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					                            Historical stories:

     Research the time period-                     It is important to find out
  about the time period so that your story is believable.

     Write down ideas-               Good writers make notes or brain storm ideas.
Tip: Read similar style books to gather great ideas.

     Use a “story hill”- Your story should follow this order: Opening-
  Tip: The climax should be the most exciting and main event in the story. Make
  sure your opening and build up link to the climax AND check that your story
  makes sense!

     Set the scene- Good stories “paint a picture” of the setting by
    describing the place in vivid detail. Picture the setting in your mind first.
Tip: Use powerful words to help you describe the senses (touch, smell etc).

     Create character “qualities”- Give your character a
      personality by describing actions. Example: Bad characters will do nasty

     Use stage direction- Say how something was said. Example: ”I
      don’t won’t to”, he said angrily.

     Score your story- What do you like about your story and why?
Tip: Give yourself a point for every CAPITAL letter and full stop that is used in
the right place.

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