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					Employers Now Requiring Credit Checks

A growing trend among companies these days is to require a credit check as part of
the application and resume review process. This is a practice that has been used by
some companies in the past when they were looking to fill high profile or high
security clearance positions. It is now common practice to perform a credit check
along with the criminal background check. The employers are doing this for a few
different reasons. First, they want to look at your overall credit history. On time
payments and satisfaction of financial obligations shows the applicant is responsible
and follows through with his or her obligations. If the position involves cash
handling they will be looking for someone with no past due debt, as the likelihood of
theft will be lower. Companies are doing everything they can to minimize loss, and
something as simple as a credit check on a potential employee can help them avoid
problems down the road.

If you do have some blemishes on your credit reports, then you have a couple of
options. You can provide the company a written explanation and hand that in with
the resume/application. Most employers will understand normal circumstances and
know stuff happens. If you are proactive and provide the written explanation
beforehand, then they may appreciate your honesty, instead of them having to ask
you about it after they look into your credit reports.

Another option you have is to look into the services of a credit repair company.
Having an experienced and professional company work on cleaning up your credit
and improving your score can do wonders for your chances of landing the new job
that you desire. You want any potential employer to think highly of you, and if they
see a damaged credit report they may see you in a different light, one that does not
represent you as a person. Since credit repair is not a overnight process, it is advised
that you begin your credit repair prior to seeking out new jobs. You can contact a
credit restoration company and go over your credit reports in detail, and they will be
able to let you know what they feel can be done to improve your score, and give a
rough estimate of the time it may take. Being fully prepared is the best suggestion,
and taking action to solve your credit problems before they interfere with a new
career is ideal.