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					• It is the only standing wonder of the ancient world
• Stood 481 feet tall
• Tallest man-made structure until the Eiffel tower
  was built
• The pyramid was made of limestone, and casing
  stones were made of polished limestone
• Built by an estimated 100,000 people
• Base covers 750 square feet (13.6 acres)
• Sides rise at a 51 to 52 degree angle
• Contains an estimated 2,300,000 stones
  weighing 2.5 tons each, some weighing
  16 tons and the large granite blocks in
  the king’s burial chamber weigh about 50
• There is a myth that a knife could not go
  between the pyramid and the casing
• There were 3 chambers
• The king’s camber had large 50 ton granite blocks
  on the roof
• The dimensions of two of the three chambers
  were: the king’s, 5.25mx10.5mx6m, and the
  queen’s, 5.74mx5.23mx4.57m
• The king and queen chambers have small shafts
  leading out, these were believed to let their spirit
  go to the heavens
• The “unfinished chamber” is 27.5 meters below
  ground level and lacks precision
• A large wooden “sun boat” was buried near
  the pyramid
• Small Ivory statue that sands 3” tall
• Pyramid was looted and All other artifact
  and features would have been stolen
• Some people think the grand gallery was
  used as a counter weight system to pull the
  granite blocks into the king’s chamber
• There was a gold capstone, but it is not
  there anymore
• Copper chisels were used to shape the
• Next to Khafre and Menkuare pyramids
•   They believed in gods
•   Atum was the first god
•   Shu was the god of air
•   Tefnut was the goddess of moisture
•   Geb was the god of earth
•   Nut was the goddess of the sky
•   Osiris was the god of the dead
•   Isis was the queen of earth
•   Horus was the king of earth
•   A king was Horus in a human form
•   Ra was the sun god
•   Khufu was Ra in a human form
• After World War 2 a large wooden boat was
  was found
• The great pyramid is a landmark and would
  not of have been excavated very much

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