of admission to Teacher Education.
      During this time, your financial aid may be affected. Be sure to contact the Office of Financial Aid at (706) 778-
      3000 extension 1114, or 1-800-277-7020 extension 1114 for more information.
      2. Acceptance to Teacher Education:
      In order to be accepted to the Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) degree by the School of Education you must
      first complete all of the admissions criteria for Admission to Teacher Education. This includes the following:
               a.   Completion of nine semester hours with a 3.0 G.P.A., with no grade below a “B”, and
               b.   Interview, assessing oral communication skills, and
               c.   “C” or better in ENG 101, 105, 210; and EDUC 201 or 701; and
               d.   A passing score on GACE I, and
               e.   Completed application for Teacher Education

      NOTE: Some candidates for Teacher Education may exempt the GACE test. You may qualify if you have one of
      the following:
                a. SAT score of 1000 total of verbal and math sections
                b. GRE score of 1030 total of verbal and quantitative sections
                c. ACT score of 43 composite of English and math sections
      If you are eligible to exempt the GACE test, you must complete an exemption form obtained from the School
      of Education administrative assistant.

    When you have been unconditionally accepted to Graduate Studies and unconditionally accepted to
Teacher Education, you will be unconditionally accepted to the Master of Arts in Teaching degree.

    If you have questions about this or any other admissions procedure, please do not hesitate to contact us at
Graduate Studies 1-800-277-7020 extensions 1181 or 1118: or (706) 778-3000 extensions 1181, or 1118, or by
email at


Date: June 15, 2006

To:    Applicants to Master of Arts in Teaching – Secondary Mathematics Education

From: Dr. Betty Rogers – Professor of Mathematics – Piedmont College

RE:    Content Background Needed Before Beginning Program

It is often assumed that because topics covered in K-12 mathematics are so basic, they should
be easy to teach. However, research in mathematics education has shown that to teach well,
substantial mathematical understanding is necessary. Prospective teachers need a solid
understanding of mathematics so they can teach it as a coherent, reasoned activity and
communicate its elegance and power.

Students seeking a Master’s Degree in Secondary mathematics should have completed the
following courses:

       Calculus I
       Calculus II
       Discrete Mathematics
       Upper Level (300-400) Algebra
       Upper Level (300-400) Geometry

This is a minimum and additional courses are recommended. These courses are required as a
prerequisite for the graduate mathematics classes.
                  Graduate Admissions Testing Information

Ed.D. degree:              GRE General Test
MAT, MA and Ed.S. degrees: Miller Analogies Test or GRE General Test
MBA degree:                Miller Analogies Test, GRE General Test, or GMAT

Suggestions and information from Piedmont College Graduate Admissions:

   1. Which test should I choose?
    It is your choice. Please note that the GMAT test score is an option for MBA
   applicants only. Contact the appropriate testing centers listed on this sheet for
   information about test fees and registration information. Testing fees, procedures for
   test registration and schedules for testing vary widely. Depending on your personal
   schedule, you may choose to take the most convenient test time, date, and cost.

   2. I am nervous about taking an admissions test. What advice do you give to
       prepare for the test?
   Choose the format for the test that is best for you. If you are not comfortable with
   computer-based testing, choose to take a paper-pencil version of the test. Some
   testing centers offer a choice. Contact the testing center for information about these
   options. Prepare for the test several weeks in advance, if possible. Buy a test
   preparation book at any large book store, and/or check the internet for test-
   preparation materials. Take time to become familiar with the test design, format and

   3. I have been out of school for a long time. What test is best for me?
   If you have been out of school several years and are not familiar with college
   mathematics, you may be more comfortable taking the Miller Analogies Test. This
   test draws from many content areas including mathematics, but depends on your
   ability to analyze the various patterns of analogies. There are no penalties for

   4. I plan to apply for the MBA degree. Should I take the GMAT test?
   The GMAT test is primarily used as a test for entering advance degrees in business.
   If your undergraduate major was a business field and you have been working in
   business since you graduated, the GMAT is an appropriate choice as an admissions
   test to the MBA degree. However, the Miller Analogies Test or GRE tests are also
   acceptable. If your background is in a field other than business, you should consider
   the Miller Analogies Test or GRE general test for admissions purposes.

   5. If I need to have a test score in a hurry, what should I do?
   Official test score reports take two to four weeks to be delivered to the schools you
   choose. However, if you take a computer-based test, you will receive an instant,
   unofficial test score. Your admissions office may accept that instant score pending
   the receipt of the official test score report. Contact your admissions office to inquire
   acceptability requirements. Paper-pencil test formats do not offer instant test score
                     Selected North Georgia Testing Centers


 Athens      University of Georgia                             (706) 542-8378   Computer
 Atlanta     Prometric Testing Center-Parklake Dr.             (770) 493-6743   Computer
 Atlanta     Prometric Testing Center-Peachtree-Dunwoody       (770) 394-2330   Computer
 Atlanta     Georgia State University                          (404) 651-3816   Computer
 Marietta    Prometric Testing Center                          (770) 980-1117   Computer

   Miller Analogies Test

 Athens              University of Georgia          (706) 542-3183         Computer
 Atlanta             Georgia State University       (404) 413-1739         Computer
 Carrollton          University of West Georgia     (678) 839-6435         Comp/Paper
 Dahlonega           North Georgia C&SU             (706) 867-2857         Computer
 Gainesville         Brenau University              (770) 534-6220         Paper
 Lawrenceville       Georgia Gwinnett College       (678) 407-5322         Computer
 Marietta            Shorter College                (678) 260-3600         Paper
 Mt. Berry           Berry College                  (706) 236-1718         Paper
 Piedmont College in Demorest and Athens            (706) 776-0118         Computer

       Piedmont College Miller Analogies Test Dates: 2010

            Athens Campus                                Demorest Campus
January 18          July 5                                            July 12
February 1          August 2                      February 8          August 9
March 1             September 6                   March 8             September 13
April 5             October 4                     April 12            October 11
May 3               November 1                    May 10              November 8
June 7              December 6                    June 14             December 13

**Please visit to locate testing centers and to register for the test**

Score Recipient Codes for test scores to be sent to Piedmont College:
GRE: Piedmont College Score Recipient Code                     5537
Miller Analogies Test: Piedmont College Score Recipient Code   1641

                        Websites for additional information:
GMAT:                 Miller Analogies Test:
                               Tuition Charges
             Summer 2011: Tuition Rate Per Semester Hour: $407
         Fall 2011/Spring 2012: Tuition Rate Per Semester Hour: $407
Financial Payment Options for Graduate Students:
    1.    Student Loans
          Graduate students attending at least half-time (6 hrs) and seeking a Masters Degree or Education
          Specialist may be eligible for federal student loans.

          To Apply:
                         To receive loans for summer 2011:
                          Complete a 2010/2011 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (
                              ---Use 2009 taxes
                         To receive loans for fall 2011, spring 2012 and summer 2012:
                          Complete a 2011/2012 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (
                              ---Use 2010 taxes

           The Financial Aid Office strives to keep loan amounts to a minimum. Student loans must be repaid
           after graduation or a break in enrollment;

     2.     Student Payment Options
           If a student selects one of these options (rather than taking out a student loan), he/she will work
           directly with the Business Office. No contact with the Financial Aid Office is required.
              A. Monthly:
               Summer 2011 – Payments are accepted and typically half of the tuition balance is due
               May 15, 2011. The remaining balance is due June 15, 2011. There is no charge for
               a summer payment plan.

                 Fall 2011 / Spring 2012 – Piedmont Payment Plan (PPP) is available and the
                 tuition balance is divided into monthly payments each semester.
                  The fee for PPP is $40 per semester. (The PPP does not charge interest.)

              B. Per Semester Hour:
                 (Summer) $407 per semester hour (One class: 3 sem/hrs X $407 = $1,221);
                 (Fall/Spring) $407 per semester hour (One class: 3 sem/hrs X $407 = $1,221)

 Methods of Payment: Cash, Check, Credit Card (MasterCard, Visa, Discover & American Express),
and Online (
    For more information, please call the Financial Aid Office or Business Office at
                             (706) 778-3000 or (800) 277-7020
                     Financial Aid Information for Graduate Students
                         Procedures for Obtaining Financial Aid
                                     Please follow the steps below to obtain student loans.

STEP 1:          Complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)
STEP 2:          Complete Entrance Counseling
STEP 3:          Complete a Master Promissory Note
STEP 4:          Complete the Graduate Award Letter

STEP 1:          Complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)
         To apply for student loans, complete the FAFSA at
         This application must be completed annually. (Directions on back side)

STEP 2:          Complete Entrance Counseling
         Go to and select the link for “Entrance & Exit Counseling”
         The Entrance Counseling needs to be completed only once while at Piedmont, unless you are starting new
          program or degree.

STEP 3:          Complete a Master Promissory Note
     Go to, select Complete New MPN for student loans, and choose the
      “Subsidized/Unsubsidized” option (not the “Graduate Plus”).
     The Promissory Note needs to be completed only once, not annually.

STEP 4:          Complete the Graduate Award Letter
     Go to Select the link for Current Students, then select Financial Aid, and download the
      “Graduate Award letter.”
     Read carefully, complete, and return to Financial Aid via fax (706-778-0708) or mail (Financial Aid, P.O.
      Box 10, Demorest, GA 30535).

                                               What happens next?
       After the Financial Aid Office receives your FAFSA information from the U.S. Department of Education and
        your award letter, the loan type and amount for which you are eligible will be calculated.
       You will receive an email notifying you of your loan types and loan amounts.
       When you have completed all the requirements, your financial aid will be approved.
       The loan funds will be sent directly to the school mid-semester.
       Refund checks are mailed to students beginning mid-semester.

         QUESTIONS: Contact the Financial Aid Office at or r call 706-776-0114 or
                                        FAFSA: 1-800-4-FED-AID
                                                                                   Graduate Financial Aid Options Revised 1.18.11
                               COMPLETING THE FAFSA
 1. Request a Pin: Go to the FAFSA website ( and request a PIN number by clicking the
    link to the PIN Site.

 2. Complete your FAFSA and sign it using your PIN at
     a. Application Terms:
                  Application Terms                           FAFSA Year                 Tax Year
                  Fall 2010, Spring 2011, Summer 2011         2010-2011                  2009
                  Fall 2011, Spring 2012, Summer 2012         2011-2012                  2010
       b. Piedmont’s Federal School Code is 001588.

3. Review your Student Aid Report: A copy of your submitted FAFSA, called a “Student Aid Report”
   (SAR), will be emailed to you. Review and make any necessary corrections at

4. Allow for processing time: Piedmont typically receives your processed FAFSA within one week. Once
   we receive your FAFSA, we will either:
       a. Process your signed award letter or wait for receipt of your signed award letter;
       b. Send you verification paperwork to complete (30% of FAFSA filers are selected to verify the
          information they entered). After the verification is complete, we will process your signed award
          letter, and an e-mail notification will be sent to you.

        NOTE: The FAFSA must be updated annually in order to receive loans
                         for each new school year.

                                                                           Graduate Financial Aid Options Revised 1.18.11
        Federal TEACH Grant Program Regulations
         Piedmont College, Financial Aid Office, P.O. Box 10, Demorest, GA 30535
       Financial Aid Phone: 706-776-0114     Fax: 706-778-0708 Email:
        Federal Information Student Center: 1-800-4-FEDAID
                                            Program Application
Applications for the Federal Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education Grant Program
(TEACH) are available on the college website, Interested students are encouraged to
research the program and submit an application.

                         Federal TEACH Program Highlights and Teaching Obligation
The TEACH program was created by Congress in the 2008 College Cost Reduction and Access Act. It provides
$2,000 per semester, with a maximum of $16,000 for undergraduate and $8,000 for graduate programs.
In exchange for receiving the TEACH Grant, students must agree to be a highly-qualified, full-time teacher
( in a high-need subject area for four years at a school serving
low-income students
Recipients must complete the four years of teaching, for each program the grant was received, within eight years
of program completion(s). For students who obtain the TEACH Grant for both undergraduate and graduate study,
a four-year teaching obligation is required for each educational program (Bachelors, Masters) for which the grant
was received. In certain circumstances, a recipient may work off multiple four-year obligations simultaneously. If
the four-year teaching obligation is not met, the grant will be converted to an unsubsidized Direct Loan and must
be repaid with interest. Once a grant is converted to a loan, it cannot be converted back.

                     Piedmont College Eligibility Requirements and Application Deadline
To qualify for funds in any given term, students must be accepted to the Teacher Education Program at Piedmont
College prior to the first day of the term. Students must file a FAFSA, be a U.S. Citizen or eligible non-citizen,
maintain a 3.25 grade point average each term, and be enrolled for no fewer than three hours in a teacher
preparation program to qualify. A student may be exempt from the required 3.25 grade point average if he/she is
teaching full-time or has scored in the 75th percentile of any standardized test. In order for the application to be
considered for any given term, it must be submitted before the student loan adjustment deadlines each semester.
Applications received after the deadline will be reviewed for all future terms indicated.

                                      Piedmont College Grant Disbursement
Grant funds, along with other aid, are disbursed to student accounts in the sixth to eighth week of each semester.
Students may receive financial aid up to the cost of attendance. If awarding a Federal TEACH Grant would cause a
student’s aid to exceed the cost of attendance, the Office of Financial Aid must, in accordance with federal student
aid regulations, reduce the student’s other aid, usually student loans.

                                          2010-2011 Tentative Programs
      Undergraduate                           Degree              Graduate                                    Degree
1.    Early Childhood Education               BA            1.    Early Childhood Education                   MA, MAT
2.    Middle Grades Math                      BA            2.    Middle Grades Math                          MA
3.    Middle Grades Science                   BA            3.    Middle Grades Science                       MA
4.    Middle Grades Language Arts             BA            4.    Middle Grades Language Arts                 MA
5.    Middle Grades Social Sciences           BA            5.    Middle Grades Social Sciences               MA
6.    Secondary Education English             BA            6.    Secondary Education English                 MA, MAT
7.    Secondary Education History             BA            7.    Secondary Education History                 MA, MAT
8.    Secondary Education Math                BS            8.    Secondary Education Math                    MA, MAT
9.    Secondary Education Biology             BA            9.    Secondary Education Broadfield Science      MA, MAT
10.   Secondary Education Chemistry           BS            10.   Special Education: Gen. Curriculum          MA, MAT
                                                            11.   Art Education                               MA, MAT
                                                            12.   Music Education                             MA, MAT

                               STUDENTS: Please retain these regulations for your records.

                                            Graduate Studies: School of Education
                                           Important Contact Information
                                           Phone: 800-277-7020

Contact                      Title                            Phone                Email or website
Bookstore                    (Judy is the contact person)     707-776-0013
Library                                                       Ext. 1111  
Financial Aid                                                 Ext 1114   
Business Office                                               Ext. 1101  
Graduate Admissions Office
Anthony Cox                  Director                         Ext. 1118  
Vickie Turner                Assistant Director               Ext. 1181  
Donna Speed                  Admin. Asst.                     Ext. 1183  
Fax/Email                                                     706-776-6635
Graduate Studies
Dr. Marilyn Ayers-Berrong    Dean, Graduate Studies           Ext. 1059  
Jessica Bozeman              Admin. Assistant                 Ext 1497   
Cohort Coordinators/Managers
Cohort Fax                                                    706-433-1751
Kathleen Anderson            Cohort Admin/Manager             M & F 706-548-2022
                                                              T, W, TH Ext 1053
Dr. Kathy Breithaupt         Asst. Professor                  706-224-4495
Dr. Joan Jordan              Asst. Professor                  770-898-9870
Dr. Gary Lemmons             Asst. Professor                  770-547-9323
Dr. Mike Moody               Professor                        770-653-0823

School of Education
Certification Issues                                          Ext. 1500
School of Education Fax                                       706-776-9608
Dr. Bob Cummings             Dean, School of Education        Ext. 1265  
Dr. Donna Andrews            Professor, Director of Special   Ext. 1256  
Dr. Bill Brown               Professor, Chair of Middle       Ext. 1232  
                             Grades Education
Dr. William Gabelhausen      Asst. Professor -Theatre         Ext. 1320  
                             Department Chair
Dr. Wallace Hinson           Asst. Professor, Director of     Ext. 1211  
                             Music Education
Dr. Charles Lucado           Professor, Chair of Early        Ext. 1231  
                             Childhood Education
Dr. Pat McCollum             Assoc. Professor, Director of    Ext. 1341  
                             Education Specialist
Dr. Jennifer Betz            Asst. Professor, Director of     Ext. 1490  
                             Art Education
Dr. Julie Palmour            Assoc. Professor, Director of    Ext. 1230  
                             Educational Doctorate
Dr. Hilton Smith             Professor, Chair of Secondary    Ext. 1297  

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