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					                       Ts5011 – Managing people and Technology
                                   Mark Lindquist
                                 Unit 2 Discussion 2

April 13h, 2009
Stakeholder Influence:

A project is populated by two groups of people; the developers who work on the project
including the project manager if there is one and the stakeholders of the project who
generally hold other non-functional interests in the project.

When a project is moving along in its progression to completion the stakeholders can
exert or specify certain requirements well into the project timeline thereby introducing
new constraints on the project. This undoubtedly throws the project off as developers
must re-visit the requirements process and also implement these new requirements into
the project. The more this happens and the longer into the project it happens costs begin
to rise as a result.

The developers who actually work on the project use a process to conceptually guide
them through the project. This process must take into account the late introduction of new
requirements so that costs can be controlled. With Extreme Programming or XP, for
example, the late requirements introduced by stakeholders and the costs associated with
them are met by using iterations which accept change well into the project without
increasing cost.

With the right process for software development these stakeholder demands and risks
associated with them can be controlled. A good process that accepts change late and
mitigates risk early will counter the chaos that stakeholders can bring to a project.

My experience with software engineering projects is limited and I have no real
experience with stakeholder concerns in that area but in my years as a free lance website
designer I experienced many late requests for change well into the creation of the
website. Sometimes even when the websites I developed were finished I would receive
late requests by stakeholders for changes to be made. If I didn’t use a process that
accepted these late requests I would have a very difficult time as well as additional costs
to making these changes.


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