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                                  BOARD OF SELECTMEN

                                        August 17, 2010

SELECTMEN PRESENT: Steven N. Wawruck, Jr., Joseph R. Calsetta, and Denise T. Balboni
ALSO PRESENT: Tony Ruggiero, and members of the Ruggiero family, and Reporters from
              the Journal Inquirer and the Hartford Courant
First Selectman Wawruck called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m.

The Pledge of Allegiance was observed.


Selectman Balboni declined approving the July 6, 2010 Minutes until after she has reviewed the
recorded version.
Selectman Calsetta moved to table the July 6th Minutes until the next Board Meeting, and
to approve the August 3, 2010 Minutes as published. Selectman Balboni seconded the
motion. All were in favor.

a. Permit Modification Application, Permit Number PO1390689-PO
  The Selectmen briefly reviewed a letter that was sent by Anchor Engineering Services, Inc. to
  notify the Town that their client has submitted a permit modification to the Connecticut
  Department of Environmental Protection for its Babylon Recycling Center, LLC facility. A
  copy of the legal notice that was published on July 31, 2010, in the Hartford Courant was
  Selectman Wawruck stated that he has discussed the matter with Attorney Thomas Fahey
  and a Representative from Anchor Engineering Services. He explained that Anchor
  Engineering Services, Inc. has sent an application to the DEP to apply for a permit that will
  allow the Babylon facility, which currently allows for construction debris, to add a transfer
  station for municipal solid waste/garbage. Applying to the DEP is the first step in the process.
  Selectman Balboni wondered if the town would have any say in the matter if DEP approves
  the permit. Selectman Wawruck stated that the Assistant Zoning Officer is checking to see if
  Windsor Locks will have a voice in the final permit decision. He felt that there will be many
  hearings for residents to voice any thoughts or concerns that they might have with having a
  transfer station being located there.

a. Set Town Meeting Date – Old County Road Easements
   Selectman Wawruck explained that the Old County Road construction project took place
   back in the 1996-1998 timeframe and is now completed. As a formality of the easements
   that were acquired, the State would like to convey the easements to the Town. The matter
   has been reviewed without objection by both the Town Attorney and Town Engineer.
   Selectman Calsetta moved to set a Town Meeting date for Tuesday, August 31, 2010
   at 7:30 p.m., at the Windsor Locks Town Hall, to accept the Old County Road
   easements. Selectman Balboni seconded the motion. All were in favor.
Board of Selectmen
August 17, 2010
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   Selectman Balboni moved to discuss item “b. Set Public Hearing Date for Blight
   Discussion – September 7, 2010” as the next order of business. Selectman Calsetta
   seconded the motion. All were in favor.
   Selectman Wawruck stated that a second Public Input would be added at the end of the
   meeting if it was necessary.
b. Set Public Hearing Date for Blight Discussion – September 7, 2010
   Selectman Wawruck stated that at a previous meeting a resident came forward to express
   an interest in having a discussion with the Selectmen on the Blight Ordinance, paragraph by
   paragraph. The resident has taken pictures of blighted properties around town and stated
   that he would like to address them at length with the Selectmen.
   Selectman Wawruck felt that a Public Hearing would be the best forum to have this type of
   discussion. He added that he has been notified that a large group of residents would be
   Discussion followed on whether a Public Hearing would be the best way to hold this type of
   discussion. Selectman Calsetta stated that a public hearing is conducted in a less formal
   atmosphere and allows for the town to inform the public as to what has taken place in the
   past, what the pro’s and con’s are, and what the public perception is.
   The Selectmen agreed that a moderator should preside over the meeting that evening.
   Selectman Wawruck stated that any suggested changes to the Ordinance will be further
   reviewed and discussed at future Board meetings.
   Selectman Calsetta moved to set a Public Hearing date for Tuesday, September 7,
   2010 at 7:00 p.m., at the Windsor Locks High School Auditorium. Selectman Balboni
   seconded the motion. All were in favor.

Tony Ruggiero from 6 Ahern Street came forward to address the Selectmen. He stated his
concerns with pictures of private property being taken by another resident He felt that it was
intrusive and inappropriate, and that he felt threatened by it.
Mr. Ruggiero also stated his reasons why he felt the current Blight Ordinance is reasonable in
that it allows for offenders to be appropriately notified with a specific amount of time to comply.
Mr. Ruggiero also spoke briefly on an anonymous letter that was sent to his address indicating
that he had blighted property. He stated that with a busy work and school schedule, his yard is
being taken care of with the limited amount of time that he has available. He thought that there
were other yards in town that were far worse than his.
Mr. Ruggiero was concerned with how stringent the Blight Ordinance would become if it is
changed. He felt that it could snowball and intrude on rights of privacy and personal property.
He also thought that it could pit neighbor against neighbor.
Selectman Wawruck explained that the responsibility for the Ordinance falls within his office.
He stated that any property that is in question is visited by himself and the Chief of Police, or the
Public Work’s Director to determine if there is a valid complaint. If a violation letter is sent out
(by the Police Department), it is withdrawn if the property owner complies. He stated that the
Town is reactive, not pro-active.
Board of Selectmen
August 17, 2010
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Selectman Wawruck stated that the purpose of the Public Hearing on blight was to gain input
from the town’s residents. He assured those in attendance in that the current ordinance will not
be just arbitrarily changed. If valid concerns are brought forward at the Public Hearing, and the
Ordinance needs to be revised, the Town will act accordingly. He thought that more meetings
could be necessary to make sure all of the pros and cons are heard.
A brief discussion followed with those in attendance regarding different properties in town that
could be considered as blight.
Selectman Balboni thought that there were concerns from anyone filing Blight Complaint forms
having to identify themselves. It could increase neighbor to neighbor issues, although she
acknowledged and supported the fact that it was part of the process.
Selectman Wawruck reiterated that any changes that might be made to the Ordinance will have
to go to future hearings and meetings before a final determination is made.
a. Work From Home Policy
   Selectman Wawruck stated that he was open to suggestions or any thoughts from the Board
   on adding a “Work from Home Policy” to the Personnel Rules. Selectman Wawruck had
   previously distributed telecommuting data to the Board that he received at a CRCOG
  Selectman Balboni didn’t feel that the data provided was sufficient. She stated that she
  would like information from other towns on how they are successfully adapting a policy of this
  type with their staff. She continued by stating that her position is that she doesn’t believe that
  the town, or the taxpayers who pay the salaries of the employees really benefit from a Work
  from Home Policy. She thought that accommodations could be considered for those with
  medical issues, but felt there should be time constraints and rules on how it begins and ends.
  Unilaterally, she didn’t think it would be effective.
  Selectman Calsetta stated that he read the data, and although he somewhat agreed with
  Selectman Balboni, he felt that some of the material could be applied. He thought that the
  Selectmen could start to develop a list to define specific categories and guidelines.
  Selectman Wawruck stated that he would draw from other town’s resources to gain more
  insight. He stated that he will also meet with the Town Attorney to further discuss the matter.
  Any resulting ideas will be brought forward at a future Selectmen’s meeting.
  Discussion followed among the Selectmen regarding the number of days and hours that are
  currently worked by the Human Resource Director. After a brief debate the Selectmen
  agreed to discuss the matter further after more information is obtained from other sources.
  Selectman Wawruck stated that he would also contact the State to see if they had any
  additional information to offer.


Selectman Balboni moved to approve the Refund Request for August 17, 2010, in the
amount of $1,029.83, as outlined in Schedule A. Selectman Calsetta seconded the
motion. All were in favor.
A copy of Schedule A is attached to these Minutes.
Board of Selectmen
August 17, 2010
Page 4

Selectman Wawruck reminded the Board of the Town Meeting that is scheduled for 7:30 p.m.
that evening.

There being no further discussion or information to come before the Board of Selectmen;
A motion to adjourn the meeting at 6:40 p.m. was made by Selectman Calsetta and
seconded by Selectman Balboni. All were in favor.

Respectfully submitted,

Susan R. Barsanti
Recording Secretary

Schedule A
                              Refund Request for
                               August 17, 2010

             Name             Bill Number   Reason for      Refund
                                             Refund         Amount
Prior Year Refunds
Cab East, LLC
P.O. Box 67000                   See
Detroit, MI 48627              Attached     Vehicles Sold   $ 756.12

Current Year Refunds
Debra Barberi
Re: Stella Barberi
166 Stratton Brook Rd
Simsbury, CT 06070            09-3-50793    Vehicle Sold     $ 7.23

Vanessa Carreira
75 Fox Hollow
Windsor Locks, CT 06096       09-3-52064    Vehicle Sold    $ 20.95

Sherry Howe
105 Southwest Avenue
Windsor Locks, CT 06096       09-3-59662    OverPayment     $ 115.98

Hyundai Lease Titling Trust
10550 Talbert Avenue
Fountain Valley, CA. 92708    09-3-59764     Paid twice     $ 103.95

Cheryl Levinskas
4 Ellis Street
Windsor Locks, CT 06096       09-3-60964    Vehicle Sold    $ 25.60

Prior Year Refunds                                           $ 756.12
Current Year Refunds                                         $ 273.71
TOTAL REFUNDS                                               $ 1029.83

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