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					                                                   Lesson Plan
Title of Lesson: Hatchet Story Map                                  Date: 7/25/2010         Timeframe of Lesson:60-75 min.
Author(s): Chad Hagen                                               School District: Germantown
                                                                    Campus: Rockfield Elementary
Subject Area(s): Reading                                            Grade Level(s)/Course: 5th
                               Subject Specific:
State Standards
                               Taken from Common Core State Standard Initiative- English Language Arts Standards »
                               Reading: Literature » Grade 5
                               5. Explain how a series of chapters, scenes, or stanzas fits together to provide the overall structure of a
                               particular story, drama, or poem.

                               Technology Specific:
                               A.8.3 Use a computer and productivity software to organize and create information

Stated Objective(s) Include    Focused Instructional Strategy: Cues, Questions, and Advanced Organizers
the focused Instructional
Strategy – see chart on page   Objectives:
13.                            1. Students will be able to identify at least 15 main events from their reading of
                               2. Students will accurately sequence all 15 events as how they happened in the book.

Procedures for Lesson          This is the beginning of the final unit project. The unit consists of the book Hatchet by
                               Gary Paulsen.
                               1. Introduce the final project to the students by showing examples of Hatchet story
                               maps, hand out the rubric, and talk about the expectations from the rubric.
                               2. Students will then log into a computer and go to the internet site
                               Tell students that they should only use brown idea boxes or the tab button when
                               creating a new bubble. This will allow students to sequence the events easier by
                               creating their own links between bubbles. Remind students to list as many main
                               events as possible (at least 15) before trying to sequence. Remember that this is
                               brainstorming and it doesn’t have to be perfect the first time.
                               3. Give students work time to brainstorm main events and if they have time, sequence
                               them online. If students don’t have time to sequence online then have them print out
                               their ideas and they can cut and paste them in order. (This last idea helps if you don’t
                               want students to log in and save their work.)
                               4. Make sure students leave with a printout of their work. Student’s homework is to
                               create a rough draft of their story map.

Assessment or Evaluation       Final draft of the Hatchet story map. The project will be evaluated based on the rubric that is on page 2 of this

Enrichment                     A different book can be substituted for Hatchet based on the need of the student. This would have to be done at
                               the start of the unit.

Materials                      Computer with internet access, the book Hatchet by Gary Paulsen

                               Technology Resources: Computer for each student or the project can be modified for groups to share a

                               Other Resources:
                 Hatchet Story Map

Student Name:    ________________________________________

  CATEGORY       4                    3                  2                   1
Accuracy of      15 accurate, main    12-14 accurate,    7-11 accurate,      Less than 7
Events           events are           main events are    main events are     accurate events
                 displayed on the     displayed on the   displayed on the    are displayed on
                 poster.              poster.            poster.             the poster.

Sequence of      All 15 events are At least 12           7-11 events are     Less than 7
Events           sequenced         events are            sequenced           events are
                 correctly         sequenced             correctly           sequenced
                                   correctly                                 correctly

Graphics -       All 5 graphics are   All 5 graphics     All 5 graphics      Most graphics do
Relevance        related to the       are related to the relate to the       not relate to the
                 events and make      topic and most     topic.              topic
                 it easier to         make it easier to
                 understand.          understand.

Attractiveness   The poster is        The poster is      The poster is       The poster is
                 exceptionally        attractive in      acceptably          distractingly
                 attractive in        terms of design,   attractive though   messy or poorly
                 terms of design,     layout and         it may be a bit     designed.
                 layout, and          neatness.          messy.
Grammar          There are 2 or       There are 3-4      There are 5-8       There are more
                 fewer                grammatical        grammatical         than 8
                 grammatical          mistakes on the    mistakes on the     grammatical
                 mistakes on the      poster.            poster.             mistakes on the
                 poster.                                                     poster.

Comments:                                                           Score: _______/ 20

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