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									             Jurijs Jersovs
Nathaniel Borges do Canto
              Spring 2012
            Business Plan
                              Table of Contents

Overview                                             3
Market Opportunity                                   3-4
Demographic                                          4
How to Convince Customers                            5-6
How to Influence the Consumer's Behavior             6-7
Embedded Value                                       7
Management                                           7-8
Product and Service Development                      8
Our Strategy                                         8-9
Marketing and Sales                                  9-10
Key Steps Timeline                                   10
Financials                                           11
Funding                                              11

Design Plan
       Style Guide
              Site View / Wireframe (Features)       12
              Page View(s) / User Interface Design   12-13
              Navigation Design                      13
              Visual Design                          13
              Editorial Style                        14
       Technical Specifications
              User Platform Requirements             14
              Developer Platform Requirements        14
Test Plan
       Consumer Testing
              Design / Interface Testing             14
              Navigation Testing                     15
              Usability Testing                      15
       Business Testing
              Content Testing                        15
              Functionality Testing                  15

Appendix                                             16

Company Name: This is Organic!

Team Members: Jurijs Jersovs and Nathaniel Borges do Canto

This is Organic! is an online delivery service that sells fresh, organic fruits and vegetables in

Fairfield County, and it strives to make healthy, natural produce a part of everyday life.

Market Opportunity
Our business will be located in Norwalk, Connecticut, and our market area is in Fairfield County.

With this location, we have the advantage of serving clients who live south, east, and north of us.

Our target audience includes those who are concerned with their health and seek a nutritionally-

balanced diet. We can be a source for parents who wish for their children to learn how to eat

healthy. Others may wish to consume produce that does not have chemicals or pesticides in it.

Chemicals are used in produce to extend shelf life, and studies have shown that they are

connected to the risk for disease among consumers.

According to Common Dreams' Demand for Organic Food Outstrips Supply, there is an

increased demand for organic produce by American consumers. The growth in sales of organic

food has been increasing at a faster rate (15 percent to 21 percent each year) than that of total

food sales (2 percent to 4 percent each year). Enthusiasts believe that eating organic can help

improve the environment and support the businesses of small-scale farmers. Although the

number of organic farms has been increasing, "organic manufacturers are still searching for

ingredients outside the United States." If produce is imported and has an organic label, it must

meet USDA standards in order to be sold and consumed in the country.

Not many organic products can be found in large supermarket chains. We can meet the growing

demand, because such firms have a limited supply available. Organic fruits and vegetables are an

alternative to conventional product. With the Internet, we can provide a direct, door-to-door

delivery service. We provide convenience for our customers to log in and order our product.

Because of a busy work schedule, people have little time to research and do business with brick-

and-mortar stores. There is an opportunity for us to sell a variety of organic products online.

We will place our focus on consumers who have children. Parents seek the best nutrition for their

children, especially for those who participate in organized activities such as sports and martial

arts. Single parents have the same desire, but may be too busy with work and education to be

able to find a supplier of organic produce. Our potential audience comes from the fact that

consumers may face a busy work schedule.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, In the United States, thirty-five

percent of adults and seventeen percent of children and adolescents are obese. Some of its causes

include the lack of accessibility to healthy foods in supermarkets and school campuses as well as

the lack of advertisement for it. Obesity can increase the risk of conditions such as Type II

diabetes, high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, and joint deterioration. According to

Consumer Affairs, it may cause a "2-5 year decline" in life expectancy, causing children to live

shorter lives than their parents.

Our audience also includes those who are concerned about their own health as well as those who

consume such produce out of personal preference. Our demographic comes from those living in

Fairfield County who are aware of the growing problem of using chemicals for food production.

There is little access in the city for organic products from supermarkets and other firms that

provide food service. There is also a low number of organic products available, and even lower a

number for those purchased. As a result, we can take advantage of accessibility and supply in

order to attract customers.

How to Convince Customers
To attract and keep customers, we will offer a variety of fruits and vegetables that are packaged

in three sizes. We will price Small boxes at $24, Medium at $34, and Large at $44. Delivery and

taxes are included. Small boxes will contain between eleven and thirteen types of produce,

Medium boxes fourteen to eighteen, and Large eighteen to twenty-one. A list of the items

included in the boxes is posted on our web site every three days before delivery. Every week, we

will include a new item. By proving a random variation, we will cut costs by balancing the

supply and demand of different fruits and vegetables. Otherwise, costs will rise from the

consumer demand for certain types of produce and, thus, the straining of supply. Variety will

also encourage customers to have a nutritionally-balanced diet. One cannot achieve this by eating

only a few kinds of fruits and vegetables.

Deliveries will occur between 10:00 AM and 4:00 PM, from Monday to Friday. Customers may

receive their produce on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis. Our location in the middle of

Fairfield country will provide us with a competitive edge, which will result in fast delivery,

reducing gas expenses, and minimized delivery times. Assigned delivery dates will depend on

the customer's location. Multiple areas are covered on different days of the week. We can deliver

to your home or office, as long as your zip code falls into the areas we can reach.

We will use a logistics system to provide updates and confirmation of the shipping of goods. We

do not have a return policy, but we guarantee that the produce will arrive fresh. If the customer is

not satisfied with the product, we will provide a refund. Because there will be a variety of goods

in one package, we will not refund those who are dissatisfied by the certain types of fruits and

vegetables that were sold to them.

One major competitor is Their location in New York City gives the firm a

disadvantage, for it only makes deliveries to Connecticut on Thursdays. Our location allows us to

have more delivery times in the county, and we are able to ship our product before Thursdays.

Mike's Organic Delivery, located in Greenwich, Connecticut, is another competitor that offers

the same service we will provide. We will compete against both of them, based on price, service

and quality of produce.

Brick-and-mortar stores, such as Whole Foods and Stop 'n Shop, are considered secondary

competitors. The latter, in particular, has a small variety of organic products available. Brick-

and-mortar stores cause their customers to go through the inconvenience of traveling to the

location to pick up what they have ordered. Our online business can provide our customers with

the convenience of purchasing and receiving their orders.

There are multiple ways we can provide customer service and satisfaction. Our customer service

line will be available on Mondays to Fridays, from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Customers are able to

either cancel or make changes to their orders twenty-four hours before delivery date. We also

have an e-mail alert system that keeps us and our customers updated on orders, shipping, and

cancellations. We have a user-friendly web site, and we provide simple policies.

How to Influence the Consumer's Behavior
We are offering fresh, organic fruits and vegetables that are easy for the customer to place an

order and receive. Because we will make deliveries in Fairfield County, we are able to quickly

get orders out. We will allow customers to use coupons to save money on their purchases. By

using a Groupon, a customer can save $6 on the next purchase. Other coupons will provide a $3

discount. To redeem a voucher, a customer must either use a valid credit card when signing-up or

place an order for a recurring delivery. These and other promotional codes and discount vouchers

are only valid for one-time use and for new customers and/or delivery addresses. Our web

application will not allow their use from customers with the same home/office and e-mail


Unlike our competitors, however, we will implement a referral system. With it, we can give

existing customers an incentive to attract new customers. If the latter registers with a referral

code, then the former's delivery of a Small box will be free. We will also provide recipes and

storage tips, so our customers will be encouraged to try new produce and feel that their money

has been well spent.

Embedded Value
We deliver a variety of fresh, organic fruits and vegetables to homes and offices. On our website,

we will provide instructions on how to use and consume different types of produce. As a result,

we can not only encourage our customers to try new types of food but also convince them that

they received their money's worth. We will also deliver our product to small businesses, mom-

and-pop stores, and other firms who wish to do business with us. We can help increase the

accessibility and availability of organic produce to consumers living in Fairfield County. We also

hope that this can impact the health of our customers by giving them the opportunity to pursue a

nutritionally-balanced diet. By doing business with us, they can help make an impact in the

environment and reduce their ecological footprint.

Jurijs Jersovs has knowledge of what one needs to have and maintain a healthy, nutritionally

balanced diet. His knowledge of organic fruits and vegetables will play a role in how to create

supply for our product. He is currently running a small business and has experience in the field.

Nathaniel Borges do Canto has knowledge of the financial field with some experience in

providing customer service. This will play a role in influencing the business's behavior towards

providing quality service as well as customer satisfaction.

Product and Service Development
Our web site will be available on the last week of April 2012. Our business will depend on the

functionality of the site, which will allow us to perform actions such as order tracking, updating

schedules, and e-mail notifications. Our produce will be grown in-country during the on-season,

and we will reach out to our suppliers during the rest of the year. For example, during the non-

season, we may receive pineapples from suppliers in Hawaii, and mangos and avocados from

those in Mexico.

There will be many risks to constructing and maintaining the web site. The payment process is

vital to earning sales. The seasonal schedule must be followed and updated in order to keep

customers informed. Feedback and cancellation requests are needed to compensate dissatisfied

customers and learn how to improve our service. The upkeep and preservation of produce are

essential to customer value.

Our site includes informational pages on the product included in the variety boxes, such as

descriptions, expiration dates, recipes, and tips on preservation and use. This will encourage the

customer to make use of the product as well as maintain the worth of their purchase. We will

also inform customers on who will supply us with non-seasonal product.

Our Strategy
Businesses that specialize in the produce delivery service have motivated us to create one that

will set a new benchmark in the industry. Although we will focus on those who are concerned

about their health, we seek to provide organic fruits and vegetables to other kinds of consumers.

Unlike our competitors, we do not provide customization. We want to encourage our customers

to not only try new produce, but also gain and maintain nutritional balance. As a result, we will

be able to help them make the most of their purchase. We seek to provide convenience in our

delivery of fresh produce by serving those living in Fairfield County.

Marketing and Sales
We will use print ads on local newspapers and magazines to raise awareness of our business. We

will also place advertisements on cable channels such as Food Network. To reach out to potential

and current customers, we will take advantage of social networking sites, such as Twitter and

Facebook. Pay-per-click advertisements will not only help us spread awareness but also cut our

costs (compared to other types of web advertising). We will also use Groupon, coupons, and

other discount vouchers to give customers a greater incentive to do business with us.

We will have partnerships with local mom-and-pop stores and local small-to-medium

restaurants. Within our web site, we will frequently e-mail clients about coupon offers and our

referral system. We will also inform customers about what types of produce will be available for

different boxes on a weekly basis. Electronic gift cards are issued and will have no expiration


To earn sales, we provide a detailed description of our produce. Informational pages will help

customers know what to expect from our produce and service, and a feedback system will

encourage them to interact with us. We can track buying data from consumers to discover trends.

As a result, we can find other ways to increase sales and, thus, profitability. We can increase the

incentive to purchase from new and current customers by providing them with free shipping.

Our site has a Frequently Asked Questions page which can help customers resolve any issues

with their purchase or our service. Those not resolved by it can be managed by the customer

service line. E-mail alerts can update customers on shipping process and updates on orders and

     the schedule. As a result, we can keep the customer informed and provide satisfaction. The size

     of the target market in dollars is about $300,000 per year. The number of prospective customers

     for our business is approximately ten thousand.

     Key Steps Timeline

                Tasks                 1   2   3   4   5    6   7   8   9   10   11   12   13   14   15   16   17   18    19   20
Business determination/
registration/ professional
Set Target Market

Competitor Analysis

Business Plan

Web-Site Development/Testing

Agreement with Distributors

Selection and Purchase of
companies vehicle
Selection of office/warehouse space

Office/warehouse organization.

Training of employee

Marketing Campaign Preparation

Selection of supporting software

License/ Insurance

Financial Plan

                Year                   Year 1           Year 2            Year 3
                                            72,800            157,500              227,500
 Sales                                (2080*$35.00)     (4500x $35.00)    (6500x $35.00)
 Cost of Goods Sold                         50,000           $135,000          $205,000
 Labor Cost                                     5,000             5,000              5,000
 Gross Margin                                   62%                83%                88%
 Operating Income                          $45,000           $130,000          $200,000
 Payroll                                     38000            $52,000              $80,000
 General and Administrative                 $3,500               $2,500             $2,500
 Marketing Expenses                        $12,000            $12,500              $13,500
 Professional Fees and Licensure           $11,000            $11,000              $11,000
 Travel and Vehicle Costs                   37,400               19,500            $21,500
 Rent and Utilities                         $8,000               $8,200             $8,500
 Miscellaneous Costs                        $1,000               $1,900             $3,000
 Total Operating Costs                    $110,900           $107,600          $140,000

 EBITDA                                   ($65,900)           $22,400              $60,000
 Federal Income Tax                                0              8500             $15,500
 State Income Tax                                  0             $1,500             $3,500
 Interest Expense                           $2,000               $1,800             $1,500
 Net Profit                               ($63,900)           $10,600              $39,500
 Profit Margin                                      -            6.73%             17.36%

Projected Startup Costs

Business Startup Year
                                                                                         Year 1
Initial Lease Payments and Deposits
Working Capital
Company Vehicle
Website Development
Marketing Budget
Miscellaneous and Unforeseen Costs
Total Startup Costs                                                                      $70,000

Design Plan
Style Guide

Site View / Wireframe

                                                                Refer a Friend


    Services            Shop   This Week's   FAQ   Contact Us      Why Choose
                                 Harvest                              Us

Page View

Navigation Design
The navigation bar will always be at the top of the page. Links regarding account creation and

management, coupons, zip code availability, the referral system, and customer service will

appear in the right margin on the home page. Our business logo will always be located in the

upper-left corner of the page, and clicking it will return users to the home page. Our phone

number is in the upper-right and bottom-left corners of every page. Both new and returning

visitors will find it easy to both navigate the site and use our services.

Visual Design
All of the pages on our web site will have a few, warm shades of green to represent the themes of

environmentalism and the consumption of organic produce. The color white is chosen for the

body of every page to make it easy for visitors to read the information. The design is not meant

to overwhelm them, but provide the feeling of warmth and simplicity as they navigate through

the site.

Editorial Style
The content of the web site is written as though we are speaking directly to visitors. It is easy to

understand, and does not use industry terminology that can leave them overwhelmed or

confused. For pages such as "This Week's Harvest" and "Why Choose Us," we organize the

information to be quick and easy to read. The FAQ page has a simple question-and-answer

format, so visitors can easily skim through the list of questions to find what needs to be


Technical Specifications
User Platform Requirements
Our web site is compatible with any Windows and Mac operating systems. An Internet

connection and a resolution of 800 x 600 are required. Our site will work perfectly on Internet

Explorer. However, it may not be compatible with other Internet browsers, such as Firefox,

Chrome, and Safari. After launch, we will remedy this issue. It is important that we make our site

easily compatible with whatever operating system or browser our visitors will use. Pages such as

registration, sign-in, testimonials, recipe, storage tips, and order tracking will work after the web

site service changes from free to premium.

Developer Platform Requirements
We are using Wix to create and maintain the web site.

Test Plan
Consumer Testing

Design / Interface Testing
The appearance of the site is simple and attracts the visitor's attention. Every page on the site will
have the same appearance for functionality purposes. The body of each page will be different in
terms of what information is provided in each page.

Navigation Testing
The navigation bar will always be on top of every web page. The additional links will remain on

the bottom. The links that appear on the right margin of the home page will disappear when

navigating. However, clicking on the Home button or the business logo will return the user to the

home page. Visitors will always find a way to be able to sign in or register an account. More

importantly, they will never feel lost when navigating and will find a way to reach a desired


Usability Testing
Testing will be done on fields involving the creation and management of accounts and orders, the

availability of delivery, the usage of coupons, and the referral system. It is important that

customers are able to interact with the web site and for us to be able to receive and store their


Business Testing
Content Checking
To improve the stickiness of the web site and maintain business, content such as the weekly

harvest and the availability of delivery must be updated. Our customers must know what types of

fruits and vegetables may be in their order for each delivery. Because the availability of delivery

will be subject to change, updating our list will open ourselves to a larger pool of potential


Functionality Testing
All pages must work and be easy to access for visitors. The most complex feature of our site is

managing orders and accounts, for is it essential to both our site and the business.


"Demand for Organic Food Outstrips Supply." Common Dreams. July 7, 2006.

"Overweight and Obesity." Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. October 21, 2011.

"Childhood Obesity Shortens Life Expectancy." Consumer Affairs. January 16, 2011.


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