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                                                                                 Volume 2, Issue 2            May 2011

                   News from the UIndy                                           by UIndy
              Department of Kinesiology                                          ogy under-
A Word from the                         room, and a storage area. Future
                                        plans include expanding the Human        where
Department Chair,                       Performance Lab, as well as the          Mara
                                                                                 Mohler and Kyle Patrick won the un-
                                        weight room and cardio room for
Dr. Lisa Hicks:                         students. We hope you will be able       dergraduate student competition.
                                        to visit and view the renovations in
Welcome to the fourth issue of the      person!                                                          Senior Kinesi-
UINDY Kinesiology Newsletter. The                                                                        ology stu-
purposes of this newsletter are to      The department recently held its 4th                             dents also had
update you about current develop-       spring meeting with the Kinesiology                              the opportu-
ments in the Kinesiology Department     Advisory Board (KAB). The KAB con-                               nity to net-
as well as provide a means for you to   sists of 20 members from significant                             work with the
communicate with the department.        employers of related Kinesiology ar-     professionals in a networking session.
                                        eas in the Central Indiana area. This
The UINDY Kinesiology Department        spring meeting included review of        Congratulations to Dr. Jennifer Van-
is experiencing unprecedented           research and project posters created     Sickle who won the Technology Inno-
growth in terms of student enroll-                                               vator grant from UIndy! (see article
ment and contributions to the UINDY                                              on page 2.)
and the greater Indianapolis commu-     Inside this issue:
nities. There are now over 350 stu-                                              It is our goal to provide students with
dents enrolled in the four degree       A Word from Dr. Hicks            1
                                                                                 the best Kinesiology educational ex-
programs: Community Health Educa-       Technology in Event Mgt          2       perience available, and the news, ac-
tion, Exercise Science, Health and                                               tivities, and accomplishments of the
Physical Education, and Sport Man-      KINS Student Awards              2       second semester of 2010-2011 are
agement. Kinesiology majors com-                                                 evidence that we are progressing to-
prise over 12% of the UIndy under-      Zerfas Internt’l Travel Grants 2
                                                                                 ward that goal.
graduate day enrollment! To accom-
modate all of this growth, the Ruth     Kinesiology Advisory Board       3       The remainder of the newsletter will
Lilly Fitness Center has undergone      Members                                  elaborate on the developments of
the first of a several phase renova-                                             specific programs and events as well
tion. The old multi-purpose room in     RUIndy Fit? Update               3       as provide updates on the activities
the basement has been converted         Program Updates                  4-6     and accomplishments of UINDY Kinesi-
into rooms to accommodate the                                                    ology Department alumni. As always,
UIndy Koval Nursing Center. An old      Alumni Profiles                  7-8
                                                                                 check out the Kinesiology website for
office area in the basement has been    Healthy Diploma Update           9       continued updates: http://
converted into a classroom. On the                                     
main floor, 4 new areas have been       KINS Students with Honors        10-11
created in the old gymnastics area
including a classroom, group fitness    Scholarly Pursuits               12
room (photo on page 2), conference
                                        Contact Us                       12
Technology in Event                                     Kinesiology Student Awards for
Management Project is Funded                            2010-2011
Dr. Jennifer L. VanSickle was awarded one of four       We are proud to announce the winners of the Depart-
Innovator Grants by the University of Indianapolis      ment of Kinesiology Student Awards for 2010-2011.
Faculty Development Center. The purpose of the          The Exercise Science Award was earned by Justin
                                                        Chaple from Indianapolis, who plans to attend physical
Innovator Grant is to allow faculty to move quickly
                                                        therapy school at Indiana University-Purdue University
in incorporating recent developments in technology      Indianapolis in the fall. The Sport Management Award
into their discipline. Dr. VanSickle’s project is de-   was earned by Ryan Forney from Crown Point, who
signed to provide an experiential learning experi-      plans to pursue an MBA at UIndy as he completes his
ence to students using the same volunteer manage-       last season of eligibility for the football team.
ment software (TRS) used by organizers of the Su-       For more information on these awards and past win-
                                                        ners, please visit our website:
per Bowl and NCAA Final Fours. The technology will
be used in the Facility and Event Management
course to teach students how to plan, organize, and
implement events. Using TRS, students will create
“mock” events, culminating with the launch of a
registration site for their event. TRS will also be
used in the Applied Event Management course to,
plan, organize, and implement such events as the
Indiana Special Olympics State Youth Basketball
Tournament. TRS will be used to register the
greater than 300 volunteers that it takes to run the
                                                        (L to R) Ryan Forney, Dr. Jennifer VanSickle (Sport
tournament, with students building and managing
                                                        Management Associate Professor), Dr. Lisa Hicks
the TRS site. Dr. VanSickle was awarded $3900,
                                                        (Kinesiology Department Chairperson)
which will be used to purchase 2 laptops for the
and the TRS                                                 Zerfas International Travel Grants
software for                                                Congratulations to Dr. Lisa Hicks and Dr. Jennifer
a 3 year pe-                                                VanSickle who were awarded UIndy Zerfas Interna-
riod.                                                       tional travel grants. Dr. VanSickle plans to use her
                                                            grant to travel to Athens this summer for the World
                                                            Special Olympics. Dr. Hicks plans to travel to Japan
                                                            this fall or when travel there is appropriate.
               Dr. Jennifer VanSickle and Dr. Lisa Hicks

                                  On the main floor of Ruth Lilly Fitness Center, 4 new areas have been
                                  created in the old gymnastics area including a classroom, group fit-
                                  ness room, conference room, and a storage area. Here are students
                                  enjoying a fitness activity in the group fitness room. Mirrors will be
                                  added by the fall semester.

Kinesiology Advisory Board
Members 2010-2011:
Dr. Virginia A. Caine - Marion County Health Dept.
Dr. Joni Comstock - NCAA
Dr. George DeSilvester - American Health Network
Ms. Heather Fink, MS, RD, CSSD - National Institute for
          Fitness and Sport
Ms. Anne Graves, MS, ACSM HFS - YMCA of Greater
Ms. LeAnn Haggard - North Central High School
Mr. Greg Hylton - Indianapolis Colts
Mr. Michael Karnuta - Indiana Sports Corporation
Mr. Robert Kennedy - Blue Mile
Ms. Barbi Kern - North Central High School
Ms. Linda Koontz- Indy Parks and Recreation                       Mr. Scott Roberts - Franciscan St. Francis Health
Mr. Fred Loeffler - Select Physical Therapy                       Ms. Diana Ruschhaupt—Ruth Lilly Health Education Center
Ms. Dawn Mann - McKnight Property Management                      Ms. Audrey Satterblom—Indianapolis Public Schools
Ms. Marcie Memmer - Indiana State Department of Health            Ms. Roberta Sipe—Rosa Parks Edison Elementary
Mr. Gary Nelson and Mr. David Nelson - Acceleration Indiana

R UIndy Fit? Update:
                                   R UIndy Fit is a 12-week faculty/staff pedometer program designed to get
                                   the UIndy campus moving to improve their overall health, and was devel-
                                   oped and run by the Department of Kinesiology. The overall goal is to
                                   achieve 10,000 steps in a day (10KaDay) or to achieve a 10% improvement in
                                   number of steps each week. This goal of 10KaDay or a 10% improvement in
weekly steps is recommended to manage weight, to increase fitness levels, and to assist in reducing health-
related risk factors (e.g., heart disease, stroke, certain cancers, diabetes, obesity). This year, 186 faculty/staff
members, plus spouses and significant others, participated on teams. At the end of the 12 weeks, a record 80
participants achieved their goal of 10KaDay or 10% improvement every week of the program. Teams also
competed against each other for percentage of their team members who achieved their weekly goals for
prizes, private healthy cooking demonstrations and lunches with UIndy’s Executive Chef Dan Phillips, and
overall bragging rights. A creative team photo contest was also held for prizes.

Top Team Photo Contest Winners: First Place - UIndy Development Office, Second Place –Kinesiolgy Krazies, Third Place
-Upper ESCHelons
We received generous support from UIndy Administration as well as our R UIndy Fit sponsors this year:

Program Updates
Health and Physical Education                                School, Southport High School, and Francis W Parker
Update:                                                      Elementary School 56.

The Health and Physical Education program, under                                                  Darian
the guidance of Associate Professor and Kinesiology                                               Castetter
Department Chair, Dr. Lisa Hicks, has demonstrated                                                works with
steady enrollment despite a lagging economy.                                                      T.C.Howe stu-
Sophomore students partnered with Indianapolis                                                    dents in a
Public School T.C. Howe Academy to develop pro-                                                   Dance Dance
gram brochures and public service announcements                                                   Revolution les-
for physical education and to introduce students to                                               son.
exergaming technology such as Dance Dance Revolu-
tion (see photos).

Health and Physical Education students are required
to complete a yearly physical fitness evaluation
(Fitnessgram). This academic year, 100% of the stu-
dents met the “healthy fitness zone” rating.                 Junior Nikko
                                                             Peebles also leads
Senior students successfully completed student               T.C.Howe students.
teaching at Rise Learning Center, North Central High
School, Oak Trace Elementary School, Decatur Middle

Exercise Science Program Update:                             Select Physical Therapy
                                                             American Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine
                                                             Carmel Rehab
The Exercise Science program at the University of In-        St.Vincent Sports Medicine
dianapolis appears to have reached a plateau in              IU Health Sports Performance
growth at about 200 students. Of the 23 students             In 2012, the Human Performance Laboratory will be
who graduated in 2011, 35% are going to physical
                                                             expanded with increased equipment and space.
therapy (PT) school, including University of North
Carolina PT school (top 10 PT school), an additional
25% are going to graduate school, 13% have com-
pleted physical therapy assistant (PTA) degrees, and 1
is going to the Peace Corp (China). Recent internship
experiences for Exercise Science majors at UIndy in-
St.Vincent Cardiac Rehab
One Indiana Square Fitness Center/Corporate Fitness
St. Francis Cardiac Screening Center
Public Safety Medical Services
                                                             Exercise Science students complete a Vo2 measure-
St.Vincent Bariatrics Center of Excellence
Hayden Physical Therapy                                      ment.

                                                         tors. This
Community Health Education                               experience
Program Update:                                          gave stu-
                                                         dents an
Community Health Education (CHE) students in the         opportunity
junior-level courses had a busy semester. Through-       to further
out the academic year, they worked closely with          develop
health educators at HealthNet to develop, promote, their skills
and implement a community walking program for the of profes-
Fountain Square neighborhood. On Saturday, April         sional communication and presentation while net-
30, students had the amazing experience of seeing all working with community members.
their hard work come to fruition. They joined the
many volunteers they had recruited, including Com-                                       An additional project
                                             munity                                      this spring led to stu-
                                             Health and                                  dents in the Worksite
                                             other Kine-                                 Health Promotion
                                             siology ma-                                 course developing
                                             jors, in                                    and implementing a
                                             kicking off                                 number of worksite
                                             the Spring                                  health programs
                                             into Action                                 benefiting both the
                                             community                                   University and the
                                                                                         Boys and Girls Club of
walking                                                                                  Indianapolis. Stu-
program                                                                                  dents developed in-
with a 1-                                                novative programs such as a nutrition scavenger
mile                                                     hunt, a “walk and learn”, and a competitive 10,000
walking                                                  steps program. Students did a great job planning and
event                                                    organizing these events, leading to a great experience
and                                                      for both participants and the students themselves.
fair. The                                                Lastly, students from both the junior and sophomore
event was a huge success and wonderful learning op- CHE classes volunteered their time to support the
portunity for our students.                              UIndy chapter of College Mentors for Kids. The stu-
                                                         dents led groups of mentees through a brief discus-
This spring, students also participated in a number of sion about the CHE major and life at the University
other great educational opportunities. Those in the before teaching them about healthy nutrition and
Assessment of Activity and Health course worked          completing a dietary egg hunt. This was the perfect
alongside the executive director of the Social Health                                         opportunity for
Association of Indiana, Inc. to offer recommendations                                         CHE majors to
for assessment of their educational programs. As a                                            fine tune their
part of this project, students created professional                                           health education
posters as a means of sharing their work with the                                             skills, while bene-
Kinesiology Advisory Board. They also completed                                               fiting children
professional presentations of their ideas for the ex-                                         from local middle
ecutive director of Social Health, as well as a number                                        schools.
of members from the organization’s board of direc-

Sport Management Program                                   event.
                                                           UIndy Sport Management stu-
Update:                                                    dents were also busy volunteer-
                                                           ing at numerous sporting events
During semester II, a total of 91 students were en-        held in the city of Indianapolis
rolled in the Sport Management Program with                including the Big Ten Men’s Bas-
twelve receiving their diplomas at commencement.           ketball Championship, Big Ten
Those graduating were Jon Barton, Dan Bartlemay,           Women’s Basketball Champion-
Kaleb Cunningham, Tyran Fakes, Mandy Ginder,               ship, and the NCAA Women’s Fi-
Johnny Henry, Jamie Keltz, Nick Marshall, Samantha         nal Four. Alicia Dalrymple, Jessica McCollum, Rachel
Meissel, Matthew Moore, Mitchell Simmons, and              Robertson, Justin Stults, and Kaitlin Worthington
Keith Smith.                                               served as special volunteers with the Indiana Sports
During the spring semester, ten students completed         Corp during volunteer orientation for all these bas-
internships with various sport industries throughout       ketball events. To do this, the students received
Indianapolis including Pacers Sports & Entertain-          special training to learn how to use TRS (The Regis-
ment, Indiana Sports Corp, Baxter YMCA, Elite Pro          tration System) and then assisted those volunteers
Combines, LivRite Fitness, and Ransburg YMCA.              during orientation who needed to change their
Sport Management students also promoted a vari-            schedules.
ety of campus sporting events, raising money for
cancer organizations and Riley Hospital. Addition-
ally, students created plans for generating sponsor-
ships for the new Athletic Recreation Center and
planned and organized National Student-Athlete
day activities for members of UIndy athletic teams.
On March 26th, UIndy hosted the Special Olympics
State Youth Basketball Tournament which was
planned, organized, and executed by nine sport
management majors. Students managed games

                                                           Alumni update: Cassie Zeider is the Sports director
                                                           at the Hendricks Regional Health Branch of the Indi-
                                                           anapolis YMCA. Craig Huls is in training to be a
                                                           Branch Manager with the Indiana Members Credit
                                                           Union. Audrey Becker is the Executive Sales Coordi-
                                                           nator for the Promotion Company, based here in
                                                           Indianapolis. Kelleigh Irwin is enrolled in the Indiana
                                                           University Law School. Jason McGuinness has been
                                                           promoted to Inside Sales Manager at Pacers Sports
and activities for                                         & Entertainment. Eileen Patton is Director of Com-
more than 40 teams
                                                           pliance and Executive Assistant to the Athletic Di-
and 400 athletes and
their families and                                         rector at Eckerd College. Alexis Wilson is a customer
recruited and super-                                       service representative for Express Employment Pro-
vised the 300 volun-                                       fessionals in Greenwood.
teers that it took to
successfully run the
Alumni Profiles
Heath and Physical Education                              his master’s degree in education to better mentor
Alumni Profile:                                           those pursuing physical education as a profession.
                                                          Kelley states that his UIndy Kinesiology experience
                                                          provided many important learning opportunities
Mr. Zachary Kelley graduated from UIndy with a de-        including
gree in All-grade Physical Education in 2001. He          developing
was also the UIndy Kinesiology Physical Education         relation-
Major of the Year Award winner in 2001. Kelley is         ships with
employed with Brownsburg School Corporation,              his profes-
Brownsburg, Indiana, where he is a Kinesiology Edu-       sors. He
cator at White Lick Elementary School. He was             stated that
named Teacher of the Year for his school in 2004.         his profes-
At White Lick, Kelley oversees all aspects of the kin-    sors under-
dergarten through fifth grade physical education          stood his
curriculum. His goal is to introduce students to as       career goals and philosophy and were able to assist
many activities as possible while still meeting the       him in reaching these goals through a tailored pro-
demands for motor development of his students.            gram, which is a unique UIndy trait. He greatly en-
Kelley has incorporated many special projects at          joyed all of his field placements where the work of a
White Lick, including an enrichment program on Fri-       physical educator became ‘real.’ He had many en-
days where students choose an in depth study of a         joyable learning experiences, including teaching
sport or activity such as geocaching. Kelley has de-      aerobics to a class of all girls at Warren Central High
veloped a very successful extra-curricular, before        school during his student teaching. He believes that
school program on juggling. Students arrive to            getting this field experience exposure early in one’s
                                          school one      education, such as UIndy provides, is critical in the
                                          hour early      development of a student. Zachary is married to
                                          to develop      Christina (Chambers) Kelley (UIndy ’03) and they
                                          their skills in have 2 small children, ages two and four.
                                          bean bags,
                                          rings, clubs,
                                          mystic jug-
                                          gling sticks,
                                          etc. Some
students progress to perform these skills on unicy-
cles and stilts! Kelley also served as the boys’ golf
coach from 2005-2010, where he was named Hoo-
sier Crossroads Coach of the Year in 2005. His
teams enjoyed several successful stints, including
conference champions, sectional and regional
championships, 2 state finalist players, 2 all-state      Mr. Zachary Kelley and some of his students working
players, and 1 academic all-state player. One of his with a giant soma cube puzzle that he built.
players, Seth Fair, competed for UIndy and is taking
his shot at professional play. Kelley has completed

Exercise Science Alumni Profile:                               Sport Management Alumni Profile:

Steve Barrick graduated from UIndy with a Bachelor of          Cassie Zeider has recently been hired as the Sports Direc-
Science in Exercise Science in spring 2009, and now is         tor at the Hendricks Regional Health YMCA, which will be
the first full time strength coach for UIndy athletes. Ser-    opening in Avon, IN in June of 2011. The Hendricks Re-
endipitously, Adam Thackery, a graduate from the same          gional Health YMCA is a destination where visitors will
program (2010) who is completing his Master’s degree           discover seamless transitions, making it easy and conven-
at Indiana University, is now filling the assistant strength   ient to access everything they need for prevention, treat-
coach position at UIndy, working alongside Coach Bar-          ment, and maintenance of a healthy life. In her role as
rick. Coach Barrick notes that “My experience with             sports director, Cassie is responsible for all Youth and
UIndy Exercise Science has been instrumental in the            Adult Sports at the Hendricks Regional Health YMCA, sat-
strength and conditioning program that we have estab-          isfying community needs for swim lessons, youth sports
lished here.” Coach Thackery says that the Exercise Sci-       and more. She is in charge of youth programs that in-
ence program at UIndy allowed him to reach his goal of         clude soccer, t-ball, baseball, football, flag football, gym-
becoming a strength and conditioning coach at the colle-       nastics, and martial arts, to name a few. Additionally,
giate level.                                                   Cassie will oversee adult sports programs like volleyball,
                                                               basketball, soccer, and ultimate Frisbee. The sports pro-
                                                               gram also includes a rock climbing wall, offering belaying
                                                               and bouldering classes for youth and adults.
                                                                                           Cassie says: My journey to be-
                                                                                           come a Sports Director with the
                                                                                           YMCA began with my introduc-
                                                                                           tion to the YMCA through guest
                                            Coach Thack-                                   speakers while attending Kinesi-
                                            ery spots a                                    ology classes at the University
                                            UIndy ath-                                     of Indianapolis. From there, I
                                            lete.                                          took the opportunity to com-
                                                                                           plete both of my internships
                                                                                           with the YMCA. At that time I
                                                                                           was uncertain of what I wanted
                                                                     Cassie Zeider         to pursue as a career. My in-
                                                                                           ternship experience at the Bax-
                                                               ter YMCA opened my eyes to the possibility of making
                                                               the YMCA a career. The Y’s core values, caring people,
                                                               and family-like atmosphere felt like home. The sports
                                                               coordinator position opened up at the Baxter YMCA im-
                                                               mediately following my internship. I applied and worked
                                                               as the coordinator for almost 2 years. From day one, I
                                                               had set a goal to one day become a Sports Director and
                                                               little did I know that the opportunity would arise sooner
                                                               than I expected. I took every opportunity to learn any-
                                                               thing and everything I could to be ready when a director
                                                               position opened up. Throughout my time at the Univer-
                                                               sity of Indianapolis, I learned how important networking
                                                               and marketing yourself was to being successful. From
                                                               writing a resume, doing an interview, learning to net-
                                                               work, becoming a leader, doing the necessary course
                                                               work, group projects, and the ability to have a close rela-
                                                               tionship with professors that care about their students’
                                                               future, the University of Indianapolis has given me the
                                                               tools to allow me to accomplish my goals.
Coach Barrick (left) observing lifting UIndy athletes.

Healthy Diploma™ Update:

The Healthy Diploma™ concentration is a unique 15
credit hour program that is open to any UIndy stu-
dent. The goal of the program is to help develop the
knowledge, skills, and behaviors necessary to live a
healthy lifestyle. To achieve these competencies,
students complete a variety of wellness and physical
activity courses and maintain a record of their physi-   Indianapolis Indians have endorsed the program as
cal activity. In order to measure progress toward        beneficial to employers. If you work for or know of a
achieving these competencies, students will com-         company that would be interested in endorsing the
plete knowledge and behavioral assessments, health       Healthy Diploma™ program, please contact Dr. Lisa
risk appraisals, and physical fitness testing on a       Hicks (
yearly basis. Throughout the program students will
be guided by a faculty member who will serve as
their Healthy Diploma™ coach.

In addition to the health benefits, graduates of the
program can provide evidence to potential employ-
ers that they have adopted the type of lifestyle that
will make them more productive and cost-effective

Currently 47 UIndy students have been admitted
into the program. The first class will graduate in May
of 2012. Graduating students will complete a per-
sonal health project in 2011-2012. Students have
enjoyed one-on-one wellness coaching sessions with
one of the assigned 14 wellness coaches. Students
set and report progress on wellness goals with their
individual Healthy Diploma™ coach. Students got to
enjoy a study break the week before final exams in

The program is seeking outside organization/
employer support to market to current students.
Currently over 45 organizations, including, BioStor-
                              age Technologies,
                              Indiana University
                              Health, St. Francis
                              Hospital and Health
                              Centers, Covance, Inc.,
                              ChaCha, Exact Target,
                              Indianapolis Colts, and

                                              Katherine Jackson - Exercise Science
        CONGRATULATIONS!!                     Travis Jones - Exercise Science
       KINESIOLOGY MAJORS                     Hannah Kelzer - Exercise Science
      DEAN’S LIST* - 2010-2011                James Kersting - Sport Management
                                              Jonathan Kilbourne - Exercise Science
         SECOND SEMESTER                      Erin Long - Exercise Science
Chaunell Abrams - Exercise Science
                                              Jessica McCollum - Sport Management
Tevone Allen - Exercise Science
                                              Thomas McGuire - Sport Management
Elizabeth Anderl - Exercise Science
                                              Patricia Miller - Exercise Science
Richard Bahney - Exercise Science
                                              Andrew Mrzlock - Exercise Science
Zachary Bailiff - Exercise Science
                                              Stephanie Murdock - Exercise Science
Ryan Barnett - Exercise Science
                                              Kira Naegeli - Exercise Science
Nathaniel Blank - Exercise Science
                                              Gabrielle Newton - Exercise Science
Andrea Bonner - Exercise Science
                                              Hayley Nothnagel - Community Health Education
Nicholas Brattain - Exercise Science
                                              Christie Nurkowski - Exercise Science
Kaitlyn Braunig - Exercise Science
                                              Eric Oberst - Exercise Science
Ethan Bremmer - Exercise Science
                                              Brea Petty - Sport Management
Katie Brown - Exercise Science
                                              Zachary Pigg - Exercise Science
Matthew Clark - Exercise Science
                                              Kristen Robbins - Exercise Science
Justin Clemens - Exercise Science
                                              Rachel Robertson - Sport Management
Allison Colligan - Exercise Science
                                              Jonathon Schroeder - Exercise Science
Allison Combs - Community Health Education
                                              Kristen Schuman - Exercise Science
William Cowger - Exercise Science
                                              Jessica Shipe - Exercise Science
Alicia Dalrymple - Sport Management
                                              Kelley Sprinkle - Community Health Education
Joe Daniels - Exercise Science
                                              Kyle Thompson - Exercise Science
Emily Didelot - Exercise Science
                                              Valorie Wagner - Exercise Science
Clayton Edwards - Exercise Science
                                              Kimberly Webber - Exercise Science
Ryan Eifrid - Exercise Science
                                              Brittany Wells - Exercise Science
Audrey Ernst - Exercise Science
                                              Kelsey Wendholt - Exercise Science
Jacqueline Filip - Exercise Science
                                              Kailey Willhelm - Exercise Science
Damon Foreman - Exercise Science
                                              Kendrick Winningham - Sport Management
Rachel Foster - Exercise Science
                                              Kaitlin Worthington - Sport Management
Kelsey Fuller - Exercise Science
                                              Renee Zeltwanger - Exercise Science
Adriana Ganz - Exercise Science
Vincent Georgescu - Exercise Science
                                              * A student who
Bryan Gezon - Exercise Science                completes at
Ashley Gowen - Exercise Science               least 12 semester
Katharine Hall - Exercise Science             hours during a
Luke Harbers - Exercise Science               semester with a
Brittany Harman - Exercise Science            GPA of 3.7 or
Mistie Hayhow - Community Health Education
Tricia Hensley - Sport Management
       CONGRATULATIONS!!                          Brenna Jarvis - Exercise Science
                                                  Madelyn Jerome - Exercise Science
       KINESIOLOGY MAJORS                         Michelle Kistler - Exercise Science
     HONOR ROLL* - 2010-2011                      Mark Kraft - Sport Management
                                                  Kasey Land - Exercise Science
        SECOND SEMESTER                           Scott Lawley - Community Health Education
                                                  Derek Locascio - Sport Management
Jenna Agee - Exercise Science
                                                  Lesley Love - Exercise Science
Rachel Arney - Exercise Science
                                                  Vincent Maida - Exercise Science
Kevin Bachek - Exercise Science
                                                  Elexa Mikolajczyk - Exercise Science
Jacob Baer - Exercise Science
                                                  Erika Moreland - Health and Physical Education
Austin Barcome - Health and Physical Education
                                                  Elizabeth Musgrove - Community Health Education
Natalie Barthel - Exercise Science
                                                  Jenifer Patrick - Exercise Science
Aaron Beck - Sport Management
                                                  SarahAnne Pelkey - Exercise Science
Chadwick Bedel - Community Health Education
                                                  Darin Pinnick - Sport Management
Kaitlyn Bolanowski - Exercise Science
                                                  Pavel Polochanin - Sport Management
Krysta Bradford - Exercise Science
                                                  Chelsea Pritchard - Exercise Science
Willis Brucker - Exercise Science
                                                  Colleen Rader - Community Health Education
Kenzie Bruggeman - Community Health Education
                                                  Caycie Rance - Exercise Science
Sylvia Burr - Community Health Education
                                                  Craig Ray - Health and Physical Education
Mallory Canning - Exercise Science
                                                  Cody Robbins - Sport Management
Ryan Cathcart - Sport Management
                                                  Dana Rosswurm - Exercise Science
Justin Chaple - Exercise Science
                                                  Aaron Ruth - Exercise Science
Sean Christy - Exercise Science
                                                  Hilary Schaf - Exercise Science
Amanda Church - Exercise Science
                                                  David Schoch - Exercise Science
Darcy Coquerille - Exercise Science
                                                  Molly Shannon - Exercise Science
Alysha Croy - Exercise Science
                                                  Mitchell Simmons - Sport Management
Aaron Fleagle - Exercise Science
                                                  Alissa Stolze - Exercise Science
Samantha Forester - Community Health Education
                                                  Sarah Sunderman - Exercise Science
Tamara George - Community Health Education
                                                  Trenton Vickrey - Health and Physical Education
Brandon Griggs - Exercise Science
                                                  Nikki Wilson - Exercise Science
Kenneth Guyer - Sport Management
                                                  Shelby Wilson - Exercise Science
Hannah Hartsock - Exercise Science
Sarah Herdey - Exercise Science
                                                      A student who completes at least 12 semester
Jesse Herrman - Exercise Science
                                                      hours during a semester with a GPA of at least 3.4
Lauren Hostetter - Community Health Education
                                                      but less than 3.7

                                    for Wellness as a General Educa-       Dr. Diacin & J. T. DeSensi pre-
Scholarly Pursuits of               tion Requirement” at AAHPERD           sented a research paper entitled,
KINS Faculty                        2011 in San Diego, CA.                 “Parents Gender Role Expectations
                                                                           and Support for Children’s Sport
This year’s most recent scholarly    Dr. Hicks presented a poster,         Activities” at the American Alli-
pursuits by the professors of the    “Movement and Literacy Class-         ance for Health, Physical Educa-
UIndy Department of Kinesiology      room-Based Program Impact on          tion, Recreation, and Dance Con-
include the following:               Academic Performance” at AAH-         ference, San Diego, CA in March,
Dr. Heidi Hancher-Rauch and Dr.      PERD 2011, San Diego, CA. She         2011.
Lisa Hicks participated in a presen- also gave an oral presentation,       Mindy Mayol is also completing an
tation at the state meeting of the “Taking Physical Education to the       online publication which serves as
                                     Elementary Classroom: A Success
Indiana Association for Health,                                            a complement to her textbook,
Physical Education, Recreation and Story” at AAHPERD 2011, San             Wellness: The Total Package,
Dance, "Fun and Practical Ways to Diego, CA.                               Mayol (2nd edition- 2011), Kend-
Engage Health and Physical Educa-                                          all/Hunt Publishing Co., Dubuque,
                                     Dr. Jennifer VanSickle wrote an
tion Students with Technol-                                                IA.
ogy.” Students within the Commu- editorial that appeared in the April
                                     Journal of Physical Education, Rec-
nity Health Education and Health                                           Lisa Hicks was named to the Com-
                                     reation, and Dance (JOPERD), Stav-
and Physical Education Teaching                                            munications Committee of the
programs served as co-presenters ing Off Complacency Concerning            American Kinesiology Association
with Dr. Hancher-Rauch for "New Title IX, and is on the JOPERD edi-        in March 2011.
and Dangerous Risk Behavior Prac- torial board and is section editor
ticed by Today's Adolescents and     for the Women in Sport and Physi-     Dr. Hicks was elected Secretary to
Young Adults." And Dr. Hancher- cal Activity Journal .                     the National Association for Kinesi-
Rauch and Dr. Azure Smiley, of the                                         ology and Physical Education in
                                     Dr. Matthew Beekley and UIndy         Higher Education.
UIndy School of Education, pre-
                                     KINS Exercise graduate, B.J. Ma-
sented, "Quick and Effective
Strategies for Classroom Manage- loney, published, “Effect of breath-
                                     ing 7% carbon dioxide on the hu-
ment” with Community Health
Education and Health and Physical man soleus Hoffmann-reflex re-
Education students.                  cruitment curve” in Clinical Neuro-   Need to contact
                                     physiology 122 :373–377, in Febru-
                                     ary 2011.                             the
Dr. Michael Diacin, Assistant Pro-
fessor of Kinesiology presented      Dr. Hicks, Dr. Hancher-Rauch, Dr.
                                     VanSickle, & Audrey Satterblom
"The Influence Situational and
Member Characteristics has upon published, “Creating a Program
                                     Advisory Board: A Key Advocacy
Leadership Style in a Community                                               Townsend Schnabel—
Based Sport and Recreation Opera- and Marketing Strategy for Longev-          Administrative Assistant
tion" at the Indiana Association for ity in Turbulent Times” in Journal
Health, Physical Education, Recrea- of Physical Education, Recreation,
                                     and Dance, 82 (3), 46-52 in 2011.
tion, and Dance annual confer-                                             317-788-3481
ence, held November 11-12, 2010 Dr. Hancher-Rauch, Ms. Mayol &
in Indianapolis.                     Dr. Hicks published, “University         Lisa Hicks—Department
                                     Worksite Wellness Program Im-            Chair
Dr. Heidi Hancher-Rauch, Mindy       proves Physical, Spiritual, and In-
Mayol and Dr. Lisa Hicks pre-        tellectual Wellness” in Indiana AH-
sented, “Successfully Advocating PERD Journal, 40(2), 32-37 in 2011.       317-788-3995

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