Considered Reasons to Live in Santa Clara County

					 Considered Reasons to Live in Santa Clara County By Todd Beardsley

While the temperate California weather and the robust economy of the Silicon Valley are
obvious reasons to work and live in the area, the peninsula and Santa Clara County offer
innumerable other attractive advantages for doing so.

With an abundance of attractions, historic sites, wineries, shops, and close access to one
of America’s most renowned major cities and the Bay itself, one could hardly ask for
more choice. Recreational amenities including museums, bike trails, golf courses, soccer
and tennis clubs, railroad tours, and world-class research facilities like the SLAC
National Accelerator Laboratory and the NASA Ames Exploration Center are but a few
destinations to explore.

Airship Ventures flies a Zeppelin NT and offers tours looking down from above the Bay.
UCO/Lick Observatory is available for gazing up at the heavens on select nights atop
4,200 foot Mount Hamilton. Few regions in America offer as much to do in such close
proximity as those available to the residents of Menlo Park, Atherton, Santa Clara, and
surrounding locations.

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As a co-owner of Menlo Atherton Realty, Todd Beardsley assists individuals and
families in relocating throughout the South Bay Area of San Francisco.

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