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April 2011 Volume 4, No. 2                                                                                           

  Table of Contents                                               Virginia Governor Vetoes Bill Increasing Physical
    Virginia Governor Vetoes Bill ... . . . . . . . . . . . . 1   Education Requirement, Thanks to Opposition
                                                                  From Education and Government Critics
    Exercise Addiction: When a Healthy Habit ... . . . . . 2
    Mergers and Acquisitions Aren’t Limited to Wall Street 3
    Insight . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4
    President’s Column . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5
   Clark Named ADVANCE Professor at Maryland . . . . . . 6
   Infant Treadmill Opens Door to Line of Applied Research . 7
    Executive Directors Corner . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8
                                                                  K   inesiologists cheered when a bill man-
                                                                      dating increased physical activity in
                                                                  school children passed both houses of the
                                                                                                                      Then, a wet blanket was thrown over
                                                                                                                  celebrations when state government and
                                                                                                                  educational agencies weighed in, and they
    New Journals to be Published . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9      state legislature. Bill SB699 was sponsored     were far from enthusiastic. Even those origi-
    Design and Implementation of New Army Fitness ...       10    by Virginia State Senator and pediatric         nally favoring the bill beat a hasty retreat
    Editorially Speaking . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11   neurosurgeon Ralph Northam and House            after number-crunchers determined that
    AKA Leadership Workshop Blitzed By Ice Storm . . . 12         Delegate and neurosurgeon John O’banon,         the requirement would entail costs, costs
    Short Shots . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13    both outspoken advocates for physical           which school districts said they couldn’t
    Conferences and Meetings of Interest . . . . . . . . 20       activity as a way of controlling childhood      afford. Opposition groups claimed that, while
                                                                  obesity. The bill would require schools to      they supported efforts to improve student
                                                                  offer 150 minutes of physical education         health and reduce childhood obesity, the
                                                                  per week to school children in grades K-8       bill would require hiring more teachers,
                                                                  by the 2014 school year. Fewer than 10          extending the school day, and reducing time
                                                                  percent of schools in Virginia currently meet   currently devoted to art or music classes
                                                                  this mark even though, according to a 2007      and to core academics. (Proponents of the
                                                                  survey by the Annie E. Casey Foundation,        bill questioned the math.) According to the
                                                                  31 percent of Virginians ages 10-17 are         opposition’s calculations the requirement
                                                                  overweight or obese. The bill specifically      would cost Fairfax County Public Schools
                                                                  excluded recess (a familiar loophole in         $18 to $24 million per year, Chesterfield
                                                                  such legislation) from counting as part of      County, $6.9 million, and Pittsylvania County
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                                                                  the physical education requirement.             $800,00 per year
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Exercise Addiction: When a Healthy Habit Becomes Unhealthy Behavior
By Amy Rose, Kinesiology Today Writer

B   rigitte Chauvigne exercises regularly
    to keep her body healthy, maintain her
slender figure and relieve daily stress. She
                                                           identified runners, weightlifters and others
                                                           who seem unable to control their attrac-
                                                           tion to physical activity. The story of Jordan
admits to being obsessed with her exer-                    Waxman and his wife, Caren, in a recent
cise routine of running, cycling and yoga                  Wall Street Journal article, exemplifies the
for 2-3 hours a day, but she stops short                   toll exercise obsession can take on a mar-
of calling herself an exercise addict. And                 riage and family relationships. Mr. Waxman
according to most experts, she’s probably                  is an Ironman triathlete and often sacrifices
right. Exercise addiction is much more than                family time for his exercise routine. He is
loving to run, bike, or pump iron in the gym.              up for his runs before his family rises in the
   “It’s a big jump from committed exerciser               morning and often comes home after his
to an exercise addict,” says Gloria Balague.               three children have eaten dinner. Due to
Balague is a professor of psychology at the                his early start and hard work, he’s also tired
University of Illinois at Chicago and a con-               and ready for bed before anyone else in the
sultant with USA Track and Field.“It’s not so              house. After a family intervention pleading
much that they (exercise addicts) love to exer-            with Waxman to cut down on his exercise
cise, but they feel bad if they don’t exercise.”           time, he tries to honor some new rules like
Several studies show                                       family dinners every Friday night and a date
that the presence                                          night with his wife on Saturday. “Exercise
of withdrawal- like                                        is getting more and more couples into my
symptoms is major                                          office,” says Karen Gail Lewis, a marriage
factor in determining                                      and family therapist.
a high-level of exer-                                          Chauvigne, a 53-year old single mother
cise dependence.                                           with three sons, a stressful career and a
   Addiction has                                           grandchild, says her exercise routine has
become a hot news                                          slowed down recently, but she still plans
topic in recent years                                      her workouts every day. “I wake up in the
as reporters have Brigitte Chauvigne runs                  morning thinking about how I’m going to fit
                               in The 5-mile Beerrun to
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                               benefit Special Olympics.
Kinesiology Today April 2011 Volume 4, No. 2                                                                                                          Page 3

Mergers and Acquisitions Aren’t Limited to Wall Street
Department at Howard in Cross-Hairs of Restructuring Plan

Howard University recently announced           program has had steady (but admittedly            increased physical activity, and the alarm-
recommendations following a year and a         small) increases in enrollment over the           ing obesity rate among African Americans.
half of review of its academic programs.       past five years. In addition, faculty have           “It’s been quite an experience for the
The exercise was undertaken with an eye        attracted nearly $2 million in external funding   past year and a half,” says Corbett. It has
toward reducing the range of undergradu-       over that period of time, an amount which         consumed a lot of energy. I remain confident
ate, graduate and professional programs        exceeds that attracted by some of the STEM        that our department will remain in some
in order to strengthen what administrators     programs on campus. The department’s              form.” She anticipates the final shake out
consider to be stronger growth areas.          formal response to the commission’s report        of the recommendations to be publicized
The final version of the restructuring plan    outlines the advantages that would accrue         sometime between April and September.
issued by the Presidential Commission on       to the university by continuing the masters
Academic Renewal recommends elimi-             program as part of a more comprehensive,          Kinesiology at UNCG Moves to
nating or modifying 71 of 171 programs.        interdisciplinary doctoral program in health      New School
The plan calls for the elimination of the      communication, nutritional science, busi-
Department of Health, Human Performance        ness, sociology, and physiology.                  A year-long planning and restructuring
and Leisure Studies, and consolidating             Also targeted for elimination was the         effort at the University of North Carolina
part of the program (leisure studies and       university general education requirement in       at Greensboro, led by AKA charter board
sport management) in the management            physical education. Currently all students        member and Executive Vice Chancellor
program in the College of Business. The        are required to take a community health           and Provost Dave Perrin, has culminated
masters of science program within the          course, two physical activity courses, and        in the formation of a new School of Health
existing unit would be terminated and          one swimming course. The general education        and Human Sciences that will include the
the plan calls for exploring a reorganiza-     program services more than 6,500 students         Departments of Kinesiology, Nutrition,
tion of the degree within the College of       annually. The department has challenged           Public Health Education, Human Develop-
Medicine, the Graduate School and the          the recommendation by pointing to the             ment and Family Studies, Communication
College of Business.                           importance of health as a component of a          Sciences and Disorders, Social Work,
   According to Doris Corbett, chair of        well-rounded education, the national pub-         Recreation and Gerontology, and the Pro-
the department, the Masters of Science         licity currently being given to the need for      gram in Genetic Counseling. Kinesiology
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Kinesiology Today April 2011 Volume 4, No. 2                                                                                                             Page 4

I nsIght

Strategies for Countering Mergers and Acquisitions Behavior
Susan Petersen, The College at Brockport

                           ur department
                           made a curricular
                      change several years
                                                     However, we made the case that our
                                                 Department was poised on the verge of
                                                 significant growth in four other areas that
                                                                                                     Having a seat at the restructuring table
                                                                                                 was critical; it allowed the case to be made
                                                                                                 for a new school of Health and Human
                      ago, moving from an        were not associated with education: Athletic    Performance, in which our five majors fit
                      historically based lib-    Training, Exercise Physiology, Kinesiology,     nicely, along with departments of Health
                      eral arts major and four   and Sport Management. Had we succumbed          Science, Nursing, and Recreation and
                      concentrations to five     to the pressure to join the School of Educa-    Leisure Studies.
                      stand-alone majors. At     tion or had our PETE faculty not had the            With the change in curriculum and pos-
    Susan Petersen    the same time, the col-    best interests of the entire department in      sible move to a new school, the department
                      lege was undergoing        mind, we might easily have been “acquired”      changed its name from “Physical Education
a restructuring effort. The department’s         by the School of Education and much of          and Sport” to “Kinesiology, Sport Studies
curricular change had huge implications          our current identity would have been lost.      and Physical Education”. Again, moving away
for our place in the restructuring effort.           Such a move could have also left us         from an emphasis on Physical Education
    Knowing that we might be vulnerable to       vulnerable to “hostile takeovers” of pro-       made it easier to put forth a rationale for
a number of mergers or acquisitions dur-         grams that really didn’t “fit” in a School of   not being in a School of Education.
ing restructuring, we made a concerted           Education - say, by the School of Business          Making all these changes with a united
effort to have the department chair get a        who might like to have seen Sport Manage-       and strong faculty voice was essential. (Of
seat at the table (i.e. be appointed to the      ment merge with their program, or Biology,      course, being one of the two largest majors
restructuring committee).                        who might liked to have acquired Exercise       on campus with 1000+ students and 35+
    Because physical education teacher           Physiology as part of their program.            united faculty members also made us hard
education (PETE) is the historical backbone          Having a core kinesiology curriculum from   to ignore.) Breaks in faculty unity and politi-
of the department with the largest enrollment    which all five majors draw helps us maintain    cal infighting make departments extremely
of the five majors, there was considerable       our central focus on physical activity and      vulnerable to being broken up.
pressure to merge this unit with a newly         unites the five majors. Without that core           In the past month, the Department has
formed School of Education and Human             curriculum, we are simply five unrelated        been further recognized as one of four
Services. After all, NCATE prefers to see        majors who are vulnerable to numerous           “programs of distinction” at the College. As
a School of Education in which the entire        mergers and aquisitions.                        such, the Department’s programs will be
professional education unit resides.                                                                                      Continue on Page 23

Kinesiology Today April 2011 Volume 4, No. 2                                                                                                          Page 5

P resIdent ’ s C olumn

It’s Spring Time: Take Advantage of It!
T. Gilmour Reeve, AKA President

                          pring Semester
                          always begins in the
                      cold of winter but ends
                                                 department should participate in some form
                                                 of award ceremony; whether that ceremony
                                                 is hosted by the department or part of a
                                                                                                  Awards and a Scholarly Writing Award.
                                                                                                  Did you submit your nominees for
                                                                                                  these awards?
                      in the “lovely month of    larger event in the college or university.
                      May.” The last weeks          Here are some suggestions to ensure         3. For many highly competitive awards,
                      of Spring Semester are     that your department is making the                departments experience recurring
                      among the busiest with     most of your annual spring time events:           “failures” in that their nominees aren’t
                      the ending of classes,                                                       selected. But that’s the wrong attitude.
   T. Gilmour Reeve   upcoming final exams,      1. In January or February, department             The department should still recognize
                      and the annual college        chairs often get a rush of requests            the individual as the department’s
and departmental award receptions and               for nominations for annual awards.             nominee for the award and use the
banquets. I have the privilege to attend            We often get desensitized to the               opportunity to highlight the caliber of
many of these events and always enjoy               call for nominations, skeptical of             individuals (students, faculty, and staff)
meeting the students, faculty, staff and            the process, or fail to identify who           associated with the department.
alumni who are being honored. However,              should be nominated. But nominating
I’ve realized that not every department or          individuals for awards is the first step.   4. And if your nominee does receive the
every college hosts such events. What is            Departments may use committees                 award, be sure to promote it through
missed in these college/departments is              which are charged with screening               your own outlets; that is, don’t just
an opportunity not only to recognize out-           potential candidates, matching the             rely on the awarding organization
standing individuals but also to increase           individual with the correct awards,            to announce the winners. You can
awareness and appreciation for what your            and facilitating the submission of the         create an announcement on your web
department has accomplished over the                nomination materials.                          page or include it in your Newsletter.
past year.                                                                                         If the individual received the award
    Given the current financial conditions on    2. Search out other appropriate awards            at a national conference, then hold
campus, many departments can’t justify              that are offered by associations               an on-campus event to recognize the
hosting expensive banquets; and even                representing the disciplines in                individual among her/his colleagues.
nicely done receptions are costly. But every        your department. AKA now offers                The more prestigious the award the
                                                    Undergraduate and Graduate Scholar             more “press” it deserves. But in each
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Clark Named ADVANCE Professor at Maryland

                           D    r. Jane Clark has
                                been selected
                            for the position of
                                                      aims to transform the institutional culture
                                                      of the University by facilitating networks,
                                                      offering individual mentoring and support,
                                                                                                     academic environments with assumptions,
                                                                                                     values and beliefs, policies and practices
                                                                                                     that support and generate professional
                            ADVANCE Professor in      and offering information and strategic         growth and excellence for all faculty.
                            the Department of Kine-   opportunities for women faculty in all areas
                            siology in the School     of academia. Through initiatives funded
                            of Public Health. The     from a five year, multi-million dollar grant
                            ADVANCE Program for       from the National Science Foundation,
      Jane Clark            Inclusive Excellence      the ADVANCE Program aims to produce

American Association of University Professors Releases Salary Data
The AAUP has published its annual salary report for 2009-2010. Salary compression continues to afflict salary
scales as the paychecks of newly hired faculty in many disciplines are nearly the same as resident faculty with
many years of experience. Some of the results:

Doctoral Institutions Professors Associate Professors Assistant Professors                                 Instructors
                                        $127,296           $84,686                      $72,893              $48,812
Masters Institutions
                                         $91,998           $72,469                      $61,056              $45,336
Baccalaureate Institutions
                                         $87,835           $68,042                      $56,425              $46,475

Full report at:
Summary data: Faculty Experience Doesn’t Always Pay, The Chronicle of Higher Education, April 15, 2011.

Kinesiology Today April 2011 Volume 4, No. 2                                                                                                                         Page 7

Infant Treadmill Opens Door to Line of Applied Research at
Michigan School of Kinesiology
                                                          Bev Ulrich and Esther Thelen at Indiana
                                                     University originally used the equipment in
                                                     a series of experiments to ask fundamental
                                                     questions about how infants develop bilateral
                                                     coordination. As part of that research they
                                                     discovered that infants develop the ability
                                                     to perform alternate stepping very early in
                                                     life (3 to 4 months) and can easily adapt
      Dale Ulrich                       Bev Ulrich   their gaits when supported on a treadmill.
                                                     Even when on a split-belt treadmill with each

It’s not often that a piece of experimental
 equipment designed for research in basic
science opens the door to vast new area
                                                     belt moving at different velocities, infants
                                                     could adapt their alternate leg movements
                                                     quite well.
                                                                                                        Bev Ulrich works with an 18 month old child on a
                                                                                                        specially designed mini-treadmill.
of applied research, but it happened in the              Bev and Dale teamed up to conduct a
University of Michigan School of Kinesiol-           randomized trial to see if the treadmill might         The results have been encouraging. In
ogy. The equipment, a mini-treadmill for             work as an intervention in helping to reduce       their first paper published in Pediatrics in
use with infants, was originally designed            the significant delay in learning to stand, walk   2001 they reported that infants who engaged
and built for use in bilateral coordination          with help, and walk independently in infants       in a regular routine of stepping on the tread-
studies with infants being conducted by              with DS. The equipment enables walking             mill (supported by their parents) learned
Bev Ulrich and Esther Thelen in the late             speeds as low as ½ mile per hour and is            to walk sooner than infants given only the
1980’s. For the past decade, it has been             small enough and light enough (about 40            standard physical therapy. Treadmill train-
used by Dale Ulrich and colleague Rosa               pounds) to be transported easily in vans           ing for eight minutes five days per week (in
Angulo-Barossa in experiments aimed at               or car trunks, an important consideration          addition to normal physical therapy) reduced
accelerating walking in Downs Syndrome               given that in their studies, the treadmills are    the time to walk on average from on 24-28
(DS) infants.                                        used for training DS infants by parents in         months to just 20 months. Physical thera-
                                                     their own homes.                                   pists have long contended that attempting
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e xeCutIve d IreCtor ’ s C orner

Thinking About Kinesiology and Public Engagement
Amelia Lee, AKA Executive Director

                           s a new player
                           on the AKA                “I recommend that all                         claiming that universities are not responsive
                                                                                                   to the needs of society. In response to these
                       Leadership Team, I          kinesiology departments                         criticisms many universities have become
                       have taken consider-                                                        more interested in preparing students for
                       able time to become              make community                             active engagement in the improvement of
                       acquainted with strate-
                       gies used to achieve
                                                   engagement and the civic                        communities and society. Students are being
                                                                                                   given opportunities to gain knowledge, learn
                       our vision of promot-          mission a priority.”                         skills, and acquire habits that will solve eco-
      Amella Lee       ing kinesiology as a                                                        nomic, social and health problems. So, at
                      unified field of study.                                                      a time when universities are focusing more
                      In reading President’s     be more economically efficient universities       attention on the civic mission and seeking
Reports by current President Gil Reeve           have downsized, eliminated, and merged            to solve some of the public problems of
and Past President Jerry Thomas, it is           programs that upper administrators view           society, kinesiology is in an excellent posi-
clear that the AKA, through the dedica-          as being weak because of low enrollments          tion to explore important issues related to
tion of a small group of leaders working         or having limited connection to the central       helping our students develop a lifelong
together has made major progress toward          mission of the institution. So, it appears that   interest in being engaged in activities that
promoting the discipline of kinesiology.         a huge issue for the AKA to address over          will contribute to the common good.
While both presidents have highlighted           the next few years is to design strategies            We in kinesiology are well aware that
the impressive accomplishments, several          that will ensure that kinesiology is viewed       physical inactivity drives a host of health
challenges threatening higher education          not only as central but also essential to the     problems and the United States has taken
in general, and kinesiology in particular,       mission of the university.                        an initial step to effectively address this as
have been brought to our attention.                 Beyond the budget crisis, higher educa-        one of the 21st century’s greatest public
    One of the more significant issues is        tion in the 21st Century has in general lost      health problems. In 2010 a National Physical
designing strategies to overcome the prob-       the public trust and many have called for a       Activity Plan was developed and launched
lems associated with the economic crisis in      redefinition of the college experience. Sup-      with overall goals to achieve population
the country and the subsequent possibility       port has eroded and across the country state      improvements in physical activity through
of losing kinesiology programs such as the       legislatures, business executives, private        broad scale policy change. Providing leader-
PETE program at Florida State. In striving to    organizations and the general public are          ship in the health of society and providing
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Kinesiology Today April 2011 Volume 4, No. 2                                                                                                            Page 9

New Journals to be Published
AKA and NAK to publish                           journal in kinesiology to focus on review      serve a five-year stint as inaugural edi-
Kinesiology Review                               papers. “Review papers,” he said, “are         tor. The driving force behind the journal,
                                                 extremely important to advance the field       says Martin, came under Ed Acevedo’s
A new electronic journal, Kinesiology            as they tend to reach more generalized         leadership when he was president of Divi-
Review, will be published in a joint effort      conclusions about the study of physical        sion 47. “Several other journals cover
by American Kinesiology Association,             activity, are often the basis for develop-     sport psychology,” said Martin, “but Sport,
the National Academy of Kinesiology,             ment of a new theory, and are frequently       Exercise & Performance psychology will
and Human Kinetics. The journal was              cited by scholars and practitioners.” The      be the first to include a focus on perfor-
ushered through the planning stages by           first issue is planned for release in Febru-   mance psychology, or the study of how
Jerry Thomas and Steve Silverman who             ary, 2012.                                     to enhance performance on the job, in
represented AKA and Barbara Ainsworth                                                           sport and fitness and in the performing
and Diane Gill who represented NAK, and                                                         arts. Performance psychology is brimming
Rainer Martens of Human Kinetics. The            APA Division 47 to publish                     with exciting possibilities, he says, such
journal will publish reviews of research and     Sport, Exercise and                            as research on how physical activity can
applications across the entire breadth of        Performance Psychology                         help firefighters, police officers and military
kinesiology. In addition to meta-analytic                                                       personnel perform their jobs better, or how
and narrative reviews KR also will publish       The Publications and Communications            these groups use mental strategies similar
theoretical papers and critical analyses         Board of the APA along with Division 47        to those athletes rely on to maintain their
of significant issues. Some issues will be       (Sport and Exercise Psychology) have           focus and composure.” Manuscripts are
thematic with invited reviews and evalua-        also announced the founding of a new           now being accepted for review. Address
tive summaries. Others will be unsolicited       journal. The first issue of Sport, Exercise    manuscripts to Jeffrey Martin, Wayne State
manuscripts from scholars around the world.      and Performance Psychology will appear         University, 265 Matthaei Bldg., Detroit, MI
There are high hopes for the journal. Jerry      in Spring 2012. Jeff Martin, of AKA member     48202. Electronic manuscripts may be
Thomas pointed out that this will be the first   department Wayne State University, will        submitted to:

Kinesiology Today April 2011 Volume 4, No. 2                                                                                                             Page 10

Design and Implementation of New Army Fitness Tests Headed By
Leaders With Background in Kinesiology

T    he US Army is pilot testing a wholesale
     revamping of its Army Physical Fitness
Test (APFT) at nine different sites. The
                                                 aerobic endurance while reducing the risk
                                                 of injuries. The need for changes in test-
                                                 ing and training was long recognized but
revamped test called the Army Physical           little was done until Hertling took the bull
Readiness Test (APRT) will bring it more         by the horns. “Right after Vietnam, some
in line with the physical work soldiers are      of the fitness mavens, like Ken Cooper,
required to do on the battlefield. For over      sold the military on aerobic training. But
30 years the Army has relied on a twice-         this isn’t necessarily the way we do things
a-year test which included two minutes           in combat,” said Hertling.
of push-ups, two minutes of sit-ups and               All soldiers and officers, including those
a two-mile run as an indicator for battle        over age 60, will be required to take the tests   cannister sprint”---transversing a balance
readiness.                                       as often as twice a year. Their performance       beam wearing a helmet and carrying a
     Lt. General Mark Hertling who is lead-      will be evaluated using normative gender          weapon and a 30-pound ammunition can-
ing the project told the Huffington Post         and age standards that are currently under        nister in each arm, plus an agility sprint.
that the current test “does not adequately       construction                                      Gone is outdated training using bayonets
measure components of strength, endur-                Also new is the Army Combat Readiness        (the modern military rifle doesn’t accom-
ance, or mobility,” or predict how well a        Test (ACRT) designed to test “warrior tasks       modate them) and in is more training in
soldier would do under fire.” The APRT           and battle drills.” Since much of soldiering      hand-to-hand combat. “This is about train-
eliminates sit-ups, increases the pace of        involves carrying 40 to 70 pounds of gear,        ing smarter, not just training more,” Hertling
push-ups, and replaces the long distance         the new ACRT will require soldiers to run 400     said
run with shorter, faster runs. The five events   meters dressed in full combat gear while             Hertling is a veteran of Desert Storm
include: 60-yard progressive shuttle run,        carrying a weapon, dragging a 180-pound           and wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. He has a
one-minute rower, standing long-jump,            sled to test their readiness to pull a fallen     masters degree in exercise physiology from
one-minute push-up, and a 1.5 mile run.          comrade out of danger on the battlefield,         Indiana University and formerly taught in
    The Army believes these events will more     running an obstacle course carrying and           the physical education department at West
accurately test a soldier’s anaerobic and        aiming a weapon, and performing an “ammo          Point. Designing the training curriculum for
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Kinesiology Today April 2011 Volume 4, No. 2                                                                                                          Page 11

e dItorIally s PeakIng …

Our Vincible Ignorance of the Placement of Our Graduates
Shirl J. Hoffman, Kinesiology Today Editor

                          arlier this month, a
                          young man stood at
                      a busy intersection in
                                                    Data collected in the 2009 survey by
                                                 AKA and another study on graduates
                                                 from state universities in California, plus
                      my home town hold-         anecdotal evidence from AKA member
                      ing a large sign that      departments paint a fairly clear picture of
                      read: “Recent College      the supply side. We appear to be produc-
                      Graduate with BS in        ing very large numbers of graduates. We
                      Sport Management           hear reports from department heads, for
     Shirl Hoffman    Looking for a Job in a     example, telling us that kinesiology majors
                      Related Field. Resumes     at some departments represent nearly 10
in Hand.” Having invested four years of          percent of their student body. But whether
his life studying sport management at            or not these graduates are large relative to
a local college he was finding it difficult      the demand for their services is anybody’s
to find work in his field. It was a creative     guess.
approach to a job search; apparently he             While it is encouraging to think that mar-
had attracted the attention of some pro-         ket demand drives supply, it is unlikely that
spective employers.                              students’ career choices are based on that
    Yet, for those of us in departments that     critical variable. Studies have shown, for
prepare students for careers in kinesiology,     example, that students enrolled in speech
that sign-toting young man put his finger on     pathology and nursing programs rarely
an issue that most of us would rather not        cite the market demand for the services
                                                                                                 Photo by Alexa Milan, Courtesy of the News
think about: What is the relationship between    of therapists and nurses as a reason for        & Record.
the supply of students we usher into the         choosing their career track.
work force each year and the demand for             Universities have never devoted much         schools even though the market for new
their professional services? Are kinesiol-       attention to regulating the supply side by      lawyers is, at best, tepid. (The National
ogy departments producing too many, not          monitoring the numbers of students they         Association of Legal Professions reports
enough or just about the right numbers of        enroll, graduate and see employed. For          that in 2010 law schools turned out 40,000
graduates?                                       example, students continue to flock to law      lawyers for 29,000 available full-time jobs.)
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Kinesiology Today April 2011 Volume 4, No. 2                                                                                                            Page 12

AKA Leadership Workshop Blitzed By Ice Storm But Still A Success
The annual leadership workshop, “Manag-         two days. A panel scheduled for the final          Wojtek Chodzko-Zajko
ing Growth While Maintaining Discipline         day of the workshop to discuss the role            University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign
Focus” was held in Dallas at the Solana         of professional and academic societies
Mariott January 30-February 1. At a primary     in the professional development of faculty            “As departments have incorporated a
session participants considered whether         was cancelled, but an impromptu ses-               deeper and broader study of the scientific
or not increased enrollments in kinesiol-       sion featuring seventeen die-hards proved          basis of the relationship between physi-
ogy departments due to students inter-          enlightening. Here are some gleanings from         cal activity, sport, and health, this has led
ested in careers in physical therapy and        some of the participants:                          to an explosion in career choices for our
other health-related professions should be                                                         graduates in Kinesiology. While the expan-
regarded as a threat or a boon. A second        Penny McCullagh, California                        sion of knowledge about the benefits of
session asked whether or not kinesiology        State University, East Bay.                        physically active lifestyles has led to an
was losing its monopoly as a unique dis-                                                           increased market demand for individu-
cipline devoted to the study and teaching           “There is no doubt that the allied health      als with a background in Kinesiology, it
of physical activity. The workshop included     fields have caused a boom for Kinesiology          has also led to a significant increase in
formal presentations followed by panel          enrollments. It seems critical that Kinesiology    the amount and diversity of knowledge,
discussions, case study analyses, and           maintain a broad based core that ranges            skills, and abilities graduates of Kinesiol-
informal roundtable discussions. As is the      from the humanities to social/behavioral sci-      ogy programs will be expected to acquire.
case in all AKA workshops the emphasis          ences to life sciences. It is also critical that   Increasingly graduates are being asked to
was on maximum participation by attendees.      Kinesiology cooperate with other disciplines       function in an interdisciplinary environment
   Few expected the Dallas area to be hit       – especially on their own campuses – to            that emphasizes a multifaceted approach
with an ice storm, but it came, and came        elevate the study of human movement to             to health, sports and wellness. This new
with a vengeance. Temperatures were the         the highest level. Kinesiology does not own        interdisciplinary approach to Kinesiology
lowest to hit Dallas in twenty years. The       physical activity. While physical activity is      provides both opportunities and challenges
threat of cancelled flights led to many early   the primary focus of our discipline – other        for our future graduates.”
evacuations and, for many of those who          disciplines are also interested in this topic.”                            Continue on Page 29
stayed, the trip home would take up to

Kinesiology Today April 2011 Volume 4, No. 2                                                                                                                   Page 13

Short Shots
Sports Injuries On the Rise                       An earlier, more comprehensive study                  Football Injuries in Young People
                                               conducted by the NFLPA (September 6,
NFL Injuries                                   2010) had shown sharp rises in the past                  In the January issue of Clinical Pediatrics
                                               two years in disability applications. There              investigators from the Center for Injury
According to a report released on January      were 16,552 injuries recorded between                    Research and Policy at Nationwide Chil-
26, 2011 (Dangers of the Game of Football)     2004 and 2009. Rate of injuries are high-                dren’s Hospital report the findings of a
by the NFL Players Association injuries        est during pre-season and lowest during                  first ever survey of football injuries that
increased from 3.2 per week per team in        post-season competition, but severity of                 includes those incurred during informal as
2009 to 3.7 per week per team in the 2010      injuries rises as the season progresses.                 well as organized play. Using the National
season. The report pegs the percentage         Twenty-one percent of all injuries were                  Electronic Injury Surveillance System of the
of players injured during the season at        classified as “severe;” 10 percent required              US Consumer Product Safety Commission
63 per cent in 2010 compared to 59 per         surgery. Concussions were the most com-                  the researchers examined a sample of the
cent the prior year. Thirteen percent of       mon specific type of injury. According to                estimated 5,252,722 football injuries requiring
all injuries required players to be placed     the report an NFL player has a 10 percent                treatment by emergency departments that
on the injured reserve list this season        chance of suffering a mild traumatic brain               occurred between 1990 and 2007 among
compared to an average of 10 percent           injury each season. Brain trauma incidents               6 to 17-year olds. Injuries were categorized
over the eight-year span from 2001-2009.       were calculated at 0.25 per team per game.               by body region, diagnoses and disposition
The report shows sharp rises in the number     Frequency of concussions rises as the                    of cases from the emergency departments.
of players placed on the injured reserve       season progresses.                                       The number of injuries increased 26.5% in the
list, and the number of players suffering at                                                            18-year period. The annual rate of injury was
least one concussion (from approximately          6.2 injuries per 1000 which did not change
2.2 percent to approximately 3.8 percent)                                                               over the study period. Upper extremities
between the period of 2002-2006 and            Earlier draft (September 6, 2010) of the report is at:   were most often injured (49%) followed by
2007 to 2010.                               lower extremities (26%) and injuries to face,

Kinesiology Today April 2011 Volume 4, No. 2                                                                                                                             Page 14

Short Shots
head and neck (16%). The most common                         period. The authors conclude that while              group participated in 3-5 minute bouts of
diagnosis was fracture or dislocation and in                 “running is a common activity in physical            stretching concentrated on the hamstrings,
97% of the cases the players were released                   education class and the availability of              quadriceps, and gastrocmemius/soleus
from the hospital. Concussions, compared                     running events and clubs continues to                muscle groups. Significant risk factors for
to all other types of injuries were most likely              grow”…formal, scientific guidelines are              running included history of chronic injury
to lead to hospitalization.                                  needed and should consider the various               in the last four months, higher BMI, age,
                                                             locations and conditions in which running            and switching from their normal pre-run
Source: Nation, A. et al. (2011) Football-related injuries   for exercise takes place among young                 routine of stretching or not stretching.
among 6- to 17-year olds treated in US emergency             runners”                                             Specifically, “runners who typically stretch
departments, 1990-2007. Clinical Pediatrics, 50(3),                                                               as part of their pre-run routine and were
March, 200-207                                               Source: Mehl, A., et al. (2011) Running-related      randomized not to stretch during the study
                                                             injuries in school-age children and adolescence      period were more likely to experience an
                                                             treated in emergency departments from 1994           injury than those who did not switch…”
Running Injuries in Children                                 through 2007. Clinical Pediatrics, 50(2), 126-132.
                                                                                                                  Source: Science Daily: http://www.sciencedaily.
A recent study examined running-related                                                                           com/releases/2011/02/110218083422.htm
injuries among children and found that an
estimated 225,244 injuries were treated in                   Pre-run Stretching Found Not to
emergency departments between 1994                           Prevent Injuries
and 2007, an average of 16,000 each year.
The majority of injuries were sprains and                    A recent study presented at the Annual
strains in the lower extremities. Younger                    Meeting of Orthopaedic Surgeons and
children ages 6 –14 were more likely to                      reported in Science Daily found that pre-run
have been injured in a fall while running                    stretching neither prevented nor caused
at school; older children 15-18 were more                    injuries in a group of experienced runners.
likely to sustain injuries while running at                  Over 2700 runners who ran more than 10
a sports or recreation facility. The annual                  miles each week were randomized into
number of cases rose 34% over the study                      stretch and non-stretch groups. The stretch

Kinesiology Today April 2011 Volume 4, No. 2                                                                                                                  Page 15

Short Shots
Exercise Found to Have Positive                  risks during a childhood obesity epidemic,            CPR method. They are recommending the
Effect on Cognitive Function                     physical activity may prove to be a simple,           method as a new standard to the American
and Achievement in Overweight                    important method of enhancing aspects of              Heart Association. The method incorporates
Children                                         children’s mental functioning that are central        two devices, the ResQPump which is a
                                                 to cognitive development. This information            suction cup that attaches to the patient’s

A    recent study raises expectations that
     regular physical activity may improve
cognitive functioning in overweight children
                                                 may persuade educators to implement vig-
                                                 orous physical activity.”
                                                                                                       chest and a second device (ResQPOD)
                                                                                                       which prevents air from rushing into the
                                                                                                       lungs while the ResQPump raises the chest.
and also improve academic achievement.           Source: Davis, C. (2011) Exercise improves execu-     The resultant vacuum created in the chest
Catherine Davis, a clinical health psycholo-     tive function and achievement and alters brain        pumps more blood to heart and brain. Keith
gist at Georgia Prevention Institute and her     activation in overweight children: A randomized,      Laurie, one of the researchers told Science
colleagues studied the effects of 20 minutes     controlled trial. Health Psychology, Vol 30(1), Jan   Daily: “We are moving from prehistoric times
and 40 minutes per day of exercise on over-      2011, 91-98                                           -- relying only on our hands -- to modern
weight 7 to 11 year olds. Tests measured                                                               times, implementing tools to treat victims.
cognitive abilities such as planning (execu-     New CPR Equipment Provides                            This advance is a product of collaboration
tive function) and achievement (math and         Improved Blood Flow to Brain                          between emergency medicine specialists,
reading) as well as MRI analyses of brain        and Heart                                             cardiologists, anesthesiologists, neurolo-
function. They found dose-response ben-                                                                gists, and countless other professions. A
efits of exercise on executive function and                                                            multidisciplinary environment was absolutely
mathematics achievement (but not reading),       Newly developed CPR equipment has been                necessary for our success.”
even though mathematics was not taught           found to increase long term survival rates            “New CPR Method Increases Survival Rate
during the experiment. The increased pre-        with good brain function after cardiac arrest.        by 50 Percent, Study Suggests” Science Daily,
frontal cortext activity and reduced bilateral   In an article in Lancet, a team of researchers        March 1, 2011
posterior parietal cortex activity induced by    at University of Minnesota Medical School
exercise was similar to what other investiga-    report that a new device caused heart and             Article at:
tors have observed in adults. The authors        brain to be furnished with almost three times         es/2011/03/110301111507.htm
concluded that “besides its importance for       more blood flow in each compression-decom-
maintaining weight and reducing health           pression cycle compared to the standard

Kinesiology Today April 2011 Volume 4, No. 2                                                                                                                Page 16

Short Shots
Are Leaders Born, Not Made?                    Article at: Mumford, M.D. (2011) A hale farewell:   attending professional sporting events, this
                                               The state of leadership research. The Leadership    means that, on average, approximately
                                               Quarterly, 22, 1-7.                                 5,000 attendees leaving one NFL game
A review of research on leadership by                                                              would be above the legal BAC limit for
the past editor of The Leadership Quar-                                                            driving.”
terly points up some interesting results.      Pickled Partisans                                      Erikson also found that fans under 35
While leadership flows in part from the                                                            years of age were nine times more likely
competencies the leader brings to the
situation at hand--- intelligence, divergent
thinking, extraversion, and self-efficacy-
                                               S   ports spectators---especially those
                                                   who bare their chests in below freezing
                                               weather--- have long been suspected of
                                                                                                   to have blood alcohol levels above 0.08.
                                                                                                   Nearly one in four spectators who tailgated
                                                                                                   consumed five or more alcoholic drinks while
--specific leadership roles usually make       over-drinking. Now comes data showing               doing so. Spectators at night time games
specific demands that are not always           just how correct those suspicions have              had significantly higher odds of having a
critical to other aspects of performance.      been. A new study published in the online           mid-range blood alcohol level (below 0.08)
These include skill in planning, forecast-     journal Alcoholism: Clinical and Experi-            but were not more likely to have a blood
ing, and “sensemaking.” Wisdom, along          mental Research found that 40% of fans              alcohol above the legal limit.
with the ability to reason and case-based,     attending selected football and baseball
experiential knowledge also are important      games had positive blood alcohol levels             Source: Erickson, D. et. al. (2011) Can we assess
in influencing others and social systems       and almost 8% were legally drunk. Darin             blood alcohol levels of attendees leaving profes-
to attain certain objectives. Research has     Erickson at University of Minnesota, lead           sional sporting events? January 11.
also shown pro-social behaviors such as        investigator on the project, admitted that
trust, justice, humbleness and positive        their sample size was small (362 attend-            0277.2010.01386.x/full
interpersonal affect to be critical to good    ees at 13 baseball games and three foot-
leadership, but, notes the author, “however    ball games) although very much in line
desirable these positive interpersonal         with similar studies conducted by others.
behaviors, leaders often cannot, and often     Attempting to recruit subjects and collect
do not, behave in a pro-social fashion.”       data on fans streaming by exit gates in a
Why? Personal traits such as narcissism,       narrow window of 15 minutes imposed
errors in cognitive processing, and mental     serious limitations. “But, they write, If our
models that people apply when thinking         sample were representative of individuals
about leadership problems.
Kinesiology Today April 2011 Volume 4, No. 2                                                                                                           Page 17

Short Shots
Physical Education Teachers                      and Josipa Roska’s eye-opening book             aren’t demanding enough of students;
Demonstrate for Jobs in India                    Academically Adrift. Whether or not the         administrators aren’t paying attention to
                                                 book, with its dismal report on the inef-       student learning outcomes; and the federal

A    poor job market for physical education
     teachers turned to violence in Lucknow,
the capital of Uttar Pradesh a state of 180
                                                 fectiveness of undergraduate programs
                                                 in teaching critical thinking, leads to any
                                                 substantive changes in the way professors
                                                                                                 government isn’t awarding grant money to
                                                                                                 figure out why students aren’t learning, even
                                                                                                 as it calls for more completion.”
million people in northern India. Hundreds       go about their work is an open question,           We shouldn’t be surprised at the findings,
of physical education graduates from differ-     but it clearly has made tongues wag. The        says Lloyd Armstrong, University Profes-
ent parts of Uttar Pradesh who were unable       study followed 2,300 undergraduates             sor and Provost Emeritus at University of
to land teaching jobs marched en masse           through four years of college, periodically     Southern California on his blog, “Changing
on the state assembly. When blocked by           measuring critical thinking using the Col-      Higher Education.” He notes that earlier
police they turned violent, trashing govern-     legiate Learning Instrument. No significant     studies by Derek Bok (Our Underachieving
ment vehicles and vandalizing a post office.     gains in critical thinking, complex reasoning   Colleges) and Ernest Pascarella and Patrick
Violence stemming from teacher demon-            and written communication were observed         Terinzini (How College Affects Students,
strations is nothing new in Lucknow. Last        in 36 percent of students over four years       Volume 2) found essentially the same thing.
year at least 30 people, including senior        of college. No gains were observed in 45        Armstrong is just as dubious about how
police officers, were injured as hundreds of     percent of the students over two years.         much content students learn in four years
temporary teachers in several government-           Now critics are weighing in. At a recent     as he is about their critical thinking skills.
run primary schools demanded full-time           meeting of the Association of American          “In my own field of physics, tests given to
appointments and salary increases.               Colleges and Universities for example,          students at hundreds of institutions rang-
                                                 questions were raised about the instrument      ing from community colleges to the best
Source:   used to assess critical thinking and about      research universities show that students
                                                 important questions not asked in the survey.    who have finished a physics course on
                                                    Inside Higher Education assembled            average think less like experts than when
“Academically Adrift” Shakes                     a group of education experts to identify        they started the course. There is a “universal
Up the Academy                                   causes for the embarrassing results.(Janu-      result, valid across institutional size and
                                                 ary 19, 2011 issue). The conclusions were       quality, size of class, etc. that students on

S    hock waves continue to sweep over
     academe in the wake of Richard Arum
                                                 far from startling:: “In general, students
                                                 aren’t studying enough; faculty members
                                                                                                 average understand less than 30% of the

Kinesiology Today April 2011 Volume 4, No. 2                                                                                                            Page 18

Short Shots
concepts that were taught in their class,        environment but teach them how to change        Association for Human Resources show
even though they might answer traditional        that environment. He argues for a more          faculty salaries at public colleges to have
test questions quite well.”                      expansive view of the EdD, not simply as        plateaued for the second year in a row. The
                                                 a degree for public school administrators,      association reports that faculty salaries at
Read at: http://www.changinghighereducation.     but as an effective force for disrupting,       all institutions have grown just slightly more
com/2011/01/index.htm                            challenging, and transforming, a host of        than the rate of inflation. Highest average
                                                 cultural settings. Further Wergin discourages   salaries for professors were in law schools
                                                 conceptualizing the EdD as a modification       ($134,162), engineering ($114,365), business
Rebooting the EdD                                of the PhD, (a PhD less something) “but a       ($111.621), and computer and information
                                                 course of study having distinct purposes        services ($101,985). Lowest professor

A    dd this to the category of things worth
     reading: Jon Wergin’s article “Reboot-
ing the EdD” in the recent issue of Harvard
                                                 and learning outcomes, culminating in a
                                                 capstone assessment that reflects prac-
                                                 tice expertise.” The EdD, says Wergin,
                                                                                                 salaries were in theology ($74,267), visual
                                                                                                 and performing arts ($79,768), parks, rec-
                                                                                                 reation and fitness studies ($80,366), and
Educational Review. The professorate             should be the terminal practice degree          English ($80,545). Salaries for associate
has long considered the Ed.D. a “PhD             for educators just as the MD degree is          and assistant professor levels in parks
lite,”a term coined by Lee Shulman, for-         the terminal practice degree for medicine,      recreation, leisure, and fitness studies
mer president of the Carnegie Center             and it should have a purpose and rigor          were relatively higher.
for the Advancement of Teaching, or as           wholly different from the PhD.                      Once again, salary data have been
Art Levine, former president of Columbia                                                         organized in categories designed by the
University Teachers College called it, “a        Source: Wergin, J. (2011) Rebooting the EdD.    National Center for Educational Statistics’
back door for weak education colleges to         Harvard Educational Review, 81(1), 119-139      Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP).
gain doctoral granting authority.” Levine                                                        The result is what surely is incomplete and
argued for termination of the degree cat-                                                        possibly misleading information. Kinesiology
egory, unlikely given that at last count there   Faculty Pay at Colleges and                     faculty are grouped with faculty in parks,
were 250 EdD programs in the country.            Universities Flat-line: Kinesiology             recreation, tourism and health education. The
“Not so fast,” says Wergin. There clearly        Faculty Data Remain Obscured                    CIP taxonomy reveals little about the large
is a place for rigorous, scholarship-based                                                       group of faculty who teach and conduct
EdD programs that not only teach admin-
istrators how to operate in an educational       D   ata released in early March by the
                                                     College and University Professional
                                                                                                 research in such fields as exercise physi-
                                                                                                 ology, biomechanics of physical activity,

Kinesiology Today April 2011 Volume 4, No. 2                                                                                                              Page 19

Short Shots
history, philosophy and sociology of sport,        Minimizing the Decline Effect                  including the regular failure of scientists to
motor learning, development and control,                                                          report (findings) that are inconsistent with
fitness studies, and physical education
teacher education. Whether or not salaries
for athletic training and exercise physiology
                                                   I t has long been recognized that statisti-
                                                     cal effects reported for research tend to
                                                   decline over time. Some have explained
                                                                                                  their hypotheses; the addition of removal
                                                                                                  of participants and variables to generate
                                                                                                  statistical significance; and the probable
faculty have been included is anybody’s            it as a function of regression to the mean     existence of numerous published find-
guess since these sub-fields are grouped           or a correction of originally exaggerated      ings whose non-replicability is shrouded
under separate CIP classifications.                outcomes. Such a hypothesis is difficult to    because it is difficult to report null results.”
    The only specific data on salaries for         test because scientists don’t have access      A data repository for research on class
kinesiology professors were collected in           to negative outcomes (since most never         room learning, similar to what Schooler is
the 2009 limited sample survey by AKA.             are published). Now Johnathan Schooler,        recommending for science at large, has
In that survey (available at www.american-         a psychology professor at the University       been established by the Pittsburgh Science professors earned a mean          of California, Santa Barbara, has sug-         and Learning Center (PSLC) at University
salary of $93,683; associate professors,           gested a solution. What is needed, says        of Pittsburgh. (https://pslcdatashop.web.
$69,573; and assistant professors $57,556.         Schooler is “an open-access repository”
AKA’s efforts to convince NCES to reposi-          for all research findings. Such a repository
tion kinesiology in their taxonomy so that         would enable scientists to log their hypoth-   Source: Schooler, J. (2011) “Unpublished results
such data can be clearly interpreted have          eses and methodologies before beginning        hide the decline effect. Nature News, on-line,
been largely ignored to date.                      their experiments, and enter their findings    February 23, 470, 437
                                                   afterwards. In addition, says Schooler, such
Source:   a system “could also address other short-      full/470437a.html
ary2011/NFSS11ExecutiveSummary.pdf                 comings of the current scientific process,
Average Faculty Salary By Field and Rank,
Chronicle of Higher Education, March 7, 2011.

Kinesiology Today April 2011 Volume 4, No. 2                                                                                                            Page 20

C onferenCes          and     m eetIngs        of   I nterest

United States Conferences
American College of Sports Medicine                         North American Society for the            7th Annual International Conference
58th Annual Meeting and 2nd World                           Psychology of Sport and Physical          on Kinesiology and Exercise
Conference on Exercise is Medicine                          Activity Annual Conference                Sciences, Athens Institute for
May 31-June 4, Denver Colorado                              June 9-11, 2011, Burlington, Vt.          Education and Research (ATINER)
Advance program and registration                            Information at:   Kinesiology and Exercise Sciences
Information at:                               about-the-conference
                                                                                                      27-30 June 2011, Athens, Greece
annualmeeting                                                                                         Information at:
                                                            Association for Applied Sport             docs/2011Conferences.htm
North American Society for Sport                            Psychology Annual Conference
History Annual Conference                                   September 20-24, 2011, Waikiki Hawaii     Sport as a Mediator Between Cultures
H.J. Lutcher Stark Center for Physical                      Sheraton Honolulu, HI                     First International Israeli-German
Culture and Sports                                          For information:                          Conference: Peace Education,
May 27-30 2011, University of Texas at            
                                                                                                      Conflict Resolution, and Cultural
Information at:                                                             Awareness Through Sport
                                                                                                      September 15-17, 2011, Pre-conference
                                                            International Conferences                 Workshops Sept 13-14, 2011
National Athletic Trainers’                                                                           Ministry of Sport and Culture, Israel
Association, 62nd Annual Meeting                                                                      Federal Ministry of the Interior, Germany
and Clinical Symposia                                       39th Annual Conference of the             Information at:
                                                            International Association for the         Tel: + 49 30 36 41 88 50
June 19-June 22, New Orleans
Information at:                       Philosophy of Sport (IAPS)
                                                            September 8-11, Hyatt Regency Hotel       International Society of Biomechanics
National Strength and Conditioning                          in Rochester, New York                    23rd Congress
Association, 34th National                                  Host: The College at Brockport, State
                                                            University of New York                    July 3-7, 2011, Registration closes June
Conference and Exhibition                                                                             15. Brussels, Belgium
                                                            For information:
July 6-9, 2011, Las Vegas, Nevada                           conference/iaps-conference-2011/          Information at:
Information at:                                                             welcome.html
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Kinesiology Today April 2011 Volume 4, No. 2                                                                                                                                  Page 21

                                                    schools in Virginia “do not have gymna-          to look for “creative and innovative” ways to
Continued from page1                                siums or other facilities sufficient to meet     get children more physically active.
Virginia Governor Vetoes Bill ...                   the requirements of this bill.” Four northern
                                                    Virginia delegates piled on very late in the          Sources: Kumar, Anita, Fairfax urges McDon-
    Liz Payne, Fairfax County’s coordinator         game claiming that “it is often low-income       nell to Veto PE Requirement for School Children,
for health and physical education, told the         children who are most academically at            Washington Post February 25, 2011
Washington Post that the legislation would          risk and to take academic time away from
“mean elementary students will have to              them would do the most harm. While they          politics/virginia-gov-mcdonnell-vetoes-pe-
more than double their physical activity. But,      can find other avenues for physical activ-       bill/2011/03/24/ABzY8USB_story.html
she said,” it will not affect middle schools,       ity, they have fewer choices for academic
where students take more than 150 minutes           challenges outside of the classroom
of physical education a week.”                          In late March the intrigue escalated. So                                       And a Comment on the
    Letters poured into the office of Governor      sensitive had the issue become in the politi-                                      Virginia Decision from
Robert F. McDonnell urging him to veto the          cal arena that it was difficult for KT to find                                     Russ Pate…
bill. Even educational associations typically       anyone in a position of authority who would                                         Russ Pate, Professor of Exer-
                                                                                                                                        cise Science and Director of
supportive of physical education lined up as        go on record to discuss the matter. Everyone                                        the Children’s Physical Activity
dissenters in the debate. Fearful of cuts in        seemed fearful to speak out against their                                           Research Group at University
its own programs, the Virginia Music Educa-         school board’s venomous opposition to the                                           of South Carolina says the
                                                                                                                                        Virginia experience “demon-
tors Association issued a call to action on its     bill. Some were betting that the governor                                           strates just how difficult it will
website urging its members to “block the            would sign the bill if only because his wife                                        be to increase our children’s
                                                                                                                 Russ Pate
physical education requirement legislation          frequently speaks out on the issue of child-                                        exposure to school-based phy-
                                                                                                     sical education. The costs of increased exposure are real
now forwarded to the Governor.” A coalition of      hood obesity. Others were doubtful given         and substantial but often ignored in discussions of expand-
educational and governmental organizations          Republican McDonnell’s past criticism of         ing physical education programs.”
including the Virginia Educators Association,       federal mandates and big government.                 Still, Pate sees some light at the end of the tunnel. “If our goal
                                                                                                     is to increase children’s daily physical activity levels, there are
the Virginia Association of School Superinten-          On March 24 the suspense ended when          at least two important ways in which PE can contribute right
dents, the Virginia School Boards Association,      the governor vetoed the bill. McDonnell          away, without increasing overall PE time. First, PE can strive to
The Virginia Association of Counties and the        told the Washington Post: “While I strongly      meet the oft-stated goal of insuring that each student will be
                                                                                                     physically active for at least 50% of class time. Most programs
Virginia Municipal League also wrote a letter       agree that we must encourage exercise and        fall far short of that goal. And second, physical educators can
pointing out that the bill imposed a substantial    physical activity, I oppose unfunded man-        prioritize their role in linking their students to extracurricular
unfounded mandate on schools and localities         dates, whether they come from Washington         and community-based after school and weekend programs in
                                                                                                     which they can receive substantial doses of physical activity…
and that it posed “very significant instructional   or Richmond,’’ And he added: “In the fight
                                                                                                     The fundamental issue is this – will physical education, as a
and practical problems.”                            against childhood obesity and preventable        profession, really commit its existing resources to providing
    The group also told the governor that           disease, we all have a role to play. Govern-     and promoting physical activity in its students. Or will it stand
                                                                                                     pat, largely overlook this goal, and hope that increased PE
substantial capital funds would be needed to        ment cannot just pass legislation and make
                                                                                                     time will be funded by state legislatures.”
meet the requirement since most elementary          this problem go away.” He instructed his staff
Kinesiology Today April 2011 Volume 4, No. 2                                                                                                             Page 22

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Exercise Addiction: When a Healthy ...

my run in,” she says. And if she doesn’t’?       are given up or reduced because of              lems can be caused by over-exercising as
“Sometimes I feel guilty. I know that’s not      exercise.                                       well, such as upper respiratory infections
rational. There’s not a reason for it.”          Continuance: exercise is continued              and unusual soreness, weight loss, anxiety,
   Such guilty feelings may be a warning         despite knowledge of having a persis-           lethargy, menstrual irregularities, appetite
sign, but researchers have found that it         tent or recurrent physical or psycho-           loss and an increase in resting heart rate.
takes more than one type of criteria to sig-     logical problem that is likely caused or        Some more serious health issues cited by
nal a true problem with exercise addiction.      exacerbated by exercise.                        psychologist Edward Cumella in Behavior
The Exercise Dependence Scale, devel-                                                            Health Management include stress fractures,
oped by exercise psychologists, Heather            According to Hausenblas, Director of          spinal scoliosis, osteoporosis and heart
Hausenblas and Danielle Symons Downs,          the Exercise Psychology Laboratory at the         arrhythmias. These serious side effects can
measures a subject’s dependence on             University of Florida, a client experienc-        erase the positive physical benefits associ-
exercise using the following criteria:         ing three or more of these criteria would         ated with more moderate exercise routines.
                                               be classified with a high level of exercise           Distinguishing exercise addiction from a
   Tolerance : either a continual need         dependence. She once worked with a                rational commitment to physical activity isn’t
   for increased amounts of exercise or        student who could not make it through             easy says sport psychologist Tom Raedeke,
   whether they experience a diminished        a class without getting up and running            at East Carolina University. There is a fine line
   effect with the same amount of exercise.    around the building to relieve his anxiety.       between exercise as a healthy passion and
   Withdrawal: either withdrawal symp-          “Most people won’t think that they have a        letting it get out of control says Raedeke. “If
   toms from exercise or increased             problem,” Hausenblas said. The subject            it controls you, then it’s turned the corner into
   amount of exercise are required to          sees it as a healthy and beneficial habit         addiction,” he says. In Raedeke’s research
   relieve or avoid withdrawal symptoms.       rather than an impairment to their life. Unfor-   on body image, he often sees exercise
   Intention Effect: done in larger            tunately, grant funding sources are reluctant     addiction as a secondary condition to eat-
   amounts or over a longer period of          to fund research into exercise dependence/        ing disorders. People with eating disorders
   time than intended                          addiction issues for similar reasons. They        use exercise as another way to control their
   Lack of Control: unsuccessful in            are often more interested in supporting           bodies and their weight. Exercise addiction
   efforts to cut down or control exercise.    studies that motivate people to exercise          has also been connected to individuals with
   Time: an extraordinary amount of time       more rather than less, Hausenblas says.           an obsessive- compulsive personality or
   is spent in exercise activities                 Neglect of other important obligations is     used as a substitute for another addiction.
   Reduction in Other Activities: social,      not the only negative side effect of exercise         Studies have shown that exercise addic-
   occupational or recreational activities     addiction. A wide array of physical prob-         tion rarely stands alone as a behavioral
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Exercise Addiction: When a Healthy ...

addiction in individuals. Curiously, it is very    from running, they may find that they are          change their relationship with exercise. She
rarely found in professional or Olympic-           depressed. According to Balague, the               suggests mixing up their activities, which is
caliber athletes, those who are striving           depression was probably there all along and        better physiologically anyway, and exchanging
towards excellence and an overall per-             exercise was just being used as a mecha-           solo activities with more social group activities.
formance goal. Excessive exercise can              nism to cover up the runner’s depression           Kicking the exercise habit, can be tough
however, lead to psychological burn out            in the first place. She recommends treating        especially since the person has probably
in this level of athlete, if they are unable to    the underlying issues involved, so exer-           been engaging in this activity for several
detach from the sport outside of training          cise becomes something the person loves            years by the time it gets to an addiction level.
and competition, according to Raedeke.             to do and not something they have to do.           As with most things in life, finding a balance
    Like other addictions, Balague says,”          The exercise addict tends to attribute a value     and using moderation is the key to restoring
Exercise is a way of coping with other nega-       to exercise that is above other physical, social   a healthy exercise routine in order to gain
tives issues. Exercise keeps the negative          and emotionally important commitments.             the most physical, emotional and psycho-
feelings at bay.” If a runner takes a break        Therefore, Balague says the addict must            logical benefits from regular exercise.
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Strategies for Countering Mergers ...

    heavily marketed outside the local region      • When possible, be sure someone in                • Avoid being subsumed by other
for their “uniqueness” and their ability to help     the department has a seat at the table             departments or schools who do not
bring the College closer to its goal of becom-       when re-reorganization decisions are               have the same mission as kinesiology
ing a “nationally recognized comprehensive           being made.                                        related areas.
master’s institution”. That’s quite a reversal
from what might have been if we had been           • Present a strong and united front                • Publicize the department’s accomplish-
merged or acquired during re-structuring.            of faculty who are not problems to                 ments. We developed a “Points of Pride”
    In summary, I recommend that depart-             administrators.                                    flyer for distribution around campus, in
ments consider the following ideas in the                                                               admissions, at Open Houses, etc.
face of consolidation pressures:                   • Use a core kinesiology curriculum
                                                     that is shared and supported by the              • Use the name “kinesiology” to help
                                                     department.                                        bring attention to your unique mission
                                                                                                        and content.
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Mergers and Aquisitions ...

formerly resided in the School of Health         Department at Canisius                            Kinesiology at Purdue Moves
and Human Performance which has been             Reorganized                                       to New School of Health and
eliminated. The new school is expected                                                             Human Services
to be established by July 1, 2011, with a        Jeff Lindauer reports that Canisius College
permanent dean in place by July 1, 2012.         has consolidated what formerly was the            For the first time in 50 years, Purdue University
    “We are very pleased to be a department      Department of Physical Education, Health          has reorganized some of its colleges, an
in the new School of Health and Human            and Sport Studies and the Department              operation which has moved the Department
Sciences,” says Joe Starnes, chair of kinesi-    of Sport Medicine, Health and Human               of Health and Kinesiology from the College
ology. The new alignment is a strong state-      Performance into a single Department of           of Liberal Arts to a new College of Health
ment that UNCG places a high priority on         Kinesiology. Jeff is the chair of the new         and Human Sciences. The new college was
programs supporting health, wellness and         department. The merger was encouraged             formed by bringing together nine academic
quality of life across the lifespan. Since our   by the Dean of the School of Education, but       units that had been spread across three
department’s mission is consistent with such     rather than act quickly as the Dean wanted,       different colleges including the College of
a focus, we are expecting the realignment        Jeff and the faculty of both departments          Pharmacy, the College of Nursing and Health
to significantly facilitate the accomplishment   decided to take time to sort out concerns         Sciences, and the College of Liberal Arts.
of our goals and create new opportunities.       such as territorial matters, course assign-       Departments within the new school include
Also, it was a very nice coincidence that the    ments and other issues before plunging            Health and Kinesiology, Nursing, Speech,
approval of the new school was announced         into the reorganization. All in all it has gone   Language and Hearing Sciences, Hospitality
on the day that we hosted Steve Blair who        smoothly, thanks to the cooperation of the        and Tourism Management, Psychological
gave a campus-wide lecture entitled “Physi-      faculty. “People naturally tend to put blind-     Sciences, Foods and Nutrition, Consumer
cal Inactivity: The Biggest Public Health        ers on when faced with plans for a new            Sciences and Retailing, and Child Devel-
Issue of the 21st Century?”                      organizational structure. We are tempted          opment and Family Studies. An inaugural
                                                 to think only about our own program and           dean has been appointed for a two-year
                                                 courses. But by discussing the various            term. Bill Harper, chair of the Department
                                                 issues involved the faculty were able to          of Health and Kinesiology reports that the
                                                 see that they and their programs are part         transition to the new school has gone very
                                                 of a larger picture.”                             smoothly.
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It’s Spring Time: Take Advantage of It!                                                                 Thinking About Kinesiology and Public ...

   case, you have an opportunity to              the archival record of these awards                    students with an understanding of the big
   recognize the individual and promote          and an important history of the                        picture when thinking about our country’s
   the quality people in your department.        department.                                            inactivity-related health and social problems
                                                                                                        can help kinesiology be accepted as a
5. Increase and extend the recognition             You may wonder why I’ve used my allot-               major player in higher education’s quest
   of the award winner by using                ted space to discuss how to promote the                  for strengthening the civic mission and
   multiple approaches. Last year, our         outstanding individuals in our departments.              promoting community engagement. This
   department had three AKA Scholar            AKA is dedicated to promoting kinesiology                can be done by challenging students to
   award winners. Their awards were            as an academic discipline. One part of that              use their talents, knowledge and skills to
   highlighted on the university’s             is to encourage our member departments                   promote physical activity in all settings and
   homepage (high exposure, limited            to do what they can to establish their aca-              population sub-groups. Many departments
   time), announced through the                demic reputation on their own campus.                    already have this as a major goal. I rec-
   college’s outlets (focused exposure),       National recognition for our students, such              ommend that all kinesiology departments
   and then posted in a showcase in            as the AKA Scholar Awards, is critical in                make community engagement and the
   the department’s hallway (limited           creating a positive impression among our                 civic mission a priority. Through partner-
   exposure, but most relevant audience        academic peers. Each department must                     ships and more collaboration with medical
   and extended time). For the showcase        take advantage of these awards to the full-              groups, business and industry, community
   presentation, we made a copy of each        est extent possible to enhance the depart-               parks, recreation units and public health
   student’s AKA certificate of award and      ment’s reputation in the university. So have             departments, kinesiology can be one of the
   included that in the showcase.              a great spring and use this time of year to              most politically engaged units on campus
                                               promote the academic excellence of your                  and this might be the formula we need to
6. Other noteworthy activities occur           department!                                              stay in the mainstream.
   throughout the academic year. It’s           Back to page 5, It’s Spring Time: Takle Advantage ...      Back to page 8, Thinking About Kinesiology and ...
   easy to let these slip by and soon
   be forgotten. Most departments are
   required to prepare an annual report.
   Use the annual report to recap all
   the accomplishments and awards
   received by students, faculty, staff,
   and alumni. The report becomes

Kinesiology Today April 2011 Volume 4, No. 2                                                                                                                 Page 26

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Infant Treadmill Opens Door to Line ...

to induce walking at an early age in such      calf size.) “One of the interesting things           What now for Dale Ulrich and his col-
infants would harm their walking gait, but,    we found was that infants can adapt to            leagues at Michigan? “I will be working
said Ulrich, “once we published the walk-      individualized levels of intensity—increased      with a nutritionist and a pediatrician here at
ing gait data that demonstrated improved       weight, increased velocity, and increased         Michigan to submit an NIH grant to begin
walking gait resulted from the treadmill       time of walking-- without interfering with        testing the applications of this research
stepping practice, many therapists now are     their step pattern.”                              with infants who are at risk for rapid weight
very supportive of this training protocol. I       But perhaps the most critical finding was     gain during the first 6 months of life and
get an email every week from a parent of       yet to come. In a later study that looked at      early onset of obesity by 24 months of life.
an infant with DS somewhere in the world       the effects of high intensity individualized      Infants at high risk of infant obesity include
asking me if I know where they can find a      training on infant voluntary physical activ-      those whose mothers were obese during
PT who uses the treadmill training or where    ity outside of the home, the researchers          pregnancy, had gestational diabetes, infants
they can access a small treadmill.”            attached accelerometers to the infants in         who had rapid weight gain in the first six
    When Bev Ulrich was hired as Dean in       order to sample their levels of physical          months, and infants with a family history of
the School of Kinesiology at Michigan, Dale    activity at home. The research, published         obesity by early childhood.
teamed up with colleague Rosa Angulo-          in Infant and Behavior Development, found
Barrosa in a follow-up study in 2008 to test   that DS infants who received the higher lev-      Note: A video featuring the work at the Michigan
the effects of increasing the intensity of     els of individualized training of the treadmill   laboratory can be found on the Science Daily website
the treadmill experience by adding ankle       had higher mean levels of general physi-          at:
weights, increasing speed of the tread-        cal activity outside the lab than did infants     baby_treadmill.htm
mill, and increasing the daily duration of     receiving a lower level of intensity training                 Back to page 7, Infant Treadmill Opens ...
the treadmill as the infants progressed in     used in the original study. Six months after
their stepping performance. They found         the treadmill training ended infants in the
that infants in the individualized, higher     experimental group were still more physi-
intensity training group increased their       cally active than infants who had received
stepping more dramatically and reached         a lower intensity training protocol. “I think
most of the motor milestones at an earlier     the research showing how general physical
age. (Increasing levels of intensity were      activity level was positively impacted was
individualized by basing them on the child’s   the most innovative given the problems we
stepping performance and, in the case of       are seeing in very early onset of obesity in
ankle weights, on the basis of the child’s     infants and toddlers without Down syndrome.”

Kinesiology Today April 2011 Volume 4, No. 2                                                                                                            Page 27

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Design and Implementation of New ...

those who will lead physical training falls    “Formerly we made fitness leaders ‘book         final step in the Soldier Athlete initiative to
to Frank Palkoska, civilian Director of the    smart’ by making their heads spin with two      better prepare Soldiers for strenuous train-
Army Fitness School at Ft. Jackson, South      intense weeks of exercise physiology which      ing and the challenges of full-spectrum
Carolina and his staff of 14. Like Hertling,   they ususally dumped once they got back         operations. To counter societal changes,
Palkoska formerly taught in the physical       to their work. We were failing to adequately    the Soldier Athlete Initiative combines physi-
education department at West Point. He         prepare them to lead exercises. Now the         cal readiness, performance nutrition, and
began his career as a health and physical      emphasis is on practical application rather     injury prevention to better prepare Soldiers
education major at Murray State.               than theory.”                                   for strenuous training and the difficulty of
   “The challenge in constructing the              In constructing the new test the Army was   the battlefield.”
APRT,” said Palkoska, “was to develop a        aided by exercise physiologists and exercise
generic test that could be used to assess      psychologists, and relied on guidelines by      Videos of soldiers performing the tests are at:
209 different Army occupation specialities.    the American College of Sports Medicine
Designing individual fitness tests for each    and National Strength and Conditioning
occupation would have been impossible.”        Association . (Palkoska has been invited        For more on the test see:
Writing training guides required translating   to give a presentation at the upcoming
scientific concepts into usuable terms that    NSCA conference.). The new fitness battery      fitness-tests_n_829870.html
the fitness leaders who may not have had       is being field tested at a number of sites
a college education, can understand. “This     including West Point.                           bayonet-from-army-training.html
meant a fundamental change in the way              According to an Army information bul-
we approached our task,” said Palkoska.        letin, “implementing the new tests is the       army-fitness-test-gets-an-overhaul.html

Kinesiology Today April 2011 Volume 4, No. 2                                                                                   Page 28

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Our Vincible Ingorance of the Placement ...          specialist, physical education teacher, fitness
                                                     director, or full-time athletic trainer.
Still, law schools continue to expand their             Of course, knowing little about the supply-
enrollments and facilities. Our colleagues           demand ratio, we can’t honestly provide
in the humanities, painfully aware of the            that kind of information. If students or their
extraordinarily limited career opportunities         parents ask whether the chances of find-
for their history and english Ph.D. gradu-           ing employment are good, fair or poor, we
ates, nevertheless continue to admit and             are left to our own devices, none of them
graduate students whose quest for jobs               based on hard data.
seems more an expression of faith than                  In a way, not knowing the truth is our sal-
knowledge of the facts on the ground.                vation when faced with such questions, but
    Is it the responsibility of academics to worry   this hardly absolves us of the professional
about the employability of their graduates?          obligation to find out. Often, said philoso-
I think it is. If it is indeed the case that the     pher Aldous Huxley, we are guilty of vincible
numbers of students graduating from kinesi-          ignorance, that is “we don’t know because
ology departments each year vastly outstrip          we don’t want to know.” Vincible ignorance
the demand for their services, kinesiologists        of the supply-demand ratio in kinesiology,
would seem ethically bound, if not to limit          especially when we haven’t made efforts to
their enrollments, at least to inform students       determine it, hardly exempts us from guilt for
(as well as their parents) about the difficulty      continuing to behave as though employment
the student may face in landing a job as a           prospects in our field are limitless.
coach, athletic director, sports marketing               Back to page 11, Out Vincible Ingorance of the ...

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AKA Leadership Workshop Blitzed By ...

Rafer Lutz, Baylor University                    Duane Knudson, Texas State                         creating recognition or public victories
                                                 University                                         for discoveries in our field and nurturing
    “I found the exchange of ideas quite                                                            scholars who can serve as spokespersons.
interesting. In the end, my feelings about           “The discussion of collaboration and           We need our own Carl Sagan to share
the potential threats posed by students          academic identity of Kinesiology programs          with our higher education peers and the
with pre-allied health interests majoring in     explored the challenges to disciplinary            public what Kinesiology research can do
kinesiology were lessened. While I feel there    uniqueness in higher education, and con-           for people and society.”
is still vigilance required, it seems that our   sequently the opportunities for advance-
programs are mostly benefiting from recent       ment of Kinesiology. One challenge is the          Deb Feltz, Michigan State
trends. One thing is clear, no Kinesiology       long history of a lack of agreement on the         University
Department deals with this issue in exactly      terminology and primary purpose of our
the same way, but it does appear that most       field. Besides Kinesiology, several terms              “In terms of the undergraduate curricu-
have found a way to benefit from the increase    (physical activity, exercise, sport, and human     lum in kinesiology, I don’t see why a basic
in majors with pre-allied health interests.      movement) serve as the purposed domain             disciplinary core curriculum has to change
Wojtek (I believe it was he) remarked that       or uniqueness of our field. Our weak rec-          just because the “users” of the curriculum
“these individuals who become medical            ognition as leaders in these fields was            (students pursuing careers in health-related
professionals, physical therapists, and who      readily apparent by reviewing the depart-          professions after graduation) may have
will go into other health-related professions    ment homes of PI’s for active grants from          changed. The faculty control the curricu-
will change those disciplines as a result of     NIH and NSF. Kinesiology faculty are PI’s          lum, and if pre-professional students want
having been trained in Kinesiology Depart-       for between 2 and 16% of the funded work           a kinesiology degree to help them prepare
ments.” Hopefully, this is true. If we retain    in physical activity, exercise, sport, and         for physical therapy, medical school, etc.,
a strong disciplinary core and can com-          human movement. Another challenge was              that is what they should get. In his pre-
municate the passion we have for physical        leadership in interdisciplinary teaching and       sentation Howie Zelaznik claimed that we
activity and sport, then this is more likely     research initiatives that address the utility of   have “sold our intellectual souls.” That is
to become reality.”                              physical activity as a significant strategy to     our own fault. We are not forced to hire
                                                 promote public health. Kinesiology needs           faculty from outside kinesiology (though
                                                 to do a better job with public relations,          Franklin Henry was from outside physical
                                                                                                    education). Who we hire is our own fault,
                                                                                                    if we use poor judgment.”
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Conferences and Meetings of Interest

Canadian Society for Psychomotor               Nominations being accepted for paral-
Learning and Sport Psychology                  lel sessions (i.e. Symposium, Debate,                            Welcome
Annual Conference                              Workshop, Meet the Expert, Master Class,                     New AKA Members
October 13-15, 2011                            Round table etc.) by 1st May, 2011. Sub-
Winnipeg, Canada                               missions should be a maximum of 750
Information at:                                                                   Northern Kentucky University
                                               words including a title, brief synopsis of
conference/                                                                                              Department of Kinesiology and
                                               the session and full details of all proposed
                                               speakers. Decisions will be returned by
British Association of Sport and
Exercise Sciences Conference                   1st July, 2011.                                           Rockford College
                                               Contact:                          Physical Education Department
September 6-8, 2011
University of Essex                            Information at:
                                                                                                         Stetson University
Information at:                                                                  Department of Integrative Health
conferences/bases2011/                                  Back to page 20, Conferences and Meetings
The 2012 International Convention on                                                                     University of Texas – San Antonio
Science, Education and Medicine in                                                                       Department of Health and
Sport (ICSEMIS 2012)                                                                                     Kinesiology
Pre Olympic Conference
July 19-24th 2012                                                                                        For a complete list of AKA mem-
Scottish Exhibition and Conference
Center, Glasgow, Scotland                                                                                bers, go to www.americankinesiol-

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