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									Master in International Relations

“A world of possibilities...”
   School of Arts and
IE Business School Humanities
        in International Management
Master in International Relations
Master in

Type: Master’s degree (full-time)*
Profile: University graduates, no professional experience required
Length: 10 months
Intakes: October
Language of instruction: English
Admissions period: Rolling admission process, no deadlines
Campus: Madrid

*Those students in possession of an official university diploma, or with an equivalent official diploma that allows access to post-graduate studies in the
country of your university studies, will be awarded an Official University Master Degree in International Relations by IE University.
This official university diploma is adapted to the European Higher Education Area in accordance with the Bologna Process. It is worth 60 credits ECTS
and provides you with access to third cycle studies, and therefore, to doctorate programs. For more information, please contact
              IE School of Arts and Humanities
              Master in International Relations

A word from
our Dean
                        I would like to thank you for your interest     The Master in International Relations’ objective is to train
                        in IE School of Arts and Humanities’ Master     internationally-oriented professionals with a good knowledge
                        in International Relations.                     of the different elements that make up our complex and
                                                                        multipolar world. The program focuses on the most influential
Whether you read the information in this brochure, explore the          of international organizations, the European Union, which is a
school website, or ask members of the widespread IE community           model for every process of regional integration on the planet
(which consists of students, alumni, professors and other IE            and one of globalization’s main driving forces.
professionals) you will reach the same conclusion - that selecting
IE for your graduate studies in international relations is the first    The Master in International Relations at IE has all the ingredients
step in a successful strategy for your professional and personal        for success in an international career. Should you decide that
development.                                                            IE is the right place to invest a year of your life in pursuit of the
                                                                        knowledge and professional skills necessary in this dynamic
The Master in International Relations at IE School of Arts              and changing world, the extent of your contribution to society
and Humanities is a program wholly dedicated to teaching,               and your own professional success will depend solely on your
researching, and reflecting on world affairs. As such, it will act as   commitment to achieving them.
the spearhead of IE’s international projection, which responds
to our firm belief that global awareness is vital to the success of     But don’t take our word for it - find out for yourself.
today’s projects in both public and private sectors. It is not by
mere chance that some 40.000 of our alumni are working on 5
continents, and that more than 80 nationalities are represented
among our student body. In addition, the diversity of our faculty
places us among the most international postgraduate institutions
in the world.
                                                                                                                      Arantza de Areilza
                                                                                                  Dean, IE School of Arts and Humanities
                IE School of Arts and Humanities
                Master in International Relations

Why study the Master
      in International
       Relations at IE
  School of Arts and
                                               APSIA Affiliate Member
                                               APSIA comprises 34 member schools and 25 affiliated programs in North America,
                                               Asia, and Europe, all dedicated to the improvement of professional education in
                                               international affairs and the advancement thereby of international understanding,
                                               prosperity, peace, and security. The Master in International Relations at IE School of
                                               Arts and Humanities was admitted as an Affiliate Member in September 2010.

                                               CHCI’s Membership
                                               The IE School of Arts and Humanities is a member of the Consortium of Humanities
                                               Centers and Institutes, an association dedicated to the fostering of knowledge
                                               related to the humanities and interpretative social sciences.

The European Union                                                    International Environment
Spain offers a vantage starting point for the study of European       Students at IE enjoy a truly international atmosphere, with
institutions: on the one hand, Spain is now a consolidated major      more than 80 nationalities present on campus and a faculty
player in the EU; on the other, memories from the times when          comprised of roughly 50% international professors.
it was a newcomer are still fresh, thus facilitating an analysis of
the position that many Central and Eastern European countries         International Recognition
occupy today.                                                         IE School of Arts and Humanities and IE Business School are
                                                                      closely integrated. The School of Arts and Humanities offers
Faculty                                                               courses that permeate all the undergraduate and postgraduate
A Master in International Relations is only as good as the            programs at the University. At the same time, IE School of Art
professors that make up the faculty. At IE, our faculty provides a    and Humanities benefits from IE Business School expertise
unique learning experience, combining hands-on practice with          and its international recognition as one of the top 10 business
cutting-edge research and scholarship.                                schools in the world, according to international journals such
                                                                      as Financial Times, The Economist, Businessweek and The Wall
The IE Experience                                                     Street Journal. As such, some of the Master in International
IE alumni form part of a 40,000 strong network spread over            Relations classes will be taught by selected professors from IE
100 countries across the world. They share far more than a            Business School, obtaining a thorough and diverse vision of the
master’s degree. They share the IE experience – a life-changing       International Relations.
experience in an international school that is independent and
diverse, where entrepreneurship and innovation form part
of the day-to-day fabric, along with academic excellence, a
superlative corporate network, and a socially responsible vision.
                                                                                         IE School of Arts and Humanities
                                                                                         Master in International Relations

Class Profile

 “Pursuing the Master in International Relations is a challenge not only because of
 its accelerated pace of learning, but also because of the diversity and international
 atmosphere that permeates the IE Campus. I learned to relate and work with
 students and professors from different cultures and different professional fields
 and disciplines. The skills gained have helped me understand the globalized world
 in which we live much better and have been decisive in helping me transform a
 vocation into a specific career plan.”
 Maria Luque, Spain
 Alumna, Master in International Relations
IE School of Arts and Humanities’ Master in International Relations     Students are admitted on the basis of an excellent academic track
comprises a talented, diverse and ambitious group of students           record and relevant international experience. Although professional
capable of bringing strong momentum to the learning process             experience is not required for the Master in International Relations,
and of leaving their mark on this dynamic and innovative program.       a high percentage of the students already have some when doing
                                                                        the program. They come from sectors such as Business, NGOs,
The program is aimed at graduates from diverse fields, such             Communication, Education, Marketing, Financial Sector, Public
as Political Science, Sociology, Law, Economics, Business,              Institutions, Law Firms.
Communication and Journalism, who have a clear interest in
international relations, both within the public and the private
sectors, and who would like to work in areas such as government,
NGO’s, international consulting or multinational companies.

         Male                    Average age                    Average                    International                 Nationalities
        41%                                                   professional                   students                    represented
        59%                        26 yrs                        3 yrs                         75%                            35

    Academic background                                                 Geographic Distribution

           4%                                         4%                      15%                                           23%
      Sciences                                        Engineering            Latin                                          Spain

   24% Social
     Sciences                                         24%
                                                      Humanities              26%                                           5%
                                                                            Europe                                          Asia

          24%                                                                   10%                                         21%
      Business                                         6% Law         Africa and the                                        North
                                                                        Middle East                                         America
                                                                                           IE School of Arts and Humanities
                                                                                           Master in International Relations

Program Structure

“Studying the Master in International Relations at IE was one of the best decisions I
could ever make. It was crucial for me to start an international career, as it opened me
many doors and showed me new markets and opportunities. The broad knowledge
that you get, the excellent team of professors as well as the classmates and the
international working environment make the Master a perfect combination to access
the field of international relations.”

Isabel Pérez González, Spain
Alumna, Master in International Relations
                                                                       PERIOD 1                                      PERIOD 2                                                  PERIOD 3

                                                                     October - December                          January - March                                                April - July
Quantitative Methods and Financial Concepts (Pre- Course)

                                                              • Spanish/French                          • Spanish/French                                            • Spanish/French
                                                              • Orientation                             • Euro-American Relations                                   • Globalized Terrorism
                                                              • Quantitative Methods                    • International Trade and the                               • Challenges to Democracy in
                                                              • The European Union                        International Monetary System                               Latin America
                                                              • History of International                • International Finance                                     • Understanding Contemporary

                                                                                                                                           Field Work in Brussels
                                                                Relations                               • Game Theory and Conflict                                    China: Culture and Society
                                                              • Theories of International                 Resolution                                                • Management of the
                                                                Relations                               • Economic Development Theory                                 Multinational Corporation
                                                              • International Environmental               Negotiation                                               • Politics, Society and IR of the
                                                                Policy                                  • The European Union: Advanced                                Middle East
                                                              • Micro-Macro Economics                     Topics                                                    • New Strategic Players: China and
                                                              • Comparative Politics                                                                                  India

                                                                                                                                                                    Electives Period

                                                            Course schedule subject to minor changes

                                                            The program consists of twenty-one core courses offered in four different areas: Skills, Competencies and Languages,
                                                            European Institutions and Security Studies, Social Sciences and Humanities, Economics and Business.

                                                            Active Learning
                                                            The Master in International Relations centers on a combination of lectures, seminars, interactive class discussion, group
                                                            work, group presentations and individual preparation and readings. An essential element of the course methodology is class
                                                            participation and active debate between students and lecturers. This program encourages a practical, interactive and hands-
                                                            on academic environment.
                                                                                                       IE School of Arts and Humanities
                                                                                                       Master in International Relations

  Features of the
  Master in International
Soft skills                                                            Public-private convergence
The program places a marked emphasis on the specific skills and        The Master in International Relations distinguishes itself from
languages that form an essential part of international relations.      other international relations programs by building synergies
Highly innovative courses afford participants a thorough               between the private and public sector. Private-public partnerships
working knowledge of multicultural teambuilding, multilingual          are a new and exciting space for the international relations
communication, negotiation in international forums and other           professional. The Master in International Relations at IE School
key competencies that make up a complete toolkit for every             of Arts and Humanities takes full advantage of its privileged
internationally oriented professional. In addition, students will      relationship with IE Business School to add relevant private sector
attend language classes and may choose between Spanish and             insights to the public sector and the non-profit sphere.
                                                                       Pre-course in Financial Concepts and Quantitative Methods
Seminars                                                               (optional)
The Master in International Relations offers a series of specialized   A week prior to the program start, students are offered a pre-
seminars throughout the year during which distinguished                course in Financial Concepts and Quantitative Methods that
diplomats, EU officials, representatives from the non-profit sector,   equips them with the basic tools for several core courses in the
international organizations, and high-level business executives        program. This pre-course is optional and directed mainly to
address and engage the students to explore the key international       students who do not have a business or economics background.
relations issues.                                                      Students who are unable to attend these sessions have the option
                                                                       of taking an online tutorial.

                                 “The Master in International Relations is a unique program that blends key issues in global
                                 affairs with private sector insights, a winning combination for today’s international relations
                                 professional. Students graduate with a clear understanding of what it takes to succeed in the
                                 ever expanding public-private sphere.”

                                 Waya Quiviger
                                 Executive Director, Master in International Relations
Master’s thesis                                                       Field work in Brussels
The Master in International Relations Master’s thesis is a research   During a week in Brussels, students have the unique opportunity of
paper of approximately 50 pages which must be submitted during        visiting key EU institutions such as the Commission, the Parliament
the first week of July. The thesis should represent the student’s     and the European Economic and Social Committee. An important
original and unpublished work and be written under the guidance       component of the trip is a visit to the NATO headquarters. During
of a member of IE faculty. The Master’s thesis topic should address   these visits, high level EU officials actively engage with students,
a contemporary international issue that falls within the academic     share valuable insights and address pressing current issues. The
scope of at least one of the program’s core courses. Students         trip to Brussels represents a special opportunity for the students
defend their thesis shortly after submission of the final version.    to obtain an insider’s view of the EU and explore first hand some
                                                                      of the key theoretical concepts analyzed in class.
Students select electives out of an offering of courses in both the
international relations and law areas. The elective period takes
place in June and students have the opportunity to take courses
in conjunction with students enrolled in IE Law School’s LL.M. in
International Legal Practice.

    “The Master in International Relations program not only encouraged me to seize any
    political issue in a global and detailed perspective but also equipped me with solid notions
    of macroeconomics, finance and strategy, which is pivotal to understanding contemporary
    challenges. The courses and conferences focused on the European Union, as well as the trip to
    Brussels, provided me with a thorough understanding of European Union affairs. This knowledge,
    coupled with the multicultural experience of IE, is greatly appreciated in the European spheres.
    Last but not least, the IE Alumni Club in Brussels is an active network, ready to welcome any IE
    alumni willing to enjoy job opportunities in Brussels!”
    Sibylle Greindl, Belgium
    Alumna, Master in International Relations
               IE School of Arts and Humanities
               Master in International Relations

Core Faculty
        IE professors are not just experts in their fields. Each professor is a skilled instructor who excels in IE’s culturally diverse
        and challenging classrooms. A high percentage of our faculty is international and virtually all have studied or worked
        abroad and have graduated from many of the world’s greatest centers of learning. This is why our faculty provides a
        unique learning experience, combining hands-on practice with cutting-edge research and scholarship.

        Our full-time faculty is a core group of scholars, researchers and lecturers dedicated to developing and transmitting
        knowledge on a variety of international relations and business issues. Each year, IE also welcomes a small number of
        carefully selected visiting professors from prestigious institutions around the world.

        The Master in International Relations also enhances the learning process thanks to the visits of internationally recognized
        authorities who give insightful talks on a range of global issues.

Aguirre, Miguel                                                                        Fisac Badell, Tatiana
PhD in International Economics, Universidad Complutense, Madrid Spain                  Ph. D. in Philology, the UAM University, Madrid
MBA IE Business School, Madrid Spain                                                   Professor of Humanities at the UAM University, Madrid
Master International Commerce, Universidad del País Vasco, Bilbao Vizcaya              Director of the Centre for East Asian Studies, UAM University, Madrid
Professor of Economic Environment, IE Business School, 1998 to present                 Honorary Professor at the Beijing Foreign Studies University
Head of the Blog of International Economy at IE                                        Internationally recognized investigator, translator and researcher of the Asian
Head of the Political and Single Risk Department for Spain and Portugal in             culture
                                                                                       Gabaldón, Patricia
Amirah-Fernández, Haizam                                                               PhD in Economics, Universidad de Alcalá, Spain
Senior Analyst for the Mediterranean and the Arab World at the Real Instituto          MsC in Leisure Management , Deusto University
Elcano and Associate Professor at IE. MA in Arab Studies on a Fulbright                Head of the Research Office at IE Business School
scholarship from Georgetown University’s Center for Contemporary Arab                  Professor of Economic Environment at IE Business School
Studies. He specializes in international relations, political Islam, and transitions
to democracy in the Arab world. He has worked for the United Nations in
New York and for Human Rights Watch in Washington DC. He is a frequent                 García, Eloy
commentator in the Spanish and international media.                                    Executive-in-Residence, Program of Master of Science in Business at the Carey
                                                                                       Business School at Johns Hopkins University
                                                                                       Economist-in-Residence, Program of Master in Economics at the American
Areilza, José María de                                                                 University
Doctorate in Juridical Sciences (S.J.D.), Harvard University, USA                      Adjunct Professorial Lecturer, McDonough School of Business at Georgetown
Master of Laws (LL.M), Harvard University, USA                                         University
Master of International Relations (M.A.), Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy,        Member of the International Advisory Board of the Cass Business School of the
USA                                                                                    City University of London (Ad-honorem), 2000 to 2009
Dean of IE Law School                                                                  Former Treasurer of the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB)
Visiting Professor at the College of Europe, Warsaw; Central European
University, Budapest, the National University of Singapore and the William &
Mary School of Law, Virginia, USA                                                      Garland , Gonzalo
Advisor to the Spanish Prime Minister’s Office, European and North American            Professor of Economic Environment, IE Business School, 1994 to present
affairs from1996 to 2000                                                               Professor of Business in Emerging Markets, IE Business School, 1994 to present
Advisor to the Representative of the Spanish Government in the European                Director of External Relations, IE Business School, 2004 to present
Convention on the Future of Europe, 2002                                               Ph.D. Candidate in Economics, University of Pennsylvania
Member of the Board of Directors, Madrid Bar Association                               MA in Economics, Stanford University

Calvo-Sotelo, Leopoldo                                                                 Gómez-Pomar Rodríguez, Julio
Director of the Master in International Relations and Professor of Law, IE School      Master in Public Administration (MPA), Kennedy School of Government,
of Arts and Humanities, 2007 to present                                                Harvard University
Chief Legal Adviser, Defense & Industry Section, Spanish Council of State, 2005        Ex-Secretary of State for Public Administration
to present                                                                             Director of the PwC & IE Centre of the Public Sector
General Counsel, Vodafone Spain, 2001-2003
Deputy Secretary, Spanish Interior Department, 1996-2001
Secretary General, Center for the Advanced Study in the Social Sciences, Juan
March Institute, 1991-1996
MA, Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy
                                                                                                 IE School of Arts and Humanities
                                                                                                 Master in International Relations

“I really enjoy teaching the Master in International Relations. Students in this program are as
diverse in terms of nationalities as in any other international program at IE and they come
from a range of different backgrounds. But they all share a passion for international issues and
for understanding other cultures and realities. When teaching economic development in this
program, I find two things particularly interesting. First; students are happy to learn economic
theories and see their practical relevance when analyzing different countries. Second; it is
fascinating to see how students want to share the realities of their countries and regions. It is a
very rewarding experience for me as a professor.”

Gonzalo Garland
Professor, Master in International Relations
Izaguirre, Iñigo                                                                    Ortega Carcelén, Martín
Ph.D. Industrial Engineering, ETSII Bilbao                                          Senior Lecturer in International Law, Complutense University
M.S. Management Science, Stanford University, California                            Head of Policy Planning, the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and
M.S. Statistics & Operation Research at Cornell University, New York                Cooperation, 2007-2009
Mechanical Engineer, Universidad de Navarra                                         Senior Research Fellow, the EU Institute for Security Studies, Paris, 2002-2007
Professor of Quantitative Methods, IE Business School                               Author of various articles and papers
MSI Business Development Director
                                                                                    Reinares, Fernando
Kock, Carl Joachim                                                                  Professor of Political Science, Rey Juan Carlos University, Madrid
Ph.D. in Management, Wharton, University of Pennsylvania, USA                       Director, Program on Global Terrorism at Elcano Royal Institute for International
MsC in Management, Wharton, University of Pennsylvania, USA                         and Strategic Studies, Madrid
Diploma in Business Administration, Philipps Universität Marburg, Germany           Member of the Council on Global Terrorism, Washington, D. C.
Professor of Strategy, IE, 2003 to present                                          Advisor to the Center for Global Counter Terrorism Cooperation, New York
Research Assistant, Wharton, USA, 1996 to 2003                                      Member of the editorial board of Terrorism and Political Violence
Recitation Teacher, Wharton, USA, 1997 to 1999
Member of the Academy of Management and the Strategic Management                    Roett , Riordan
Society                                                                             Sarita and Don Johnston Professor of Political Science and Director of Western
                                                                                    Hemisphere Studies, The Johns Hopkins Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced
Kselman, Daniel                                                                     International Studies (SAIS), Washington, D.C.
PhD in political science and Masters degree in Economics from Duke University       Senior Political Analyst in the Emerging Markets Division, Chase Manhattan
Research fellow at the Juan March Institute in Madrid, Spain                        Bank International Capital Markets Group, 1994-1995
Vice President of the Minga Foundation, an international NGO in the field of        Faculty Fellow of the World Economic Forum, the annual meeting in Davos,
health and economic development.                                                    Switzerland, 1989 to 1997
                                                                                    Member of the Council on Foreign Relations

Montero, José Ramón
Professor of Political Science, the Autónoma University of Madrid and at the        Tedesco, Laura
Center for the Advanced Study of Social Sciences, Juan March Institute              Ph.D., Warwick University, United Kingdom
Member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the European Social Survey               Visiting Professor, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
Previously a visiting fellow, the Universities of Harvard, California in Berkeley   Director of a research project on the political class in Latin America
and Ohio State                                                                      Researcher and consultant on issues related to contemporary politics in Latin
Deputy Director, the Centro de Investigaciones Sociológicas, Madrid                 America
Member of the Standing Committee for the Social Sciences, European Science          Author of various books and journals articles on democratization, state reform
Foundation                                                                          and political economy in Latin America

    “The program encompasses the unique combination of international economic, financial and
    political subjects which prepares young ambitious professionals for the new era in public-
    private cooperation. In IE’s Master in International Relations this preparation is optimal due to
    an encouraging and enabling faculty that helps students become well positioned in the arena
    of international organizations.”

    Frank Peterse, Netherlands
    Alumnus, Master in International Relations
                                                                                             IE School of Arts and Humanities
                                                                                             Master in International Relations

Enhance your Career


                International                                                       Multinational
                Organizations                                                        Companies


“Many people feel an intense international vocation but this is seldom accompanied
by definite career goals. What does it take to be a consultant of international stature, a
respected diplomat, a leading international civil servant, or the innovative manager of
an NGO with global outreach? IE’s Master in International Relations is designed to help
you answer these questions and to transform your calling into a specific career plan.”

Leopoldo Calvo-Sotelo
Director, Master in International Relations
                             “I am currently working for Vestas Wind Systems, the world’s largest manufacturer of wind
                             turbines. My position is a two year program split between three eight month periods in Denmark,
                             the US and Singapore. It focuses on competitive intelligence, market analysis and government
                             relations. The Master in International Relations was an essential part of why I got the job with
                             Vestas - it provided grounding in business concepts like finance and strategy as well as insight
                             into the political process which is highly beneficial for government relations work. I know of no
                             other program which so effectively covers both these fields in such a short period of time.”
                             Max Lensvelt, UK
                             Alumnus, Master in International Relations

“I am currently working as a Research Analyst on the field for the International and Financial Press.
I am a project coordinator of teams going on the field, particularly emerging economies, in order to
produce special reports aimed at promoting the country on the international scene and therefore
optimize their exposure on the investment ground. I couldn’t have found a job more in line with
the Master in International Relations at IE! Indeed, on my everyday life I need to use the skills I
developed during the Master: Communication Skills on an international context, Negotiation,
Economic Development, Finance and so on. This job requires as well a lot of autonomy, adaptation
and team building!”
Mina Catherine Lakrafi, France
Alumna, Master in International Relations

                            “Once I completed my master’s degree at IE, a friend and I founded an organization called ‘4th
                            Wheel’ in September 2010 with head office in Gujarat, India. It is a social enterprise which focuses
                            on research, advocacy and consulting in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility.
                            The Master in International Relations along with giving me a strong theoretical foundation
                            in International Relations, also provided me with a very practical view of business. The varied
                            subjects and the interesting combination of course work helped me gain a unique and fulfilling
                            academic perspective. The diversity in nationalities at IE enabled me to broaden my understanding
                            regarding different cultures and make friends for life!”
                            Payal Mulchandani, India
                            Alumna, Master in International Relations
                                                                                                    IE School of Arts and Humanities
                                                                                                    Master in International Relations

One of the reasons you decide to do a master is to enhance           recruitment professionals. Additionally, the Career Counsellor
your career prospects. We are keenly aware of the complexity         will work with students throughout the year, advising them
of career development in international relations. For this reason,   individually on their career planning and strategy.
IE Careers Management Center, in close cooperation with the
                                                                     • Year-round, the CMC is dedicated to organizing corporate
Director of the Master in International Relations has designed a
                                                                     presentations, industry round tables, workshops, special training
comprehensive program to provide you with the necessary tools
                                                                     sessions, mock interviews and updating the job bank to further
to succeed in the job market:
                                                                     increase the career prospects of IE graduates. The job bank is a
• Personal and Professional Development Career Strategy.             website exclusively for IE students and alumni, where companies
The Career Strategy Course is conducted by members of the            and organizations can publish their job offers. The IE job bank is
Careers Management Centre (CMC), with the collaboration of           currently one of the most popular and efficient job bank in Spain.
external partners such as career counselling consultants and         See more at
“I am a Global Management Trainee at AB InBev, the largest brewing company in the world. It is
crucial for me to understand how the relationship between business and governmental sector works.
The key advantage of IE’s Master in International Relations in my opinion is that it perfectly combines
two important fields - business and political studies - into one complete master program. During the
selection process for GMT program I had to compete with more than 2000 candidates and I believe that
the theoretical and practical knowledge I obtained at IE gave me a competitive advantage among other
candidates. Moreover, I developed some important soft skills during my studies at IE which now help me
to deliver in day-to-day work. I learnt how to work in a group and reach an agreement with people from
different nationalities and different backgrounds. I also learned to cope with stress and to manage my
time more effectively in order to reach targets before deadlines.“
Elizaveta Erokhina, Russia
Alumna, Master in International Relations

                              “The Master in International Relations was the water and the fertilizer for a seed I had inside of me.
                              It allowed me to confirm and develop a vocation towards international affairs. Now I am living
                              in New York and working at the United Nations, at the new entity for gender equality and the
                              empowerment of women, UN Women. The Master was also a great opportunity to meet people
                              from all over the world and share with them knowledge and friendship.”

                              Ines Esteban González, Spain
                              Alumna, Master in International Relations
                                                                                              IE School of Arts and Humanities
                                                                                              Master in International Relations

IE’s campus in Madrid

The IE campus is situated in the heart of the vibrant city of Madrid, which means that IE students can experience
everything the city has to offer, including learning Spanish, native language to 500 million people worldwide and
the world’s second business language.

Madrid is the capital of Spain and Europe’s fourth largest city. Its geographic location makes it a cultural crossroads,
offering a wealth of history in its architecture and traditions, as well as breathtaking modernity.

See videos and more at
      What students say about the IE Campus…
      “… Many university campuses are far removed from day-to-day realities, and you feel like a student but you don’t feel included
      in the business community and everyday life. The fact that the IE campus is in the center of Madrid is fundamental. It is a great
      advantage and means it is easy for family and friends as well as visiting professors to come here.”

The IE Student Office is the first point of contact for incoming students. To make your experience of studying at IE and living in a foreign
country unique and enriching, the IE Student Office team offers a wide range of assistance for students and their families.

• Student Visa Process: Through the Online Campus, to which you will have access once you confirm your place for a specific intake,
  you will receive all the information you need to successfully comply with the visa and residency regulations prior to your arrival to
  Madrid, including the IE certificate needed to request your visa.

• Intensive Spanish Course: Spanish classes are provided prior to program commencement for all students of full-time programs at IE
  (free of charge) and for IE partners (on payment of a small fee). The course targets students with little or no knowledge of Spanish. It
  is also a good opportunity to start networking with students enrolled in other IE Master programs, enjoy the long weekends traveling
  around Spain or Europe, and put into practice what you learn from the course while you are apartment hunting.

• Student Clubs: Learning beyond the classroom is a vital part of the IE Experience. FamilIE facilitates, coordinates and encourages a
  rich and varied range of student-run clubs and activities that complement academic life. Clubs are based on affinity, functional area,
  geographic area or sector industry. Various clubs may interest IE Master in International Relations’ students, including the International
  Relations Club, IE Ethics & Sustainability Club or Net impact. Families and partners are welcome to all clubs and activities.

IE is also a hub of social, business and cultural debate, playing host to a number of respected speakers, many of whom are alumni
from various sectors of society who offer their views on globally relevant issues. All areas of society are represented from politicians,
entrepreneurs and business leaders, as well as representatives from the non-profit sector. All students in the Master in International
Relations are welcome to participate in these conferences.

• Accommodation Database: Access to the accommodation database containing apartments around the school or in other
  neighborhoods to meet each students’ needs.

See more at
                                                                   IE School of Arts and Humanities
                                                                   Master in International Relations

Financial Aid

    I was selected by the Organization of American States to have a scholarship to study
    the Master in International Relations at IE. It has been one of the most fulfilling years
    in both academic and personal growth. The program structure and the experienced
    faculty helped me discover new approaches of the international relations. But overall,
    I highly value the opportunity the master provided me with to study with people of
    many different nationalities. Their smart contributions enriched the academic level
    of every lecture I had. This was a unique learning experience I will always treasure.”

    Jennifer Zamudio, Mexico
    Alumna, Master in International Relations
IE’s Financial Aid Department’s aim is to help admitted candidates
fund their studies. It offers a host of loan agreements, scholarships
and fellowships.

Scholarships and Fellowships
To apply for a scholarship or a fellowship, candidates must have
definitive admissions to an IE master program.

Examples of scholarships for the Master in International Relations
· Scholarships for BRIC Nationals
· Organization of American States (OAS) - IE Scholarships
· To further foster diversity within IE programs, the IE Foundation
  awards tuition funding assistance to talented students in need
  of financial aid based on merit, distinctive competences and
  academic excellence

IE Fellow Awards and ieCommunities Fellowships are merit based
awards. IE Fellows enjoy access to special on-campus projects
and leading experts as part of their master program experience.

To learn more about scholarship opportunities, visit IE Funding
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Bank Loans
IE has negotiated agreements with leading financial institutions
in order to offer IE’s national and international students attractive
packages to finance tuition fees and living expenses.

For more information on Financial Aid, please visit the website www. or the blog

    “As a Colombian student, I had the clear objective to attend IE’s Master in International
    Relations since it gave me the chance to study in an international environment while living
    in Spain, the birthplace of a huge part of my cultural heritage. All in all, this program was a
    great opportunity to widen my academic and personal horizons. It gave me the chance to
    work and to learn with great professionals within the challenging environment presented
    by IE. It was an amazing experience and with the help and support of the Organization of
    American States, which awarded me with a scholarship, I had a very rewarding and fulfilling
    academic year.”

    Ricardo Hernández, Colombia
    Alumnus, Master in International Relations
               IE School of Arts and Humanities
               Master in International Relations

Admissions Process
The objective of the admissions process is to select students
with the greatest potential who can make a significant
contribution to the learning experience. We seek candidates
who are dynamic, motivated, creative, and who not only have
an excellent academic background, but who also offer the kind
of interpersonal skills that will benefit the program.
Admission is granted on a rolling basis and although there is
no deadline for applications, early application is recommended
given the limited number of places on the program.
Admission is valid for two intakes.

Admissions Requirements                                             Entrance exam
The application form provides the Admissions Committee with         As part of the admissions process, candidates must take the IE
the important information required to evaluating candidatures       Admissions Exam or present a valid LSAT, GMAT or a GRE score.
for master’s degree programs. Please visit to        The IE Admissions Test determines participants’ ability to process
access the application form.                                        information and think strategically under time pressure. It is not
In addition to the completed form, please enclose the following     an academic exam, as such no preparation is required.
documentation in your application package:                          To schedule a date for the IE Admissions Exam, visit
• Bachelor Degree (or equivalent) from an accredited university. or contact
• Photocopies of university transcripts (complete with original     for further information.
  or copy bearing an official stamp).
• Photocopy of passport or ID card.                                 Personal Interview
• One passport-size photo.                                          The interview examines the data provided in the application in
• Curriculum Vitae (one page).                                      greater detail and evaluates whether your profile will meet the
                                                                    demands of the program and add value to the class discussion
• Three essays (please refer to the application form for topics).
                                                                    and group work.
• Two letters of recommendation.
• English language certificate (Cambridge CAE or CPE, TOEFL,
                                                                    Final Decision
  IELTS, Pearson) for non-native English speakers. Waived for
  candidates who have completed an undergraduate degree in          Following the interview and upon review of your entire
  English or have worked for a minimum of 2 continuous years        application, the Admissions Committee will make its final
  in an English speaking country.                                   decision based on the evaluation of your candidature as a
                                                                    whole. The decision will be based on all aspects of your profile,
• Photocopies of diplomas or certificates accrediting courses,
                                                                    as well as how your profile is aligned with the IE core values and
  seminars or programs undertaken by the candidate.
                                                                    learning environment.
• Application fee €120 (non-refundable and payable by credit
                                                                    The entire admissions process takes roughly 3 weeks, once all
  card or cash).
                                                                    documents have been received.

   Online Application and                       Entrance Exam                                                       Final
                                                 (IE Test, LSAT,                  Interview
   Supporting Documents                         GMAT or GRE)                                                       Decision
International Representatives

ARGENTINA - Buenos Aires             EGYPT - Cairo                          MIDDLE EAST & AFRICA                 UAE, QATAR, BAHRAIN &                                                       KUWAIT - Dubai
BRAZIL - São Paulo                   GERMANY - Munich                       PERU - Lima                                                       UK & IRELAND - London
CHILE - Santiago de Chile            INDIA - Mumbai                         PORTUGAL - Lisbon                                                      USA
                                                                                                                   Los Angeles
CHINA - Shanghai                     ITALY - Milan                          RUSSIA & UKRAINE -                                                    Moscow                                 Miami
COLOMBIA & CENTRAL                   JAPAN - Tokyo                                         New York
AMERICA - Bogota                                                                             northeast@                                                        SINGAPORE - Singapore                      MEXICO - Mexico City                              VENEZUELA - Caracas
ECUADOR - Quito                                                             SOUTH KOREA - Seoul                                                    

                                                                                                                 To request more information
                                                                                                                 please contact:
                                                                                                                 IE School of Arts & Humanities
                                                                                                                 Admissions Department
                                                                                                                 María de Molina, 13
                                                                                                                 28006 Madrid, Spain
                                                                                                                 Tel.: +34 91 568 96 10
                                                                                                                 Fax: +34 91 568 97 10

                                                                                                                 For more information please visit:
                                                                                                                                                      June 2011

       IE School of Arts and Humanities would like to extend its deepest thanks to all those students, alumni,
                                              faculty members, and other parties who appear in this brochure.

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