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					                                     Tools for Web Design
     Are you thinking about designing a website but do not know where to begin? Well, first you need to
     analyze the following:
1.   The Need
     What purpose do you want your website to serve? If you want to create a website on which you want
     to express yourself on the internet, then a simple blog would do the job. Hence, you do not need to
     put in a lot of complex designing into it. But, let’s say, if you plan to start your own online business,
     then you will need to design a website that is not only appealing, but also extremely user-friendly as
     well as comprehensive. For a complicated website, getting tools for creating databases is an
     appropriate step to take.

1.   Your Level of Skill and Commitment
     If you are creating a simple personal website, then getting a tool like Adobe Dreamweaver will make
     things very difficult for you as it is extremely expensive and technical. Instead, you should get a
     template and design your website on that. But, let’s say, you want a more professional website, then
     you may need to purchase professional software or receive help from an experience expert.

1.   Your Budget
     Web design tools are not very cheap, hence you must carefully analyze your need before you go and
     purchase a web design tool, as there is a very high probability that it might not be best able to aid you
     in the website designing process. So think carefully about what sort of a design you need, simple or
     complex, and then start investing in books, tutorials, and software according to that. If your budget
     allows it, you can also get a professional designer to design your website.
     Now, after you decide upon whether you need a simple or complex website, you need to make a
     choice: Which web design software is the best for your goals? There are many tools that will be
     available on the internet, but many of them are ineffective and will not be able to help you in creating
     a great website. Hence, it is advisable that you invest in a good website designing tool. To help you
     choose, here is a very short list of some of the best tools according to skill level and requirement:

1.   For Professionals
     Dreamweaver and Adobe Photoshop are the two software tools that you must consider getting. These
     software tools are not that hard to handle, but still for the HTML coding purposes, it is advised that
     you get a reference book, just in case. Moreover, you can also find many online tutorials that will help
     you learn these tools.

1.   For Non-professionals
If you are not a professional, then WebWizard is the perfect web design software for you, as it is
extremely easy to design a website with it. This amazing software contains hundreds of professional
templates, which are pre-designed to easily create a website. Although these templates might be very
common on the internet, at least by using them, you can be sure that your website will look
professional. You could also try Komposer for HTML editing and GIMP for graphic design.

If you want a very high-class website, and you cannot afford any mistakes at all, then it is best to hire
professionals to do the job for you, as designing a website is a tricky task. Particularly for cms website
design ma (content management systems), you are better off going with a professional. However, if
you think that you are up for it, by all means, use the tools mentioned above and you can be sure to
create an amazing website.

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