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August 10, 2012

Do Credit Repair Letters Work?

We will get right to the point, and tell you that credit repair letters do not work.
There is no special letter that will make your problems go away. If there were in fact
such a letter then credit repair companies would not be needed. There are several
companies that advertise letters that they claim will clear your credit and remove all
of your negative information. Some even call them attorney letters. This is just a
slick advertising method used to try to get you to purchase their product. Save your
money, because these do not work and we are going to explain why.

Each person has a different credit report, with different accounts, different payment
histories and different scores. With millions of different situations and scenarios
how on earth can one letter take care of all the possible issues? When you sit back
and think about it you will realize that it is very far-fetched and unrealistic. Sure,
they may have a fancy website but think about what you are buying; the same letter
that everyone else is. The credit bureaus must laugh when they see these come
through their system. They have software that scans each letter in, and is
programmed to detect form letters. The last thing that you want to do is alert the
credit bureaus that you are not aware of what you are doing. If it were as easy as just
sending a letter in that you got online, then there wouldn’t be any credit issues.
Everyone would just use these letters.

The truth of the matter is this? Credit repair takes time and knowing what you are
doing. It is nothing to joke around about, and if you are serious then you will not use
sample credit repair letters that you find online. Using these can even hurt your
chances of ever ding it correctly in the future. The credit bureaus are tough and they
put up a fight. Do not go into this battle blindfolded and unarmed, which is what you
are doing if you decide to use a generic credit letter. You want to go in with high
power ammo and fight them and win. You do this by hiring an experienced credit
repair company such as Credit Restore USA. You want a company that has been to
battle before and won. Many times. Take a look at past examples, and you will see
why it is best to let the pros take over and handle the work. Your situation is unique
and requires special attention. Do you want the same outcome as the other person
that just sent in a credit repair letter found online? Of course not! You want real
results and in the end of it you want to see an improved credit score. Get the fastest
and best credit repair available at an affordable price that is sure to produce results
that will impress you. At the end of the day, that is what you want. You want to see