Ljubljana - Spring 2009 by fjzhangxiaoquan



Name of the University: Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana
Names of the students: Alexander Wegger
Exchange semester: Spring 2009


The Faculty of economics is located in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, 5 minutes by bus
from the city center. The faculty consists of two buildings that are connected in the basement.
One building is for administration causes and the other building consists of lecture halls and

The University of Ljubljana has over 63 000 students divided over 22 faculties, 3 arts
academies and one university college. In the current academic year there were 8161
students enrolled at undergraduate programmes, 1297 students at graduate
programmes and 110 at Ph.D. programmes. There were about 200 -300 exchange
students in Ljubljana in 2009.


Information before you left
I received the information I needed in good time before I left. Also the international office were
     very helpful by answering my e-mails.

Visa Procedure and travel experiences
There is no need for Visa in Slovenia as it is part of the European Union. I ordered my ticket
    on the internet and there were no big problems with the travel except from some snow
    chaos when I arrived Ljubljana.

Academic Calendar
I arrived Ljubljana the 3 of February and the introductory week started at the 9 of February so
I had some time to get a place to stay and other necessary things to do before the
introduction started. The first day of the semester was the 16 of February. The last day of
classes was at the end of May and then there was one round of exams at the beginning of
June and another round at the end of June. Students were allowed to take all their exams
during the first round and then had the option of re-writing or writing 2 exams in the second

We all received a tutor from the faculty before we arrived Ljubljana, and the reception was
   really good. The tutors were really helpful with all the things that had to be done and
   showed us around in the city.

We had the option to apply for student dormitories before we arrived and we received a
room the day after arrival. The other option was to stay in a private apartment and the
international office were very helpful in finding private apartments for you, but I will not
recommend private apartments because of some bad experiences with crooked landlords.

The monthly rent for student dormitories are between 60 euros and 100 euros, for private
apartments it is between 150 and 300 euros. We only use copies in the courses, and a copy
of one book is around 5 euros. For food there is a very good system in Ljubljana. Each month
you can buy around 20 coupons. You can get coupons for almost every restaurant in the city
and with the coupons you can get a big meal for 1 - 4 euros including soup, main dish, salad
and cake.

The International Office
There is an international office at the faculty and for the whole university and they are both
   very helpful with everything.

Exchange promotion
I did not take part in anything to promote exchange to Norway.

Social Activities
The relationship with other students is really great in Ljubljana and you meet people from all
   over the world. The student organization is arranging different trips for exchange
   students, for example to Belgrad and Sarajevo. Every Monday there is a special party for
   Exchange students at the Parlament pub and this is always a great party. I enjoy my stay
   in Ljubljana and my time at the school a lot mostly because of the good relation with the
   other exchange students.

Culture and Language
The English level in Ljubljana and Slovenia is ok, and I did not meet any specific difficulties.
    There are two Slovenian language courses during the semester, but there are not too
    many people participating in this and I also do not think it is necessary.

Cultural and Social Effects from the Exchange Experience
I think the exchange experiences has made me more tolerable and open to different cultures,
     and it has taught me how to socialize with different cultures. I think I learn a lot from
     different cultures that can make me avoid doing cultural mistakes in my future career. My
     language skills and communication skills has also improved a lot.


The Teaching situation
All the courses at the Economic faculty for exchange students are taught in English.
The study level is maybe a little bit lower than at BI, but the amount of homework and
     compulsory classes are higher than at BI. The teaching is primarily theoretical. The
     professors use a mix of cases, group work and lectures. The relationship between
     students in the classroom is ok and there is a lot of discussions and use of comparison
     between the different countries and cultures.

Required Literature
All the literature is in English and has a good level. The exams are based on both lectures
     and literature.

The exams are all open questions and motivates discussion.

The students have good access to the library and to computers.

Description of Courses
    Please list all the courses you are taking in the form below:
Name and code of the course
Prerequisites, if any
Exam form
Comments: Relevance, Difficult/easy, Practical/theoretical, Enrolment problems

Course name:             Prereq.         Exam             Major at BI     Approved as
Economic policy                   None            Written
Globalization and int trade                       Written
Human res. Management                             Written
Man. Accounting                                       Written
Slovenian economy                                     Written
All the courses are 6 ect credits and the workload is pretty much the same in all the courses.

Names and e-mails:
Alexander Wegger, wegger87@hotmail.com

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