Black America Victim of Imperial Wars

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					Black America:
Victim of U.S. Imperialism’s
Endless War

 A Call from the Black Left Unity Network
      The October 5-7 anti-war mobilizations organized by the United
National Anti-war Coalition (UNAC), is a clarion call to unite in opposition to
U.S. imperialist wars abroad and at home.
      The police and extrajudicial murders of Black people, the extreme rate
of Black unemployment, the rate of housing foreclosures in Black communities,
the attacks on and dismantling of public education, the acts to suppress and
deny Black voting rights, the environmental racism and gentrification of
historical Black communities, and the incarceration of more than 2 million
mainly working class Black and Brown victims of a failed economy must be
defined as an act of war on Black America.
      These assaults on Black America are expressions of the systemic crises of
U.S. domination, and the capitalist neoliberal agenda set in motion to address
those crises. In every area of economic and political life, the people hardest hit
by human rights violations are made to appear as criminals and victims with
only submission and resistance as our options.
      Yes, there is resistance to these attacks, but they are scattered and not
coordinated to resist the national and global attack that connects the wars
abroad against the wars at home.
       A national resistance against the war on Black America that unites with
other movements against the imperialist global wars requires a national Black
united front, to build an anti-war movement as part of rebuilding the national
Black liberation movement and struggle for African -American self-
       As was done in the struggle against the Vietnam War, we call on Black,
oppressed nationality and working class troops to resist imperialist wars and to
declare that America is the oppressed people’s battleground. We call on the
youth to organize and fight for a future of peace, justice, human rights and
social progress.
       The Black Left Unity Network (BLUN) calls for a national dialogue
of Black activists as a step toward building a national Black united front
against the war on Black America, other oppressed inside the U.S. and global
imperialist wars.
       There are many campaigns, such as the No More Trayvons, End Stop
and Frisk and the National Action Plan, among others that should be
defined as Stop the War on Black America campaigns.
       We know that no matter who is elected U.S. President, the war on Black
America won’t be challenged or stopped unless the Black masses are organized
as a national force exercising all of the power that we possess in society and as
part of a global challenge to imperialist wars.
       The BLUN will sponsor a National Black Dialogue Call to facilitate an
initial discussion among Black activists on forming an anti-war coalition that
would relate to UNAC and non-sectarian anti-war efforts.
       If you want to be part of the BLUN National Black Dialogue on
building a Black united front against the war on Black America and imperialist
wars abroad, send your email address to and
BLUN will send you the notice and link to join the call.

The Black Left Unity Network P.O. Box 934 Rocky Mount, NC 27802

    In solidarity with People everywhere fighting against all forms of imperialism!

Description: A Call for Black Left Forces to Mobilize a nation Black America fightback against the Imperial war at home and abroad.