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									                           City of Norton Shores
                       36th Annual Arts & Crafts Fair
                                    Held at Ross Park
                      Randall & Wellesley in Norton Shores, Michigan

                                     General Information
         Date and Hours: Saturday, August 18, 2012 - 10:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.
         Friday Set-up – Vendors will be allowed to set up at their booth area on Friday, August 17,
          from 5 – 8 P.M. (In addition to regular Saturday morning set-up time beginning at 6 A.M.)
         Convenient Vendor Parking at Ross Park Elementary School.
         Booth Charges: $80 per 10 foot space
         Your canopy must fit within the space you buy.
         Entry Deadline: Whenever spaces are filled. Cancelled checks serve as confirmation. Booth
          assignments will be sent out approximately 2 weeks prior to the event.
         There will be no refunds on booth fees for any reason.
         If cancelled due to weather, there will be no refunds, nor rain date.
         Vehicles larger than a van with utility trailer pose logistical problems moving through the
          park. Larger vehicles may be required to manually unload in the adjacent parking lot. Please
          call 231-799-6802 if you have questions.
         Sales Tax: Vendors must collect and remit 6% sales tax. Call the Michigan Treasury
          Department at 1-800-367-6263 for sales tax forms.
         Any questions? Please call the City of Norton Shores, Parks & Recreation Dept., at

          Vendors must sell handmade articles only. All work must be of original design and
           handcrafted by the craftsperson. Absolutely no “buy-sell” will be allowed.
          Any vendor determined to be engaging in “buy-sell” will be required to remove those
           items from their display and may be required to leave the event without refund.
          No Vendor substitutions will be allowed.
          All displays must remain open until 5:00 P.M. unless sold out.
          Vendors who violate the rules will not be allowed to return next year. The Art Fair
           Staff will make all decisions regarding rules compliance.

Complete the enclosed registration form and mail, along with your check payable to the City of
Norton Shores, to:

                                        City of Norton Shores
                                    Parks & Recreation Department
                                          4814 Henry Street
                                      Norton Shores, MI 49441
                                                                                   Official Use Only:
                                                                                   Site # Assigned ____________
                                                                                   Date Received _____________

                           City of Norton Shores                                   Amount Paid ______________

                       36th Annual Arts & Crafts Fair
                              August 18, 2012
                                  Held at Ross Park
                    Randall & Wellesley in Norton Shores, Michigan

                                     2012 Registration Form

Name ____________________________________________________________
Business Name (if different from above) ________________________________
Address __________________________________________________________
City _______________________ State _______________ Zip Code _________
Phone # _________________ E-Mail Address ___________________________

Indicate if you would like to set up on Friday: _______ Yes                  _______ No

Booth Fee enclosed ($80 per 10’ x 10’ spot) $____________

Indicate Site Number preference ________________
(Space assignments begin April 1. If registration is received by that date, we will make every effort to
assign you your preferred space; however, we cannot guarantee that every request can be accommodated.)

Please list all craft items you intend to sell: (All types of items to be sold must be listed
below. If not listed, you may be required, at the discretion of the Art Fair staff, to remove
items from your display.) See Art Fair Rules for restrictions on items to be sold.

Enclosed is my booth fee. I have read the Rules for the 2012 Norton Shores Arts &
Crafts Fair and I agree to abide by them. I understand that violation of the Rules may
result in immediate dismissal without reimbursement of my booth fee.

________________________                  _________________________________
Date                                      Signature

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