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									Does Do It Yourself Credit Repair Work?

There are a lot of websites online that promote do it yourself credit repair in the
form of eBooks and pre-made credit bureau dispute letter templates. These sites and
“kits” do not work, and for one simple reason: no two people have the same exact
needs when it comes to credit repair. The “cookie cutter” approach that these
systems use do not produce results, and in fact they can actually hurt your chances
of cleaning up your credit. The majority of these generic kits and form letters are
just challenging the account ownership. Guess what? 99.99999999% of the time
everything will come back verified. That is not how credit repair works. Also, all of
the forms and letter templates that you find online will automatically be tossed to
the side when the credit bureaus receive them. Why? Well, because you are not the
only one to send them these letters. Unfortunately, hundreds of thousands of
uneducated consumers will think that they will work and send them it. The OCR
systems that scan all received mail will detect them as a generic form letter, and
guess what you will receive in the mail as a response? Everything will come back
“verified” and this will then give the bureaus the ability to respond to any future
request as “frivolous” as they have already verified you own the accounts.

These do it yourself sites are typing to help, but in truth they are doing way wore
harm then good. They pain the picture that all credit repair companies are evil and
can’t do anything for you that you cannot do yourself. True, you can attempt it on
your won, but what are the odds that you know every state and local law pertaining
to the types of accounts on your credit report? It could take you years of research
and studying to get a grasp on what can be done, and how you need to approach the
situation. It is true that there are some bad companies out there that will not deliver
a great service, but that is the case in every industry. Take the automotive industry
for example. There are dealerships that are great at auto repair, charge a fair price
and customers leave satisfied with what they expected. Then, there are bad
companies that charge a lot of money and never really fix the problem. This exists in
every business, and it just takes some research to find the best company for the job.

Look for a credit repair company that offers a reputable service and has recent
examples of the results that they are capable of achieving for you. You also want to
make sure that they only use legal and ethical methods while working on cleaning
up your credit reports. The company that you hire will be working for you, and
representing your credit clean up, so make sure that they are not using illegal
methods that could cause trouble for you down the road. You have to think of credit
repair as an investment in your financial future. Think of all the money you will save
in the future. A small payment of $99 is well worth it when you think of the big
picture. By cutting out some of the “extras” you can easily afford the service. Simple
things like making your own cup of coffee in the morning instead of buying an
expensive coffee on the way to work every morning or bringing your lunch to work
instead of ordering out. A small sacrifice will help you in the long run. Letting a
professional handle it will give you the time you need to focus on your life and job, as
credit repair takes a tremendous amount of time and attention to detail. It is a full
time job that is best left to the experts. Do not fall victim of these so-called “do it
yourself” credit repair kits. They do not produce the results you are looking for, and
will just leave you disappointed and stuck with bad credit at the end. Do not go into
this with a blindfold on, and hire a professional company to get you the results tat
you want. By choosing to work with a trusted company you will see the end result
that you want: improved credit!

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