Specs Ladder Cable Tray long by 4mD4ar


									                                             Ladder Tray

Chalfant Aluminum Ladder Tray –Long Span

Cable Tray:
Shall have a UL Classification Label and conform to NEMA VE-1 Standards and be manufactured entirely
(side rails, rungs & splice plates) of 6063T6 aluminum alloy (copper free) for maximum corrosion resistance.

Straight Sections:
Shall have a side rail height of (A)* with an inside load depth of (B)* and a NEMA load/span capability of (C)*
at (D)*. The simple beam deflection of the tray system, at the above conditions, shall not exceed (E)*. Side
rails shall be “I” Beam** design with reinforced top flanges. The widths shall be 6,9,12,18, 24,30 & 36”.

Shall be installed on 6” or 9” centers and shall be strut construction with minimum 1” width, 1/16” radius on
edges. Rungs shall be TIG or MIG welded to the web of the side rails. Spot welding or swaging will not be
accepted. Rungs shall have a minimum bearing surface of 7/8” and be capable of supporting an additional 200
lb concentrated load anywhere on an individual rung or along the span of the tray.
(Use 9”RS unless cable is small diameter. Use 6”RS or trough rung for small diameter. Large power cable use
12 or 18” RS)

Shall have 12 or 24” smooth radius. They shall have a 3” minimum tangent for simple transitions and splice
plate connections. (36 and 48” radius available for stiffer/larger AC or MC cable)

Splice Plates & Hardware:
Splice plates shall be fabricated with a 4 hole pattern. Holes shall be slotted for easy field assembly. Hardware
shall be 3/8” 302 stainless steel round head serrated bolts with 304 stainless steel hex nuts with integral lock

Shall be aluminum or stainless steel. Tray shall be isolated from bare steel with PVC spacers or glide strips.

* Insert selected tray from chart below

Chalfant           “A”            “B”             “C”            “D”              “E”
Tray System     Rail Height    Load Depth        NEMA          Load Rate       Deflection
                                                  Class                         Simple
     34A            4”             3”           20A              50lbs/ft        5.30”
     45a            5”             4”           20A              50lbs/ft         3.5”
     26A           6.2”           5.3”          20A              50lbs/ft        2.30”
      3A           6.3”           5.3”          20B              75lbs/ft        2.50”
     46A           6.4”          5.38”          20C             104lbs/ft         3.1”
    665A           6.4”           5.4”          24C             100lbs/ft         5.3”
All systems are available with trough or solid bottom.

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