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					University of Wisconsin–Madison
Campus Safety Guide
  Academic Year 2009–2010
       September 2009

       Dear Campus Community Member:

       Attached you will find a comprehensive report of the many safety mecha-
       nisms that are in place on the University of Wisconsin–Madison campus.
       This report is part of our on-going effort to inform you of the safety pro-
       grams and services available, the crimes that are reported to our police and
       security personnel, and the steps you can take to maintain a safe and secure
       campus. It is also provided as our compliance document as called for under
       the Crime Awareness and Campus Security Act of 1990 and subsequent
       amendments that led to its being renamed the Jeanne Clery Act in 1998.

       We in the Offices of the Dean of Students, along with our many campus and
       community partners, take the commission of crimes against our students,
       faculty, staff and visitors very personally. It is our desire to aggressively
       investigate reported crimes and put systems in place to support the victims of crime in our campus com-
       munity. Prevention, however, is the best cure. We all need to make it clear that our persons and property
       are secure and protected by a responsible, vigilant and caring population of involved people who report
       suspicious and unlawful behavior immediately to the University Police Department. Please do your part
       by getting involved.

       In looking at our UW Campus Safety Guide, you will notice that we have experienced a slight decline in
       reported campus crimes, in comparison to past years. This is an achievement not to be overlooked as our
       community is taking an active role in preventing violence on campus and in our larger community. We
       would like to see this trend continue in future years.

       Thank you for the important role you play in keeping our campus and city community safe. We appreci-
       ate and recognize the role that the UW Police, the Student Assistance and Judicial Affairs unit and other
       safety focused offices play on campus. Most importantly, everyone who belongs to our campus commu-
       nity plays a role in campus safety. We encourage you to stay actively engaged in making our campus a
       safer place to belong and take care of your fellow Badgers.


       Lori Berquam
       Dean of Students

                                                   Offices of the Dean of Students
      75 Bascom Hall, 500 Lincoln Drive • Madison, WI 53706 • 608/263–5700 • TTY: 608/263–2400 • URL:

ASM Staff • Center for the First Year Experience • International Student Services • LGBT Campus Center • McBurney Disability Resource Center
                       Multicultural Student Center • Student Assistance & Judicial Affairs • Student Organization Office
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Table of Contents [Clickable]

Quick Reference Resources
           Safety and Security ................................................................................................................................4
           Key Campus and Community Offices ...........................................................................................4
           National and Statewide Hotlines .....................................................................................................4
Campus Safety
           Introduction .............................................................................................................................................5
           Security Measures and Enforcement Authority.........................................................................5
             University of Wisconsin Police Department (UWPD)............................................................5
             Security and Safety: On Campus ..................................................................................................5
             Emergency Management Unit ......................................................................................................5
             Student Assistance and Judicial Affairs (SAJA) .......................................................................6
             Threat Assessment Team ..................................................................................................................6
             Intervention Team ..............................................................................................................................6
             Security and Safety Off Campus ...................................................................................................6
             Daily Crime Log ..................................................................................................................................6
             Missing Student Notification – University Housing Student ............................................6
Communication about Campus Crime
           When a Crime Occurs ..........................................................................................................................7
           Campus Safety Web site .....................................................................................................................7
           WiscAlerts .................................................................................................................................................7
           SAFE Nighttime Services, Badger Watch, and Citizens Academy .......................................7
Violence Prevention at UW–Madison
           Collaborative Approaches ..................................................................................................................9
           Prevention Efforts...................................................................................................................................9
           Services for Victims ............................................................................................................................ 10
           Efforts to Hold Perpetrators Accountable ................................................................................. 10
Campus Crime Statistics............................................................................................................................ 11
Safety Tips ........................................................................................................................................................ 14
Reporting Options ....................................................................................................................................... 16
Support Services ........................................................................................................................................... 18
University Policies and State Laws ...................................................................................................... 19
           Appendix 1: State Report ................................................................................................................. 25
           Appendix 2: Alcohol and Other Drug Information................................................................ 28
           Appendix 3: Fire Safety Report ..................................................................................................... 31
                                                                                          Note: On Dec. 20, 2010 this report was reposted to correct an editing error
                                                                                                                    that inadvertently misstated a line in the 2006 crime statistics.
4                                                                                                                                                                    UW Campus Safety Guide 2009-10

       Quick Reference Resources
    Safety and Security                                                                                              St. Mary’s Hospital Medical Center ....................... 608/251–6100
                                                                                                                     707 S Mills Street, Madison, WI
    Offices of the Dean of Students ..............................608/263–5700
    75 Bascom Hall                                                                   UW Hospitals & Clinics ............................................ 608/263–6400
    Dean on Call: M-F 8:30–11:30 a.m.; 1–4:30 p.m.                                                                   600 Highland Avenue, Madison, WI
    UW Police Department (On Campus)                                                                                 VA Hospital (for veterans only) .............................. 608/256–1901
    Emergency ...............................................................................................9–1–1   2500 Overlook Terrace Madison, WI 53705
    From a campus phone, dial 9 first: ...........................................9–9–1–1                  
    Non-emergency......................................................608/264-COPS (2677)                                                                                                Key Campus and Community Offices
                                                                                                                     Dane County Rape Crisis Center
    Madison Police Department (Off Campus)                                                                           Campus Office .......................................................................608/265–6389
    Emergency ...............................................................................................9–1–1     333 East Campus Mall, 7th floor
    Non Emergency ....................................................................608/266–4275                   Community Office................................................................608/251–5126
    Crime Stoppers......................................................................608/266–6014                   2801 Coho Street, Suite 301                                                                                24-hour crisis line...........................................................608/251–7273
    SAFE Nighttime Services                                                                                          Domestic Abuse Intervention Services (DAIS)
    Free late-night cabs, busses, and walking escorts available                                                      Office .........................................................................................608/251–1237
    to students, faculty, and staff ......................................... 608/262–5000                           24-hour crisis lines ...............................................................608/251–4445                                                          or 1-800/747–4045
      Registered Sex Offender Information Contact the University Police
      Department for registered sex offender information. Information is                                             Visitor and Information Programs (VIP) ................... 608/263–2400
      available on the University Police Department Web site.                                                        716 Langdon St.(Red Gym)                                                         
    Health                                                                                                           University Housing .................................................. 608/262–2522
                                                                                                                     625 Babcock Drive
    University Health Services (UHS) ............................608/265–5600                              
    Medical and Counseling Services
    Information and Appointments                                                                                     Campus Women’s Center ........................................ 608/262–8093
    Mon/Tues/Thurs/Fri: 8:30 a.m.–5 p.m., Wed: 9 a.m.–5 p.m.                                                         800 Langdon St., Memorial Union, 4th Fl.                                                                                       
    UHS Medical Services.................................................608/265–5600
    333 East Campus Mall, 5th and 6th floors                                                                         Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and
       Urgent medical consultation by phone:                                                                         Transgender Campus Center.................................. 608/265–3344
       Advice on treatment of physical illness or injury                                                             800 Langdon St., Memorial Union, 2nd Fl.
       Weekdays: regular hours and until 9 p.m.                                                            
       Weekends and Holidays: 12 p.m.–9 p.m.                                                               

    UHS Counseling & Consultation Services...........................608/265–5600
    333 East Campus Mall, 7th floor
                                                                                                                     National and Statewide Hotlines
         Mental health crisis response by phone for urgent concerns                                                  National Center on
         about yourself or a friend 24 hours a day, 7 days a week                                                    Drug Abuse Hotline............................................................1–800/662-HELP
    Meriter Hospital .........................................................608/417–6000                           Alcoholics Anonymous
    202 S Park Street, Madison, WI                                                                                   24-Hour Info Phone Line ....................................................608/222–8989                                                                                                  Southern Wisconsin:
       Meriter hospital is the location of Dane County’s Sexual                                                      Narcotics Anonymous
       Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) program for victims of sexual                                                   24-Hour Info Phone Line ....................................................608/258–1747
       assault. SANE Office: 608/491–5916                                                                  Wisconsin Regional Phone Line.......................... 1–800/240–0276
UW Campus Safety Guide 2009-10                                                                                                                5

Campus Safety

     his document is one of many mechanisms designed to provide information on crime prevention,
     procedures for reporting crime, resources for victims, and crime statistics to enhance the safety and
     security of everyone who visits, studies, or works at the
University of Wisconsin–Madison.

Many campus offices are actively working         with plans for more. The university’s peace     by peace officers who meet the standards of
to support and enhance campus safety.            officers cooperate with local police and        the Wisconsin Law Enforcement Standards
The following offices have significant           other state and federal authorities in the      Board and have the power to arrest and
responsibility for collecting and reporting      exercise of their responsibilities.             bring before the proper courts persons
crime data:                                            UWPD is represented on University         violating the law on university property.
00Offices of the Dean of Students                committees that address sexual assault,               Security is provided in the mainte-
  (Student Assistance and Judicial Affairs)      domestic and dating violence, traffic           nance of the university’s facilities through a
00University of Wisconsin Police
                                                 safety, moped safety, Arboretum safety          number of mechanisms, including limita-
                                                 and security, white collar crime, alcohol       tions on hours of operation, policies on keys,
                                                 and other drugs (including the chancellor’s     restricting access to those bearing proper
00Office for Diversity and Equity                alcohol group and AOD Task Force), and          identification as university staff or students,
00University Health Services                     the intervention team which addresses           the issuance of after-hour building passes
00In addition to the offices listed above,       campus safety concerns and mental               for academic buildings, the provision of
  representatives from these offices             health issues. UW–Madison police receive        adequate lighting, and making available
  assisted with the completion of this           continued training throughout the year          outside “blue light” telephone call boxes
  report:                                        for professional development. The training      that are connected directly to the UPWD dis-
                                                 includes four separate in-services, two         patcher for emergency assistance. Specific
00University Communications
                                                 crowd control in-service programs, and          security mechanisms may vary with the type
00University Subcommittee on Sexual              daily shift briefings. Officers are informed    of university facility.
  Assault/Dating Violence                        of legal updates, stalking, cyber-stalking,
00PAVE: Promoting Awareness, Victim              sexual assault, firearms qualification,         Emergency Management Unit
  Empowerment                                    domestic violence, rapid shooter drills,        The Emergency Management Unit, estab-
                                                 emergency vehicle operations, natural           lished in 2004 in large part to manage
                                                 disaster readiness, major incident response,    Homeland Security terrorism prevention
Security Measures and                            computer forensics, evidence collection,        programs for the UW–Madison campus
                                                 terrorist threats, narcotics/gangs, CPR/AED
Enforcement Authority                            and first aid, weapons of mass destruction,
                                                                                                 and several of the UW System schools, has
                                                                                                 rapidly expanded into other areas of emer-
                                                 and crime scene preservation.                   gency preparedness. The unit coordinates
University of Wisconsin
                                                                                                 various university and community entities
Police Department (UWPD)                         Security and Safety on Campus                   to ensure that the UW–Madison students,
The University of Wisconsin–Madison              General access to and use of the facilities     faculty, staff, visitors, and the community
Police Department (UWPD) is a full service,      at UW–Madison is governed by Chapter            are prepared to respond to emergencies,
24-hour agency with 68 sworn officer posi-       UWS 21, Wisconsin Administrative Code,          recover from them, and mitigate against
tions. Officers are armed and deputized. All     and institutional policies on file in the       their impacts. Emergency Management
officers have received 520 hours of basic        Office of the Chancellor. In accordance with    also works closely with several of our cam-
training and are certified by the State of       Wisconsin Statue 36.11(2), UWPD is staffed      pus partners to develop and implement
Wisconsin. They are also required to contin-                                                     UW–Madison’s crisis communication plan.
ually upgrade their skills through quarterly                                                           Crisis and disaster events require cam-
in-service training sessions. Enhanced 911        This annual report is filed as required by     puses to not only prepare for such events,
and computer-aided dispatch services are          the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus          but they also require an understanding of
available in the communications center and        Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics    response capabilities and limitations. It is
mobile data computers are mounted in all          Act. An electronic version of this report is   impossible to predict exactly when a crisis
marked squad cars. A recognized leader in         available at        or disaster will occur, or the extent to which
policing, UWPD has nationally recognized          ulty/safety.htm. Questions regarding this
                                                                                                 they might affect the campus. Through
                                                  publication should be directed to Assistant
special units in the bike and mounted                                                            deliberate planning, preparing, and training,
                                                  Dean Ervin “Kipp” Cox, Director, Student
patrols. UPWD was the first campus agency         Assistance and Judicial Affairs, Room 75,      UW–Madison can greatly minimize losses
in the state to establish a “community police     Bascom Hall; 608/263–5700.                     from such events.
officer” position with a satellite office, and                                                         When an emergency occurs, the
currently has four community police officers                                                     Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is acti-
6                                                                                                        UW Campus Safety Guide 2009-10

vated. During the activation, key university                                                         This information includes the nature of the
leadership meet to facilitate sheltering of           Blue Light Emergency                           crime, the date, time, general location, and
evacuees, search and rescue, law enforce-             Telephones                                     a summary description of the event. This
ment, debris removal, and to provide needed           There are over one hundred blue emer-          daily log is available at Police Headquarters
resources. The Emergency Management                   gency telephones located throughout            during normal business hours. Log entries
Unit is also responsible for developing and           campus with a direct connection to the         for the previous day are updated each
maintaining the campuswide Crisis Response            UWPD. All emergency phones (with               morning by 8 a.m. In order to protect an
Plan (CRP), facilitating the completion               the exception of emergency phones              ongoing criminal investigation or the
of Occupant Emergency Plans (OEP) for                 located inside campus buildings and            identity of a victim, the Chief of Police or
each facility on campus, and coordinating             elevators) have a blue light above them.       her designee may classify information as
Continuity of Operations Planning (COOP)              All emergency phones are labeled               confidential and prohibit its release.
for all UW System schools.  The unit provides         “Emergency.”
training and information on all 4 phases of                                                          Missing Student Notification –
                                                            UWPD officers regularly respond
emergency management: preparedness,                   to calls in university-owned residence         University Housing Student
response, recovery, and mitigation.                   halls. A committee comprised of police         If a student is missing for more then 24
                                                      officers, residents, student staff, and        hours, it should be reported to a mem-
Student Assistance and                                professional staff of these residence          ber of the Residence Life Staff. There
Judicial Affairs (SAJA)                               halls meets regularly to address the           are 26 fulltime staff members who serve
Student Assistance and Judicial Affairs               security concerns of the students              as Residence Life Coordinators, Area
staff work in collaboration with staff from           occupying these facilities. Both student       Coordinators, Assistant Directors, and
other student life departments across                 unions are also regularly patrolled by         Associate Directors. An assistant or associ-
campus, including University Health                   uniformed police officers. Additionally,       ate director would activate the missing
Services, UWPD, and University Housing.               UWPD has staff liaisons assigned to            student notification process.
      The Student Assistance and Judicial             university-owned apartments (Eagle                    Each residence hall student was
Affairs (SAJA) team members support                   Heights) and each residence hall. These        asked to provide a cell phone number and
the academic mission of UW–Madison by                 officers meet regularly with building          emergency contact person in case we were
providing advocacy, prevention, interven-             managers, look at crime trends in these        notified that they were missing. When a
tion, and referral services to students in            areas, identify root causes for the crimi-     student signed on to the internet for the
their living-learning-working communities             nal activity, and utilize crime prevention     first time in Housing, students were given
in order to foster citizens who exercise per-         and problem solving techniques to              the opportunity to furnish us their cell
sonal responsibility, ethical decision making,        promote campus safety.                         phone number and the emergency contact
and cross-cultural competency.                                                                       information. Attached is the document as
      The staff of the Student Assistance and        is set up to discuss situations that involve    it appeared to students when signing onto
Judicial Affairs unit of the Offices of the Dean     students who may be struggling with             the internet for the first time.
of Students, has two primary functions. First,       mental health issues, including possible               It is our protocol, that if a student
to provide advocacy and support services to          suicidal ideations and disruptive conduct.      is missing for 24 hours, that University
students and the university community.; and          This team has the ability to assist and refer   Housing staff notify University Police so
second, to manage the university’s academic          students to appropriate campus resources.       they can start an investigation into the
and non-academic misconduct systems.                 The Offices of the Dean of Students also        status of the missing student.
                                                     convenes this team.                                    Any issue that occurs in the residence
Threat Assessment and                                                                                hall community with a student underage
Response Team                                        Security and Safety off Campus                  the age of 18 requires immediate contact
The university formed, through the leader-           The Madison Police Department (MPD) has         with parents. This involves discipline
ship of the Offices of the Dean of Students          primary jurisdiction in all areas off campus.   issues, mental health issues, missing
and the UWPD, a Threat Assessment and                MPD routinely works with UWPD and               students and other relevant issues. As an
Response Team in September of 2007.                  campus judicial affairs officers on any seri-   underage student, you can anticipate that
The group is charged with assessing and              ous incidents occurring off campus when a       University Housing will contact your par-
responding to situations where a student,            UW–Madison student is involved. MPD has         ent/legal guardian for any issue that arises.
faculty, staff, or visitor poses a threat to other   a designated staff liaison to the Langdon              Our protocol for a student who has
individuals. Members of the team include             Neighborhood, the off-campus area that is       been missing for 24 hours includes:
                                                                                                     00Residence life staff member contacts
representatives from University Housing,             home to many officially recognized student
University Apartments, UWPD, Academic                organizations (fraternities and sororities).        University police to start an investigation
                                                                                                     00House fellows gather information from
Personnel, Classified Personnel, Counseling          Under advisement of the Fraternity and
and Consultation Services, University Legal,         Sorority Advisor, student members of                the roommate and other house mates
University Communications, Employee                  the Greek community governing boards                about last contact with student
                                                                                                     00Food service staff member confirms the
Assistance, and Dean of Students.                    (Interfraternity Council and Panhellenic
                                                     Association) are in regular communication           last time their meal card was used in the
Intervention Team (I-Team)                           with the Langdon Neighborhood Police                cafeteria
                                                                                                     00Facilities staff member confirms the
The Intervention Team (I-Team) is com-               Officer regarding safety concerns and local
                                                     ordinances.                                         last time the ID was used to access a
prised of staff members from McBurney
Disability Resource Center, Counseling and
Consultation Services, UWPD, University              Daily Crime Log                                 00Any information that Housing gathers is
                                                                                                         shared with University police as part of
Housing, and University Apartments, and              UWPD maintains a daily log of crimes
                                                                                                         their investigation
is staffed by the Director of SAJA. This team        and incidents that occur on campus that
                                                     is accessible to the public upon request.
UW Campus Safety Guide 2009-10                                                                                                      7

Communication about Campus Crimes

     hrough a variety of media, UW–Madison provides information to students and employees about
     campus security procedures and practices, encourages them to be responsible for their own
     security and the security of others, informs them about crime prevention strategies, and commu-
nicates with the campus community about reported crimes that pose serious threats to students and
employees. This section highlights some of the ways in which campus offices communicate information
about crime on campus.

When a Crime Occurs                          members of the campus community as            available to students, faculty, staff, and
                                             possible, in as short an amount of time as    university guests.  SAFE has three compo-
UWPD will, upon receipt of information
                                             possible.                                     nents: SAFEride Bus, which provides free
involving a potential threat to members of
                                                  The university has four main notifica-   circular bus transportation during work
the university community, work coop-
                                             tion systems, each able to reach different    and night hours on and near campus;
eratively to ensure that the community
                                             subsets of the campus community,              SAFEride Cab, which provides a limited
receives the information that is necessary
                                             depending on the nature of the emer-          number of free cab rides to students/staff/
for them to make informed decisions
                                             gency. They are:                              faculty who need to get from campus to
regarding their personal safety and
                                             00WiscAlerts–E-mail: Mass e-mail which        home safely at night; and SAFEwalk, a
                                               can be sent to all campus users.            free nighttime escort service on campus.
      UWPD works on a case-by-case basis
                                                                                           UWPD has a staff liaison to the SAFEwalk
with the Madison Police Department,          00WiscAlerts–Text: The university’s text-
                                                                                           program, and is involved in training the
University Communications, University          messaging service, designed to reach
                                                                                           staff members. SAFEwalk staff have direct
Housing, University Health Services, the       mobile users who may be away from
                                                                                           communication with UWPD via hand-held
Offices of the Dean of Students, and other     their computers or offices. This is an
                                                                                           radio in case they have any safety con-
relevant campus bodies to determine how        opt-in service.
safety information will be disseminated      00WiscAlerts–Broadcast Voicemail: This        Safe/SafeOther.htm.
to members of the campus community             system can send a voicemail message               Badger Watch, a volunteer-based
through a wide variety of communication        to all 10,000 faculty and staff users of    crime prevention effort modeled after the
methods (e-mail, Web, communication            DoIT’s voicemail system.                    national Neighborhood Watch program,
through residence hall directors, etc).
                                             00WiscAlerts–Reverse 911: A new service       involves over 600 student, faculty, and
                                               using a Dane County system that             staff volunteers each academic year who
Campus Safety Web site
                                               can call landline phones in a certain       are trained to promote personal safety,
UW–Madison has a new Web site                  geographic area with a pre-recorded         office safety, and responding to unwanted
designed to improve education and              message                                     building patrons. UWPD provides con-
awareness about campus safety. This Web                                                    tinuing support to the volunteers and
site reminds members of our commu-           Additional communications systems that        provides direct access to specific campus
nity that everyone plays a role in safety,   may be used in an emergency include           personnel. UWPD also sends specific
security and emergency preparedness          reports sent to local media, information      crime alert information to the volunteers.
at UW–Madison. University community          posted on UW–Madison’s WiscAlerts             The Badger Watch program holds an
members can learn about crime preven-        Facebook group, the UW–Madison Parent         annual conference to provide volunteers
tion information, campus resources and       Program, 1–800 information numbers, call      updated and additional training such as:
emergency procedures. See: http://www.       centers and the university’s Web pages.       CPR, building emergency plans, advanced                              More information about WiscAlerts can         Badger Watch training, CERT (citizen
                                             be found online at        emergency response teams), travel safety,
WiscAlerts                                   WiscAlerts. In any emergency, information     and safe mail handling. Badger Watch was
                                             is posted at on the university’s home page    started in 2002 at UW–Madison.
WiscAlerts is the name for UW–Madison’s
                                             as soon as possible.                                In 2005, UWPD started offering an
emergency notification system. In the
event of a campus emergency, students,                                                     annual Citizens Academy, which is an
                                             SAFE Nighttime Services,                      intensive training program for citizens
faculty, and staff will receive timely
information and updates about a situation    Badger Watch, and                             to learn more about the requirements
and steps you can take to stay safe. The     Citizens Academy                              of what it takes to become and maintain
philosophy behind WiscAlerts is to send      SAFE (Safe Arrival For Everyone) Nighttime    basic police certification in Wisconsin.
a consistent set of messages across all      Services are the university’s comprehen-      The academy promotes crime preven-
platforms in an effort to reach as many      sive late-night transportation system,        tion through UWPD’s commitment to
8                                                                                                      UW Campus Safety Guide 2009-10

problem-oriented policing. Topics covered        center; education on alcohol and other           orous background check and be at least
in the intensive six-week training include:      drugs; an overview of Wisconsin Law as it        18 years of age; this growing program is
a ride-along with a patrol officer; sexual       pertains to bicycles, mopeds, and pedes-         very popular among students studying
assault response (provided by the Dane           trians; firearm use; defense and arrest          criminal justice, law, and psychology.
County Rape Crisis Center); tours of the         tactics; and emergency vehicle operation
police department and detoxification             and control. Participants must pass a rig-

    Crime and Safety Education
    Web sites about campus safety and crime                             UWPD and representatives from the Student Assistance and
    prevention:                                                         Judicial Affairs unit of the Offices of the Dean of Students are
                                                                        available to present to academic classes, departments, student
    Campus Safety:
                                                                        organizations, campus offices, and residence halls (both private
    UWPD:                                             and university owned) regarding campus safety. Presentations
                                                                        highlight steps to enhance personal safety as well as community
    Safety information and tips from UWPD:                              responsibility for creating a safer campus.
                                                                        UWPD meets with student union representatives prior to every
    Offices of the Dean of Students:                                    Union special event (including a dance, concert or other regis-                                               tered student event) to discuss security and event guidelines.
    Campus Safety Guide:                                                The Langdon Street Neighborhood Watch Program was created                            in the Fall of 2006 as a collaborative effort between the Madison
    SAFE Nighttime Services (late-night cab, bus, walking escort        Police Department and the UW–Madison Greek community to
    service):                              improve the safety of the Langdon neighborhood (an off-campus
                                                                        neighborhood that is home to many fraternities and sororities).
    UWPD regularly publishes and distributes The Badger Beat            Fraternity and sorority members volunteer to patrol the streets on
    newsletter, which contains information about recent crimes          Friday and Saturday nights from 11 p.m.–3 a.m. Flashlights, LEDs,
    on campus, community, and personal safety, and articles from        and reflective vests are provided. See more at
    community officers and residence hall liaisons about the areas
    they cover.  To promote additional safety education, UWPD has       Each semester, social fraternities and sororities send representa-
    developed and regularly distributes pamphlets on hate crimes,       tives to worksops on risk management, alcohol, sexual assault,
    bicycle and moped laws, sexual assault, acquaintance rape drugs     and hazing. These students receive education about how to
    and dating violence, theft, crime-reporting options, alcohol,       host a social event in their houses safely and securely; training
    emergency procedures, and information about campus/commu-           from a Madison City Police Officer about staying safe on and off
    nity resources.                                                     campus; clear definitions of sexual assault, consent, and hazing;
    The chancellor and the dean of students address the state of        and personal choices concerning alcohol use. The programs give
    crime on campus, alcohol use, and safety through letters to         students information about risk factors for Greek leaders, liability
    incoming students, press releases, and at campus/residence hall     reduction, and creating safer facilities.
    All new employees at UW–Madison are provided with informa-
    tion about sexual harassment and campus safety resources in
    their orientation packets.
UW Campus Safety Guide 2009-10                                                                                                             9

Violence Prevention at UW–Madison

        s part of its efforts to further campus safety efforts, UW–Madison works actively to respond to the
        threat of and prevent sexual assault and intimate partner violence.
        Violence and the fear of violence can disrupt the working and learning processes of the univer-
sity community. The effects are costly, not only to individual victims, but also to the campus as a whole:
fear replaces safety, doubt replaces confidence, and distraction replaces concentration. The high rates of
victimization experienced by both men and women, paired with acceptance of rape myths, contribute
to campus environments wherein survivors are often estranged from their overall collegiate experience.
Victims experience barriers to academic success, lower graduation rates, social isolation, and ongoing
medical and mental health issues. While campus safety and all forms of violence are deeply concerning on
the university campus, sexual assault, stalking, and intimate partner violence are crimes that require a dis-
tinct set of interventions and preventions. In part, this is due to the insidious nature of sexual and dating
violence, which are largely perpetrated by someone who the victim knows and in many cases, trusts.
    More information about sexual assault, dating violence, and stalking can be found at www.uhs.wisc.

Collaborative Approaches                        for sexual and dating violence of students    dating violence prevention. Greek Men
                                                who use the services at UHS in medi-          in Violence Prevention is a one-credit
University Health Services (UHS) serves
                                                cal clinics and counseling/consultation       course (Social Work 579–002) for fraternity
as the administrative home to the End
                                                services.                                     men designed to foster their leadership
Violence on Campus (EVOC) project, a
                                                                                              as allies in preventing violence against
multi-disciplinary effort between nearly 20
                                                Prevention Efforts                            women. Several other student organiza-
campus and community offices dedicated
                                                University Health Services hosts full-time    tions, including Sex Out Loud and the
to ending violence against women. The foci
                                                professional staff to support prevention      Campus Women’s Center, often host one-
of this project are to provide prevention
                                                programming, student activism, and coor-      time events or discussion sessions about
education to students, to enhance training
                                                dinated efforts to address violence against   these crimes. Wisconsin Statue 36.11(22)
efforts for first responders such as law
                                                women at UW–Madison. In addition to           mandates that all incoming and returning
enforcement and judicial affairs officers,
                                                advising and supporting the student-led       students receive information about sexual
and to increasing reporting and/or access
                                                efforts listed below, the violence preven-    assault and sexual harassment; these
to victim service agencies. Two profes-
                                                tions staff provide training to New Student   requirements are largely met through first
sional staff coordinate this project with the
                                                Leaders (Orientation staff), House Fellows    year orientation efforts at SOAR (Student
assistance of the University Subcommittee
                                                (resident assistants), academic advisors,     Orientation, Registration, and Advising)
on Sexual Assault and Dating Violence, a
                                                and other staff/faculty upon request.         and the campus-wide safety e-mail com-
collaborative body with representation
                                                      Student organization PAVE: Promoting    munication. SOAR efforts include: Rape
from the Offices of the Dean of Students,
                                                Awareness, Victim Empowerment works to        Crisis Center table at the resource fair, brief
University Athletics, University Housing,
                                                prevent sexual assault and dating violence    overview of consent and sexual assault at
the Rape Crisis Center, Domestic Abuse
                                                through education and activism. Since         the Health and Safety Panel, and informa-
Intervention Services, University Police,
                                                2003, PAVE has provided one-hour, stu-        tion about campus safety/sexual assault
the Dane County Victim/Witness Unit in
                                                dent-led workshops about sexual assault,      in SOAR materials distributed to parents
the District Attorney’s office, and student
                                                consent, and dating violence to roughly       and students. With funding made available
organizations such as PAVE (Promoting
                                                4,000 of their peers each year. Housing       through the U.S. Department of Justice,
Awareness, Victim Empowerment) and the
                                                residents, student athletes, and graduate     effective August 2009, first year students
Campus Women’s Center. For more infor-
                                                students often participate in these work-     are expected to complete an online sexual
mation about the University Subcommittee
                                                shops; the workshops are mandatory for all    assault education course prior to the end of
or the EVOC project, please contact violen-
                                                new members of the social fraternities and    the semester. For more information about
                                                sororities. PAVE, like many other student     the federal grant program that provides
      University Health Services also sup-
                                                organizations, support large programs/        funding for the End Violence on Campus
ports a interdisciplinary working group on
                                                keynote speakers throughout the year to       Project, see
sexual assault and dating violence, which
                                                further the dialogue about sexual assault/    campus_desc.htm and the campus press
fosters unit-wide training of and, screening
10                                                                                                    UW Campus Safety Guide 2009-10

release from January 2009 at http://www.          Services provides medical and mental            Systems Response:                              health services to victims of sexual assault    The University of Wisconsin Police
                                                  and dating violence by appointment; some        Department serves as the campus police
Services for Victims                              screening of these crimes is provided. UHS      force and provides training on crime
Reporting Options: Student victims are            also publishes a brochure entailing options     response (including sexual assault, dating
encouraged first and foremost to take             for student victims of these crimes. The        violence, domestic violence and stalking)
care of themselves after an assault and/or        Offices of the Dean of Students Student         and investigation. UWPD will generally
if they are experiencing dating violence,         Assistance and Judicial Affairs (SAJA) unit     not charge underage drinking citations
domestic violence, or stalking.                   provides support services to students who       for victims who are intoxicated at the time
       Students who choose to disclose            seek their services, including academic         of the assault and choose to report. The
experiences of sexual assault to UW–              advocacy, a crisis loan fund, and referrals     ODOS SAJA unit serves as the judicial body
Madison employees should be aware that            to appropriate services. In addition, SAJA      that manages the University’s academic
this may result in a third-party anony-           compiles the third-party anonymous              and non-academic misconduct systems
mous report to the Offices of the Dean of         sexual assault reports/disclosures man-         (UWS student code of conduct chapters 17
Students. The report does not include the         dated by Wisconsin Statute 36.11(22) via        and 18). SAJA only adjudicates cases with
victim’s name or go on the student record.        the annual Provost Mandate and Clery Act.       the permission of the victim. Several quasi-
It is used for crime reporting purposes only.     SAJA also offers, upon request, training        judicial bodies exist on campus, including
More information about that policy can be         on the third party disclosure form and          those located in University Housing,
found here:          victim response for staff and faculty. Some     Athletics, Greek Life, and the Committee on
memos/mandsas.html.                               mental health professionals, such as those      Student Organizations. University Housing
       Students have the right to access to all   who work at University Health Services          professionals can act on behalf of the
services listed below (i.e., counseling, advo-    Counseling & Consultation Services, may         Offices of Dean of Students SAJA unit to
cacy, crisis assistance, forensic evidence        be exempt from filing these disclosures per     investigate student behavior and provide
exam) even if they choose not to report           34 CFR 668.46(a). Finally, SAJA staff serve     sanctions.
the crime to law enforcement. Students            as judicial affairs/investigating officers in
also have the right to campus assistance          sexual assault, dating violence, and stalk-     Community Response:
services without choosing to participate          ing cases. Though not located on campus,        Research indicates that higher rates of
in a campus judicial affairs/investiga-           students can also access the Sexual Assault     prosecution of sexual assault and domestic
tion. If a student chooses to report to the       Nurse Examiner (forensic exam) services         violence exist in communities wherein
police, they should do so in the jurisdiction     at Meriter Hospital and Domestic Abuse          community attitudes understand the reali-
where the crime occurred. UW–Madison is           Intervention Services, a community-based        ties (rather than the myths) of these crimes.
committed to ensuring that students are           domestic violence agency. Students who          Prevention efforts at UW–Madison aim to
treated confidentially and respectfully if        live in University Housing may seek tempo-      systematically address violence before it
they choose to report their experiences to        rary shelter in a safe room if needed.          occurs by addressing root causes, environ-
a judicial affairs or law enforcement officer.                                                    mental factors, and community attitudes.
More information about reporting can be                                                           Some strategies for promoting primary
found in the “Reporting Options” section of       Efforts to Hold Perpetrators                    prevention include: actively engaging
this document.                                    Accountable                                     the leadership of men as allies in violence
                                                                                                  prevention, facilitating broad-based
                                                  Efforts to hold perpetrators accountable
Services Available:                                                                               violence prevention collaborations such as
                                                  at UW–Madison are two-fold: 1) systems
The Associated Students of Madison                                                                planning teams and campus-community
                                                  response focused: those aimed at enhanc-
administers a contract for sexual assault                                                         partnerships, skill-building in the areas of
                                                  ing the systems response in the campus
crisis services with the Dane County                                                              bystander intervention, and promoting
                                                  judicial and/or criminal process), and 2)
Rape Crisis Center (RCC), a non-profit                                                            protective factors such as skill develop-
                                                  community response focused: those that
community-based victim service agency.                                                            ment in healthy intimate relationships.
                                                  empower university community mem-
RCC has a satellite office located in the         bers to speak up, intervene, and hold one
same building as University Health                                                                For more information, please see www.uhs.
                                                  another accountable for behaviors and
Services. The office is staffed by a profes-                                            
                                                  attitudes that sanction violence against
sional campus counselor/advocate who                                                              .
provides advocacy, counseling, education,
and support groups. University Health
UW Campus Safety Guide 2009-10                                                                                                                 11

Campus Crime Statistics

      W–Madison is one of the approximately 400 colleges and universities in the United States who
      annually report their crime statistics to the FBI under the UCR (Uniform Crime Report). In addition
      to the statistics compiled by UWPD, additional information is obtained from the Madison Police
Department, which is reported directly to the University of Wisconsin–Madison, Offices of the Dean of
Students, Student Assistance & Judicial Affairs unit.
These two police agencies frequently work        Enforcement Team (Dane County NET). This            requirements. Crime statistics are now
together on investigations involving students.   employee’s duty time is dedicated solely            reported by location. Statistics are also
UW–Madison cooperates with local police          to the Narcotics Enforcement Team. UW–              expanded to include crimes that occurred
authorities to monitor and record information    Madison Police annually reports their crime         in buildings or on property owned or
concerning criminal activity occurring away      statistics to the FBI under the UCR (Uniform        controlled by the university or university-
from the campus, but involving university        Crime Report).                                      recognized student organizations and in
students or university recognized student                                                            public areas adjacent to the campus, such
organizations.                                   Amendments to the Campus                            as sidewalks, streets, and parking areas.
     UWPD is one of only three agencies in       Security Policy and Campus                          Specific statutory definitions of the catego-
the county having a permanent employee                                                               ries are explained below in the respective
                                                 The Crime Statistics Act, effective October
assigned to the Dane County Narcotics                                                                footnotes.
                                                 1, 1998, required additional reporting

 2008 Campus Crime Statistics
                                                                                      University-             Non-           Public Property
                                                                                        Owned                Campus          Adjacent to the
                                                                                    Residence Halls2          Total3            Campus4

   Murder/non-negligent manslaughter                                     0                      0                0                    0

   Forcible sex offenses5                                                5                      1                 0                   0

   Nonforcible sex offenses5                                             0                      0                0                    0

   Sex offenses – reported to Student Assistance & Judicial
                                                                         8                      3                5                    1
   Affairs, Offices of the Dean of Students6

   Robbery                                                               1                      0                0                    1

   Aggravated assault                                                    4                      0                0                    7

   Burglary                                                             56                      10               7                    1

   Motor vehicle theft                                                  11                      3                1                    1

   Negligent manslaughter                                                0                      0                0                    0

   Arson                                                                 1                      0                0                    0

   Hate crimes                                                           0                      0                0                    0

   Liquor law violations – Arrests                                     937                     139               1                  320

   Liquor law violations – University disciplinary referrals           898                     342               1                    4

   Drug law violations – Arrests                                        48                      17               3                    7

   Drug law violations – University disciplinary referrals              61                      54               0                    0

   Weapons possessions – Arrests                                         1                      0                0                    1

   Weapons possession – University disciplinary referrals                1                      0                0                    0
12                                                                                                                                                          UW Campus Safety Guide 2009-10

 2007 Campus Crime Statistics
                                                                                                                                   University-                       Non-                  Public Property
                                                                                                                                     Owned                          Campus                 Adjacent to the
                                                                                                                                 Residence Halls2                    Total3                   Campus4

     Murder/non-negligent manslaughter                                                                            0                                  0                     0                                  0

     Forcible sex offenses5                                                                                       7                                  4                     0                                  3

     Nonforcible sex offenses5                                                                                    1                                  0                     0                                  0

     Sex offenses – reported to Student Assistance & Judicial
                                                                                                                  8                                  4                     0                                  5
     Affairs, Offices of the Dean of Students6

     Robbery                                                                                                      5                                  1                     0                                  5

     Aggravated assault                                                                                           9                                  2                     0                                13

     Burglary                                                                                                 167                                  14                    11                                   0

     Motor vehicle theft                                                                                        17                                   0                     1                                  3

     Negligent manslaughter                                                                                       0                                  0                     0                                  0

     Arson                                                                                                        6                                  2                     0                                  3

     Hate crimes                                                                                                  0                                  0                     0                                  0

     Liquor law violations – Arrests                                                                          871                                284                     35                               356

     Liquor law violations – University disciplinary referrals                                                599                                223                       0                                  3

     Drug law violations – Arrests                                                                              53                                 19                      7                                15

     Drug law violations – University disciplinary referrals                                                    42                                 74                      0                                  0

     Weapons possessions – Arrests                                                                                3                                  0                     3                                  0

     Weapons possession – University disciplinary referrals                                                       0                                  0                     0                                  0

  The term “campus” means (1) any building or property owned or controlled by an institution of higher education within the same reasonably contiguous geographic area of the institution and used by
 the institution in direct support of, or in a manner related to, the institution’s educational purposes, including residence halls; and (2) property within the same reasonably contiguous geographic area of
 the institution that is owned by the institution but controlled by another person, is used by students, and supports institutional purposes (such as a food or other retail vendor). [ref. 20 USCA1092 (f)(5)
     These numbers are included in the “On-Campus Total.”
  The term “non-campus building or property” means (1) any building or property owned or controlled by a student organization recognized by the institution; and (2) any building or property (other
 than a branch campus) owned or controlled by an institution of higher education that is used in direct support of, or in relation to, the institution’s educational purposes, is used by students, and is not
 within the same reasonably contiguous geographic area of the institution. [ref. 20 USCA 1092(f)(5)(A)(ii)]
   The term “public property” means all public property that is within the same reasonably contiguous geographic area of the institution, such as a sidewalk, a street, other thoroughfare, or parking
 facility, and is adjacent to a facility owned or controlled by the institution if the facility is used by the institution in direct support of, or in a manner related to the institution’s educational purposes. This
 information is provided by the City of Madison Police Department. [ref. 20 USCA 1092(f)(5)(A)(iii)]
     As defined by the Clery Act guidelines.
  State and national statistics on rape, as well as statistics on reports of sexual assault reported to campus officials, that may or may not have been reported to police, are available on pages 13 of this
UW Campus Safety Guide 2009-10                                                                                                                                                                                       13

 2006 Campus Crime Statistics
                                                                                                                                   University-                       Non-                  Public Property
                                                                                                                                     Owned                          Campus                 Adjacent to the
                                                                                                                                 Residence Halls2                    Total3                   Campus4

     Murder/non-negligent manslaughter                                                                            0                                  0                     0                                  0

     Forcible sex offenses5                                                                                       8                                  5                     0                                  0

     Nonforcible sex offenses5                                                                                    1                                  0                     0                                  0

     Sex offenses – reported to Student Assistance & Judicial
                                                                                                                  9                                  5                     0                                  0
     Affairs, Offices of the Dean of Students6

     Robbery                                                                                                      5                                  0                     0                                  5

     Aggravated assault                                                                                           6                                  0                     0                                  8

     Burglary                                                                                                 157                                  19                    12                                   0

     Motor vehicle theft                                                                                        15                                   0                     3                                  1

     Negligent manslaughter                                                                                       0                                  0                     0                                  0

     Arson                                                                                                        3                                  3                     5                                  3

     Hate crimes                                                                                                  4                                  2                     0                                  0

     Liquor law violations – Arrests                                                                          427                                146                     23                               163

     Liquor law violations – University disciplinary referrals                                                609                                831                       0                                  7

     Drug law violations – Arrests                                                                              70                                 30                      0                                22

     Drug law violations – University disciplinary referrals                                                    37                                 74                      0                                  0

     Weapons possessions – Arrests                                                                                8                                  0                     0                                  1

     Weapons possession – University disciplinary referrals                                                       0                                  0                     0                                  0

  The term “campus” means (1) any building or property owned or controlled by an institution of higher education within the same reasonably contiguous geographic area of the institution and used by
 the institution in direct support of, or in a manner related to, the institution’s educational purposes, including residence halls; and (2) property within the same reasonably contiguous geographic area of
 the institution that is owned by the institution but controlled by another person, is used by students, and supports institutional purposes (such as a food or other retail vendor). [ref. 20 USCA1092 (f)(5)
     These numbers are included in the “On-Campus Total.”
  The term “non-campus building or property” means (1) any building or property owned or controlled by a student organization recognized by the institution; and (2) any building or property (other
 than a branch campus) owned or controlled by an institution of higher education that is used in direct support of, or in relation to, the institution’s educational purposes, is used by students, and is not
 within the same reasonably contiguous geographic area of the institution. [ref. 20 USCA 1092(f)(5)(A)(ii)]
   The term “public property” means all public property that is within the same reasonably contiguous geographic area of the institution, such as a sidewalk, a street, other thoroughfare, or parking
 facility, and is adjacent to a facility owned or controlled by the institution if the facility is used by the institution in direct support of, or in a manner related to the institution’s educational purposes. This
 information is provided by the City of Madison Police Department. [ref. 20 USCA 1092(f)(5)(A)(iii)]
     As defined by the Clery Act guidelines.
  State and national statistics on rape, as well as statistics on reports of sexual assault reported to campus officials, that may or may not have been reported to police, are available on pages 13 of this
14                                                                                                    UW Campus Safety Guide 2009-10

Safety Tips

General Crime                                     00Use your drivers license number and the
                                                    two-letter abbreviation for the state.
                                                                                                    to stay sober and to check in with other
                                                                                                    members of the group through the
Prevention Tips                                     Engraving tools are available from the          night. In some cases, members of the
                                                    UWPD 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.             group agree that they won’t leave the
Crime does not simply happen. Like a
                                                  00Be aware of your surroundings, other            party with someone else without first
triangle, crime must have three sides or
                                                    people around you, and places where             checking in with the Designated Friend.
elements present to be complete. Those
three elements are:                                 someone could be hiding.                      00Be careful with anything you drink at

ABILITY, DESIRE, and OPPORTUNITY.                 00Be alert to potential danger. If it doesn’t     parties. Colorless, odorless, and tasteless
Remove any one of these elements and the            look or feel right, trust your instinct and     drugs are used to facilitate rape and
triangle can’t be formed and the crime will         leave.                                          can render a victim defenseless and
not occur.                                                                                          powerless. Do not accept drinks from a
                                                  00Walk with friends whenever possible.
      You can help the UWPD reduce crime                                                            stranger or leave your drink unattended.
                                                    Use SafeWalk, SafeRide or the SafeBus
on the University of Wisconsin–Madison                                                              Remember that alcohol is the substance
                                                    when you can’t find someone to go with
Campus by reducing the “opportunity”                                                                most commonly used to facilitate sexual
for crime. By limiting the opportunity for                                                          assault, so be aware of your consump-
                                                  00Avoid jogging or bicycling alone. If you        tion, boundaries, and those of your
crime, you remove one side of the crime
                                                    must go alone, stay in well-lit and well-       friends.
triangle and limit the ability for the criminal
                                                    traveled areas.
to commit the crime.                                                                              00Alcohol is the most widely used debili-
      Keep these crime prevention tips in         00Don’t leave objects plainly visible in your     tating agent in sexual assaults. Alcohol
mind and you will greatly reduce criminal           car; secure them in the trunk whenever          does not cause rape, but can make it
incidents at home and here at the University        possible.                                       more difficult for the parties involved to
of Wisconsin–Madison:                             00Remember to shred any documents                 understand how consent is freely given
00Call the police immediately if you see or         you discard that contain personal               and expressed.
  hear something suspicious. Report any             information.                                  00Be wary of anyone who doesn’t respect
  crime or suspicion of a crime at once. Dial                                                       your boundaries around alcohol. If you
  911 in an emergency or when a crime is in                                                         say you’ve had enough and someone
  progress. Be sure to tell them your exact       Protective Behaviors                              else keeps urging you to have more, this
  location if calling from a cell phone.                                                            person likely does not have your best
                                                  The victim/survivor is not responsible for
00Be wary of people who don’t appear                                                                interests in mind. If you see someone
                                                  being assaulted; only perpetrators are
  to belong in the area. If you doubt                                                               pushing alcohol on someone else, say or
                                                  responsible for sexual assault and other
  that they belong in the area, ask them                                                            do something to intervene. Take care of
                                                  violent crimes. Most sexual perpetrators
  questions. If their answers are vague or                                                          your friends.
                                                  know the person they violate—an intimate
  suspicious, call the police.                    partner, recent acquaintance, a classmate.      00When in doubt about your ability to get
00Keep your possessions in sight at all           As such, most safety precautions listed           home safely, call Campus SafeWalk or
  times. Don’t leave books or backpacks           below might not prevent a sexual assault,         SafeCab at 262–5000. These services
  unattended anywhere—it only takes               but may deter other criminals who prey on         operate until 3 a.m. (6 a.m. during finals
  a matter of seconds for things to               vulnerability.                                    week) and can provide a safe way to get
  disappear.                                           All students can take protective             home.
00If you leave your office or room, even          measures to increase their personal safety
                                                  and the safety of those around them.
  for a few minutes, LOCK THE DOOR! It’s
  much easier to invest the few seconds           These measures are intended to promote          At-Home
  it takes than to spend the time later           safety and deter many forms of crime,
                                                  including but not limited to sexual assault
  filing a police report and replacing the
  property.                                       perpetrated by strangers and/or recent          to Promote Safety
00Never leave a wallet or purse on top of                                                         00Do not prop open an outside door for
                                                  00When going to a party or bar, if poss ible,
  your desk; take it with you or lock it in a                                                       friends who come in late. Many assailants
  drawer                                            let a friend or roommate know who you
                                                    are with and where you will be. Leave           gain entry to apartment buildings and
00Avoid taking wallets, money, and jewelry
                                                    an address and phone number when                other group housing through doors that
  into athletic facilities and storing them         possible.                                       were left propped open by well-meaning
  in lockers, which are targets for thieves.                                                        friends.
                                                  00When going to a party or bar, it’s best to
00Mark your property; place marks inside                                                          00Have lights in all entrances.
                                                    go in groups and ask one member of the
  your books. Use Operation ID to mark all          group to be the Designated Friend (like       00Use deadbolt locks on all doors. Due to a
  valuable items.                                   a Designated Driver). This person agrees        new city ordinance, all apartment build-
                                                                                                    ings must be equipped with locks on all
UW Campus Safety Guide 2009-10                                                                                                            15

  exterior doors, basements and laundry
  rooms. If your apartment lacks these
                                               00Keep your hands and arms free and
                                                 unburdened. Have your keys and cell
                                                                                               When Using Public
  locks, speak with your landlord or, if         phone accessible. Remain alert and main-      Transportation
  necessary, the City of Madison Building        tain an assertive posture.
  Inspectors.                                                                                  00Try to wait in a well-lighted place.
                                               00Learn to yell “NO” or “BACK OFF” loud
00Equip all windows with secure locks and        and forcibly to attract attention and help    00Note who is getting on and off with you.

  curtains or blinds.                            from others. If you hear someone yelling      00Sit near the driver of a bus and don’t fall
00Don’t put your full name on the mailbox        for help, find a way to get them help           asleep.
  (or in the phone book).                        without endangering yourself. Simply
                                                 yelling or causing a scene may deter a
00Always know who is at your door before
                                                 criminal from further action. Practice this
  opening it.
                                                 so that IF the time comes you are ready.
00If a repair person is at the door, ask for
00If a stranger wants to use your phone,       When Traveling
  offer to make the phone call yourself
                                               00Lock your car doors. Also lock the doors
  while the stranger waits outside.
00If you find an intruder in your apartment,
                                                 when you get out, and check the back
                                                 seat before you get back in.
  leave immediately. If that’s not possible,
                                               00Park in a well-lighted or busy area or
  throw something through a window to
  attract your neighbor’s attention.             near the entrance of where you are
00If you think you hear a prowler, or feel
                                               00Have a functioning interior overhead
   otherwise suspicious, call the police.
                                               00If you have car trouble, stay in your car
When Walking                                     and close your windows (when some-
Alone, Be Prepared,                              one approaches). If someone stops, ask
                                                 them to call for assistance for you.
Alert, and Consider                            00If you see someone having car trouble,

These Precautions                                note the location and call for assistance
                                                 for them.
00Be aware of people walking behind you        00If you feel that you are being followed
  and/or following you.                          in your car, drive to a busy, well-lighted
00When possible, walk in a brisk man-            area or to the police station. Attract
  ner on well-lighted streets away from          attention by using your horn and lights.
  bushes or alleys.
16                                                                                                  UW Campus Safety Guide 2009-10

Reporting Options
(Legal, Campus, and Judicial Boards)

         WPD, as the primary enforcement authority, will respond to and investigate all crimes that occur on uni-
         versity lands. It is the policy of UWPD to encourage accurate and prompt reporting of all crimes to the
         department or the appropriate local police authority.

Reporting Options                               reported to campus authorities during 2005
                                                are available in page 13 of this report.
                                                                                                Disciplinary Processes
for Victims of                                        Remember; making a report of              on Campus
Sexual Assault                                  sexual assault does not mean that victims/
                                                survivors must press charges. Although          Procedures for Campus
Following a sexual assault, victims are         the police prefer that victims/ survivors       Disciplinary Action in
urged to get support and information            sign a complaint against the assailant, it is   Cases of Sexual Assault
immediately by reporting to the Dane            ultimately their decision and the UWPD will
                                                                                                Sexual assaults are covered in the univer-
County Rape Crisis Center, 608/251–7273,        respect that decision. UWPD encourages
                                                                                                sity student misconduct code as part of
the city or campus Police, the Offices of       victims/survivors to make a report, even if
                                                                                                the University of Wisconsin Administrative
the Dean the Students, 608/263–5700 or          they are uncertain about whether or not
                                                                                                Code Chapter 17, “Non-Academic Student
University Health Services 608/265–5600.        they want to press charges. If a victim/
Individuals at these agencies can provide       survivor would like to have someone
                                                                                                00Following a report of an alleged sexual
emotional and counseling assistance,            accompany him or her when making a
advise you about your rights, inform you        police report or when having a physical            assault, an Assistant Dean in the Offices
how to preserve evidence, and discuss your      exam they are welcome to do so. .                  of the Dean of Students/ Student
formal and informal complaint options.                Both the UWPD and Madison Police             Assistance and Judicial Affairs team will
They can also connect you to sensitive and      departments have female officers available         initiate the following process:
specialized emergency medical treat-            to interview female victims/survivors of        00The Dean meets with the victim to
ment and evaluation services. The police        sexual assault. The police realize negative        ensure the victim understands how to
need all the clothing worn at the time of       feelings about reporting sexual assaults           report the incident to the police.
a sexual assault. Do not change clothes or      exist among women in the community.             00If the victim is willing, the Dean will assist
wash, shake or brush off your clothes. Also,    The only way this feeling can be elimi-            the victim in contacting the police.
do not take a shower, bathe, or douche          nated is through positive, effective contact
                                                                                                00Once the student victim’s safety and
since this will affect the physical exam        with qualified police personnel. Both
                                                Departments employ detectives who have             needs are attended to, the Dean will
and evidence obtained during the exam.
                                                received special training in the area of           review the disciplinary process, discuss
The clothing may be returned after the
                                                sexual assault and other sensitive crimes.         informal options and connect them to
conclusion of the case. The following sec-
                                                Victims/survivors of sexual assault often          other support services. If the alleged
tions provide details on how and why to
                                                know their assailants; they may be friends,        assailant is a student, the Dean will
report to the Police and information about
                                                acquaintances or family members. Victims/          schedule a second appointment with
services available from the Dane County
                                                survivors of these assaults may be more            the victim to describe the student
Rape Crisis Center, the Offices of the Dean
                                                reluctant to report the incident, and the          discipline process in detail and answer
of Students, and University Health Services.
                                                police understand the reasons for their            questions. IF the victim is willing to
      These options may or may not include
                                                hesitation. However, the police believe            have the university consider disciplin-
legal charges.
                                                there can be restitution for victims/survi-        ary action against the alleged student
      The UWPD are concerned about sexual
                                                vors of acquaintance sexual assault and            assailant(s), the Dean conducts an
assaults occurring both on and off campus.
                                                encourage reporting of any and all sexual          investigation as follows:
In order to combat this serious problem, we
request and urge any victim/survivor of a       assaults. If you have questions about how
                                                sexual assaults are investigated, please feel   UWS 17.11 Disciplinary
sexual assault or attempted sexual assault
to call 911 immediately. Depending upon         free to call the UWPD Detective Bureau at       procedure.
the location of the phone being used to         608/265–2598. The 24-hour non-emergency         (1) PROCESS. The investigating officer
make the report, the call will be directed to   police dispatch number is 608/262–2957.         may proceed in accordance with this
the appropriate police department-either        If you are in immediate danger, or need         section to impose, subject to hearing and
UW–Madison Police or the Madison Police         immediate assistance, call 911.                 appeal rights, one or more of the disciplin-
Department. Statistics on sexual assaults                                                       ary sanctions listed in s. UWS 17.10 (1).
UW Campus Safety Guide 2009-10                                                                                                                          17

(2) CONFERENCE WITH STUDENT. When                  disciplinary sanctions, or both.                           by a member organization, regardless of
the investigating officer concludes that           1. Where the disciplinary sanction sought                  location, must be in compliance with all
proceedings under this section are war-            is one of those listed in s. UWS 17.10 (1)                 applicable laws and regulations of the city,
ranted, the investigating officer shall            (a) to (g), and if the student desires a                   county, state and university. This includes,
promptly contact the student in person,            hearing, the student shall file a written                  but is not limited to underage drinking,
by telephone, or by electronic mail to offer       request with the student affairs officer                   service to intoxicated individuals, open
to discuss the matter with the student.            within 10 days of the date the written                     containers in public, and the sale of alco-
The purpose of this discussion is to permit        report is delivered to the student. If                     holic beverages. All required permits from
the investigating officer to review with           the student does not request a hearing                     government agencies must be obtained
the student the basis for his or her belief        within this period, the determination                      with copies delivered to the IFC and PHA
that the student engaged in nonacademic            of nonacademic misconduct shall be                         office 4 days prior to the event.
misconduct, and to afford the student an           regarded as final, and the disciplinary
opportunity to respond. If the student does        sanction sought shall be imposed.                          Interfraternity Council Bylaws,
not respond to the investigating officer’s         2. Where the disciplinary sanction sought                  Article V, Section 1.
offer to discuss the matter, the investi-          is one of those listed in s. UWS 17.10 (1)                 Anti-Hazing Policy, Definition
gating officer may proceed to make a               (h) to (j), the investigating officer shall
determination on the basis of the available        forward a copy of the written report                       Whereas, for the purposes of the
information.                                       under par. (b) to the student affairs                      Interfraternity Council of the University
                                                   officer. The student affairs officer shall,                of Wisconsin–Madison, hazing is defined
(3) DETERMINATION BY THE                                                                                      as any means, action, or situation that
                                                   upon receipt of the written report, pro-
INVESTIGATING OFFICER THAT NO                                                                                 recklessly or intentionally endangers the
                                                   ceed under s. UWS 17.12 to schedule a
DISCIPLINARY SANCTION IS WARRANTED.                                                                           mental or physical health or safety of a
                                                   hearing on the matter. A hearing shall be
If, as a result of a discussion under sub.                                                                    student for the purpose of initiation or
                                                   conducted unless the student waives, in
(2) or review of available information,                                                                       admission into or affiliation with any orga-
                                                   writing, the right to such a hearing.
the investigating officer determines that                                                                     nization operating under the jurisdiction of
nonacademic misconduct did not in fact           History: CR 08_099: cr. Register August 2009 No. 644, eff.
                                                                                                              the Interfraternity Council of the University
occur, or that no disciplinary sanction is       Detailed Information on the University                       of Wisconsin–Madison.
warranted under the circumstances, the           Student Misconduct Code and disciplinary
matter will be considered resolved without       procedures is available online at: http://                   Section 2.
the necessity for further action.                                             Anti-Hazing Policy
(4) PROCESS FOLLOWING                                                                                         Hazing, as defined above, is strictly prohib-
DETERMINATION BY THE INVESTIGATING               The Committee on Student                                     ited at all times by any person(s) affiliated
OFFICER THAT NONACADEMIC                                                                                      with or under the jurisdiction of the
MISCONDUCT OCCURRED. (a) If, as a result         Organizations (CSO)
                                                                                                              Interfraternity Council.
of a discussion under sub. (2) or review of      CSO is a committee established by the
available information, the investigating         Chancellor’s Policy on the Conduct                           Interfraternity Council Bylaws,
officer determines that nonacademic mis-         and Discipline of Registered Student                         Article I, Section 6.
conduct did occur and that one or more           Organizations (RSOs). A shared-governance                    Vice President of Risk
of the disciplinary sanctions listed under       committee of the Associated Students of
s. UWS 17.10 (1) should be recommended,          Madison (ASM), the CSO is comprised of
the investigating officer shall prepare a        students, staff, and faculty and includes                    The Vice President will be responsible for
written report which shall contain all of the    representatives of the Student Organization                  the following tasks:
following:                                       Office, Offices of the Dean of Students and                  00Organize a Risk Management seminar
1. A description of the alleged misconduct.      the Chancellor’s Office. The Committee                         for chapter risk management chair and
2. A description of all information available    serves the following functions: to carry out                   social chairs at the beginning of each
   to the university regarding the alleged       the registered student organization disci-                     semester.
   misconduct. Such information shall be         plinary process as established in the Policy                 00Organize a meeting once a semester with
   available to the student upon request,        on the Conduct and Discipline of Registered
   except as may be precluded by appli-                                                                         the Madison Police Department.
                                                 Students Organizations as listed in the
   cable state or federal law.                   Student Organization Handbook, review
3. Specification of the sanction sought.         disciplinary process and procedures and
4. Notice of the student’s right to a hearing.   set policy relevant to Registered Student
5. A copy of this chapter and of the institu-    Organizations.
   tional procedures adopted to implement
   this section.                                 Greek J Board
   (b) The written report shall be delivered     Interfraternity Council Bylaws,
   to the student.
   (c) A student who receives a written
                                                 Article IV, Section 1. Legal Issues
   report under this section has the right to    The possession, use, sale or consumption
   a hearing under s. UWS 17.12 to contest       of alcoholic beverages, while on the prem-
   the determination that nonacademic            ises of a member organization, or in any
   misconduct occurred, the choice of            event or situation sponsored or endorsed
18                                                                                                      UW Campus Safety Guide 2009-10

Support Services
Resources and                                       00the option of being accompanied by an
                                                      advocate while receiving victim services
                                                                                                    Chimera, 608/251–5126
Counseling for Victims                              00information regarding reporting require-
                                                                                                    Chimera self-defense teaches verbal asser-
                                                                                                    tiveness skills and physical techniques to
of Sex Offenses                                       ments, legal rights, and legal resources,     prevent and stop harassment and assault.
                                                      such as restitution and Wisconsin Crime       This aspect of the Dane County Rape Crisis
Whether or not you report the crime,                  Victims’ Compensation                         Center’s prevention programming spreads
obtain emotional support as soon as                 00information about safety planning and         awareness and safety to the community,
possible. Call the Dane County Rape Crisis                                                          including youth, victims of domestic
                                                      protection services
Center, the Offices of the Dean of Students,                                                        violence, and other vulnerable populations.
                                                    00information about appropriate follow-up
University Health Services Counseling and
Consultation Services, or a trusted friend            services
                                                                                                    Offices of the Dean of Students,
or relative. Delayed emotional reactions            00Any victim of sexual assault in Dane
are common. Also, it is important to                  County has the right to expect that the
                                                                                                    Student Assistance & Judicial
consult with a medical provider following             above array of services will be provided      Affairs (SAJA), 608/263–5700
a sexual assault for a physical exam and              by agencies, organizations and individu-
to discuss concerns regarding pregnancy               als that are:                                 The Student Assistance & Judicial Affairs
and sexually transmitted infection. For a           00knowledgeable about, aware of and             (SAJA) unit of the Offices of the Dean of
physical exam including forensic evidence             respectful of an individual’s unique          Students provides support services to
collection, contact: Meriter Hospital, Sexual         socio-cultural background                     students who are victims of sexual assault,
Assault Nurse Examiner at 608/267–5916.             00knowledgeable about and sensitive             dating/domestic violence and stalking.
University Health Services can also provide                                                         SAJA Staff can assist if a victim/survivor
                                                      to the impact of sexual violence on
physical exams but does not provide foren-                                                          wants to discuss their options (including
sic evidence collection (608/265–5600).                                                             who to report to in order to file a criminal
                                                    00familiar with the various community
                                                                                                    complaint), and/or learn more about the
Options for Changing Victim’s                         resources available to victims of sexual
                                                                                                    university’s disciplinary process for assail-
Academic and Living Situations                        violence
                                                                                                    ants who are students. Students can also
                                                    00respectful of the individual’s right to
Following Alleged Sex Offense                                                                       learn about on and off campus resources
                                                      privacy and confidentiality                   (including mental health and counseling
Students who have experienced a sexual
assault can contact the Offices of the Dean
                                                    00informed about and able to clarify any        resources, academic support/options,
of Students, 608/263–5700, to review their            legal regulations or professional ethics      and housing options) by calling the
academic options. A Dean can assist in work-          that require sharing information with         SAJA On-Call Dean, Monday–Friday from
ing with faculty to consider adjustments that         others                                        8:30–11:30 a.m. and 1:00 p.m.–4:30 p.m.
may assist a victim of a sexual assault. In addi-   00informed about and able to clarify
tion, a staff member can assist the victim/           agency policies and procedures regard-        University Health Services (UHS),
survivor in negotiating with housing staff            ing the treatment of victims of sexual        608/265–5600
regarding changes in living arrangements.             assault                             
                                                                                                    University Health Services Counseling and
Victim’s Bill of Rights                             Dane County Rape Crisis Center                  Consultation Services provides a 24-hour
Any victim of sexual violence in Dane               (RCC), 608/251–7273 for 24-hour                 crisis line (265–5600) for students and
County has the right to be treated with             crisis line, 608/251–5126 for                   their friends and family members who’ve
respect and dignity regardless of gen-              administration line                             been affected by sexual violence. Services
der, cultural background, age, sexual                                include short-term counseling, group
orientation, income, cognitive abilities,                                                           counseling, consultation, and referral.
physical abilities or sexual, medical, and          RCC offers 24-hour crisis intervention          UHS provides same-day service and a
mental health history. Treating victims             services and medical and legal advocacy;        same-gender counselor to sexual assault
with respect and dignity requires that we           one-to-one short-term counseling; support       victims/survivors on request. UHS conducts
acknowledge that sexual violence is wrong           groups for victims/survivors (and their         women’s support groups for undergradu-
and that no one deserves to be, or asks             friends and family) of all forms of sexual      ate and graduate students and, based
to be, a victim of such violence; nor are           violence including recent sexual assaults,      upon need, will provide support groups
victims responsible for the violence com-           past sexual assault, sexual harassment,         for sexual assault survivors. UHS works
mitted against them.                                incest, and sexual exploitation/violation.      closely with the Dane County Rape Crisis
      Any victim of sexual violence in Dane         RCC maintains a campus office located at        Center and provides office space within
County has the right to an array of protec-         115 N. Orchard Street where one-to-one          the same building as UHS Counseling and
tive and retributive services, including:           counseling services are available. Services     Consultation Services.
00timely access to emergency and crisis
                                                    are also available at the main RCC office. To
                                                    make an appointment at either location,
   counseling services
                                                    call the 24-hour crisis line at 251–7273.
UW Campus Safety Guide 2009-10                                                                                                                19

University Policies and State Laws

Sexual Assault and                                exceptions to be made at the judge’s
                                                                                                 00Is aided or abetted by one or more other
                                                                                                    persons and has sexual contact or sexual
Sexual Harassment                                                                                   intercourse with another person without
                                                  WIS. STAT. 940.225:                               consent of that person.
Wisconsin statutes recognize that sexual
assault, sexual exploitation by a thera-          SEXUAL ASSAULT
                                                  First Degree Sexual Assault                    Third Degree Sexual Assault
pist and harassment are serious criminal
offenses. It is important for all members         Whoever does any of the following is guilty    Whoever has sexual intercourse with a per-
of the university to understand how these         of a Class B felony: A person who commits      son without consent of that person is guilty
offenses are defined in law, and to be aware      first degree sexual assault can be impris-     of a Class D felony. A person who commits
of the penalties. Excerpted below are the         oned for up to 40 years.                       third degree sexual assault can be fined not
definitions and penalties of sexual assault.                                                     more than $10,000 and/or imprisoned not
                                                  00Has sexual contact or sexual intercourse
The law defines the words consent, sexual                                                        more than 5 years.
                                                    with another person without consent
contact, and sexual intercourse. Consent
                                                    of that person and causes pregnancy or       Fourth Degree Sexual Assault
means words or overt actions by a person
                                                    great bodily harm to that person.
indicating a freely given agreement to                                                           Whoever has sexual contact with a person
                                                  00Has sexual contact or sexual intercourse
have sexual intercourse or sexual contact.                                                       without the consent of that person is guilty
A person under 16 years of age is inca-             with another person without consent of       of a Class A misdemeanor. A person who
pable of consent as a matter of law. Teens          that person by use or threat of use of a     commits fourth degree sexual assault can
16 and 17 years old can legally consent to          dangerous weapon or any article used or      be fined up to $10,000 and/or imprisoned
sexual contact; however, they are deemed            fashioned in a manner to lead the victim     for up to 9 months in the county jail.
incapable of consenting to sexual inter-            to reasonably believe it to be a danger-
course as a matter of law. People who               ous weapon.                                  Rights of Victims & Alleged
have a mental illness or deficiency, and          00Is aided or abetted by one or more other
                                                                                                 Assailants of Sexual Assault
people who are unconscious or physically            persons and has sexual contact or sexual
unable to communicate, are assumed to be            intercourse with another person without      36.11(22)(1)(c) Wis. Stats.
incapable of consent, but that assumption           consent of that person by use or threat of   00The right of the victim/survivor and
can be challenged in court. Marriage is not         force or violence.                              alleged assailant to have the same
a bar to prosecution for sexual assault. A                                                          opportunity to have one representative
person may be prosecuted for assaulting           Second Degree Sexual Assault                      accompany them in a University disci-
his or her spouse. Sexual contact is defined                                                        plinary hearing.
                                                  Whoever does any of the following is guilty
as any intentional touching of the intimate       of a Class C felony: The penalty for second    00The right of the victim/survivor and
parts of a person, either directly or through     degree sexual assault is a fine of up to          alleged assailant to be informed of the
clothing, by any body part or by an object, if    $10,000 and/or imprisonment for up to 20          outcome of any disciplinary hearing
that intentional touching is for the purpose      years.                                            involving sexual assault.
of sexually degrading or humiliating the
                                                  00Has sexual contact or sexual intercourse
victim, or for the sexual arousal or gratifica-
                                                    with another person without consent of
                                                                                                 Rights of Victims/Survivors
tion of the assailant, or if the intentional                                                     of Sexual Assault and
touching contains the elements of actual            that person by use or threat of force or
or attempted battery. Sexual intercourse            violence.                                    Sexual Harassment
includes any intrusion, however slight, into      00Has sexual contact or sexual intercourse     Victims/survivors shall be informed of their
another person’s genital or anal openings           with another person without consent          options to notify proper law enforcement
by any object or part of another person’s           of that person and causes injury, illness,   authorities, including on-campus and
body, or oral-genital contact.                      disease or impairment of a sexual or         local police, and the option to be assisted
      Under another statute, Wisconsin              reproductive organ, or mental anguish        by campus authorities in notifying such
delineates guidelines for the use of                requiring psychiatric care for the victim.   authorities, if the victim/survivor chooses.
evidence in court. Wisconsin State statute        00Has sexual contact or sexual intercourse           Victims/survivors shall be notified of
972.11 prohibits the use in court of evi-           with another person who suffers from         available counseling, mental health or stu-
dence of the victim’s past sexual conduct.          mental illness or deficiency which           dent services for victims of sexual assault,
There are three exceptions to this. The             renders that person temporarily or           both on campus and in the community.
judge may allow evidence of the victim’s            permanently incapable of appraising                Notification to victims/survivors of
past conduct with the assailant; evidence           the person’s conduct, and the defendant      and options for, and available assistance in,
that could show the source or origin of             knows of such condition.                     changing academic and living situations
semen, pregnancy or disease; or evidence                                                         after an alleged sexual assault incident, if so
                                                  00Has sexual contact or sexual intercourse
of prior untruthful allegations of sexual                                                        requested by the victim/survivor and if such
                                                    with another person who the defendant
assault made by the victim. Recent revi-                                                         changes are reasonably available.
                                                    knows is unconscious.
sions in the law have allowed for further
20                                                                                                        UW Campus Safety Guide 2009-10

       In addition to the above, Chap. 950 Wis.       Hostile Environment Sexual                            harassment policy and procedures
Stats., provides a victim’s bill of rights, 950.01    Harassment Occurs when                                on campus:
Legislative intent. In recognition of the civic and                                               
moral duty of victims and witnesses of crime to
                                                      verbal, non-verbal and/                               sexualharassment/.
fully and voluntarily cooperate with law enforce-     or physical conduct is:
ment and prosecutorial agencies, and in further       1. Sexual and/or based on gender
recognition of the continuing importance of
                                                      2. Unwelcome, and
                                                                                                     Services on Campus
such citizen cooperation to state and local law
enforcement efforts and the general effective-        3. Sufficiently severe and pervasive to
                                                                                                     and in the Community
ness and well-being of the criminal justice              interfere with a person’s work, learning,   to Assist Victims of
system of this state, the legislature declares its
intent, in this chapter, to ensure that all victims
                                                         or program performance or to create a
                                                         hostile, intimidating or offensive envi-
                                                                                                     Sexual Harassment
and witnesses of crime are treated with dignity,         ronment. The determination of sexual        The campus has a network of people trained
respect, courtesy and sensitivity; and that the          harassment is made on a case-by-case        to assist with concerns about sexual harass-
rights extended in this chapter to victims and           basis looking at the whole record,          ment. You should feel free to contact any one
witnesses of crime are honored and protected             including the circumstances (such as        of them (listed below). Call 911 immediately
by law enforcement agencies, prosecutors and             the nature of the sexual advances) and      if your safety is at risk. If assault is involved,
judges in a manner no less vigorous than the             the context in which the alleged inci-      you may contact the University Police, the
protections afforded criminal defendants. For            dents occurred. Some behaviors, which       Offices of the Dean of Students, or another
more details on Wis. Stats Chap. 950 go to: http://      may be acceptable in certain contexts,      resource listed below.                                 are inappropriate in the workplace or
                                                         classroom, particularly if an objection     Sexual Harassment
Definitions and Penalties                                is expressed. Key points about sexual       Contact Persons
for Sexual Harassment                                    harassment include:
                                                                                                     Sexual Harassment Contact Persons are
36.11(22)(1)(a)Wis. Stats.                               0   Differences in power or status can      available to anyone wishing to inquire
University policy as well as state and federal               be a significant component in sexual    about sexual harassment, discuss an inci-
law prohibit sexual harassment. Some acts                    harassment. A person who seems          dent, or receive information about options
may constitute both assault and sexual                       to acquiesce to sexual conduct          for resolving complaints. They are equipped
harassment. Unwelcome sexual advances,                       may still experience tangible action    to address initial concerns and refer appro-
requests for sexual favors, and verbal or                    harassment or hostile environ-          priately. You can find more information
physical conduct of a sexual nature consti-                  ment harassment if the conduct is       about sexual harassment and the names of
tute sexual harassment when:                                 unwelcome.                              Sexual Harassment Contact persons on the
00Submission to such conduct is a condi-                 0   Harassment can occur between men        sexual harassment Web site at: http://www.
   tion of employment, academic progress,                    and women or between members of
   or participation in a university program;                 the same gender.
00Submission to or rejection of such con-                0   Sexual harassment may or may            Office for Equity and Diversity
   duct influences employment, academic                      not involve a tangible injury (e.g.,    The OED is available to receive complaints
   or university program decisions; or                       economic loss, lowered grades). A       of sexual harassment and other forms of
                                                             sexually harassing environment, in      discrimination or prohibited harassment
00The conduct interferes with an employ-
                                                             and of itself, may constitute a harm.   when the allegation is of misconduct by
   ee’s work or a student’s academic career,             0   Sexual harassment must be               a university employee. If the allegation
   or creates an intimidating, hostile, or
                                                             addressed and corrected regard-         is against a student, the OED will refer
   offensive work, learning or program
                                                             less of the position or status of       the matter to the Offices of the Dean of
                                                             the harasser or the person being        Students. While many persons prefer have
                                                             harassed.                               their concern addressed at the departmen-
                                                             Conduct is not always offensive or
Sexual Harassment
                                                                                                     tal level, the university also provides an
                                                             unwelcome to the same degree            option for complaint reporting, investiga-
Tangible Action or Quid Pro Quo                              when perceived by different people.     tion and/or resolution through the OED.
                                                             Courts use a “reasonable person”
(This for That) Sexual Harassment                            standard to determine whether
                                                                                                     The OED will conduct prompt, thorough
                                                                                                     and impartial investigations when formal
Occurs when employment or academic                           the contested behavior constitutes      complaints are filed. If informal resolution
decisions resulting in a significant change                  sexual harassment.                      is an appropriate alternative, the OED will
in status are based on an employee or                    0   In an academic or program setting,      work with individuals to facilitate a resolu-
student’s submission to or rejection of                      offenders can be faculty, instruc-      tion that assures that sexual harassment is
unwelcome verbal or physical sexual                          tors, lecturers, teaching assistants,   corrected and reoccurrence prevented. For
conduct.                                                     coaches, tutors, or even fellow stu-    more information on the OED’s complaint
                                                             dents or program participants. In the   procedures, see their Web page at:
                                                             workplace, offenders can be supervi-
                                                             sors, co-workers, or non-employees
                                                             such as vendors or customers.
                                                             Extensive information on the sexual
UW Campus Safety Guide 2009-10                                                                                                             21

Resources                                     SEXUAL ASSAULT                                    employees periodically and when there
                                                                                                are modifications to the policy.
Office for Equity and Diversity               PROTECTIVE BEHAVIORS                            00Periodically remind employees of
179A Bascom Hall 263–2378 Luis Piñero,
Assistant Vice Chancellor/Director www.       36.11(22)(1)(d) Wis. Stats.                       your expectation that they maintain a
                                                                                                harassment free environment. Provide                                  If You Are Concerned About                        resources (e.g., this document, a link to
Administrative Legal Services                 Possible Sexual Harassment                        the sexual harassment Web site).
361 Bascom Hall 263–7400 Lisa Rutherford,                                                     00Schedule Sexual Harassment
                                              00We encourage early contact–consultation
University Legal Counsel                                                                        Informational Sessions and promote
                                                is not escalation. Timely discussion of         attendance by all department members.
Office of the Associate Vice Chancellors        people’s concerns may allow resolution
                                                                                              00Encourage employees and students to
for Academic Affairs 117 Bascom Hall            before alternatives become limited. The
262–5246 Linda Greene, Associate Vice           university will protect confidentiality to      come forward with questions, concerns,
Chancellor for Academic Affairs, and            the extent possible under the law.              and allegations. Avoid discouraging
Ombuds For Faculty                                                                              persons from “going outside the depart-
                                              00Seek advice. Consult with your depart-
                                                                                                ment with problems.” (A person may
Office of the Provost                           ment chair, another divisional resource         not be comfortable reporting within
150 Bascom Hall 262–1304 Eden                   person, OED or another campus resource          the department and may not seek help
Inoway-Ronnie, Executive Assistant to the       (listed above) to discuss options for           if the department’s culture discourages
Provost            resolution.                                     outside assistance.)
                                              00Consider informing the individual(s)
Employee Assistance Office                                                                    00Take every complaint seriously and
                                                involved that the conduct is unwelcome          ensure that others do as well. Ensure
526 Lowell Hall 610 Langdon Street 263–
                                                and that you expect it to stop.                 that your department appropriately
2987 Steve Pearson, Director http://eao.
                                              00Keep notes of what happened, when,              addresses all complaints. If you have
                                                where, and who was present. Retain cop-         questions about the scope of your
Offices of the Dean of Students                 ies of any correspondence.                      responsibility, contact OED or another
75 Bascom Hall 263–5700         00You may find it helpful to seek support         campus resource.
                                                from a trusted colleague. Be aware of         00Keep allegations confidential except on a
University of Wisconsin Police Department       your interest in keeping the matter as          “need to know” basis.
1429 Monroe Street 262–2957 (24-hours)          confidential as possible.                     00Ensure that no retaliation occurs against
265–9558 Carol Ann Glassmaker www.uwpd.                                                         the person making the allegations and                                      If You Are Accused of                             that the person charged with harassment
University Health Services
                                              Sexual Harassment                                 is not assumed guilty and/or disciplined
608/265–5600 UHS is          00Early consultation may help avoid claims        on the basis of allegations.
the campus health clinic for all registered     of retaliation and facilitate resolution of   00For the protection of both parties, comply
students, housing both Medical Services         the situation.                                  with all applicable university procedures
and Counseling and Consultation Services      00You will be informed of any complaint           and ensure that your department fully
00Medical Services: 1552 University                                                             cooperates with any investigation.
                                                filed against you and provided with an
  Avenue (will move to 333 E Campus Mall        opportunity to respond to the specific
  in January 2009)                              allegations.
                                                                                              If You Are Approached by
00Counseling & Consultation Services:         00You should contact the OED or another
                                                                                              a Colleague or Peer
  115 N Orchard St. (will move to 333           campus resource (listed above).               Listen to the allegation of harassment sym-
  E Campus Mall in January 2009)              00You may choose to seek private legal          pathetically but objectively.
  608/265–5600 (business hours and
  after hours crisis line) Greta Guenther,                                                    Sexual Assault And
                                              00Be honest when questioned about
  Counselor                                                          Sexual Harassment
  home.jsp?cat_id=36                            alleged conduct and explain its context.
                                                                                              00Encourage the individual to contact
Campus Women’s Center (a student              If You Are in a Position                          someone who can explain alterna-
organization offering information and         of Authority                                      tives available to resolve the situation
referrals) Memorial Union 4th floor 800                                                         (a Sexual Harassment Contact Person,
Langdon Street 608/262–8093                   (E.g., Principal Investigator, Manager/
                                                                                                department chair or other divisional
                                              Supervisor, Department Chair/Director, Dean)
                                                                                                resource, the OED, or other campus
                                              00Sexual harassment can arise in a healthy
                                                                                                resources listed above).
                                                environment but it often develops in          00If requested, and if you are comfortable
                                                negative climates. If you have concerns
                                                                                                doing so, assist the individual in report-
                                                about the climate in your area, consult
                                                                                                ing the behavior.
                                                with one of the resources listed above
                                                to learn about proactive measures to          00Keep allegations confidential, except as

                                                improve the climate for all individuals.        necessary to cooperate with appropriate
                                              00Distribute the Prohibited Harassment            university officials.
                                                Policy to new faculty and staff and to all
22                                                                                                          UW Campus Safety Guide 2009-10

OTHER DEFINITIONS                                 947.013(1m)(b)                                       issue in an action under this subsection.
                                                                                                       940.22(3) Reports of sexual contact. 940.22(3)
                                                  Engages in a course of conduct or repeat-
AND PENALTIES                                     edly commits acts which harass or                    (a) If a therapist has reasonable cause to
36.11(22)(1)(a)Wis. Stats.                        intimidate the person and which serve no
                                                  legitimate purpose.
                                                                                                       suspect that a patient or client he or she has
                                                                                                       seen in the course of profes sional duties is a
                                                                                                       victim of sexual contact by another therapist
                                                  947.013(1r)                                          or a person who holds himself or herself out
Sexual Harassment (In                             Whoever violates sub. (1m) under all of the          to be a therapist in violation of sub. (2), as
                                                  following circumstances is guilty of a Class         soon thereafter as practicable the therapist
Employment)                                       A misdemeanor:                                       shall ask the patient or client if he or she
111.32(13) Wis. Stats.                                                                                 wants the therapist to make a report under
                                                  947.013(1r)(a)                                       this subsection. The therapist shall explain
“Sexual harassment” means unwelcome               The act is accompanied by a credible threat          that the report need not identify the patient
sexual advances, unwelcome requests for           that places the victim in reasonable fear of         or client as the victim. If the patient or client
sexual favors, unwelcome physical contact         death or great bodily harm.                          wants the therapist to make the report, the
of a sexual nature or unwelcome verbal or                                                              patient or client shall provide the therapist
physical conduct of a sexual nature.              947.013(1r)(b)                                       with a written consent to the report and
      “Sexual harassment” includes conduct        The act occurs while the actor is subject            shall specify whether the patient’s or client’s
directed by a person at another person of the     to an order or injunction under s. 813.12,           identity will be included in the report.”
same or opposite gender.                          813.122 or 813.125 that prohibits or limits
      “Unwelcome verbal or physical con-          his or her contact with the victim.
duct of a sexual nature “ includes but is not                                                          University Misconduct
limited to the deliberate, repeated making        947.013(1t)
of unsolicited gestures or comments of            Whoever violates sub. (1r) is guilty of a Class      Policies and Procedures
a sexual nature; the deliberate, repeated         E felony if the person has a prior conviction        Every member of the University of
display of offensive sexually graphic materi-     under this subsection or sub. (1r), (1v) or (1x)     Wisconsin–Madison community has the
als which is not necessary for business           or s. 940.32 (2), (2m), (3) or (3m) involving the    right to conduct his or her academic and
purposes; or deliberate verbal or physical        same victim and the present violation occurs         social life in an environment that is free
conduct of a sexual nature, whether or not        within 7 years of the prior conviction.              from threats, danger, harassment, or other
repeated, that is sufficiently severe to inter-                                                        disruption.
fere substantially with an employee’s work        947.013(1v)
performance or to create an intimidating,         Whoever violates sub. (1r) is guilty of a Class      UWS Chapter 17
hostile or offensive work environment.            D felony if he or she intentionally gains
                                                  access to a record in electronic format that         The UW System and UW–Madison have
                                                  contains personally identifiable information         devised regulations defining responses to
Harassment                                        regarding the victim in order to facilitate          behavior of students which interferes with
                                                                                                       the life and work of the University and its
                                                  the violation under sub. (1r). 947.013(1x)
947.013 Wis. Stats.                               Whoever violates sub. (1r) under all of the          members. Chapter UWS 17 is a part of the
                                                  following circumstances is guilty of a Class         University of Wisconsin Administrative Code
947.013(1)(a)                                                                                          and was adopted by the Board of Regents
”Course of conduct” means a pattern of            D felony:
                                                                                                       as a set of disciplinary procedures for the
conduct composed of a series of acts over a                                                            University System. It defines conduct by stu-
period of time, however short, evidencing a
                                                  947.013(1x)(a) (a)
                                                  The person has a prior conviction under sub.         dents that may result in University discipline
continuity of purpose.                                                                                 because it causes harm either to another
                                                  (1r), (1t) or (1v) or this subsection or s. 940.32
                                                  (2), (2m), (3) or (3m). 947.013(1x)(b) (b) The       member of the University community or to
947.013(1)(b)                                                                                          the University itself. UWS 17 also describes
”Credible threat” means a threat made with        person intentionally gains access to a record in
                                                  order to facilitate the current violation under      the penalties which may be imposed and
the intent and apparent ability to carry out                                                           the procedures for carrying out disciplinary
the threat.                                       sub. (1r).947.013(2) (2) This section does not
                                                  prohibit any person from participating in law-       actions. Of course, due process for students
                                                  ful conduct in labor disputes under s. 103.53.       accused of misconduct is an important
947.013(1)(c)                                                                                          part of these procedures. (Note: Academic
”Personally identifiable information” has the                                                          misconduct is covered in UWS 14. UWS 17
meaning given in s. 19.62 (5).                    Sexual Exploitation by a
                                                                                                       applies to student conduct; faculty and staff
                                                  Therapist 940.22 Wis Stats
                                                                                                       are governed by other regulations.)
947.013(1)(d)                                     940.22(2)
“Record” has the meaning given in s. 19.32 (2).                                                        Non-academic conduct rules cover a broad
                                                  Sexual exploitation by therapist; duty to
                                                                                                       spectrum of conduct involving students’:
                                                  report. (2) Sexual contact prohibited. Any
947.013(1)(1m)                                    person who is or who holds himself or herself        00behavior toward other community

                                                  out to be a therapist and who intentionally             members
                                                  has sexual contact with a patient or client          00actions on university property or
Strikes, shoves, kicks or otherwise subjects
                                                  during any ongoing therapist-patient or              00actions related to a university activity.
the person to physical contact or attempts
                                                  therapist-client relationship, regardless of
or threatens to do the same.
                                                  whether it occurs during any treatment,              A student may be subject to discipline for
                                                  consultation, interview or examination, is           conduct that is or already has been the sub-
                                                  guilty of a Class C felony. Consent is not an        ject of a police citation or criminal action.
UW Campus Safety Guide 2009-10                                                                                                                23

This means that a student ticketed for an          or seriously impair university-run or            in connection with disciplinary action.”
alcohol violation or charged with vandalism        university-authorized activities, or that        UWS 17.03(8).
may also be subject to misconduct pro-             interferes with or impedes the ability of
ceedings. A student may also be subject to         a member of the university community,          Disciplinary Penalties
discipline for conduct that is or has already      or guest, to participate in university-run     If a student is found to have engaged in
been addressed by a University Housing             or university-authorized activities.” UWS      non-academic misconduct under these
breach of contract action.                         17.03(4)(a). Examples of the conduct           rules, one or more of the following disciplin-
                                                   prohibited under this subsection include,      ary sanctions may be imposed:
UWS 17 defines prohibited                          but are not limited to: preventing or
conduct in the following areas:                    blocking physical entry to, or exit from,      (a) A written reprimand
                                                   a university building, corridor or room;
(Note: See the UWS 17 policies for a com-                                                         (b) Denial of specified university privileges
                                                   engaging in shouted interruptions,
plete description of offenses & penalties;
                                                   whistling, or similar means of interfer-       (c) Imposition of reasonable terms and con-
see the UWS 17 procedures for campus
                                                   ing with a classroom presentation or a             ditions on continued student status
specific implementation guidelines.)
                                                   university-sponsored speech or pro-
00“For conduct which constitutes a seri-                                                          (d) Restitution
                                                   gram; obstructing a university officer
  ous danger to the personal safety of a           or employee engaged in the lawful              (e) Removal of the student from the course
  member of the university community               performance of duties; obstructing or              in progress
  or guest.” UWS 17. 03(1). Examples               interfering with a student engaged in
  include, but are not limited to: engag-          attending classes or participating in          (f) Disciplinary probation
  ing in conduct that is a crime involving         university-run or university-authorized        (g) Suspension
  danger to property or persons such as            activities; or knowingly disrupting access
  sexual assaults; attacking or otherwise          to university computing resources,             (h) Expulsion
  physically abusing, threatening to physi-        or misusing university computing
  cally injure or physically intimidating a        resources.
  member of the university community or                                                           The Disciplinary Process
  a guest; throwing objects at law enforce-      These rules include the use of a UW e-mail
                                                 account or UW computing facility. A stu-         If a report is received alleging that a student
  ment personnel, or inciting others to
                                                 dent may not send messages that mask or          has engaged in conduct which is in viola-
  do so; selling or delivering a controlled
                                                 change the sending student’s identity. No        tion of UWS 17, an Investigating Officer
  substance, or possessing a controlled
                                                 student may communicate with another             will investigate the matter. The student will
  substance with intent to sell or deliver; or
                                                 through e-mail in ways that are prohib-          be invited to meet with the investigating
  tampering with fire or safety equipment.
                                                 ited if done in person or by telephone           officer in an informal meeting. The purpose
00“For stalking or harassment.” UWS 17.
                                                 or regular mail. See the complete rules          of that meeting is to hear any statements
  03(2)(a). Stalking and harassment are                                                           the student wishes to make and to answer
                                                 for “Appropriate Use of UW Information
  defined by state law. In part, “stalking” is                                                    questions about the procedures. The
                                                 Technology Resources”.
  described as intentionally “repeatedly fol-                                                     student may be accompanied by a person
                                                       These rules do not prohibit conduct
  lowing or remaining in visual or physical                                                       of his/her choosing at the meeting. If the
                                                 that is protected under a student’s right to
  proximity to a person, or repeatedly con-                                                       student lives in Residence Halls and the
                                                 free expression, such as peacefully picketing
  veying verbal or written threats or threats                                                     alleged misconduct occurred in Residence
                                                 a campus event. A more detailed discus-
  implied by conduct....”“Harassment” is                                                          Halls, a University Housing staff person will
                                                 sion of how certain conduct is prohibited or
  described in part as intending to harass                                                        serve as an Investigating Officer. Otherwise,
                                                 protected by First Amendment rights can
  or intimidate another person by “striking,                                                      a staff member from Student Assistance &
                                                 be found in UWS 17 or by contacting the
  shoving, kicking or otherwise subject-                                                          Judicial Affairs will serve as an Investigating
                                                 Offices of the Dean of Students.
  ing another person to physical contact                                                          Officer.
                                                 00“For unauthorized possession of uni-
  or attempting or threatening to do the                                                                 If it appears that misconduct has
  same... or ... engaging in a course of           versity property or property of another
                                                                                                  occurred, the Investigating Officer will
  conduct or repeatedly committing acts            member of the university community or
                                                                                                  prepare a report describing the miscon-
  which harass or intimidate another per-          guest.” UWS17.03(5).
                                                                                                  duct and the sanction he or she believes is
  son, which serve no legitimate purpose.”       00“For acts which violate the provisions of
00“For conduct that seriously damages or           UWS 18, Conduct on University Lands.”
  destroys university property or attempts         UWS 17.03(6). UWS 18 includes a wide           The Right to a Hearing
  to damage or destroy university prop-            range of conduct such as vandalism,
                                                                                                  If the investigator determines that miscon-
  erty, or the property of a member of the         removing trees or flowers, improperly
                                                                                                  duct occurred, the student has the right to a
  university community or guest.” UWS              entering or remaining in a university
                                                                                                  formal hearing to contest the decision that
  17.03(3). A large portion of non-aca-            building, misusing university keys, or vio-
                                                                                                  the student engaged in misconduct, the
  demic conduct matters involve damage             lating campus alcohol or smoking rules.
                                                                                                  disciplinary action imposed, or both. The
  to university property or the property of      00“For knowingly making a false statement
                                                                                                  hearing may be available at the student’s
  other community members by a student             to any university employee or agent            request or may be scheduled automatically,
  while under the influence of alcohol.            regarding a university matter, or for refus-   depending on the sanction imposed. When
  Such conduct may result in a permanent           ing to identify oneself to such employee       the discipline imposed is less severe, the
  disciplinary record in addition to citations     or agent.” UWS 17.03(7).                       student may request a hearing by submit-
  or other legal action.                         00“For violating a standard of conduct, or       ting a written notice within 10 calendar
00“For conduct that obstructs or seri-             other requirement or restriction imposed       days after the finding of misconduct.
  ously impairs or attempts to obstruct                                                           In cases where the discipline imposed
24                                                                                                    UW Campus Safety Guide 2009-10

includes suspension or expulsion, UWS 17        (3) Stalking. Conduct defined in s. 940.32,           off_campus violations of municipal
provides for the hearing to be scheduled             Stats.                                           law.
automatically unless the student waives the     (4) Harassment. Conduct defined in s.            (14) Violation of Ch. UWS 18. Conduct that
right to the hearing in writing.                     947.013, Stats.                                  violates ch. UWS 18, including, but not
      Hearings are conducted either by          (5) Hazing. Conduct defined in s. 948.51,             limited to, provisions regulating fire
a hearing committee or by a hearing                  Stats.                                           safety, theft, and dangerous weapons.
examiner, at the student’s choice. Separate     (6) Illegal Use, Possession, Manufacture, or     (15) Violation of University Rules. Conduct
academic and non-academic misconduct                 Distribution of Alcohol or Controlled            that violates any published university
hearing committees are appointed by the              Substances. Use, possession, manu-               rules, regulations, or policies, includ-
chancellor and include faculty, academic             facture, or distribution of alcoholic            ing provisions contained in university
staff, and student members. The committee            beverages or of marijuana, narcotics, or         contracts with students.
for a specific case is composed of at least          other controlled substances, except as      (16) Noncompliance with Disciplinary
three members with at least one student              expressly permitted by law or univer-            Sanctions. Conduct that violates a
member. A hearing examiner is appointed              sity policy.                                     sanction, requirement, or restriction
by the chancellor from the faculty or aca-      (7) Unauthorized Use Of or Damage To                  imposed in connection with previous
demic staff. A hearing examiner or hearing           Property. Unauthorized possession                disciplinary action. History: CR 08_099:
committee conduct hearings in the same               of, use of, moving of, tampering with,           cr. Register August 2009 No. 644, eff.
manner and under the same policies and               damage to, or destruction of university          9_1_09.
procedures.                                          property or the property of others.
      In any hearing (whether by student        (8) Disruption of University-Authorized          UWS Chapter 18
election or automatically scheduled) the             Activities. Conduct that obstructs or       UWS Chapter 18 provides the UW System
student maintains:                                   impairs university_run or university_       statutes for all behavior on university prop-
00the right to have a representative present         authorized activities, or that interferes   erty. Regulations address topics ranging
  on his/her behalf, including the right to          with or impedes the ability of a person     from traffic rules and criminal behavior to
  be advised by counsel at his/her own               to participate in university_run or         ticket scalping and distribution of political
  expense;                                           university_authorized activities.           materials.
                                                (9) Forgery or Falsification. Unauthorized
00the right to question witnesses;
                                                     possession of or fraudulent creation,       A link to these policies and procedures can
00and the right to obtain a transcript of the        alteration, or misuse of any university     be found at:
  proceedings at his/her own expense.                or other governmental document,             saja/pdf/UWS18.pdf
                                                     record, key, electronic device, or
Can I Make a Report?                                 identification.
If you are being harassed, threatened or        (10) Misuse of Computing Resources.              Links to Relevant
harmed by a student, or if you observe
conduct which you believe may be in viola-
                                                     Conduct that involves any of the
                                                                                                 Wisconsin State Statutes
tion of university rules, you are encouraged         (a) Failure to comply with laws, license    The following Wisconsin State Statutes are
to contact Student Assistance & Judicial                 agreements, and contracts govern-       linked to the Revisor of Statutes Bureau
Affairs in 75 Bascom Hall (263–5700). A staff            ing university computer network,; search
member will be happy to talk to you in con-              software, and hardware use.             under Folio Format by entering the statute
fidence about the situation. Staff will then         (b) Use of university computing             number (i.e. 940.225 or 36.12).
review with you which disciplinary proce-                resources for unauthorized com-
                                                                                                 36.12 Student discrimination prohibited
dures might apply, as well as other avenues              mercial purposes or personal gain.
for solving problems or taking action.               (c) Failure to protect a personal           947.013 Harassment
                                                         password or university_authorized       940.225 Sexual assault
*Note: UWS 17 covers non-academic                        account.
student misconduct. Faculty and staff are                                                        940.22 Sexual exploitation by therapist;
                                                     (d) Breach of computer security, inva-
subject to other university policies and                                                         duty to report
                                                         sion of privacy, or unauthorized
procedures. The policies and procedures for              access to university computing          948.02 Sexual assault of a child
student academic misconduct (cheating)                   resources.                              948.025 Engaging in repeated acts of sexual
are contained in UWS 14.*                       (11) False Statement or Refusal to Comply        assault of he same child
In accordance with s. UWS 17.08, the univer-         Regarding a University Matter. Making
                                                     a knowingly false oral or written state-    939.50 Classification of felonies
sity may discipline a student for engaging
in, attempting to engage in, or assisting            ment to any university employee or          939.51 Classification of misdemeanors
others to engage in any of the following             agent of the university regarding a         939.52 Classification of forfeitures
types of nonacademic misconduct:                     university matter, or refusal to comply
                                                     with a reasonable request on a univer-      950.04 Basic bill of rights for victims and
(1) Dangerous Conduct. Conduct that                  sity matter.                                witnesses
    endangers or threatens the health or        (12) Violation of Criminal Law. Conduct          950.055 Child victims and witnesses; rights
    safety of oneself or another person.             that constitutes a criminal offense as      and services
(2) Sexual Assault. Conduct defined in s.            defined by state or federal law.
    940.225, Stats.                             (13) Serious and Repeated Violations of
                                                     Municipal Law. Serious and repeated
UW Campus Safety Guide 2009-10                                                                                                               25

 Appendix 1
State Report on Sexual Assault as required by the State of Wisconsin (Wisconsin State Statute 36.11(22)(1)(a))

2008 Narrative Report to UW System
as required by Wis. Stat. §36.11(22)

Programming and                                  3. Provide a summary of the format,
                                                    focus,goals, and size of the orienta-
                                                                                                   Department unit information, and links to
                                                                                                   UW Health Service and UW Parking. The
Services on Sexual                                  tion programming which includes the            benefit of this website for our university
Assault/Harassment                                  required oral and written information to
                                                    new students, as described in Wis.Stat.
                                                                                                   community and parents provides acces-
                                                                                                   sible immediate and up-to-date crime
Prevention, Education,                              §36.11(22)(1)(a-d).                            related news, incident summaries and
                                                 The SOAR program is a one and a half              safety tips to better protect themselves.
and Victim Assistance                            day program for freshmen and a one day                  The Student Assistance and Judicial
                                                 program for transfer students. The primary        Affairs (SAJA) a unit within the Dean
INSTRUCTIONS:                                    focus of SOAR is academic advising and            of Students Office provides on-going
                                                 course enrollment information. However,           advocacy for victims of sexual assault and
Please type in this electronic document to       students receive information on the               holds student assailants accountable.
respond to the following questions and           transition from high school to college,           SAJA assists student victims with safety
submit via email to               alcohol, safety, sexual assault and campus        issues and planning, academic concerns,
                                                 resources. For the summer of 2008, SOAR           relocation, resource referrals to both on
1. Provide a description of the method           served approximately 6500 new freshmen            and off campus agencies, supports victims
   used to annually distribute the required      and transfer students                             through the criminal process, and gives
   information, as described in Wis.Stat.                                                          them options for reporting. SAJA works
                                                 4. Describe two or three best examples
   §36.11(22)(1)(a-d), to all new and                                                              collaboratively with campus and commu-
                                                    of institutional initiatives, programs or
   continuing students electronically or in                                                        nity agencies (Rape Crisis, Sexual Assault
                                                    services which assist student victims of
   printed format.                                                                                 Nurse Examiner, District Attorney’s Office,
                                                    sexual violence. The description should
General campus safety, including sexual                                                            etc) in order to better serve our student vic-
                                                    include the impact, benefit, or signifi-
assault prevention, is one of the topics                                                           tims. Our university detectives on sensitive
                                                    cant innovation of these highlighted
discussed amongst new students in small                                                            crimes are available to student victims to
groups during the Student Orientation,                                                             answer questions and/or assist them in the
                                                 In 2008 UW–Police Department created a
Advising and Registration (SOAR) program.                                                          criminal process.
                                                 Stalking packet for victims. Included in the
In addition to discussion on how to keep                                                                 The Rape Crisis Center (RCC) Satellite
                                                 packet is a booklet created by UW Police
themselves and their friends safe, students                                                        Office on campus continues to be a valu-
                                                 which explains the investigation and court
are also informed of support resources                                                             able service to our university community.
                                                 process, safety plans, as well as provide
they can access if they are the victim of                                                          The satellite office provides easy access for
                                                 information on resources throughout
sexual assault. Finally, referral information                                                      the university community, and it affords us
                                                 the Dane County area. The impact of this
is provided in an Orientation folder which                                                         the opportunity to partner with the RCC on
                                                 booklet will significantly assist victims with
is distributed to all new students and their                                                       other initiatives, i.e. the Campus Women’s
                                                 the knowledge of the criminal process.
parents/family members.                                                                            Center and the RCC sponsor walk-in sup-
                                                 Also included in the packet is a log book
                                                                                                   port groups for victims. For a third year, the
2. Provide an explanation how the chosen         which assists the victim in recording/
                                                                                                   RCC will also provide Thai Chi as a Healing
   methods ensure that all new and con-          documenting: Dates and times of contacts
                                                                                                   Art program to sexual assault victims from
   tinuing students annually receive the         to include e-mails, phone calls, and third
   required information. Wis.Stat. §36.11(22)    party contacts by the suspect. The benefit
                                                                                                         Promoting Awareness, Victim
   (2).                                          of this log is that the documentation may
                                                                                                   Empowerment (PAVE) is a student organi-
While SOAR is not a required program, all        be helpful in the criminal process. Thirty-
                                                                                                   zation dedicated to ending sexual assault
new students must attend SOAR if they            one percent of women who were stalked
                                                                                                   and dating violence through education
would like to register for courses prior to      by a current or former husband or cohabit-
                                                                                                   and activism. To this end, 60 volunteer and
the beginning of the semester. 99% of all        ing partner were also sexually assaulted by
                                                                                                   staff peer educators offer free one-hour,
freshmen and transfer students attend            that partner.
                                                                                                   evidence-based workshops to students,
SOAR and therefore received both written               UW Madison Police provides a variety
                                                                                                   faculty, and staff focusing on definitions/
and oral information regarding safety            of safety information on their website
                                                                                                   dynamics, gender roles, consent, resources
and sexual assault. Continuing students The website includes
                                                                                                   for victims and healthy/protective
received the required information via the        information such as campus sex offender
                                                                                                   behaviors. In 2008, PAVE volunteers and
Clery Report which is e-mailed to them           registry, crime alerts, contact informa-
                                                                                                   staff served approximately 4000 students,
annually on October 1.                           tion, on-line pamphlets, computer safety
                                                                                                   faculty, and staff with these workshops,
                                                 tips, UW administrative code information,
26                                                                                                   UW Campus Safety Guide 2009-10

including new members of the social fra-         intervention, supporting a survivor, and        and the UW–Madison Student Personnel
ternity and sorority systems. Additionally,      creating counter stories of masculinity.        Association Conference.
PAVE conducts public awareness cam-              In 2008, GMVP served 45 students. This                SAJA staff provided numerous cam-
paigns, large campus-wide events, and            program is supported in part through the        pus wide trainings for faculty, staff, and
media advocacy with student newspapers           Centers for Disease Control and Prevention      students; topics included sexual assault,
to ensure sensitive coverage of sexual           DELTA grant in Dane County, which is            dating/domestic violence, and stalking. The
assault and dating violence. In April 2008,      administered by the Wisconsin Coalition         audiences for these included a social work
PAVE hosted Aishah Shaidah Simmons,              Against Domestic Violence.                      class, educational leadership and policy
director of “NO! The Rape Documentary”                                                           administration class, a campus-wide stalk-
for a series of lectures, workshops, and                                                         ing professional development, and training
                                                 “When people think of a rapist, they think of
documentary screenings about the impact                                                          for faculty and staff regarding reporting
                                                 a dirty and scary man; the truth is that many
of sexual assault in African American com-                                                       and resources.
                                                 perpetrators of sexual assault are normal
munities. In partnership with the Dane
                                                 people. Even though I did not know the per-     6. The institutionally defined boundaries
County Rape Crisis Center and the Campus
                                                 son who was raped, I still felt for the woman      of the geographic location “off-campus”.
Women’s Center, PAVE also sponsored
                                                 because it happened so close to my house.          [The criteria for specifying “off-campus”
Take Back the Night, an event designed to
                                                 I now am more observant as to how men              should be that it identifies a region sur-
empower victims to speak out about their
                                                 are treating woman and I have approached           rounding the campus, but not controlled
experiences. In Fall of 2008, PAVE hosted
                                                 my friends on multiple instances when they         by the institution, where substantial
Ben Atherton-Zeman for a production of
                                                 are treating women in a harmful way. The           numbers of students typically live or
“Voices of Men,” a one-act play that focuses
                                                 readings and discussions from class made           congregate. Our expectation is that this
on masculinity, respect, and activism.
                                                 me realize how prevalent of a problem sexual       may well be a dynamic category and that
                                                 assault is.”-GMVP Participant                      institutions may choose to annually re-
Impact:                                                                                             evaluate the defined boundaries.]
                                                 5. Describe two or three best examples of
“I was able to see different viewpoints within                                                         The UW–Madison campus defines “off
                                                    ways the institution offers education or
my new member class in a comfortable envi-                                                       campus” as “within one mile of campus.”
                                                    training in sexual assault prevention and
ronment.” -participant in PAVE workshop
                                                    protective behaviors, and the impact,        Institutional Obligation to
       “With such a large community of people
                                                    benefit or significant innovation of
who are active throughout campus, it is
                                                    these highlighted programs.                  Notify Faculty and Staff of
important for them to understand what is                                                         their Reporting Obligations
                                                       A survey of women’s sexual experi-
happening and potentially attempt to stop
                                                 ences found that, while fraternity men          Provost Patrick V. Farrell sent the University
it.” –participant in PAVE’s Greek New Member
                                                 accounted for only 25 percent of the            of Wisconsin–Madison’s annual memo
Education Workshop
                                                 undergraduate male population, they             regarding mandatory sexual assault report-
       After participating in a PAVE work-
                                                 represented 46 percent of the per-              ing and the university’s Sexual Harassment
shop, 65% of respondents to the evaluation
                                                 petrators of sexual violence (Fritner,          Information & Resources initiative to all
said they were more likely to intervene in
                                                 Mary Pat, and Laurna Rubinson. 1993.            employees on 5 December 2008 (by e-mail,
a friend’s behavior if they saw him or her
                                                 “Acquaintance Rape: The Influence of            with hard copy to employees without
being abusive to their partner.
                                                 Alcohol, Fraternity Membership, and             e-mail addresses).
Benefit:                                         Sports Team Membership.” Journal of                   Our Sexual Harassment Information
With a minimal budget and part-time              Sex Education & Therapy 19:272–84). To          & Resources web site (www.oed.wisc.
student staff of 7, PAVE provides authen-        that end, programs designed to not only         edu/sexualharassment/) and companion
tic peer leadership in educational efforts       reduce the risk factors for fraternity men’s    brochure, Sexual Harassment: Defining and
about sexual assault and dating violence         perpetration, and/or facilitation of sexual     Addressing a Community Concern, were
and serves roughly 4000–6000 each year.          assault but also enhance their protective       updated in August 2008. These resources
Students who are served by PAVE’s services       factors to intervene in other men’s sexually    explain the University of Wisconsin–
are more likely to know about options for        aggressive behavior such as GMVP address        Madison’s policies on sexual harassment
victims, respond to disclosures in compas-       a key need on college campuses. Only a          and consensual romantic or sexual rela-
sionate ways, and understand dynamics            handful of sustained, peer-led fraternity-      tionships. They provide information and
and definitions of sexual assault. These         focused prevention programs exist across        guidance on what to do if an individual
services could not be provided to this           the United States, and University Health        is harassed, accused of harassment, or
many students by the single professional         Services continues to ensure program-           contacted by someone who believes he or
violence prevention staff if PAVE were not       matic and outcome evaluation of student         she has been harassed. In addition, they
in existence.                                    learning. In 2008, Professional staff to this   highlight the responsibilities of individuals
      Greek Men for Violence Prevention          project shared their findings and experi-       in positions of authority (principal investi-
(GMVP) is a one-credit, seven-week class         ences at the Wisconsin College Personnel        gators, supervisors, managers, department
sponsored by the School of Social Work           Association/Wisconsin Coalition Against         chairs, directors, and deans). Both web and
and University Health Services designed by       Sexual Assault Conference (WCASA),              print materials include additional informa-
and for college fraternity men. The course       the WCASA Training Institute, the UW–           tion about campus safety, sexual assault
is peer-led by fraternity men and feminist       Madison Campus Diversity Forum, the             reporting requirements, and resources
women, and explores the intersections of         30th Anniversary Wisconsin Coalition            for preventing and responding to sexual
masculinity, homophobia, and sexual/dat-         Against Domestic Violence Conference,           assault.
ing violence. Key topics include: bystander
UW Campus Safety Guide 2009-10                                                                                                   27

     Brochures are provided to stu-          a total of 516 TAs and PAs attended 15        and address sexual assault reporting
dents at Student Orientation, Advising       Graduate Assistants Equity Workshops.         requirements and resources. Attendance
& Registration (SOAR); to employees                In 2007–2008, 185 employees (includ-    has been mandatory for limited appointees
at New Employee Orientation sessions         ing 103 limited appointees) attended          since November 2005. As of 1 June 2008,
offered each month; to graduate students     sexual harassment informational sessions.     522 (98%) had participated as required.
attending the Graduate Assistant Equity      An additional 300 employees attended
Workshops offered for TAs and PAs each       sessions offered in Fall 2008. At these
year since 1990; to participants in the      interactive sessions, facilitators provide
Office of Human Resource Development’s       information about the law, university poli-
Managers & Supervisors (MSD) Series; and     cies and campus resources; share advice
to individuals attending sexual harassment   about responding compassionately and
informational sessions. During 2007–2008,    effectively to sexual harassment concerns;
28                                                                                             UW Campus Safety Guide 2009-10

 Appendix 2

Alcohol And Other Drug Information
as required by the Drug Free Schools and Communities Act

Alcohol & Other Drugs:                         Campus Resources                            University Standards of
                                               for Employees
Services and Programs                                                                      Conduct & University
                                               Employees who have problems with
                                               alcohol or controlled substances are        Sanctions Concerning
Campus Resources for Students                  encouraged to contact the Employee
                                               Assistance Office Director Steven Pearson
                                                                                           Illicit Drugs & Alcohol
Our campus provides a variety of services
to students. In order that we may inter-       (608/263–2987). URL:
                                                                                           We have a variety of on-campus preven-
vene earlier and more effectively with         index.htm. Voluntary contact with EAO
                                                                                           tion, education, screening and intervention
students who are alcohol/other drug            may remain confidential.
                                                                                           programs as well as university sanctions
troubled, we provide training for counsel-                                                 designed to reduce alcohol and other
ors, House Fellows in university residence     Community Information
                                                                                           drug abuse. We can also help put people
halls, resident assistants in the private      and Treatment Resources                     in touch with the variety of community
residence halls, fraternity and sorority       There are a variety of alcohol and other    resources available to assist persons who
members, and any interested faculty            drug information, prevention, interven-     are experiencing alcohol and other drug
and staff to help them identify and refer      tion, and treatment programs and services   related problems. We know, however, that
persons who may be having problems             in the Madison community.                   the most effective catalyst for positive
associated with alcohol or other drugs                                                     change is the willingness of people who
through their own or someone else’s use.       Wisconsin Clearinghouse                     know and care for each other to talk to
If you are concerned about your own use
of alcohol or other drugs, confidential
                                               for Prevention Resources                    one another about these issues — to share
                                                                                           values and expectations, to ask questions,
information, assessment, referral, and         Wisconsin Clearinghouse for Prevention
                                                                                           to convey concern, to offer information
short-term counseling services are avail-      Resources offers videos, books, brochures
                                                                                           and support. We ask you to work on this
able at UHS Counseling and Consultation        and other free materials.
                                                                                           important communication with us; we will
Services (608/265–5600). There are no                                                      help in any way we can, and invite you to
                                               1552 University Ave.
intensive treatment services available on                                                  call us for assistance.
                                               Madison, WI 53705
campus. Insurance affects your ability to
                                               800/322–1468; 608/262–9157,
use off-campus alcohol and other drug                                                      Standards of Conduct
service providers, and we urge all students
to have adequate insurance coverage.           The Wisconsin Department of Health          The University of Wisconsin System and
                                               and Family Services will send a pam-        University of Wisconsin–Madison prohibit
                                               phlet detailing the statewide and local     the unlawful possession, use, distribution,
The PACE Project                               resources for drug and alcohol abuse        manufacture, or dispensing of illicit drugs
                                                                                           and alcohol by students and employ-
                                               treatment. You can request a pamphlet
University Health Services                     by calling 608/266–2717 or http://dhfs.     ees on university property or as part of
1552 University Ave.                              university activities. The use or possession
608/265–5231                                   MH?AODAmhDirs.htm                           of alcoholic beverages is prohibited on                                                                       university premises, except in faculty and
                                               12 Step Groups                              staff housing and as expressly permitted
The PACE Project utilizes an environmental
                                                                                           by the chief administrative officer or under
management approach to produce long-           AA area Headquarters 608/222–8989           institutional regulations, in accordance
term campus and community change to
                                               Al-Anon 24-hour hotline 608/241–6644        with s. UWS 18.06(13)(a), Wis. Adm. Code.
reduce high-risk drinking. For more infor-
                                                                                           Without exception, alcohol consumption
mation, click on PACE at     Narcotics Anonymous 608/258–1747            is governed by Wisconsin statutory age
Information Resources                          The following information is provided to    restrictions under s. UWS 18.06(13)(b), Wis.
                                               comply with the Drug Free Schools and       Adm. Code. The unlawful use, possession,
A variety of informational resources are                                                   distribution, manufacture, or dispensing
                                               Communities Act, 20 USC 1011(1)
available to students. These include a free,                                               of illicit drugs (“controlled substances” as
confidential, online assessment tool called                                                defined in ch. 961, Wis. Stats.,) is prohibited
e-CHUG (which gets 3,000 hits annually)                                                    in accordance with s. UWS 18.10(1), Wis.
to assess personal drinking, and post-                                                     Adm. Code.
ers and brochures available to students
throughout campus.
UW Campus Safety Guide 2009-10                                                                                                                  29

Disciplinary Sanctions
Violation of these provisions by a student
                                                 State of                                         Federal Laws
may lead to the imposition of a disciplinary
sanction, up to and including suspension         Wisconsin and                                    Federal Legal Sanctions
                                                                                                  Pursuant to federal law, the United States
or expulsion, under s. UWS 17.03(1)(b), Wis.
Adm. Code. Students are often requested
to participate in an alcohol and other drug
                                                 Federal Laws                                     Sentencing Guidelines establish manda-
                                                                                                  tory minimum penalties for categories
                                                                                                  of drug offenses and provide for penalty
(AOD) assessment provided by University                                                           enhancements in specific cases. Under
Health Services (UHS), the Values and            State of Wisconsin and                           these federal guidelines, courts can
Influences Toward Alcohol class taught by
UHS Counseling and Consultation staff, the       Federal Legal Sanctions                          sentence a person for up to 6 years for
                                                                                                  unlawful possession of a controlled sub-
e-CHUG online self-assessment tool and           The Uniform Controlled Substances Act,           stance, including the distribution of a small
reflection papers that require the student       Chapter 961 of the Wisconsin Statutes,           amount (less than 250 grams) of marijuana;
to read excerpts from books such as Dying        regulates controlled substances and              a sentence of life imprisonment can result
to Drink by Henry Wechsler and Beer and          outlines specific penalties for the violation    from a conviction of possession of a con-
Circus by Murray Sperber as a part of their      of the regulations. A first-time conviction      trolled substance that results in death or
educational sanctions.                           for possession of a controlled substance         bodily injury; and, possession of more than
                                                 can result in a sentence of up to one year       5 grams of cocaine can trigger an intent to
University employees are also subject to
                                                 in prison and a fine of up to $5,000. Sec.       distribute penalty of 10 –16 years in prison.
disciplinary sanctions for violation of these
provisions occurring on university property      961.41(3g), Stats. A person convicted of
                                                 manufacturing a controlled substance,            Federal Penalties and Sanctions
or the worksite or during work time, up to
and including termination from employ-           delivering a controlled substance, or pos-       for Illegal Possession of
ment. Disciplinary sanctions are initiated       sessing a controlled substance with an           Controlled Substances
and imposed in accordance with appli-            intent to manufacture or deliver, can be
                                                 imprisoned for up to 30 years and fined          1st conviction: Up to 1 year imprisonment
cable procedural requirements and work                                                            and fined at least $1,000 but not more
rules, as set forth in Wisconsin statutes,       up to $1,000,000. Secs. 961.41(1) and
                                                 (1m), Stats. Penalties vary according to         than $100,000, or both. After 1 prior drug
administrative rules, faculty and academic                                                        conviction: At least 15 days in prison, not to
staff policies, and collective bargaining        the type of drug involved, the amount of
                                                 drug confiscated, the number of previ-           exceed 2 years and fined at least $2,500 but
agreements. Referral for prosecution under                                                        not more than $250,000, or both.
criminal law is also possible. Further, viola-   ous convictions, and the presence of any
tions of ss. UWS 18.06(13) and 18.10(1),         aggravating factors. The distribution of a       After 2 or more prior drug convictions:
Wis. Adm. Code may result in additional          controlled substance to a minor can lead         At least 90 days in prison, not to exceed
penalties as allowed under ch. UWS 18, Wis.      to the doubling of an authorized sentence        3 years and fined at least $5,000 but not
Adm. Code.                                       term. Sec. 961.46, Stats. Wisconsin has          more than $250,000, or both.
                                                 formidable legal sanctions that restrict
Employees who are convicted of any crimi-        the use of alcohol in various situations. It     21 U.S.C. 853(a)(2) and 881(a)(7) Forfeiture
nal drug statute violation occurring in the      is illegal to procure for, sell, dispense or     of personal and real property used to
workplace must notify the dean, director or      give away alcohol to anyone who has not          possess or to facilitate possession of a
department chair within 5 days of the con-       reached the legal drinking age of 21 years.      controlled substance if that offense is
viction, if the employees are employed by        Sec. 125.07(1)(a)(1), Stats. Every adult has a   punishable by more than 1 year imprison-
the university at the time of the conviction.    legal obligation to prevent the illegal con-     ment. (See special sentencing provisions re:
                                                 sumption of alcohol on premises owned by         crack, above.)
                                                 the adult or under the adult’s control. Sec.     21 U.S.C. 881(a)(4) Forfeiture of vehicles,
                                                 125.07(1)(a)(3), Stats. A first-time violator    boats, aircraft or any other conveyance
                                                 of either of the above subsections can be        used to transport or conceal a controlled
                                                 fined up to $500. It is against the law for an   substance.
                                                 underage person to procure or attempt to
                                                 procure an alcoholic beverage, to falsely        21 U.S.C. 844a Civil fine of up to $10,000.
                                                 represent his or her age for the purpose         21 U.S.C. 862 Denial of Federal benefits,
                                                 of obtaining alcohol, to enter premises          such as student loans, grants, contracts,
                                                 licensed to sell alcohol, or to consume or       and professional and commercial licenses,
                                                 possess alcohol on licensed premises. Sec.       up to 1 year for first offense, up to 5 years
                                                 125.07(4)(a), Stats. A first-time underage       for second and subsequent offenses.
                                                 violator of Section 125.07(4)(bs), Stats., can
                                                 be fined up to $500, ordered to participate      18 U.S.C. 922(g) Ineligible to pur-
                                                 in a supervised work program, and have           chase, receive or transport a firearm.
                                                 their driver’s license suspended.                Miscellaneous Revocation of certain
                                                                                                  Federal licenses and benefits, e.g. pilot
                                                                                                  licenses, public housing tenancy, etc., are
                                                                                                  vested within the authorities of individual
                                                                                                  Federal agencies.
30                                                                                                 UW Campus Safety Guide 2009-10

Note: These are only Federal penalties and        reduced sexual function and testicu-            their use. Because the drug stops the
sanctions. Additional State penalties and         lar atrophy. The CSA defines anabolic           brain’s pain sensors, drug experiences
sanctions may apply.                              steroids as any drug or hormonal                may result in severe self-inflicted inju-
                                                  substance chemically and pharma-                ries. Persistent memory problems and
                                                  cologically related to testosterone             speech difficulties may linger.
Health Effects of                                 (other than estrogens, progestins, and        00Narcotics: The term narcotic derives
                                                  corticosteroids), that promotes muscle
Alcohol & Other                                   growth. Those commonly encountered
                                                                                                  from the Greek word for stupor. Narcotic
                                                                                                  use is associated with a variety of
Drugs: Summary                                    on the illicit market include: boldenone        unwanted effects, including drowsi-
                                                  (Equipoise), ethylestrenol (Maxibolin),         ness, inability to concentrate, apathy,
The following is a partial list of drugs and      fluoxymesterone (Halotestin),                   lessened physical activity, constriction of
the consequences of their use. The abuse          methandriol, methandrostenolone                 the pupils, dilation of the subcutaneous
of alcohol and the use of other drugs is det-     (Dianabol),methytestosterone, nan-              blood vessels causing flushing of the
rimental to the health of the user. Further,      drolone (Durabolin, Deca-Durabolin),            face and neck, constipation, nausea and
the use of drugs and alcohol is not condu-        oxandrolone (Anavar), oxymetholone              vomiting and, most significantly, respira-
cive to an academic atmosphere. Drugs             (Anadrol), stanozolol (Winstrol), testos-       tory depression. With repeated use of
impede the learning process and can cause         terone and trenbolone (Finajet).                narcotics, tolerance and dependence
disruption for other students and disturb       00Cannabis: Three drugs that come from            develop. Users of narcotics, such as
their academic interests. The use of alcohol
                                                  cannabis—marijuana, hashish, and                heroin, codeine, morphine, and opium,
or drugs in the workplace may also impede
                                                  hashish oil—are currently distributed           are susceptible to overdose that can
the employee’s ability to perform in a
                                                  on the U.S. illicit market. These drugs are     lead to convulsions, coma and death.
safe and effective manner, and may result
                                                  deleterious to the health and impair the      00Stimulants: Cocaine is the most potent
in injuries to others. Early diagnosis and
                                                  short-term memory and comprehen-                stimulant of natural origin. “Crack” is the
treatment of drug and alcohol abuse is in
                                                  sion of the user. When used, they alter         chunk form of cocaine that is a ready-to-
the best interests of the student, employee
                                                  the sense of time and reduce the ability        use freebase. These drugs stimulate the
and the university. For additional informa-
                                                  of the user to perform tasks requiring          central nervous system and are extremely
tion concerning the health risks associated
                                                  concentration and coordination. They            addictive. They can cause psychological
with substances covered by the Controlled
                                                  also increase the heart rate and appetite.      and physical dependency. Stimulants can
Substances Act, refer to the chart on pages
                                                  Motivation and cognition can be altered,        lead to dilated pupils, increased pulse
24–25 of the U.S. Department of Justice
                                                  making acquisition and retention of new         rate, elevated blood pressure, insomnia,
publication, Drugs of Abuse, 1996 edition.
                                                  information difficult. Long-term users          loss of appetite, paranoia, and seizures.
00Alcohol: Alcohol is the most frequently
                                                  may develop psychological depen-                They can also cause death by disrupt-
  abused drug on campus and in society.           dence that can produce paranoia and             ing the brain’s control of the heart and
  Alcohol is chemically classified as a           psychosis. Because cannabis products            respiration. The use of amphetamines
  mind-altering drug because it contains          are usually inhaled as unfiltered smoke,        and other stimulants can have the same
  ethanol and has the chemical power              they are damaging to the lungs and              effect as cocaine and cause increased
  to depress the action of the central            pulmonary system and have more                  heart rates and blood pressure that can
  nervous system. This depression affects         cancer-causing agents than tobacco.             result in a stroke or heart failure. Side
  motor coordination, speech and vision.        00Depressants: Depressants produce                effects include dizziness, sleeplessness,
  In great amounts, it can affect respira-
                                                  central nervous system depression.              and anxiety. They can also lead to hal-
  tion and heart rate control. Death can
                                                  Depressants (i.e., barbiturates, benzodi-       lucinations, paranoia, psychosis, and even
  result when the level of blood alcohol
                                                  azepines, glutethimide, methqualone,            a physical collapse. Nicotine is a highly
  exceeds 0.40%. Prolonged abuse of
                                                  and meprobamate) can cause physical             addictive stimulant, whether ingested
  alcohol can lead to alcoholism, malnutri-
                                                  and psychological dependence that can           by smoking or chewing. This drug hits
  tion and cirrhosis.
                                                  lead to respiratory depression, coma and        the brain in six seconds and damages
00Anabolic Steroids: Concerns over a
                                                  death, especially when used in concert          the lungs, decreases heart strength,
  growing illicit market and prevalence           with alcohol. Withdrawal can lead to            and is associated with many types of
  of abuse, combined with the possibil-           restlessness, insomnia, convulsions and         cancers when ingested by smoking. The
  ity of long-term effects of steroid use,        even death. Chloral hydrate, a hypnotic         withdrawal symptoms include anxiety,
  led Congress to place anabolic steroids         depressant, and alcohol constitute the          progressive restlessness, irritability, and
  into Schedule III of the Controlled             infamous “date-rape drug” or “Mickey            sleep disturbances.
  Substances Act (CSA). Although the              Finn.”
  adverse effects of large doses of             00Hallucinogens: LSD, PCP, mescaline
  multiple anabolic steroids are not well
                                                  and peyote are classified as hallucino-       Myths About Alcohol
  established, there is increasing evidence
                                                  gens. Hallucinogens interrupt the brain
  of serious health problems associ-                                                            00Everyone drinks. Actually, 30% of UW–
                                                  messages that control the intellect and
  ated with the abuse of these agents,                                                            Madison students don’t drink at all or
                                                  keep instincts in check. Large doses can
  including cardiovascular damage, liver                                                          classify themselves as light drinkers.
                                                  produce convulsions and coma, heart
  damage and damage to reproductive                                                             00The use of alcohol is a personal choice
                                                  and lung failure. Chronic users complain
  organs. Physical side effects include                                                           that only affects the user. You are part
                                                  of persistent memory problems and
  elevated blood pressure and cholesterol                                                         of a 40,000+ student community and
                                                  speech difficulties for up to a year after
  levels, severe acne, premature balding,
UW Campus Safety Guide 2009-10                                                                                                           31

  your substance use choices can affect        00Make Moderation Part of Your Lifestyle.
  the people you are with and the things         A Harvard University study indicated that
  you are doing.                                 65% of UW–Madison undergraduates
00I see a lot of people using alcohol            are high-risk drinkers and that 54% drink
  to socialize and I want to fit in and          to get drunk. Moderation can lessen the
  make friends. Choose to see and be             negative consequences such as hurt-
  with those people who care about               ing you or others, vandalism, academic
  themselves and their friends. There are        problems and failure. Begin by deciding if
  many ways to make friends and many             you’re going to drink alcohol or not! If you
  places to fit into the campus - join a         choose to drink, remember it’s not a race.
  student organization (there are 700+           Alternate with nonalcoholic drinks and
  to choose from!), volunteer, hang out          be sure to eat. Think how much better
  at one of the Unions, join an intramu-         you’ll feel in the morning after a moder-
  ral sports team.                               ate night, not to mention the positive
                                                 effect moderation will have on your class
                                                 attendance, grades, and friendships!

 Appendix 3

UW–Madison Division of University Housing
2008 Annual Fire Safety Report
Residence Hall and Apartment Student Housing

Number and cause                               Number of injuries                               Value of property
of each fire in                                from fire that result in                         damage caused by fire
any on-campus                                  medical treatment                                University Residence Halls
housing facility                               University Residence Halls                       University Residence Halls value of prop-
                                                                                                erty damage by fire was $1915.73.
University Residence Halls                     No injuries from fires that resulted in medi-
                                               cal treatment in 2008.                           University Apartments
One fire in an elevator car caused by arson.
University Apartments                          University Apartments                            University Apartments value of property
Two dumpster fires caused by hot char-                                                          damage caused by fire was $920.00. Most
coals disposed of in dumpster.                 No injuries from fires that resulted in medi-
                                                                                                of the property loss was resident (personal)
Four fires in apartments caused by the         cal treatment in 2008.
                                                                                                property loss.
•	   C
     	 andle	on	kitchen	table	started	table	
     wreath on fire                            Number of deaths                                 Description of the
•	   	 rape	caught	on	fire	when	it	touched	
     a floor lamp
                                               related to fire                                  fire safety "system" in
•	   	 wo	stove	top	fires	when	a	pan	was	
     left unattended
                                               University Residence Halls                       each housing facility
                                               No deaths related to fire in 2008.
                                                                                                University Residence Halls
                                               University Apartments                            Adams Hall: Multiplexed addressable
                                               No deaths related to fire in 2008.               building fire alarm system, dry standpipe
                                                                                                system and resident room 110v stand
                                                                                                alone smoke detectors with battery
32                                                                                                    UW Campus Safety Guide 2009-10

Barnard Hall: Multiplexed addressable            resident room 110v stand alone smoke             Community Expectations at http://www.
building fire alarm system and resident          detectors with battery backup.          .
room 110v stand alone smoke detectors
                                                 Tripp Hall: Multiplexed addressable build-       Procedures for evacuation are posted on
with battery backup.
                                                 ing fire alarm system, dry standpipe system      all resident and staff floors.
Bradley Hall: Multiplexed addressable            and resident room 110v stand alone smoke
                                                                                                  Fire Safety training and education for
building fire alarm system and resident          detectors with battery backup.
                                                                                                  residents is covered at house meetings
room 110v stand alone smoke detectors
                                                 Witte Hall: Multiplexed addressable build-       by the House Fellow. This is a review of
with battery backup.
                                                 ing fire alarm system, full building sprinkler   general fire safety information.
Chadbourne Hall: Multiplexed address-            system and supervised resident room
                                                                                                  Fire Safety training and education for
able building fire alarm system, full            smoke detectors.
                                                                                                  staff includes yearly training. Residence
building sprinkler system and supervised
                                                 Zoe Bayliss Coop: Multiplexed address-           life training includes both hands on (fire
resident room smoke detectors.
                                                 able building fire alarm system and              extinguisher) and discussion regarding
Cole Hall: Multiplexed addressable build-        resident room 110v stand alone smoke             roles in the event of a fire, open door
ing fire alarm system and resident room          detectors with battery backup.                   impact, smoke danger and causes of recent
110v stand alone smoke detectors with                                                             fires. Facilities staff training includes hands
battery backup.                                  University Apartments                            on (fire extinguisher) and review of a fire
                                                 Eagle Heights Buildings: Multiplexed             safety video.
Elizabeth Waters Hall: Multiplexed address-
able building fire alarm system, dry standpipe   addressable fire alarm systems and apart-
                                                 ment 110v stand alone smoke detectors            University Apartments
system and resident room 110v stand alone
smoke detectors with battery backup.             with battery backup.                             Policies for portable electric appliances,
                                                                                                  smoking and open flames are avail-
Friedrick Hall: Multiplexed addressable          University Houses Buildings: Apartment
                                                                                                  able on-line at http://www.housing.wisc.
building fire alarm system and resident          110v stand alone smoke detectors with
                                                                                                  edu/universityapartments/ under lease
room 110v stand alone smoke detectors            battery backup. There are five basements
with battery backup.                             in the University Houses buildings; all have
                                                 non-addressable fire alarm systems.              Procedures for evacuation are posted at
Kronshage Hall: Multiplexed addressable                                                           various locations in the Community Center.
building fire alarm system and resident
room 110v stand alone smoke detectors            Number of mandatory,                             Fire Safety training and education for
                                                                                                  residents is covered in the resident hand-
with battery backup.
                                                 supervised fire drills                           book at
Merit House: Multiplexed addressable                                                              universityapartments/pdf/resident_hand-
building fire alarm system and resident          University Residence Halls                       book_08_09.pdf .
room 110v stand alone smoke detectors            There are four required fire drills of which
with battery backup.                                                                              Fire Safety training and education for
                                                 one of the four must take place after dark.      staff includes hands on semi annual fire
Ogg Hall: Multiplexed addressable build-                                                          alarm system troubleshooting and reset-
ing fire alarm system, full building sprinkler   University Apartments                            ting training.
system and supervised resident room              There are monthly required fire drills in the
smoke detectors.                                 community center only. Fire drills are not
Sellery Hall: Multiplexed addressable            conducted in apartments.                         Plans for future
building fire alarm system, full building                                                         improvements
sprinkler system and resident room 110v
stand alone smoke detectors.                     Policies pertaining to                           in fire safety
Slichter Hall: Multiplexed addressable           use of portable electric                         University Residence Halls
building fire alarm system and resident          appliances, smoking,                             In the short term, our plans are to continue
room 110v stand alone smoke detectors
with battery backup.                             open flames; evacuation;                         to adhere to stringent inspection, testing
                                                                                                  and maintenance of all fire safety systems,
Smith Hall: Multiplexed addressable              fire safety training and                         equipment and devices. All new facilities
building fire alarm system, full building
sprinkler system and resident room 110v
                                                 education provided for                           will be fully sprinklered and fire alarm sys-
                                                                                                  tems will be replaced as needed with the
stand alone smoke detectors with battery         residents and staff                              most up to date technology.
                                                 University Residence Halls                       University Apartments
Sullivan Hall: Multiplexed addressable
                                                 Policies for portable electric appliances,       University Houses buildings will be
building fire alarm system and resident
                                                 smoking and open flames are avail-               upgraded to multiplexed addressable
room 110v stand alone smoke detectors
                                                 able on-line at http://www.housing.wisc.         fire alarm systems starting in 2011. We
with battery backup.
                                                 edu/assignments/contracts.php under              continue to adhere to stringent inspection,
Susan B. Davis House: Multiplexed                Terms and Conditions and under Student/          testing and maintenance of all fire safety
addressable building fire alarm system and                                                        systems, equipment and devices.

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