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 | Mike Madhava
The mind is capable of thought, so is the body.
The difference however can be best illustrated by the interaction
with time.

The mind is capable of thinking about what has happened in the
past. It is capable of what may happen in the future. It's capable of
thinking about alternative scenarios that could have happened in the
past or what could happen in the future.

The mind will play out your greatest desires and your greatest fears:
things that you want the most, things that you dread the most,

What the mind has trouble doing is thinking about the moment... not
how the moment could be different, or looking at specific data about
certain bits of the moment that need deciphering, but just noticing
the moment... just how it is...Right Now... that's all...

This is the realm of the body's mind. This is the kind of thinking that
the body does. The Body is capable of being present in the moment
in a way that the mind simply is not!

Dropping the mind and it's very convincing arguments that it is in
charge and knows what's going on is one for the hardest tasks there
is .

I taught a meditation group for years and one exercise we did was to
listen to the words that came up when you think your mind is still.
Seriously it was hilarious. There were things like "Yep, my mind is still
now" "yep it's really still" "oh... hang on that's words -that means I'm
still thinking" "OK Now it's still... got it... I'm there... now what?" and
so on and so on.

Unless you are tuning into the fact that there are these words flying
around many people believe these stories their mind is trying to sell

 In order to think from the body we must consciously move the
centre of our energy from our head to our body. That energy must
be centred in the body completely in order to drop the head, to drop
the head thinking and start noticing what's happening in the body
and what's happening in the moment.

You will notice that when you really start to drop into the body and
be in that stillness that the mid will often get louder and louder - like
a naughty child trying to get attention, but all it takes is to gently but
persistently stay in your body - to keep bringing the energy down
into your body and out of your head. This kind of awareness will
change your life the better you get at it.

From this place you will truly get in touch with your subconscious
mind, you will be able to connect with the earth around you, with
people around you and with your intuition and higher intelligence.

You cannot get to these places or make these connections from
inside your head. Your mind will try to convince you that you can and
will try to convince you that it's tired, rehashed ideas are divine
inspiration but they are not.

I often hear people say that in order to use your intuition you just
pose a question and pay attention to the first answer that comes into
your head...
I would propose that that will not give you an answer that truly
comes from your intuition or your higher self - I would suggest that
that is your mind masquerading and inspiration.

Here is an experiment you can use to test this for yourself.

Try this out.

Ask yourself a question - write down the first answer that comes into
your head.

Now forget about it.

The next day try this. Breathe. notice where your energy is in your
body (just do a quick scan).

Now slowly start to notice your edges - the edges of your body.
Breathe down into that space so that your breath really starts to
inhabit your body. you may notice that as you breathe in your whole
body is energised by the breath.

You will notice that the more you become aware of your body the
more you are aware of a deep stillness and centeredness. It's like
you are a leaf in a river and you are coming to rest at the bottom...
quiet and still...There may still be the noise of the river above you at
the surface but down at the bottom where you are there is just
stillness and calm.

Pay attention to any messages you are getting from your body at this
time. notice how your body is feeling as you breathe deeply and your
body is expanding and contracting with each breath.

Now ask of your body the same question you asked yourself
yesterday. ignore the flutters at the surface of the river, just stay in
the stillness at the bottom and allow the question to sink into you.
Pay attention to any answers that come, pay attention to any
information that comes, pay attention to people that come to mind,
to place that come to mind.

some things may come slowly - some things may flash though but
allow the flow of these ideas and information bits. Just notice what
comes and let these things come and go.

When you decide to come up form this space take a pen and write as
much detail about what you got - write down each an d every detail
that you can remember.

Now spend some time rethinking about the question and piecing the
information together in a way to fits best toward answering your

Now if there were things to do, people to talk to, books to read etc -
go do that there will be more information there also to answer your

When you have completed both of these tasks - day 1 and day 2 then
you can decide which has the most value.

Mike Madhava is a visionary, a healer and an experimenter. His passion of finding ways of living more
of our potential, expanding our thinking and our horizons and "dreaming in" a more connected world
living in sync with the earth is expressed in his writings and experiential training programs and
recordings. You can find out more about this work at

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