When someone is walking away from the door by 4mD4ar


                    APPLICATION NOTES
                    Swinging, Sliding, Folding, Revolving Doors

                  4.76” W x 3.14” H x 2.00” D

                Supply voltage                                          12 to 24 V AC :  10% :
TECHNICAL                                                               12 to 24 V DC : -10% / +30% :
SPECIFICATION   Standard output relay:
                Max contact voltage                                     60 VDC / 125 VAC
                Max contact current                                     1 A (resistive)
                Max switching power                                     30W (DC) / 60VA (AC)
                Mounting height                                         Normal: 7’ ; Maximum 10’-0”
                Operating temperature range                             -4°F to 131°F
                Dimensions                                              4.76” W x 3.14” H x 2.00” D
                Technology                                              Microwave Transmitter frequency :24.125 GHz
                Microwave (Activation) Pattern                          13’ W x 6.5’ D
                (two antennas provided)                                 6.5’ W x 8.2’ D
                Housing                                                 Black (standard): may be painted non-metallic by consumer
                                                                        ABS plastic & LURAN S
                Minimum detection speed:                                2.2 in/sec.

 NOTES                  The Eagle sensor utilizes microwave technology and is used to provide activation for all types of doors,
                         including swinging, sliding, revolving, bi-folding, and industrial. Microwave provides the motion detection based
                         upon a Doppler effect. This sensor is fully programmable by remote control.

                        The Eagle is equipped with 3 different directional modes: bi-directional, uni-directional, uni-directional with
                         Motion Tracking Feature (MTF). The uni-directional modes will only detect motion moving towards the sensor.
                         When someone is walking away from the door, the sensor will not detect the motion allowing the door to start to
                         close faster, thus creating energy efficiency.

                        Other Notes:
                             1. Sensor may be painted non-metallic by consumer.
                             2. Sensor may be recessed in drop ceiling, but must be positioned so that it may meet ANSI
                                  requirements. (contact BEA for additional instructions) It cannot be placed behind metal objects.
                             3. Sensor cover has no exposed screws (snap fit).
                             4. All wiring is concealed within sensor.
                             5. Sensor must not be placed near metal halide lights.

                Meets ANSI 156.10-2005 Standard for activation:
                       Motion / Activation zone reaches within 5” of the face of the door
                       Microwave can detect movement as slow as 2.2 inches per second, exceeding ANSI

                *Note to specifier: BEA Inc. does not sell to the end user, nor do we bid on projects. Our products are distributed
                throughout over 2000 independent door distributors, as well as door manufacturers. Competitive bidding is ensured when
                specifying BEA products.

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