FY08 spending by 4mD4ar


									           Approved FY 2008 Waterway Improvement Fund Projects
State Funded Waterway Improvement Fund Projects
County           Location                         Description                                                         Grant Type   Funding Amount
                 City of Cumberland               Complete an assessment to determine location for additional
Allegany                                          boat ramp and related facilities in City of Cumberland.             LG                      $50,000.00
Allegany         Potomac River                    Remove existing rubble dam to improve boating access.               LG                      $95,000.00
                                                  Maintenance dredge existing federal entrance channel in
Anne Arundel     Parish Creek                     cooperation with U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.                      DG                     $725,000.00
                 Truxtun Park
Anne Arundel     City of Annapolis                Reconstruct existing public boat ramp and dock.                     LG                      $99,000.00

                 Annapolis Maritime Museum
Anne Arundel     Transient Boating Piers          Extend/replace existing piers for transient boaters at museum.      LG                      $99,000.00

Anne Arundel     Annapolis City Dock              Replace deteriorated bulkheads, slips, walkway, and utilities.      MF                   $1,800,000.00
Anne Arundel     Broadwater Creek                 Main channel dredging to restore boating access.                    MFDG                  $905,000.00
                                                  Maintenance dredge local navigation channels located adjacent
Anne Arundel     Parish Creek                     to existing federal channel.                                        MFDG                   $750,000.00
                 Anne Arundel Countywide
                 Waterway Improvement             Complete feasibility studies, schematic design, SAV monitoring,
                 Project Planning and SAV         and permit acquisition for future planned State funded dredging
Anne Arundel     Monitoring                       projects in Anne Arundel County.                                    MFDG                   $250,000.00
                                                  Dredge navigation channel to improve access for the boating
Anne Arundel     Locust Cove                      public.                                                             MFDG                   $112,500.00
                                                  Dredge navigation channel to improve access for the boating
Anne Arundel     Carrs Creek                      public.                                                             MFDG                   $740,000.00
Anne Arundel     City of Annapolis Fireboat       Acquire equipment for fire/rescue boat serving Annapolis.           MFFR                    $50,000.00
                 DNR Facility - 69 P.G. Street,   Replace deteriorated timber bulkhead & existing dock, install
                 Annapolis                        dock, and relocate/enclose existing high voltage electric service
Anne Arundel                                      panels.                                                             SP                   $1,700,000.00
                                                  Engineering funds to design the repairs to the old stone jetty
Anne Arundel     Sandy Point State Park           protecting entrance channel to Sandy Pt. State Park.                SP                      $50,000.00

                 Downtown Sailing Center
                 (DSC)                            Complete various improvements to provide/improve transient
Baltimore City   Marina Construction Phase II     boating access facilities for the public.                           LG                      $99,000.00
                 Baltimore City Fire
Baltimore City   Department                       Acquire dive team & fire boat equipment.                            MFFR                    $50,000.00
                                                  Document SAV in local creeks that have been previously
                                                  dredged with State funds. Action is also necessary to comply
Baltimore        Baltimore Countywide SAV         with permit agency requirement to collect SAV data for all new
County           Monitoring                       regulatory permits.                                                 DG                      $99,000.00
                 Jones Creek - North Point &
Baltimore        Old Road Bay                     Maintenance dredge existing navigation channels to improve
County           Patapsco River                   access for the general boating public.                           DG                      $2,880,000.00
Baltimore                                         Dredge main public navigation channel to restore access to local
County           Seneca Creek Dredging            waterway.                                                        DG                        $200,000.00

Baltimore        Pleasure Island Dredging     Complete engineering phase to maintenance dredge navigation
County           Project                      channel and stabilize existing dredge material placement site.          DG                     $250,000.00
                                              Complete engineering phase to maintenance dredge existing
                                              navigation channels in Middle River incl. Sue, Norman,
Baltimore        Middle River Maintenance     Hopkins, Hogpen, Galloway, Fog Mortor, and Dark Head Creeks
County           Dredging                     as well as Chestnut and Greyhound Coves.                                DG                     $200,000.00
Baltimore        Chesterwood Park Derelict    Construct ramp, pier and storage area to allow County to remove
County           Boat Ramp                    derelict boats and debris from public waterways.                        LG                      $99,000.00
                                              Inspect, remove, repair, maintain and replace channel markers
Baltimore        Baltimore Countywide Aids to installed by County in conjunction with state funded dredging
County           Navigation                   projects.                                                               LG                      $99,000.00
Baltimore        Inverness Park Boat Ramp and
County           Pier                         Resurface boat ramp parking lot paving and add signage.                 LG                      $47,000.00
Baltimore        Southwest Area Park Boat
County           Ramp                         Surface existing entry road to parking lot.                             LG                      $99,000.00
                 Clement Cove Pier
Baltimore        Fleming Community Center     Construct new pier to encourage and enable boaters in Clement
County           and Park                     Cove to moor vessels.                                                   LG                      $99,000.00
County           Loch Raven Reservoir             Overlay existing parking lot and entrance road.                     MF                      $60,000.00

Baltimore                                         Maintenance dredge Tabasco Cove, Schoolhouse Cove, Chink
County           Bear Creek                       Creek and Lynch Pt. Cove for the general boating public.            MFDG                   $180,000.00
Baltimore        Duck and Deep Creeks             Maintenance dredge existing navigation channel to restore
County           Dredging                         access to the creeks for the general boating public.                MFDG                   $110,000.00
                                                  Complete engineering phase to maintenance dredge existing
Baltimore                                         navigation channel at Shallow Creek for the general boating
County           Shallow Creek                    public.                                                             MFDG                    $40,000.00
County       Location                        Description                                                            Grant Type   Funding Amount
Baltimore    Baltimore County Police
County       Department                      Purchase patrol boat, equipment, and dive gear.                        MFFR                    $50,000.00
Baltimore    White Marsh Volunteer Fire
County       Dept.                           Acquire various water rescue equipment.                                MFFR                     $4,158.00
Baltimore    Middle River Volunteer
County       Ambulance                       Acquire various water rescue equipment.                                MFFR                    $25,000.00
                                             Remove and replace the heating oil tank, replace AC units with
                                             central AC in marina concession building, replace iron cast gate
Baltimore    Dundee Creek Marina             on sand filter in boat launch area, and install small boat launch at
County       Gunpowder Falls State Park      Dundee Ck. Marina.                                                     SP                      $66,000.00
                                             Remove and replace existing siding on Ranger Station/comfort
Baltimore                                    station and replace HVAC in Ranger Station on Hart Miller
County       Hart Miller Island State Park   Island.                                                                SP                      $60,000.00
                                             Replace existing deteriorated bulkhead adjacent to boat ramp
Calvert      Chesapeake Beach                area.                                                                  LG                      $99,000.00
Caroline     Choptank Marina                 Maintenance dredge existing marina basin.                              DG                     $300,000.00
Caroline     Crouse Park                     Replace bulkhead at Crouse Park boating basin.                         LG                      $99,000.00

                                             Replace existing boat ramp and access pier to ADA guidelines.
Caroline     Hillsboro Boat Ramp             Replace existing wooden bulkhead with stone revetment.                 LG                      $99,000.00

                                          Design, repair and construct center service pier at public marina,
Caroline     Choptank Marina Service Pier including structural, electrical, and a fire suppression system.          LG                      $99,000.00
                                          Construct boat dock adjacent to new boardwalk area at Marina
Caroline     Federalsburg Small Boat Dock Park.                                                                     LG                      $26,000.00
                                          Complete engineering phase to replace existing public pier with
                                          a pier compliant with ADA Guidelines. Install a floating dock
                                          system to allow easier access to those with mobility problems.
                                          Improve parking to allow safe convenient parking for the boating
Caroline     Ganey's Wharf                public.                                                                   LG                      $30,000.00
             Smithville Lake boating      Pave existing access road and parking lot, replace existing boat
Caroline     Facility Improvements        ramp pier, and replace the existing information kiosk.                    SP                      $75,000.00
Cecil        Charlestown Boat Ramp        Dredge access channel to existing public boat ramp.                       DG                     $250,000.00
Cecil        Charlestown Fire Boat Pier   Dredge channel to existing fire boat pier.                                DG                     $235,000.00

                                             Develop a new public boating access site on the Elk River for
                                             the general boating public. Project will consist of a new boat
Cecil        Elk River Park                  ramp, parking area, bulkhead, boardwalk, and access road.              LG                      $99,000.00
                                             Replace the existing decking on the piers and sidewalk in front
             Elk Neck State Park             of the concession and install exterior lighting at building at
Cecil        Rouges Harbor                   Rouges Harbor.                                                         SP                      $38,000.00
                                             Dredge navigation channel to improve access to an existing
Charles      Nanjemoy Creek Dredging         public boat ramp.                                                      DG                     $251,000.00
                                             Construct boat launch, boarding pier, access road, gravel parking
                                             lot, handicap parking space, trailer turn-around area, associated
Charles      Mallows Bay / Wilson Farm       fencing and signage.                                                   LG                      $99,000.00
             Newburg Volunteer Rescue &
Charles      Fire Dept.                      Acquire marine fire/rescue equipment to serve boating public.          MFFR                    $50,000.00

Charles      Nanjemoy Volunteer Fire Dept Acquire fire/rescue boat to serve boating public.                         MFFR                    $50,000.00
                                          Replace sections of existing floating docks at the boat ramp
             Smallwood State Park         piers, re-side Marina Services Building, and power wash/paint
Charles      Sweden Point Marina          Boat Concession Building.                                                 SP                     $130,000.00
                                          Construct bulkhead to stabilize the shoreline to provide
Dorchester   Water Street Vienna          additional access for the boating public.                                 LG                      $99,000.00
             Trenton Street Boat Ramp
Dorchester   County Pump-out and Slips    Construct additional boat slips and related amenities.                    LG                      $50,000.00
Dorchester   Great Marsh Boat Ramp        Reconstruct existing boat ramp and timber pier.                           LG                      $99,000.00
                                          Rebuild public dock/bulkhead/pier facility at Hoopers Island.
             Hoopers Island               Scope of work includes replacing deteriorated bulkhead/pier and
Dorchester   Dorchester county Dock       resurfacing the parking lot.                                              LG                      $95,000.00
Dorchester   Smithville Ramp              Replace deteriorated bulkhead and surface parking lot/ramp.               LG                      $75,000.00
             Municipal Marina             Construct a platform for a new dock manager's office at the
Dorchester   City of Cambridge            Cambridge Marina.                                                         MF                     $100,000.00
Dorchester   Rescue Fire Company          Acquire new fire/rescue boat to serve the boating public.                 MFFR                    $50,000.00
                                          Pave roadway to boat ramp, including parking area, create
                                          handicapped accessible parking spaces, and paint/upgrade
Frederick    Brunswick Boat Ramp          boater bathroom. facilities.                                              LG                      $92,396.00
                                          Construct boat ramp and parking area to access Savage River
Garrett      Dry Run Boat Ramp            Reservoir.                                                                LG                      $99,000.00
             Community Park & Kendall     Refurbish existing comfort station utilities. Also upgrade
Garrett      Trail                        vending stations, parking, and design/develop new pavilions.              LG                      $50,000.00
             Tydings Island DMP
             Renovation                   Renovate existing dredge material placement site at Tydings
Harford      Harford County Rec & Parks   Island in Havre de Grace.                                                 DG                     $700,000.00
County          Location                         Description                                                         Grant Type   Funding Amount

Harford         Swan Creek Channel Dredging Dredge Swan Creek navigation channel in Havre de Grace.                  DG                      $65,000.00
                City Yacht Basin Launching
                Ramp Improvement Project    Replace floating piers and resurface ramp. Improvements will
Harford         Havre de Grace              make facility ADA compliant.                                             LG                      $99,000.00

                Concord Point Lighthouse Pier
Harford         Havre de Grace                   Replace existing damaged transient boating pier.                    LG                      $99,000.00
                Havre de Grace                   Regrade and improve existing parking area for existing public
Harford         City Yacht Basin                 boating facility.                                                   LG                      $99,000.00
                Swan Harbor Farm                 Provide security lighting & safe access for the general boating
Harford         Pier Security Lighting           public at existing public boating access pier.                      LG                      $90,000.00
                Swan Harbor Farm                 Complete shoreline erosion control project at Swan Harbor
Harford         Stone Sill & Marsh Planting      located adjacent to public boating pier.                            LG                      $40,000.00
Harford         Foster Branch Dredging           Maintenance dredge existing navigation channel.                     MFDG                   $187,500.00

Kent            Wilmer Park                      Replace existing deteriorated bulkhead for the boating public. .    LG                      $50,000.00
                                                 Modify pier and wing wall at boat ramp to improve boating
Kent            Bayside Landing Park             access.                                                             LG                      $50,000.00
                                                 Pave existing parking area at marina area at existing public
Kent            Bayside Landing Park             landing.                                                            LG                      $99,000.00
                                                 Replace wingwall at existing boat ramp to improve boating
Kent            Cliff City                       access.                                                             LG                      $50,000.00
Kent            Shipyard Public Landing          Pave parking/ramp area of Shipyard public landing.                  LG                      $99,000.00
Kent            Turners Creek                    Replace existing bulkhead at existing boat ramp.                    LG                      $95,000.00
Kent            Allen's Lane Ramp                Stabilize shoreline at boat ramp.                                   LG                      $50,000.00
Kent            Long Cove Pier                   Replace decking on all piers at public boating facility.            LG                      $99,000.00
                Black Hill & Rock Creek
                Regional Parks                   Repair storm damage to dock at Lake Needwood, improve
                Lake Needwood & Little           existing docks for ADA access, and install floating dock for
Montgomery      Seneca Lake                      patrol boat.                                                        LG                      $75,000.00
                Pennyfield Lock Boat             Reconstruct existing boat ramp to provide access to Muddy
Montgomery      MNCP&PC                          Branch off Potomac River.                                           LG                      $99,000.00
                Prince George's County           Acquire equipment for water rescue on the Potomac River in the
                Water Safety / Rescue            vicinity of Ft. Washington Marina and the National Harbor
Prince George's Enhancements                     Project.                                                            MFFR                    $20,000.00
                Fort Washington Marina           Engineer/replace dock(s) and complete other misc.
Prince George's Docks D & E Replacement          improvements at marina.                                             SP                   $1,700,000.00
                Corsica River Dredge Material    Reclaim existing dredge material placement site used for
Queen Anne's    Placement                        containing dredged material from local dredging projects.           DG                     $175,000.00
                Kent Narrows Ramp                Replace existing ramp at steeper grade to accommodate larger
Queen Anne's    Replacement                      boats using ramp.                                                   LG                      $99,000.00
                                                 Maintenance dredge existing navigation channel for the benefit
Queen Anne's    Kent Narrows Channel             of the general boating public.                                      DG                     $600,000.00
                                                 Provide shoreline stabilization, construct boardwalk, acquire
                Centreville Wharf Expansion      floating pier with transient slips and provide marine sewage
Queen Anne's    Project                          pumpout station.                                                    LG                      $99,000.00
                Shipping Creek Bulkhead and      Replace deteriorated timber bulkhead and reconstruct/expand
Queen Anne's    Ramp Reconstruction              existing ramp with a boarding pier.                                 MF                     $225,000.00
                Kent Island Vol. Fire
Queen Anne's    Department                       Purchase new fire/rescue boat.                                      MFFR                    $50,000.00
                Webster's Cove Jetty/Shoreline
Somerset        Protection                       Provide shoreline protection at Webster's Cove Harbor.              DG                     $200,000.00
Somerset        Tylerton Bulkheading             Construct bulkhead at Tylerton Marina.                              LG                      $99,000.00
Somerset        Wenona Harbor Boat Ramp          Replace deteriorated boat ramp.                                     LG                      $99,000.00
                Wenona Harbor Bulkhead &         Replace deteriorated bulkhead and construct additional boat
Somerset        Slips Construction               slips.                                                              LG                      $99,000.00
                                                 Replace deteriorating public dock on Jenkins Creek. Dock is
Somerset        Jenkins Creek                    vital to local waterman.                                            LG                      $99,000.00
Somerset        Rumbley Harbor                   Replace deteriorated bulkhead that serves the boating public.       LG                      $99,000.00
                Mount Vernon Volunteer Fire
Somerset        Co.                              Procure equipment for an existing fire/rescue boat.                 MFFR                    $11,500.00

                Little Deal Island WMA           Stabilize portion of eroding shoreline that is impacting adjacent
Somerset        E & C - Shore Erosion Control    federal channel at Wenona Harbor.                                   SP                     $350,000.00
Somerset        Somers Cove Marina               Re-deck/repair existing marina piers.                               SP                      $65,000.00
                Southern Maryland Boat
Southern        Regional State Boating           General maintenance/repairs to boat ramps, public landings, and
Maryland        Facilities                       dock systems at various State Parks in Southern Maryland.       SP                         $100,000.00
                St. Mary's County
                County-wide Maintenance          Provide repairs to various locally owned public boat ramps and
St. Mary's      Grant                            landings as needed.                                                 LG                      $99,000.00
St. Mary's      St. Inigoes Landing              Resurface existing parking area and roadway.                        LG                      $99,000.00
St. Mary's      Piney Point Landing              Replace existing wooden bulkhead with a stone revetment.            LG                      $99,000.00
                                                 Pave existing parking area located on the river side of the
St. Mary's      Piney Point Landing              landing.                                                            LG                      $99,000.00
County       Location                        Description                                                                Grant Type   Funding Amount
                                             Pave existing parking area and roadway and construct an
St. Mary's   Bushwood Wharf Landing          overflow parking area.                                                     LG                      $99,000.00
                                             Replace deteriorated bulkhead and construction piers and
St. Mary's   Leonardtown Wharf Project       docking facilities for the boating public.                                 MF                     $300,000.00

                                            Construct T-section at end of existing transient boating pier and
St. Mary's   Greenwell State Park           install mooring buoys in Quarter Creek for the boating public.              SP                      $80,000.00
                                            Construct new floating dock for transient boaters, construct
             Pt. Lookout State Park Boating covered slip for Park vessel, and install electric/lighting at
St. Mary's   Facility                       Hoffman's Boat Pier.                                                        SP                     $125,000.00
St. Mary's   Colton Point Pier              Re-deck existing public boating pier.                                       SP                      $50,000.00
             St. Mary's River State Park    Pave existing parking lot at boat ramp facility and construct
St. Mary's   Boating Facility               storage shed for the Park Service vessel.                                   SP                     $200,000.00
                                            Complete dredging/navigation/storm damage projects in
                                            designated public navigation channels or publicly owned boating
                                            facilities that occur outside the budget cycle or exceed
Statewide    Maintenance Fund               appropriated funding amount statewide.                                      ST                     $288,978.00
             Shore Erosion Control Projects Design and construct boating related shore erosion control
Statewide    - Statewide                    projects statewide.                                                         ST                     $750,000.00
                                            Utilize federal Clean Vessel Act (75%) and state Waterway
                                            Improvement Fund (25%) funds (awarded annually), DNR is
                                            administering a grant program that provides reimbursements to
             Marine Sewage Pumpout          marinas for the purchase and installation of marine sewage
Statewide    Program                        pumpout facility                                                            ST                     $100,000.00
                                            Design and provide 1st installment to replace existing steel buoy
             Natural Resources Police -     tender/ice-breaker M/V J. M. Tawes, acquire scow for servicing
             Replace Buoy Tender/Ice-       fixed aids to navigation in Chesapeake Bay, and provide funds
             Breaker & Acquire              to cover state cost share to acquire patrol boats for NRP in
Statewide    Scow/Patrol Boats              conjunction with a federal grant.                                           ST                    $1,311,968.00
                                            Funding to be used to cover the local cost share for federally
             Federal Sportfish Restoration funded public boating access projects. Proposed project located
             and Boating Infrastructure     in Baltimore County for a fueling station at Bills Boats near
Statewide    Grant boating projects         Hart Miller Island.                                                         ST                     $100,000.00
             Talbot Countywide Bulkhead Maintenance and repairs to existing publicly owned boating
Talbot       Repair Program                 access facilities throughout County.                                        LG                      $99,000.00
             Windy Hill Landing Boat
Talbot       Ramp                           Replace boat ramp and complete shoreline/pier improvements.                 LG                      $75,000.00

             Dogwood Harbor Waterman's       Construct public landing for unloading daily catches and
Talbot       Observation Wharf               docking vessels.                                               LG                                  $50,000.00
Talbot       Mill Street                     Replace deteriorated bulkhead at Hollis Park in St. Michaels.  LG                                  $20,000.00
                                             Replacement bulkhead at foot of Cherry Street, replace finger
                                             piers and deteriorated pilings along Honeymoon Bridge, and
             Cherry Street & Honeymoon       complete a structural engineering analysis of Honeymoon Bridge
Talbot       Bridge                          at St. Michaels.                                               LG                                  $85,000.00
             Mill Street Harbor
Talbot       Dingy Dock Replacement          Replace dingy docks in St. Michaels Harbor at Mill Street.                 LG                      $67,000.00
             Chesapeake Bay Maritime         Replace deteriorated bulkhead along south transient boat
Talbot       Museum                          dockage area and upgrade electrical service along bulkhead.                MF                      $99,000.00
             Chesapeake Bay Maritime         Replace deteriorated bulkhead along east transient boater
Talbot       Museum                          dockage area and upgrade electrical service along bulkhead.                MF                      $99,000.00
                                             Maintain/repair publicly owned boating access facilities
Wicomico     Wicomico County                 throughout County.                                                         LG                      $99,000.00
             Cherry Beach                    Expand/rehabilitate parking lot serving public boat ramp in
Wicomico     Sharptown                       Sharptown.                                                                 LG                      $99,000.00
                                             Pave boat slip parking area and the auxiliary parking lot and one
Wicomico     Nanticoke Harbor                of the boat ramp approaches.                                               LG                      $45,000.00
                                             Reconstruct and surface existing parking facility at boat ramp to
Worcester    George Island                   meet ADA requirements.                                                     LG                      $50,000.00
                                             Purchase & install water & electric service (marine power
                                             pedestals) to accommodate additional boats. Purchase &
             Snow Hill                       installation overhead street lamps, trash receptacles, gunwale
Worcester    Byrd Park & Gateway Park        guards, and metal cleats.                                                  LG                      $99,000.00
Worcester    Public Landing Pavilion         Complete shoreline stabilization project at Public Landing.                LG                      $99,000.00
Worcester    Taylor Landing                  Complete shoreline stabilization project at Taylor Landing.                LG                      $99,000.00
             Milburn Landing                 Pave parking lot and the access road to the Milburn landing boat
Worcester    Pocomoke River State Park       ramp.                                                                      SP                     $100,000.00
             Shad Landing Marina             Complete engineering phase to reconstruct the existing
Worcester    Pocomoke River State Park       concession building at Shad Landing Marina.                                SP                     $200,000.00

                                                                                                       SUB TOTAL                           $26,700,000.00

Federally Funded Waterway Improvement Project
County       Location                        Description                                                                Grant Type   Funding Amount
                                             Federal cost share for proposed U.S. Fish & Wildlife approved projects.
                                             Project includes funding new public boat ramp facility at Elk River Park
Statewide    Elk River Park                  in Cecil County.                                                           SP                     $1,000,000.00
County      Location              Description                 Grant Type   Funding Amount
                                                GRAND TOTAL                   $27,700,000.00

  Funding Type
  SP- Project on State Lands
  LG - 100% State Funded Local
  DG - 100% State Dredging
  MF - Matching Fund Grant
  MFDG - Matching Fund Dredging
County   Location   Description   Grant Type   Funding Amount
County   Location   Description   Grant Type   Funding Amount
County   Location   Description   Grant Type   Funding Amount
County   Location   Description   Grant Type   Funding Amount
County   Location   Description   Grant Type    Funding Amount

                                  Grand Total             82100000

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