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									                                             Families to Amend California’s Three Strikes

         January 2007

    Inside this issue:
State Office                           2
                                                                                                                                                             into 2008 with a broad spectrum
Sacramento Rally                       3                Coming Together to Build Strength and Create New Possibilities                                       of support.
Orange County                          4                                                             By Christopher Calhoun, FACTS Board President and           After all is said and done,
                                                                                                                    geri silva, FACTS Executive Director
Inland Empire                          5                                                                                                                     money will define our future.
                                                                                                                                                             Here, again, unity is essential.
Freedom Writers                        6       The life blood of FACTS is       members Gary and Ms.                 professional poll.                      Fundraising is about creating
Sillen’s Report                        7   its members. Over the years,         Freddie) built three 8’x 9’  Come to unity around a set
                                                                                                                                                            possibilities, and if we aren’t
Art Consent-Tax-                       8   we have had thousands of             Walls of Strikers, which we          of principles for developing our        working together and sharing our
                                           m e m b e r s a n d c o n t a ct s   bring with us to public events.      2008 initiative and for working         ideas and leads, we won’t know
Contact FACTS:                             organized in all parts of the        Families pass out small together.                                            about and build on all the
3982 S. Figueroa St.                       state. Why, then, have we not        brochures/profiles of their loved  Identified key attitudes,
                                                                                                                                                            opportunities that arise. Two
Suite 209                                  fulfilled our mission to free        ones. (Note: If we don’t have        reform proposals, messages, and         examples: Barbara Brooks from
Los Angeles, CA 90037                      nonviolent Third Strikers? In        your info yet - a picture and        messengers to test in our first         Orange County used one of our
                                           our opinion, a critical weakness     short parag raph -pl ease round of polling.                                  strategy meetings to start the ball
213-746-4944 fax
                                           has been our inability to move       forward it to us). We are                At this stage, we have              rolling on a house party plan.                      with a single, collectively          visiting city councils to ask that collectively agreed that we will          House parties offer each of us a                             developed strategy.                  local leaders give their support support ballot language which is            simple way to participate, and if
                                               In fact, at our first meeting    for reform. We brought the as inclusive as possible, but                     we could host 100 parties that
geri silva                                 to plan our strategy for 2008,       press into a Thanksgiving            which we know from public               earned 1,000 each, that would be
Executive Director                         FACTS activists came to the          Dinner at the home of Striker        opinion research, is winnable.          enough to show other major
                                           same conclusion: if we want to       Brian Smith. The family We also agreed to proceed                            donors that we’re serious. But we
Donna Warren
                                           achieve victory in 2008, we          showed how they celebrate            demo crati call y i nside the           have to follow through with unity
Program Assistant
                                           have to develop greater unity        each year with an empty chair organization, drawing on our                   behind a realistic plan. Likewise,
Freddie Lawson                             inside FACTS.                        where Brian would be sitting. active members to guide the                    Barbara and Bonnie Gordon of
Administrative Assistant                       There are two ways that we       Plans right now are focused on decision-making at each step of               the Inland Empire have secured a
                                           have chosen to do this: first,                                                                                               massive list of potential
Gary Ferguson
                                           stronger coordination between          Chapter Meeting, Jan 20, 2007-geri silva, shows Frank C. a display of strikers.       donors, 54,000. We will
Director, Special Projects
                                           the chapters in Southern                                                                                                     need to figure out how
Barbara J. Brooks                          California through a new                                                                                                     to sort through this list,
Striker Editor                             Chapters’ Committee, and,                                                                                                    appeal to potential
                                           second, an inclusive strategic                                                                                               donors, and build a base
                                           planning process that invites all                                                                                            of supporters from
      Why FACTS Exists                     members to come together to                                                                                                  there.
       By Barb Brooks, Editor              make decisions about how to                                                                                                           To ge t he r –
                                           move forward toward an                                                                                                       united – and acting with
      We are here because of               initiative in 2008.
         your loved ones.                                                                                                                                               faith in one another and
                                                                                                                                                                        our cause -- we have the
We want this law amended and we            Chapters’ Committee                                                                                                          p o w e r          a n d
   want your loved ones to be              At this stage, we have taken
   re-sentenced appropriately.                                                                                                                                          resou rcefu l ness t o
                                           steps to insure that chapters in                                                                                             create new possibilities,
 With this in mind, why would you          the greater Southern California                                                                                              to make things happen
    hold back your support of
            our efforts?
                                           area are meeting together,                                                                                                   that might sound
                                           discussi ng, debat ing and                                                                                                   impossible to those who
 It is not enough to read this paper       developing campaigns that                                                                                                    don’t know FACTS.
 just to find out what we are doing.       sharpen our visibility and our
 Freedom from the injustice of this        vi abil it y. The Chapt ers’
   draconian law requires more.            Committee meets on a monthly
       It is not a ‘freebie.’              basis with representatives from
You cannot ride on the shirt tails of      the Inland Empire, Orange            our March 28th Bus Ride to            the way and informing and                 DO YOU WANT THIS
    others and expect rewards.             County, El Monte, South Los          Sacramento, (see page 3)              consulting with all members                LAW AMENDED?
 History tells us that whether it be       Angeles with Watts and Long          Strategic Planning                    throughout the process.                    The first step towards drafting
            freedom from                   Beach set to attend the next         FACTS members have attended           Next steps                             the initiative is conducting a public
      unrepresented taxation,              meeting. We are seeking to           a series of large group meetings          We have enlisted an amazing
 social and economic oppression,                                                                                                                             opinion poll. We have raised
                                           develop more chapters in the         in order to develop our strategy      group of people to draft our           $9,000 thus far and need an
     class distinction, slavery,
         or simple survival,               Southern California area.            together for 2008. Everyone is        measure: attorney William              additional $7,000 to fund the poll.
    it took thousands of people                Chapters share activities,       invited, and everyone has a           Genego, Law Professor Erwin            We hope to have it by March in
   uniting together for change.            plans and ideas related to           voice. Through these meetings,        Ch e me ri ns k y, po lit ic al        order to get our poll in the field to
 If we still face oppressions of any       building Three Strikes support       FACTS members have:                   consultant Dave Fratello, and          then begin a first draft of the
      kind, we must continue               in their communities. We              
                                                                                 Analyzed where we are,              others. Our plan is to carry out       initiative.
       to stand up against it.             continue to work on our              what our strengths are, where         the poll and draft a measure by            Will you help us take the first
       You must stop APATHY                “hometown cases.” We have            we need to grow in order to           late Spring. During this process,      step towards 2008? Your donation
            with ACTION.                   held four candlelight vigils         win, and the first steps we need      we will call together other            can be made tax-deductible by
   It is a willingness to sacrifice.       focused on individual cases and      to take, including pulling            organizations & groups of folks        making it payable to FACTS
         Join US—Show Up!                  succeeded in drawing media           together a drafting committee         to sit at the table with us and        Education Fund and putting ‘poll’
                                           attention each time. We (staff       and carrying out a new                share their input. We hope to go       in the memo portion of the check.

3982 S. Figueroa Street, Suite 209, Los Angeles, CA 90037                                                                   FACTS ACCEPTING NEWSPAPER SUBSCRIPTIONS
                                                                                                                                      FROM NON-MEMBERS
                                                                                                                        The FACTS mailing list has grown to approximately 14,000 and it is
                                                                                                                        becoming increasingly difficult for FACTS to send newspapers at no
                                                                                                                        cost. If you are not a member of FACTS, your voluntary subscrip-
                                                                                                                        tion of $10 per year will be much appreciated. Thank you.

                                                                                                                        Mail your check/money order to:
                                                                                                                        FACTS / ATTN: STRIKER NEWS
                                                                                                                        3982 s. Figueroa St., #209
                                                                                                                        Los Angeles, CA 90037

PAGE 2                                                                        FACTS STRIKER                                                              JANUARY, 2007

                                                                                                                                             to a captivated audience about
  LISTEN UP and LEARN from MS. FREDDIE!                                             Learning to be an Activist                               the injustices of the three
Dear Insiders,                       other 4,500 and families and              ~ A Quick Education for an Intern ~                           strikes law and the prison
      Wishing all of you the         friends unless you want a                                     By Cameron Goodman, FACTS Intern          system. On Friday, FACTS
best of everything under the         repeat of the 2004 Election!!                                                                           came out to the quad in full
circumstances. I would like to       We CAN do it this time and the        This fall I had t he             community and get involved       force with more information
think that you will seriously        time is NOW!                      opportunit y to intern at            in an organization working       and a hip-hop performance. A
commit yourselves to getting               It’s your life and FACTS    Families to              Amend       towards real change was          lot of students and teachers
all of your loved ones involved      is committed to making a          California 's Three Strikes with     invaluable and has changed       signed up to participate in the
with FACTS in some way. We           change in it. Everything you      two other students. We were          my perspective forever.          amendment campaign, and the
have an enormous task ahead of       do from 2007 to 2008 should       at the office twice a week for           Being able to work with      overall objective of spreading
us in 2007 and 2008 and need         be geared toward getting your     four hours, which was part of        Justin, and later Wendy,         awareness about the reality of
all of the support we can get.       families involved—not just        our Race Resistance and              gr eatl y e nh a nc e d t he     the Three Strikes Law was
We all have to give up               calling us to find out what’s     Activism class at Occidental         experience as well, and we       definitely achieved.
something to get this job done.      going on and not waiting to the   college. I had a vague               were able to put on a very           Although it was only a
No effort is too small, but we       final moments to participate!     co m p r e h e n s i o n o f t h e   successful event, which I am     small contribution to the
each must do something! A lot              When do we want it? We      implications of laws such as         very pro u d for havi ng         organization' s mission, I feel
of you have voiced your              want it NOW!!!!                   California's Three Strikes and       organized. I' ve never been      we      succeeded           in
opinions on various issues and                                         its unfair and discriminatory        involved in organizing events,   accomplishing everything we
we need the support of the           Sincerely,                        effects. I knew about the legal      especially events for activist   set out to do. Furthermore, the
                                     Ms. Freddie                       components and had heard             organizations and the teaming    opportunity to meet with
                                                                       stories about people unjustly        experience was really valuable   family members, and Harold
                                                                       incarcerated. I also came to         for me. The FACTS "Criminal      Hall and John Ewell, taught
                                                                       the internship with a distrust       Justice Awareness Week" was      me the i m po r t a n ce of
                                                                       of police officers and the legal     a great success. Monday was      organizations that are directly
                                                                       system in general. I wanted to       a preliminary exhibition of      involved in communication
                                                                       take part is something that          our informational materials,     with people who are affected
                                                                       actually had an impact on the        followed by an inspiring         by the issues we are fighting
                                                                       issues I've been studying at         speech by Angela Davis on        for. Getting involved at
                                                                       school. FACTS seemed the             Tuesday. She spoke about the     FACTS was by far one of the
                                                                       perfect place to start. After        Prison Industrial Complex and    best choices I have made in
                                                                       s pe n d i n g t he s em e st er     the prison abolition project.    my attempts to contribute to
                                                                       interning at FACTS, I now            The FACTS interns were able      social justice causes while
                                                                       know more about the true             to meet Ms. Davis at her         learning at the same time. I
                                                                       implications of our legal            reception to talk with her and   will remain involved with the
                                                                       system and understand more           have her sign a FACTS            organization as much as I can
                                                                       about my own convictions             banner. On Wednesda y,           in the future and urge those
                                                                       towards involvement in civil         Harol d Hall , wro ngful l y     interested in working for
                                                                       rights activism than I ever          convicted and exonerated, and    social or criminal justice
                                                                       could have in a classroom.           Jo hn Ewel l , a recent l y      organizations to get involved
                           Occidental College                          The opportunity to go into the       released second striker, spoke   with FACTS.
            FACTS ‘Criminal Justice Awareness Week’

FACTS will launch a                                                                                                     FACTS Labor Day Picnic —2006

and more inclusive

                                    in March (hopefully). We invite artists &
writers from the Inside to submit political writing (letters-300 words or less),
(opeds-500 words), and political art work, comix, etc. for your page on our
site. We will also accept literary submissions and non-political artwork. Our
purpose will be to give your perspective to the public, a perspective not read
in the news nor seen on primetime.

We wou
used tr ld like a 17-2 4
       u ck, pre f          f
                  er ably d oot
                           ie sel.

Donations up to a total of $3,000 will
  be matched by FACTS member,
            Fred Zullo.

                   Your donation is
                    tax deductible.
            Make donation payable to
            FACTS Education Fund
           (Please note ‘TRUCK on check.)
JANUARY, 2007                                        FACTS STRIKER                                                                PAGE 3

 “If they don’t reduce sentencing,
         nothing will happen. . .
  Don’t let them bamboozle you.
 They have to reduce sentencing.”
 John Irwin, Criminologist and Professor
   Emeritus, San Francisco University

   California—A State of Incarceration
            Prison Population—172,098
      California Three Strike Law Prisoners
                                                        If you are a 2nd or 3rd Striker, we need at least ONE FAMILY MEMBER to get
    2nd Strikers, Men                      32,069       involved with FACTS by attending this rally, lobbying your legislators and attend
    2nd Strikers, Women                     1,206       FACTS meetings.
                                                            This year marks the 13th Anniversary since the passage of this draconian law
    3rd Strikers, Men                       7,867       that has put your loved one away for a minimum of 25 years to life. Why would you
                                                        NOT support our efforts?
    3rd Strikers, Women                        78
 TOTAL 2ND AND 3RD STRIKERS 41,220                      Prison reform is a major issue this year with the legislature and the Governor. We
                                                        need to make appointments with our state legislators and show them that we have
                                                        come to the Capitol for them to see and hear the voices of 41,220 Striker Families.
         Of these 2nd and 3rd Strikers,
           THERE ARE STILL 4,431                        SENTENCING REFORM MUST be part of the discussion to lower the prison
      NON-VIOLENT THREE STRIKERS                        population.
  SERVING A MINIMUM OF 25 YEARS TO LIFE.                Make your plans early. Busses will leave from Los Angeles on March 27th at 10:00
        How Long is Long Enough                         P.M. sharp at the parking lot just North of the FACTS office, 3982 S. Figueroa St.
                                                        #209. Park your car in the lot and pick it up when you return after the rally on
                                                        Wednesday, March 28th at 10:00PM.
 For Simple Drug Possession, Shoplifting, Forgery,
                                                                               RALLY 9:00AM WEST STEPS
           Receiving Stolen Property?
PAGE 4                                                                                 FACTS STRIKER                                                                        JANUARY, 2007

           Orange County FUNDRAISER                                                 See’s Candy                              OC a very busy, working chapter
                                                                                   Fundraiser                                                                By Laura Frisbee, OC Chapter Chair

                                                                                O.C. FACTS must                          New Year's Eve has always            eighteen to open up the eyes of our
                                                                                                                     been a time for looking back to the      fellow legislators and public about
                                                                            receive your remittance                  past, and more importantly,              this unjust law.
                                                                             before we can send the                  forward to the coming year. It's a            In our county of Orange, we
                                                                                                                     time to reflect on the changes we        have 51women 1,609 men 2nd
                                                                             gift certificate to your                want (or need) to make and resolve       strikers and 3 women, 377 men 3rd
                                                                                loved one. Allow                     to follow through on those changes.      Strikers. We have a total 2,040
                                                                                                                     Orange County Chapter has made           Strikers, but only have a backbone
                                                                              enough time for your                   there 2007 New Year resolutions.         of eighteen families wanting a
                                                                             trust withdrawal to be                      W e’ re p la nn ing s eve ra l       change who dedicate and sacrifice
                                                                                                                     meetings with local legislators,         there busy schedules to come after
                                                                            processed and mailed to                  and the trip to Sacramento for 13th      work and sacrifice a television
                                                                                                                     anniversary of 3-Strikes Law. We         program. We are getting ready for
                                                                              us. We will then mail                  are working to increase Orange           2008 to reform this law and need
                                                                              the certificate to your                Co unty F ac ts memb ers hip ,           every single 2nd & 3rd striker’s
                                                                                                                     networking with organizations to         family to be involved with this
                                                                                    loved one.                       educate about prison/sentence            initiative and to participate in our
                                                                                   Total-$15.00                      reform. We have several fund-            March 28, 2007 trip to Sacramento.
                                                                                                                     raising projects, because we know        I would like 2,040 O.C. strikers to
                                                                                Make Payable to:                     we will need lots of money to get        participate by sending their
             See’s Candy Gift Certificate                                          O.C. FACTS                        this law amended. See’s Candy            families this article to join us in
                                                                                                                     Easter Fundraiser, 5k Justice Walk,      order to help you. It’s important
   Perfect for Easter, Mother’s and Father’s Day                                 P.O. Box 10504                      O ra n g e C o un t y P o lit ic a l/    that we have your photograph/
   When you don’t know what to get for your candy lover.                       Fullerton, CA 92838                   Environmental Write- A-Thon, and         story for the Striker wall, family
      No expiration date. 1 lb. Gift Certificate (#767)                                                              raising money to give a local            contact information, and encourage
                 $15.00 Includes Mailing                                                                             scholarship for college. Welcome         a loved one to get involved. We
                                                                                                                     our newest member Lupe Lara and          meet on the 2nd Wednesday of each
From ______________________________________________CDC#___________________________                                   Christina. We have eighteen              month at Denny’s conference room
Housing___________________________Address__________________________________________                                  dedicated members Frank C., John,        3000 W. Chapman Avenue, in the
City_______________________________________________State_________Zip________________                                 Barbara, Keith, Maude, Laura D,          city of Orange Dinner 6pm
                                                                                                                     Camille, Emmie, Frank M, Joan,           Meeting 6:30-8:00pm. We look
To_________________________________________________________                          See’s Candy Fundraiser          Sue, Sunny, Claudia, Marri, Laura        forward to meeting your loved one
                                                                                           Order Form for            F., Vivian, Lupe, Christina and          at our next meeting to accomplish
Address____________________________________Apt#_____________                                                         Nancy from our chapter. This past        our resolutions.
City________________________________State_______Zip__________                           1 lb. Gift Certificate
                                                                                            Total $15.00             week a letter to editor was
Requested Delivery Date ______________________________________                                                       published in Orange County               Facts OC
Special Message______________________________________________                            Make Payable to:                                                     P.O. Box 10504
                                                                                                                     Register. I received a call from a
___________________________________________________________                                 O.C. FACTS               woman named Beverly whose son            Fullerton, Ca. 92838
___________________________________________________________                               P.O. Box 10504             is incarcerated and wanted to get        213-746-4844 or 714- 904-1484
                                                                                       Fullerton, CA 92838           involved. Each one of you need to        ( No Collect Calls Accepted)
                                                                                                                     let your families know to come out
                                                                                                                     and participate it takes more than

                                                                                                          Meet the Backbone in Conservative Orange County.
                                                                                                                    In a county of 2040 total strikers, both 2nd and 3rd,
                                                                                                                 We represent 380 non-violent property and drug offenders.

                                                                                                                           Front: Frank C., Vivian, Sue, Laura F.
                                                                                                         Back: Frank M. III, Nancy, Christina, Maude, Camille, Sunny, Barb, Emmie
                                                                                                                           Continuing our Commitment
                                                                                                                                 In the New Year
                                                                                                                          To Bring Justice to California’s
                                                                                                                           Non-Violent Three-Strikers
                                                                                                                                         The OC

            Sue and Maude at the Great American Write -In-OC.
    Encouraging visitors to write their legislators to amend the 3-Strikes law.

      Orange County Chair Laura Frisbee, a Thinker, a Doer

FACTS advocate Laura D. Frisbee author of “Family Guide to Visiting California State
Prisons” had a booth at Edward James Olmos 2006 L.A. Latino and Family Festival on
October 15,2006. The booth featured a lot of education to inform the public about
California’s Three Strikes Law and FACTS. Many families stopped to see the
documentary video “Under Three Strikes by Lisa Elaine Scott , Montel Williams show
on 3 Strikes, comix from The Real Cost of Prisons Project “Prisoner on the war on
drugs", "Prisoners on a Hard life," which features a page on 3 Strikes You’re Out,and
Facts Newsletter. The Los Angeles Times reporter featured her in his article because he
was very impressed with this book to help inmates families as well as reporters who have
to visit prisons. Many visitors were very interested in all the literature.                           Laura’s Booth for her book, ‘A Family Guide to Visiting Calif State Prisons’
                                                                                                        Laura takes the opportunity to show videos and literature on 3-Strikes
JANUARY, 2007                                                  FACTS STRIKER                                                                             PAGE 5

                                                                               Kelly’s Encouraging Words from the Inland Empire
                                                                                   The 2008 election will be here before we know it. In order to accomplish our
                                                                               goal, we need everyone involved. There is a lot of work that needs to be done and
                                                                               there are a lot of you who need to come home. So please, tell your families and
                                                                               your friends to call the chapter nearest them and get involved.
                                                                                   To those who feel lost and lonely or seem to think you have been forgotten,
                                                                               we're here to say you are not a number. At times when it seems the worst, reach
                                                                               deep down inside and find the strength to call on God. Know that if we had the
                                                                               power to change your situation we would.
                                                                                   Think with a clear head; follow directions from your superiors as much as it
                                                                               might not make sense at the time. Always do the right thing and always remember
                                                                               you are loved. Every day, remember that you are someone. You may have made
                                                                               wrong decisions, but that can be turned around through forgiveness, including
                                                                               forgiving yourself.
                                                                                    No one can possibly understand where you are and what you go through. Keep
                                                                               a journal and remember, maybe God’s calling is for you to teach others of your
                                                                               trials. You can be a better person than all of us.
                                                                                   One day, life will be easier and brighter. You will walk free and feel the breeze
                                                                               on your face and the cool of the grass under your feet. The judgment of others, who
                                                                               have no idea, will fade. And for those who passed judgment, they will have to
                                                                               answer one day. Your life is yours. Don't fold and give in to those who have given
                                                                               you your sentence. Pass them by and never look back. But don't forget where your
                                                                               footsteps have led you and the lessons you have learned. Don't ever be an "I told
                                                                               you so!" For a time, you have to live by a different set of rules. Why? I do not
                                                                               know. You have paid your dues to society and then some, but there are those who
                                                                               don’t think it's enough. So, as much as you may disagree, follow the rules. Stay out
                                                                               of trouble. With your talents, passions and experiences, one day you can change
                                                                               those rules.
                                                                                   You are in charge of you! You need to search your soul, pray, and find your
                                                                               calling on this earth. Start taking the steps necessary to achieve your dreams while
                                                                               you are there. Learn, grow, and never give up. Your loved ones and God have not
                                                                               given up on you, nor will they ever. Don't let others make you feel less, because
                                                                               you are more. For those who looked and judged, let them feel the silent, non-
                                                                               physical slap in their face with each and every one of your successes. Let those who
                                                                               judge, hear your words "I told you so, I am more!". We’re waiting to hear from
                                                                               you, and most of all to see your friends, family and loved ones filling the rooms for
                                                                               every chapter meeting in every area of the state.

                                                                               FACTS Inland Empire

                                                                               3982 S. Figueroa St., #209
                                                                               Los Angeles, CA 90037
                                                                               (213) 746-4844
                                                                               Fax: (213) 746- 4944

                                                                                  Mario and Judy Metzger, Inland Empire Candlelight Vigil, 2006

                        Inland Empire Candlelight Vigil 2006

                                                                                                     ADVOCACY LETTER
                                                                                                  (or just type your name and address)


                                                                                Name of the Reader
                                                                                Title of the Reader (if he/she has one)
                                                                                Address of the Reader


                                                                                1st Paragraph - State what you want the person to do for you.
          Inland Empire Chapter                   ONTARIO                       2nd Paragraph - State the most important facts that support your cause.
                                                                                You want this paragraph to explain the most compelling reasons for action.
                                                CITY LIBRARY
            MEETING DATES
            Monday - January 22nd                215 E ‘C’ ST                   3rd Paragraph - Talk about how the reader can make a personal difference.
           Monday - February 12th               ONTARIO, CA                     This paragraph should not just be facts, and should engage the reader in a
            Monday - March 19th                                                 personal way. You can refer to your request again here.
             Monday - April 9th           FOR MORE INFORMATION
             Monday - May 14th                                                  4th Paragraph - Thank the reader for considering your request, and provide
                                            CALL (951) 237-4553                 information on how you may be reached.

YOU MUST WRITE YOUR LEGISLATORS to let them know that                           Your signature
Three-Strikes Sentencing Reform has to be at the table. No one                  Your typed name
                                                                                Your title (if you have one)
else will do this for you. Only YOU!
PAGE 6                                                                                    FACTS STRIKER                                                                               JANUARY, 2007

         ~ Freedom Writers ~ Freedom Writers ~ Freedom Writers ~ Freedom Writers ~
269 Words                                267 Words                                 920 Words
DAILY BULLETIN-Published                 O.C. Register-Published                   ANATOMY OF A PRISON RIOT
Letters to the Editor                    Letter to Editor                          By Robert Morales
January 9, 2007                          Tuesday, December 26, 2006
                                                                                   "I rebuke this f***ing prison!"
System should give parolees              Governor: Don't take                         I awoke with a start as the ear splitting scream shattered my restless sleep and the thunderous pounding of
a chance                                 shortcuts on prison reform                the steel desk, door and walls began. "I am a man!" the naked man continued, banging incessantly on the
Re: Jan. 5, article, "Riot a symptom         Regarding the Dec. 2 article,         feces covered walls of his cell. I sighed heavily. Another long, sleepless night loomed ahead in the prison's
of correctional system's woes."          "Sentencing review proposed"              administrative segregation unit. I thought of the cookies from the meager lunch I had stashed earlier. Perhaps
    Our elected legislators need to      [News]: Gov. Arnold                       I could bribe his silence in exchange for them. I quickly dismissed the idea. It would he futile to attempt to
work together to put an end to this      Schwarzenegger proposed a 17-             reason with the individual as his mind had long ago snapped under the pressure cooker that is Kern Valley
out-of-control situation with our        member commission that would              State Prison, a newly opened penitentiary located in the heart of California's fertile agricultural region.
prison system. The state prison in       include four legislators, the
Chino usually gets parolees back                                                      My name is Robert Morales and I am serving a death sentence in one of California's iron walled combat
                                         attorney general, the corrections         zones. I am claiming status as a political prisoner and an unbiased look at the particular elements involved
who broke a term in their parole         secretary, a judge and
contracts. The parolee violation                                                   with my case will hear me out. Technically I have been sentenced to 35 years to life for a property offense.
                                         representatives of law enforcement        Realistically my parole officer has yet to be born and in all likelihood I will die in prison long before my
could be having traveled 50 miles        and crime victims' groups. They
out of area, a dirty test, a speeding                                              parole date of 2032.
                                         would serve four-year terms.
ticket, or an arrest.                        I hope the governor wakes up               America has bequeathed to its sons and daughters a chilling legacy of Jurassic proportions. One quarter of
    The governor and legislators         and takes out crime-victims groups        all the people imprisoned upon this planet are serving time in an American prison. California has the dubious
need to re-evaluate this parole          in this 17-member commission              distinction of having the most densely populated prisons in North America; a prison system many experts
board, which acts like a judge and       since law enforcement is included.        consider the most violent and racist in the nation.
hands down sentences.                    This commission strongly needs            The California prison system of today fosters a culture of separation and racial apartheid administration
    They handed down a sentence to       "sentencing reform" individuals           policies. As long as the prisoners remain focused on the racial and cultural diversity amongst themselves,
an individual who was honest and         with expertise in policy analysis,        little time is left to unite and devise a cohesive non- violent political strategy against the dominant policies of
said he was at a concert in San          program evaluation, cost/benefit          the Californian Correctional Peace Officers Association. Until this occurs, California prisoners will continue
Diego on his way home to Orange          analysis and statistical analyses. I      to serve as legislative pawns to the interests of the State's prison industrial complex.
County. He got pulled over in            would hope Schwarzenegger would           Violence within California's prison system has no one cause that prison officials and penologists can
Orange County, which was 32              appoint a professor of criminology,       pinpoint but in many cases, the guards themselves initiate the violence. The following incident, which
miles from his house.                    like Joan Petersilia of UC Irvine, or     occurred at K.V.S.P., illustrates this fact.
    The Chino board revoked his          Dale K. Sechrest, professor of            K.V.S.P. has a large cadre of inexperienced correctional officers; ex military toughs with a practiced
probation because he told the truth,     criminology at Cal State San              swagger who seem to take a perverse delight in enforcing many of the minor rules and regulations which
giving him a one-year sentence,          Bernardino. Rose Braz for                 place untenable demands and severely restrictive measures upon the prisoners' every waking hour.
which is costing us taxpayers            Californians United for a                     Recently a small group of prisoners were released from the unit's cellblock for dinner. The mess hall is
$35,000.                                 Responsible Budget is another             located adjacent to the facility's cellblock and in order to enter the mess hall, the prisoners need to pass
    Currently, they are not offering     candidate who has a coalition of 40       through a corridor with a ceiling of reinforced, bulletproof glass containing scattered gun slots, enabling the
any rehabilitation to this individual,   prison-reform groups.                     tower control officer to observe and if necessary, shoot a prisoner who is attacking another. As the convicts
who had a job.                               These three individuals are           passed through the corridor, one of the guards, asserting his authority, asked one prisoner gruffly, to tuck
    The Legislature needs to work        professionals in the field of             his shirt inside his pants. The prisoner grudgingly complied and continued on his way. The officer then
with each county board of                sentencing reform, which this             proceeded to ask another prisoner the confrontational question of 'What are you looking at'?'
supervisors and corporations to          commission needs to move forward
allow parolees a second chance to        and clean up this out-of-control              Apparently taken aback and very unhappy with the prisoner's colorful response, the officer then physically
get employment.                          prison crisis, which our federal          manhandled the prisoner, tossing him against the wall for a pat down search. What followed next, was a
    Appoint sentence-reform              courts have given a deadline of           virtual melee of fists, gunshots, pepper spray and swinging steel tipped batons.
individuals like a professor of          June 2007.                                   The fight was on. As several more prisoners from the mess hall joined in the fracas, the officers
criminology like Joan Petersilia, of         Our elected legislators and           supervising the evening meal immediately exited via the mess hall's back door, returning with dozens of
UCI Irvine; Dale K. Sechrest,            governor need to stop using scare         helmeted and jackbooted baton wielding officers. The scene, which followed, was atrocious.
professor of criminology, Cal State      tactics by saying felons will be
University San Bernardino; and           released before they have paid their         The incident, which originally ignited this episode of savagery, began with I Hispanic prisoners. However,
Rose Braz, of Californians United        debt to society. In California felons     the avenging helmeted guards made no such distinction in their blind rage. All were prisoners, therefore all
for a Responsible Budget.                need to serve 85 percent of their         were guilty and woe unto the innocent who remotely resembled being Hispanic, as some Asian and Filipinos
    Schwarzenegger needs to              sentences. A nonviolent three-            unfortunately discovered.
rethink reforming the three-strikes      striker is sentenced to 25-to -life for   Each prisoner in the dining hall was ordered under threat of death by guards in the interior gun turrets to
law to violent crimes such as            a petty crime but does the same           assume the prone out position and once the prisoner's hands were securely fastened behind their backs with
murder, not petty crimes which           sentence as a person who killed           plastic flexi cuffs, the retaliatory beatings began.
warehouse nonviolent individuals         someone. It costs taxpayers                  The prisoners were slapped, beaten, kicked and punched. Those wearing eyeglasses had them violently
and add to crowding situation at all     $35,000 a year per inmate.                ripped from their faces and stomped upon. Adding further insult to injury, the prisoners clothing was then
33 state prisons.                            I hope Schwarzenegger would           completely and forcibly cut away with scissors. These men, now fully naked and in restraints, posing no
    The correctional guards are          open up his commission to prison          clear and present threat, were then snatched by their ankles and roughly dragged outside. The abrasive
there trying to earn a living, but       reform groups to reevaluate instead       concrete skinned knees, genitals, chests and shoulders. Still the guards' fury and lust for revenge had not
they shouldn't have to put their         of adding to this problem by              abated.
lives and inmates' lives in jeopardy     building more prisons and shipping
due to this overcrowding.                inmates to other states, which don't         The ensuing search of the cellblock was excessively destructive. Televisions and radios were smashed,
                                                                                   shampoo containers opened, their contents poured over personal items; photo albums, sweatpants, canteen
Laura D. Frisbee, La Habra               offer any rehabilitation.
                                                                                   food items, all received this gooey manna, this blind fury from guards run amok.
                                         Laura D. Frisbee, La Habra
124 Words                                                                             Tragically this violent and senseless scenario will find itself being played over and over again in many a
L.A. Times-Published                     58 Words                                  California prison, The violence and frustration levels inherent to the level IV prison systems will continue to
                                         This was sent to L.A. Times in            escalate as long as prisoners are continually berated and abused by guards who teach that violence is an
Letter to Editor                         response to someone else’s letter         acceptable means to an end.
December 26, 2006                        to editor                                 with not only a huge bill to pay, but    fixed), and additional reform            care facilities, more one on one with
Corrections chief was on                                                           the state will continue it's lock em     programs offered, that $9 Billion        children who need role models in
                                         Re: Little faith in education
target                                   reform                                    up mentality, so that we'll be in the    annual budget will easily reach $12      their lives? Why can't we provide
Re "Ex-prison chiefs tell of                                                       same predicament in another 10 to        - $15 Billion over the next few          intervention at the earliest point in a
                                          The best line in this letter is          20 years. When are we going to           years.                                   child's life so that they won't head
frustrations," Dec. 21                   " Make education a funding
    Former state Corrections                                                       wake up? 47% of the state voted               We need Three Strikes               towards a life of crime? Why can't
                                         priority or spare us the charade".        for Prop 66, which would have            reform. Many voted for the law           we provide jobs for those coming
Secretary Jeanne Woodford
described her agenda for the                                                       amended the Three Strikes Law in         back in 1994 based on those same         out of prison, so that they don't have
                                         Unfortunately, I believe this may         2004. The only reason that Prop 66       advertisements placing fear              to resort to a life of crime to put food
department: reform of the parole         be because California values
system, more education and drug                                                    did not pass was due to the              in our heart and minds. We               on their families tables? Today, if
                                         Prisons and the Prison Industrial
treatment programs for inmates, a                                                  Governor's television ad's pounding      were also told that the law would        you have a felony, your chances of
                                         Complex more than we do
fresh look at who goes to prison                                                   fear into the hearts of Californian's    apply to murderers, rapists and          getting a decent job, paying decent
                                         Children and Education. Pretty sad
and for how long. That was almost                                                  with lies that murderer's, rapists       child molesters. Another lie.            wages, are slim to none. Why can't
                                         in a State that is 3rd from the
one year ago. These goals were                                                     and child molesters would run            Many of us who are seeking               we provide drug rehab until the job
                                         bottom in Education. Where are
absolutely on target.                                                              free. Without those ads, we all          change in the Three Strikes Law          is done? It's certainly a lot cheaper
                                         our priorities ?                          know, Prop 66 would have passed.         voted for it. However, we and the        than locking someone up for 25
    With Woodford's leadership and
                                         Sue Reams                                 He was lying to us then and he is        entire population of the state were      years to life for petty offenses. We
the governor's support, we could         Tustin
have been on our way to solving                                                    lying to us now. We cannot build         duped. We will spend every last          are the #1 nation in the world when
some of the problems that are now        593 Words                                 our way out of this mess! We have        breadth we have to get it changed.       it comes to incarceration. What a
plaguing California's prison             To:             to look at reforming Three Strikes       It is injustice at it's finest. Other    crime that is!!
system.                                  Subject: Letter to the                    as part of the overall reform            states not utilizing the law for other       So, wake up Governor!! We
    I would hope that Woodford and       Editor - Gov. Seeks review of             package. Building additional             than violent crimes, enjoyed the         can't buy our way out of this one!
her predecessor, Roderick Q.             prison terms, but what he                 facilities will only lead to more        same downward trend in crime that        Reform Three Strikes now!
Hickman, are on the governor's                                                     money down the drain. At $9              California has. Violent crime is on
                                         seeks is a problem in itself!!            Billion (yes folks, that's $9 Billion)   the rise though. All you have to do
                                                                                                                                                                     Bonnie M Gordon
short list of members and                    Gov. Schwarzenegger's plan for                                                                                          Chair, Inland Empire Chapter
consultants for the sentencing                                                     dollars being wasted away now,           is open up the paper every day and       Families to Amend CA Three Strikes
                                         reform falls short in that he is
commission that has just been                                                      with nothing to show for it but a        see that we are in a crisis. What
                                         unwilling to look at amending the
created. They could contribute a                                                   prison industrial complex that           will the answer be then? Lock up
                                         states Draconian Three Strikes                                                                                              Word count is shown to give
widened perspective that would                                                     continues to suck the life out of our    more? What about getting to the
                                         Law. The money he is looking to                                                                                             you an idea of how much space
enable the commission to                                                           state. With additional facilities,       root of the problem? How about
                                         borrow today, will be an albatross
encompass all issues of prison                                                     additional staffing, money being         putting money into high risk kids        your letter may take up.
                                         around our children's necks for
reform.                                                                            pulled to fix the healthcare system      from the get go? Why can't we            Count your words.
                                         decades to come. They'll be left
CAROLE-Laguna Beach                                                                (which desperately needs to be           provide better schools, better day
JANUARY, 2007                                                                        FACTS STRIKER                                                                                      PAGE 7

Guidelines for                           Prisoner Letters Received –Exerpt                                                 The categories of complaints are set forth below:
Writing Complaints:                      Robert Sillen’s Third Bi-Monthly Report                                                   Issue Category                        Statewide Total
#1-Write your letter to                                    X.                                                                                                                   94
                                                                                                                      Access to Care
the appropriate person.                  OTHER M ATTERS DEEMED APPROPRIATE FOR                                        Medical Appeals Problems                                  18
 Write the letter as soon as            JUDICIAL REVIEW                                                              Complaint v. Staff                                        34
possible after the incident, while             A. Inmate Patient Complaints and Correspondence                        Disagree with Care                                        304
it is still fresh in your mind. Type     P rogram.                                                                    Miscellaneous*                                            203
the letter, when possible.                      As reported in the Second Bi- Monthly Report, the Office              Suspicious Death                                          15
 Explain the problem as                 of the Receiver completed implementation of its initial process for          Custody Interference w/ Medical Care                      16
clearly, briefly, and fairly as pos-     receiving and evaluating inmate patient complaints and
sible. In the first and last lines of    correspondence. The Receiver provides below a summary of the                        *Miscellaneous Category                     Statewide Total
the letter, clearly state your ex-       initial numbers and type of complaints and correspondence                    Mental Health                                             29
pectations of the other party.           received.                                                                    Dental                                                    13
                                                                                                                      Legal                                                      9
 Try to confront only one                      B. Analysis of Prisoner/Patient Letters to the Receiver.
                                                                                                                      Pharmacy                                                  17
problem at a time. If there are                 Approximately 80 letters from prisoner/patients are received
                                                                                                                      Other                                                     131
several problems, pick two or            by the Office of the Receiver each week. Between May 2006 and
three that need immediate at-            September 2006, the Office of the Receiver processed 684 letters
                                                                                                                             E. Medical Appeal Priorities.
tention and briefly list these and       (a process which includes reading, summarizing, logging, tracking
                                                                                                                             After the review of hundreds of prisoner/patient letters, two
how you expect them to be rec-           and acknowledging receipt with a return letter). The great majority
                                                                                                                      critical priorities have emerged which, if corrected, would lead to
tified.                                  of letters, not surprisingly, involved complaints about medical care.
                                                                                                                      important and necessary improvements in the CDCR medical
                                         However, many prisoner/patients also write about topics not
 Focus on how the                       within the Receiver's jurisdiction, such as mental health and
                                                                                                                      appeals process. First, the timely review of patient complaints
problem can be solved, not on                                                                                         appears to be essential. In actual practice, it appears that in many
                                         dental problems, general observations about the prison system,
petty details of the problem.                                                                                         institutions medical appeals do not respond to patient complaints in a
                                         and requests for legal advice. Prisoners raising non- med ical issues
Stick to the facts and avoid                                                                                          timely manner.' Second, the initial evaluation of patient complaints
                                         are referred to the appropriate office for assistance.
emotional statements.                                                                                                 should require a clinical review. 13 Although it varies by institution,
                                                Eighty seven prisoner/patients have written to the Receiver
 Try to give the letter a po-
                                                                                                                     medical appeals filed through CDCR's formal "602" system may not
                                         more than once, either about the same or a different issue. Each
                                                                                                                      be subject to clinical review by a physician until they reach the
lite, positive tone, not a negative      inmate letter regarding medical care is subject to clinical review by
                                                                                                                      second formal level, preceded by an informal appeal and a first level
tone. Do not use words that              the Receiver's Chief Medical Officer or Medical Consultant. Of the
                                                                                                                      formal appeal. Those steps may, in practice, take months and in some
express blame. Do not threaten           letters reviewed by clinical staff, approximately twenty percent
                                                                                                                      instances prove ineffective in addressing the underlying medical
to sue. The objective is to solve        were determined to warrant further investigation or immediate
the problem and come to some             clinical contact.
kind of agreement or reimburse-                 Although the prisoner/patients who choose to write to the
ment.                                    Receiver are a self-selected, non- representative sample of the prison
                                                                                                                      12 At some institutions this problem may reflect poor management of patient
                                                                                                                      correspondence, in other cases it may be indicative of severe clinical
 Include all the important              population, the letters have provided the Office of the Receiver             staffing shortages that created the underlying complaint.
information, including dates and         with a useful perspective concerning the development of proposed
times of the occurrence. Include         systemic interventions. Prisoner/patient correspondence assists in           13
                                                                                                                         A Patient Advocacy Project has been developed at San Quentin whereby
                                         the establishment of clinical priorities by describing the impact of         Registered Nurses act as Patient Advocates to review new, informal medical
information on how you can be
contacted, such as a phone               systemic issues on individual prisoners. In addition, this                   appeals daily and triage them into urgent, emergent and routine categories.
                                         correspondence occasionally prompts intervention when an a                   Thereafter, the nurses personally interview the inmates with emergent issues
number and address. In case of                                                                                        that same day. See the Second Bi -Monthly Report at 38 - 39. Under this
problems related to merchan-             problem is presented that must be addressed immediately.
                                                                                                                      system urgent cases are seen within 24 hours. Not surprisingly, the program
dise, make copies of documents                 C. Prison Specific Distribution of Correspondence.                     has created a significant increase in informal appeals via the Patient
such as bills and receipts, in-                The 684 letters received by the Office of the Receiver were            Advocates Program (from 237 to 487 weekly), as San Quentin
clude the copies with the letter,        mailed from 31 of the 33 adult prisons. The California State Prison          prisoner/patients learned about this quicker route to getting medical
and keep the originals for your          - Solano is the source of most correspondence, with 82 letters. The          attention, creating backlogs and associated staffing problems which are in
                                                                                                                      the process of being addressed.
records.                                 next-highest number of complaints came from: Mule Creek State
 Conclude your letter with              Prison (72), California Medical Facility (58), Pleasant Valley State
confidence that the matter will          Prison (54) and Avenal State Prison (43). No letters have arrived
                                         from inmates at Deuel Vocational Institute or Wasco State Prison.                                   CONCLUSION
be resolved to your satisfaction.                                                                                            As the Receivership enters the second half of its first year of
Helpful words you can use:                    The number of letters by institution is set forth below:                operation it approaches a pivotal crossroad. During the first six
Check on each word to get defi-          Avenal State Prison - 43                                                     months of Receivership operations, the overriding focus of
nitions and other examples of            Calipatria State Prison - 8                                                  California's Administration and the Legislature revolved around the
words that might be useful.              California Correctional Center - 1                                           recently completed election. No progress was made regarding
Compensate        Concerned              California Correctional Institution - 11                                     deplorable prison conditions, including and especially gross
                                         Centinela State Prison - 9                                                   overcrowding. State law, regulations, policies, procedures, and the
Damage             Defective                                                                                          inherent political nature of state governance continue as
                                         Central California Women's Facility - 12
                                         California Institution for Men - 4                                           impediments which must be modified and/or overcome if cost
Impolite           Incomplete                                                                                         effective long term improvements in prison medical care are to be
                                         California Institution for Women - 25
Inconsiderate      Inconvenient          California Men's Colony - 26                                                 achieved.
                                         California Medical Facility - 58                                                    Many obstacles were faced and several successes achieved by
Mishandle          Misinterpret                                                                                       the Receiver in a short period of time. However, the depth of other
                                         Corcoran State Prison - 18
                                         Correctional Training Facility – 31                                          problems and the inter-related nature of unconstitutional conditions
Negotiate          Offend
                                         Folsom State Prison - 9                                                      have delayed long term improvements, and likewise delayed the
Overcharge         Reimburse             High Desert State Prison - 9                                                 Receiver's design for a necessary near total restructuring of
                                         Ironwood State Prison - 4                                                    California's prison medical delivery system.
Repair             Repay                                                                                                     To his credit, signs of cooperation and collaboration have
                                         Kern Valley State Prison - 8
Resolve            Restore               California State Prison, Los Angeles County - 23                             been provided by Governor Schwarzenegger's Office. On the other
                                         Mule Creek State Prison - 72                                                 hand there are also foreboding signs of resistance and obstinance
Return             Rude                  North Kern State Prison - 6                                                  from major agencies such as the State Personnel Board as well as
                                         Pelican Bay State Prison - 6                                                 ind ividuals within various agencies of state government. Although
Thoughtless        Uncooperative                                                                                      to date unions have worked with the Office of the Receiver in a
                                         Pleasant Valley State Prison - 54
Unhappy            Unprofessional        R.J. Donovan Correctional Facility at Rock Mountain - 18                     sufficiently cooperative and flexib le manner, this posture may not
                                         California State Prison, Sacramento - 4                                      continue when the Receiver moves from salary adjustments to
ADDRESSES YOU MAY WANT                   California Substance Abuse Treatment Facility and State Prison,              changes in employee roles, responsibilities, reporting relationships,
                                         Corcoran - 36                                                                and operating procedures.
Senior Judge                             Sierra Conservation Center - 2                                                      The Office of the Receiver achieved its initial progress
Thelton B. Henderson                     California State Prison, Solano - 82                                         described without exercising its full powers, and without calling for
                                         San Quentin State Prison - 35                                                repeated intervention by the Federal Court. The Receiver will
U.S. District Court,
                                         Salinas Valley State Prison - 21                                             continue to work cooperatively and collaboratively with all
Northern Dist. of CA                                                                                                  stakeholders to the fullest degree possible. However, maintaining
Courtroom 12, 19th Floor                 Valley State Prison for Women – 5
                                                                                                                      the status quo is not an option. The mission, as set out in the Order
450 Golden Gate Ave.                                 D. Types of Complaints.                                          of February 14, 2006, will be accomplished, with or without
San Francisco, CA 94102                  The majority of letters (304) concern the prisoner/patient's                 cooperation. In this regard, the Receiver antic ipates seeking
Senior District Court Judge              disagreement with the medical care provided. Examples of these               additional Court orders whenever necessary to overcome the
                                         complaints include patients' contentions that their ailments --back          barriers imposed by those who attempt to obstruct the correction of
Lawrence K. Karlton
                                         problems, breathing problems, high blood pressure, diabetes,                 unconstitutional conditions.
U.S. District Court,
Eastern Dist. Of CA                      Hepatitis C, broken bones and others - are not being taken seriously
                                                                                                                      Dated: December 5, 2006
Courtroom 4—15th Floor                   by medical staff. Several patients have written regard ing lack of
                                         access to care (94), for instance, seeking surgery or specialty              (Signed)
501 ‘I’ Street                           appointments. Others regard pharmacy issues (17), detailing a lack
                                                                                                                      Robert Sillen
Sacramento, CA 95814                     of access to medications, incorrect or discontinued prescriptions.           Receiver
Robert Sillen
                                        CDCR-VIPs                           Page 6 gave many samples     (no word limit-prefer on-line form)
Medical Receiver                        James Tilton, Secretary
1730 Technology Dr. #700                                                    of letters to the editor. To (200 words-see on-line form)
San Jose, CA 95110                      CA Dept of Corr and Rehab           the right are addresses to   (200 words-one letter in 90 days)
                                        John Dovey, Director                newspapers. Educate and      (200 words-also on-line form-one letter per mo.)
                                        Division of Adult Institutions      e xpand the public’ s        (no word limit given)
                                        1515 ‘S’ Street                     thinking about our issues.   (200 words-”shorter has better chance”)
                                        Sacramento, CA 95814                It doesn’t cost a cent!      (no word limit given-one letter within 120 days)
                                        916-323-6001                                                     (“keep it brief” and one letter a month)
PAGE 8                                                                      FACTS STRIKER                                                            JANUARY, 2007

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US v. Ramirez , No. 05-50165, 05-50181 (9th Cir. January 16, 2007)
The collective knowledge doctrine includes no requirement regarding the
content of the communication that one officer must make to another. Where
one officer knows facts constituting reasonable suspicion or probable cause
sufficient to justify action under an exception to the warrant requirement,
and he communicates an appropriate order or request, another officer may
conduct a warrantless stop, search, or arrest without violating the Fourth
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U.S. Supreme Court
Cunningham v. California (01/22/07 - No. 05-6551)
California's determinate sentencing law, by placing sentence -elevating
factfinding within the judge's province, violates a defendant's right to trial by
jury safe-guarded by the Sixth and Fourteenth Amendments.
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                                                                                       FACTS advocates the Three-Strikes law be                      Please give
                                                                                           amended in the following ways:                           a donation so
                                                                                    The law should be applicable to violent offenses only.         we can get the
                                                                                    The law should not be applicable to crimes committed            poll done in
                                                                                          before its enactment in 1994;
                                                                                     law should not count multiple counts during a single act
                                                                                     The
                                                                                                                                                    March, to see
                                                                                        as multiple strikes;                                          what the
                                                                                    The law should include a "wash-out" period such that           public would
                                                                                        convictions older than ten years do not count as strikes;
                                                                                    Burglary of unoccupied dwellings should not count as
                                                                                                                                                     vote for on
                                                                                        serious or violent" strikes; and                              3-Strikes
                                                                                    The law should not be applicable to juvenile offenses.
                                                                                                                                                      reform.

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