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									Do you not say, ‘There
are still four months
and then comes the
harvest’? Behold, I say
to you, lift up your
eyes and look at the
fields, for they are
                               White for Harvest
already white for                                                                 Rob Gaebler’s news from Gospel for Asia
harvest! (John 4:35)
                                 April 2008

                               Dear loved ones,                     ple involved in Christian media           This week, five tornados
                                                                    (radio, TV, print, and internet)    came through here, at about
                                     I thank God for you and        gathered for networking and         3:30 in the morning. I had
                               for your prayers and support.        learning. At our booth, we          never heard wind so loud be-
                               God has protected and greatly        connected with about 840            fore, and I was a little fright-
                               blessed me in answer to your         people. Most of them received       ened. I was praying that GFA
                               prayers.                             at least our free book Revolu-      wouldn’t be destroyed! The
                                     Many things have been          tion in World Missions, and sev-    next morning I drove around
                               happening! The internship has        eral of them have great poten-      the neighborhood and saw
  Above: Interns doing a       been full of challenges, growth,     tial to air GFA’s radio pro-        several trees and fences
   team-building activity      and good times. I have helped        grams or partner with us in         knocked down. Elsewhere in
                               organize and lead some of the        other significant ways. I loved     Carrollton, power poles were
Below: Helping set up the      recent activities, including a day   going to this conferences and       snapped and roofs ripped off
 booth and telling people      at a challenge course, 24 hours      telling tons of new people          houses. At my house, we just
  about GFA at the NRB         of fasting and prayer, and an        about GFA. I also greatly en-       lost a few shingles and tree
       convention              evening of worship and sharing       joyed the many hours of fel-        branches. The Lord was very
                               testimonies. These activities        lowship with the other GFA          merciful; it could have been far
                               have been enjoyable and have         staff who went along; they are      worse.
                               taught us valuable lessons and       godly examples to me and I
                               helped us focus on the Lord.         learn a lot from their lives. The
                               The regular times of prayer,         only downside of going to the
                               Bible study, and just living to-     conference was that I missed
                               gether with Michael and Tye          the only snowstorm of the year
                               have also been just as meaning-      in Carrollton.
                               ful.                                       Last week I heard that my
                                     Last month I traveled to       dad has been laid off work. I
                               Nashville, TN with several           have six younger siblings, in-
                               other GFA staff for the Na-          cluding two who are in or
                               tional Religious Broadcasters        about to be in college. Please         Above: Tornado damage
                               convention. About 6,000 peo-         pray for my family.                     here in Carrollton, TX

                               Becoming a Faithful Servant
                                     In the office, there were      whoever is dishonest with           packets we send to churches
                               two important assignments            very little will also be dis-       with a DVD to show the con-
                               which I had been dragging my         honest with much” (Luke             gregation, along with profiles
                               heels on for months. The only        16:10). I want to be a faithful     of some missionaries or chil-
                               reason, really, was my unwill-       servant who is able to be           dren they can sponsor. The
                               ingness to comply, and I know I      trusted with much. A faithful       second assignment was to
                               really let Strat down (my de-        servant strives to understand       totally organize all my work. I
                               partment coordinator), al-           and align himself with his          read the book Getting Things
                               though he has been very gra-         leader’s will.                      Done, which helped a great
                               cious. As I read through Luke             God gave me the grace          deal. My Inbox is empty for
                               recently, several verses about       recently to finish both assign-     the first time in months! (The
                               being a faithful servant cut to      ments. The first assignment was     Inbox is supposed to be a
                               my heart. One of them says,          to track and follow up on the       processing tray, not a “To Do”
                               “Whoever can be trusted              FIMAs (FIve Minutes for Asia)       pile.) Please pray that I will be
                               with very little can also be         and SEMAs (SEven Minutes for        focused, organized, and disci-
                               trusted with much, and               Asia) we send out. These are        plined in my work.
Above: This book helped
me get my Inbox to empty!
Below: Troy gives God the
 glory after his eye surgery
                               Perspectives on Suffering
                                    Two people here on staff        years ago. But God has greatly       pened to him spiritually. His
                               have inspired me recently            used this pain to give Garry an      faith and love for God are
                               through their suffering. One of      eternal perspective. He only has     stronger than ever. Troy’s
                               them is Garry, who has suffered      one reason to live now: to win       prayer is that whatever will
                               for many years with two              the lost.                            give God the most glory will
                               chronic illnesses that cause ex-          Another brother who has         happen; many of us are praying
                               cruciating pain throughout his       suffered recently is Troy, who       for God to miraculously heal
                               body. Garry told me that it is       works in my department. Last         Troy’s eye. If Jesus were
                               impossible for him to enjoy life,    month the retina in his left eye     standing here in the room
                               because the pain is constantly       detached, destroying its vision.     today, I know He could heal
                               with him. It even drove him to       Troy testified that it was the       Troy’s eye. I also know He can
                               the verge of suicide several         best thing that could have hap-      do the same today!
  Page 2                                                                                                      White for Harvest

                              Renewing Your Passion for Jesus — July 11-13
 "It was the best                   I would love to take every          Truly our love for Christ
 conference I've              one of you to the mission field     must be the foundation of our
 ever been to be-             of Asia to witness for yourself     service to Him. As K.P. Yohan-
                              the incredible need for the Gos-    nan, the founder and president
 cause it was life-           pel, the power of God building      of GFA, explained at our confer-
 changing. It                 His church amidst the harshest      ence in 2006, “The focus must
                              persecution, and the deep love      be not world evangelism, not
 taught me so                 and commitment of our mis-          building huge things for God. It’s
 much about the               sionaries. But since that is not    okay if those things happen, but
 importance of                possible, Gospel for Asia is        our call in life is to know Him
                              hosting the Renewing Your           and be like Him. That is the
 prayer and the               Passion Conference here in          call….When you know Him like
 urgency of living            Dallas on July 11 to 13, 2008.      that, you can’t do enough!”
 for Christ. I                Come and be refreshed and                 Please go to
                              strengthened in your walk with      www.gfa.org/ryp to find out
 would definitely             the Lord as you hear testimo-       more and view the short video.
 recommend it."               nies from our senior field lead-    Register by May 15 for the
                              ers, and as you engage in wor-      discounted hotel rate. The 2006
 — 2006 Renewing              ship and prayer with other be-      conference was one of the most        this conference, and I really
 Your Passion                 lievers who share your passion      incredible things I have been a       hope you can come. It will
 Conference atten-            for Christ.                         part of. I am very excited about      change your life! Plus you can
 dee                                                                                                    visit me.

                                         “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few…” (Luke 10:2)

                                                                                         This story was taken from GFA’s web site. Go to
                              Life for a Dying Man                                       www.gfa.org/latestnews to see more field stories!

                                   Suren was only 25, but his     pour out the stories of hepatitis,     restore his health. The next
                              wife and two children were          appendicitis, and lack of money        day, doctors told Suren he no
                              about to lose him. As he lay in     for vital operations.                  longer needed any operations.
                              his hospital bed, the news of all         By the time Badil left the             Awed by the power of
                              the medical treatment he            home, he had shared hope from          this miracle, Suren and his
                              needed—and could not afford—        God's Word and prayed with             whole family received salva-
                              overwhelmed him.                    Suren's family. He also invited        tion. Suren's testimony also
                                   In this time of need, Suren    them to a prayer meeting he            helped lead five families in
    Above: Native             and his family needed to receive    was having later that night in a       their village to the Lord! These
 missionaries often see       hope from their gods. But in-       local believer's home.                 families formed a new fellow-
 God answer prayer in         stead, the silence that followed          To Badil's surprise, the         ship, which Badil is faithfully
   miraculous ways            their prayers filled their hearts   family came to the prayer meet-        caring for. Badil asks for
                              with empty despair.                 ing—with Suren! The dying man          prayer for Suren and his family
   Below: I had the                Then Gospel for Asia mis-      listened to the words of life, and     to grow in the Lord and con-
opportunity to share the      sionary Badil met Suren's family.   he believed with the Christians        tinue boldly witnessing about
   Gospel with some           Badil listened to Suren's wife      that God could save his soul and       God's miracle.
people at the St. Patrick’s
  Day Parade in Dallas

                              Sharing the Gospel
                                    Asian Missionaries aren’t     perfect opening. I really felt like    pray for Jack and his family, that
                              the only people who must be         God gave me the words to say.          they will know and follow Christ.
                              prepared to share the Gospel.       It went something like this: “Do             Dear friends, we must
                              Several of the GFA interns and      you think you could unicycle and       belong totally to Jesus. Let us
                              staff here in the U.S. went to      juggle? … No, it would be too          unite with Him in His passion
                              the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in     hard for you. … Can you think          to save those who are lost,
                              Dallas last month. We handed        of something that’s impossible         both here and in Asia. Listen
                              out a couple thousand tracts        for you? … How about living a          to the urgency in Jesus’ words:
                              and had some good conversa-         perfect life? … Well, if God is        “The harvest is plentiful,
     Thank you so much        tions with people. I struggle       perfect, and you’re not, how do        but the workers are few.
         for your loving      hard against fear every time I go   you expect to get to heaven?” I        Ask the Lord of the har-
   support and prayers,       witnessing, but I always see God    talked to the kids for 20-30           vest, therefore, to send
   which are precious to
                              give me grace.                      minutes about the justice of           out workers into his har-
   the Lord. You make it
                                    The Lord actually gave me     God and sin and salvation. One         vest field. Go! I am sending
        possible for me to
        serve the native      my best witnessing opportunity      of the kids, Jack, was really open     you out like lambs among
   missionaries who are       after we returned home. I went      and was sobered by what I said.        wolves” (Luke 10:2-3). Jesus
       laying down their      to a parking lot near my house      “I never thought of that before,”      will return soon; I want to put
     lives to advance the     to practice unicycling and jug-     he admitted. The next week I           aside the things of this world
     Gospel in unreached      gling, just for fun. Two boys,      was able to talk to him some           and be about His work when
    lands. Thank you for      about 11 years old, came by and     more, but afterwards his mom           He comes.
       standing with me!      watched me, providing me a          asked me to stay away. Please
       For His glory,

        Rob Gaebler              Rob Gaebler • PO Box 116203• Carrollton, TX 75011• (214) 677-4925• robgaebler@gmail.com
                                     Gospel for Asia • 1800 Golden Trail Court • Carrollton, TX 75010 • (972) 300-7777
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