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					                                                                                                                                                                                                                        * * Savannah News-Press • Saturday, August 29,1902

                                                                • ^P^".<.?iB   »
                                                                : •:•:•,•-• ^%r.                     . 'A-1
                                                                                                                                                                                                        ver Chiefs, 21-1
                                                                                                                                                                                                            • '•'•• • -.,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            ,.   •   '•'<• • '    it     .    .f   '

                                                                                                               concluded an unbeat-                           wllhelm threw a J-yard touchdown                  Beau* 20, Cowboys 13                               Browns 24, Boca 3
                                                                                                                defeatinc Seattle                             pass to Eric kattus in the third                     IRVING, Texas - JimKarnaugh
    ™~ >a^-«.- pUying for in-
                                                                                                              *r   ^^^^^^^^^^^!^*^B ' '•F^^^WW^W^^T • '

                                                                                            ,"V "*? TBWi "'^^''a^W^a ' WW^pa vailHp       ^BpkW w*fSl

                                                                                                                                                              quarter as the 'flffigfrfff fhiishfif their       threw i touchdown pass, Mark             TAMPA, Fla. - terry Taylor in-
jured Indianapolis quarterback Jeff                                              back this week over Steve Bono and                                           preseason 2-2.                                    Green scored on a short run and       tercepted Vtany Testsverde twice to
George, each threw a touchdown            deau ended his holdout Thursday, me stffl-iBJured Joe Montana, direct-                                                  Detroit (1-3) bogged down on ofr              Kevin Butier kicked two field goals   set up It flrsfabswter points as
Mat Friday js the Cotts beat the          but did not play,                      ed Oif Hers to 24 first-half points af-                                      fense, managing just a fttyard                    as the previously winless Bears beat  develaod finished the exhibition
Kansas QtyChielB21-ltr                '       Tupa, playtagagatost the           ter pnerating Just three points to                                           touchdown run by Don Overton and                  Dallas.                               season with a M4 preseason rout of
   Tttp* threw ft 17-yard scoring                                                bteUM previous exhibitions.                                                  a 90-yard field goal by Jason Han-                   Chicago, which opens the regular   the Tampa Bay.
pass to Kerry Cash to the third quar-
                                          f^^Ww^^^W/Pppp^'" ^^^wtt^^^^^ f
                                                                                     He could have had even more but                                          son. Gray provided the Unas' most                 season at home against Detroit, fin-     Randy Baldwin returned the sec-
ter to give IndianapoUs a 14-10 lead      hit five of eight lor 62 yards.        tor a rare drop by Rice in the end                                           exciting moments, returning a punt                ished the preseason at 1-3, while the ond-half kickoff 16 yards for a touch-
the five-year veteran then directed           Most of the CMefe starters played zone during the second quarter.                                               75 yards for a touchdown and a 17-10              Cowboy*, who open with Washing-       down and Bernle Kosar and fodd
the Colte on «ifr-piay drive that end-    only the first ojuarter.                                                                                            lead with five minutes left hi the                ton, were 2-3.                        Philcox each threw a touchdown
ed m a 1-yard run by Rodney Culver            Barry Word scored on a 5-yard Bei^als 34* lions 17                                                              first hslf.                                          Chicago led 104 at haiftime on a   pass as Cleveland (2-2) rebounded
as the Colts ended the exhibition         run for Kansas City (14) and Nick          CINCINNATI - C a r l Pickens                                                 It was Gray's second kick return              37-yard field goal fay Butler and Har-from an embarrassing 56-3 loss to
                                          Lowery kicked a 35-yard fleW goal. caught a pair of touchdown panes to                                              for atouchdownin the preseason-                   baugh's 7-yard pass to tight end      the Minnesota Vikings.
    Herrmann connected with Albert                                                negate another sensational kick re-                                         be returned a kickoff 96 yards last               Keith Jenoings, a fifth-round draft      The Brpwns managed only 118
Benttey on a 1-yard touchdown pass                                                turn by Detroit's Mel Gray and lead                                         week in a 42-t victory over New                                                         yards of total offense against the Vi-
in the second quarter.                    49ew 24, Seahawks 17                    the Cincinnati Bengals over the                                             England Gray took Lee Johnson's                                  hit eight of 11 passes kings on Monday night but had 117
    H«rrmann played the first quar-           SAN FRANCISCO - Steve Liona.                                                                                    punt in the middle of the field, shook            for 95 yards in the first half.       by haiftime Friday. Cleveland led
ter and Tupa the second in place of       Young threw his first two touchdown Pickem caught first-half touch-                                                 off a couple tacklers as he sprinted                 Chicago scored in the second half 10-3 at haiftime on Matt Stover's 40-
George, expected to miss four weeks       passes of the preseason, both to Jer-, down passes of 30 and 22 yards from                                          left, then cut upfield and found a                on a 32-yard field goal by Butler and yard field goal and Kosar's 35-yard
with an injured thumb. Jack Tru-           ry Rice, and ran for another score as Boomer Esiason, and backup Erik                                              corridor to the end zone.                         Green's 1-yard run.                   TD pass to Michael Jackson.

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                                                                                                                                                                    ~ ''   .'        • »Jt «j   *              . .
   Andrew Jackson took a 6-0 lead in
the first quarter as Calvin Hiers hit
Michael Cone with a 22-yard scoring
    St. Andrew's came back to tie the
game as Brad McConnell scored oh
a 2-yard run.
   But the home team forged ahead
at the half as Jay Waller scored on a
5-yard run and led 12-6 at the half
    Neither team was able to add any
points on conversions.
    The game was scoreless in the
second half.
    St. Andrew's is completing the
transition from junior varsity to var-
sity football.
Thomas Heyward 13
Patrick Henry 13
    RIDGELAND, SXJ. - Travis
Reynolds scored on a 2-yard run in
the fourth quarter to lift Thomas
Heyward Academy into a 1343 tie
with Patrick Henry in the first game
of the season for both teams.
    The Rebels scored first in the
game on Jim Carroll's 1-yard run in
the second quarter. Ashley Peeples
kick made it 7-0.
    Patrick Henry came back oh a 5-
yard scoring run by Terry Jarrell
and Matthew Bostick's PAT kick to
tie it at 7-all at the half.
    The visitors scored on a 4-yard
run in the third quarter for a 13-7
lead, but the run for the conversion
failed, setting up Reynolds7 Jate
    Thomas Heyward tried to kick                                                                                                                                                                                                                        September 4, 1992
the point after, but the kick was no
good.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  5:00 pm til 10:00 pm
    Reynolds led Thomas Heyward in
rushing with 98 yards on 16 carries.                                                                                                                                                                                                 SAMMJNG, SWIMS ft ENTtRttMMENT
                                                                                          USDC Inspected (41 to 50 count)
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From Staff Reports
    Emily Atkins went 3 for 3 with a
triple and three RBIs, to lead Calva-
ry Baptist past Richmond Hill, 6^2,
in a girls' softball game Friday at
                                                                                                                                                Now At UNIT Savannah Publix!
the losers'field.
    Ruth Drummond (2 for 3) and                                                                                                              Publix Double Coupon Policy
Stacey Rpby (2 for 4, one RBI)                                                                                                               The First Manufacturers' Coupons on Each Item up to Fifty
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Baxter was the winning pitcher.                                                                                                              Excludes Publix Store Coupons. Publix Reserves The Right to
    Heather McMillan was 3 for 3 and
knocked in both of Richmond Hill's                                                                                                           Cancel This Program at Any Time. Offer Good at the
runs.                                                                                                                                        Savannah Publix Only.

St. Vincent's 14, Camden
Co. 0
    Jennifer Welch threw a four-hit                                                                                                             Seedless Grapes.... ib «59
shutout as St. Vincent's defeated                                                                                                               Back To School Favorite, California Red
Liberty County in a high school soft-                                                                                                           Black or Thompson White
ball game Friday.
    In a game Friday, SVA won its
season opener 18-1 over Liberty
    In the two games, Kathy Holley
had five hits, including a home run,
and Katie McNamara had four hits.
    SVA wiH play Windsor Forest at
10 this morning at Ambuc Park.

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         3   Jl     • -i In
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