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cover letter for press release job for odesk


many people wants cover letter cause without this they can not get any job in odesk or freelancer or elance . i am trying to help them.

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I can submit your PRESS RELEASE to high page rank and highly related PRESS RELEASE
directories so that your websites or blogs get high quality back links and search engine
optimized. I will submit an excel report for every submission with all the details of submission.

I write SEO friendly Press Release for almost any subject.

I submit PRESS RELEASE into press release directory 100% manually. Also I will provide detailed
report in excel sheet.

I offer very competitive price for bulk submission.

I have tried to offer you the best rate. However I am very much interested to work for you and
are willing to match your expected rate if any, if you allow me to rebid with an indication.

I work with a team. So can do bulk work within short time.

So i know better how to research and analyze keywords for SEO.

I can guarantee you that you will not have to proof read and copy check my work. I will do it
myself before submitting you.

Waiting to work for you.


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