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									Job Description
Job Title                      Senior Worker - Substance Misuse and Domestic Violence
Responsible To                 Senior Refuge Services Manager
Responsible For                N/A
Conditions of Service          37.5 hours per week
                               30 days annual leave per annum
                               Public Holidays
                               3% matched contribution to SWA stakeholder pension scheme
Salary                         £28,770
Location                       Pan-London with office base in Islington

Responsible for:
To ensure the effective operation of Solace Women’s Aid (SWA) substance misuse and
domestic violence service, working in partnership with the refuge services and external

A. Main Purpose of Job

To ensure SWA achieves excellent standards in services for women affected by domestic
violence and substance misuse by:

       Working in partnership with statutory and voluntary sector substance misuse
       agencies to enable women with substance misuse issues to access refuge services.
      Working with refuge services in planning and delivering support services.
       Referring women to appropriate external agencies and liaising with other
       professionals in providing appropriate support.
      Developing and maintaining information resources on all aspects of substance
       misuse and domestic violence.
      Working to the delivery of the London Councils’ contract requirements, complying
       with SWA policies and procedures.
      Ensuring that creative and effective relationships are established, particularly where
       they offer a service to our service users.
       Ensuring that SWA equal opportunities and diversity policies are implemented
       across the service.

B. Key Tasks and Responsibilities

   1. To provide support to women in refuge accommodation, through 1:1 support and
      workshops, who have substance misuse needs in addition to their experience of
      domestic violence.
   2. To develop and maintain relationships with substance misuse services to encourage
       referrals to refuges for women experiencing domestic violence.
   3. To provide individual sessions to women experiencing domestic violence and
       substance misuse issues, liaising with the refuge staff.
   4. To work with the refuge staff to deliver specialist support and intervention to address
       substance misuse needs identified through the needs and risk assessment process.
   5. To participate in effective partnership working ensuring positive links with named
       external agencies.
   6. To support staff in managing substance misuse related housing management issues.
   7. To maintain accurate records on each service user in relation to their use of the
   8. To deliver training/workshops internally and externally to raise awareness of the
       service and to increase referrals to the service.
   9. To meet all legal and contractual reporting requirements in relation to service
   10. To contribute to team and case meetings and ensuring effective communication,
       adherence to service delivery systems and service development.
   11. To contribute to continuous improvement in service delivery and key performance
       indicators targets working to meet the work plan objectives.

Whilst every endeavour has been made to outline the duties and responsibilities of the post,
these duties are not exhaustive.
Person Specification

Your application should give clear examples of your experience, knowledge and skills and abilities
gained in both paid and/or unpaid (volunteer) work for each of the Person Specification criteria.
Requirements         Essential                                                    Test criteria

                                                                                A     I     T
Experience              1. Demonstrable experience of working with              X     X
                           vulnerable people, in particular women affected by
                           domestic/sexual violence and substance misuse
                        2. Experience of multi-agency partnership working.      X     X
                        3. Experience of working in a regulated environment,
                           managing risk and following case management          X     X
                           procedures to meet the needs of a diverse and
                           vulnerable client group.

Skills and              4. Ability to manage self and a commitment to           X     X
abilities                  continuing personal development
                        5. Ability to provide effective casework within an      X     X     X
                           equalities framework.
                        6. Ability to work well with a diverse range of         X     X
                        7. Ability to achieve results                           X     X
                        8. Ability to communicate effectively (both written     X     X     X
                           and verbal) including producing high quality
                           reports and briefings

Knowledge and           9. A sound working knowledge of housing, welfare        X           X
understanding               and policy relating to domestic/sexual violence
                            and substance misuse
                        10. A sound working knowledge of the practical,         X     X     X
                            emotional, social and economic issues facing
                            women and children affected by domestic/sexual
                            violence and substance misuse
                        11. Knowledge of contract compliance and                X     X
                            Safeguarding (adults and children)

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