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									                                    St. Mary’s Academy
                                     College Counseling Office

                             Parent Brag Sheet - Class of 2012

Student Name    ______________________                 College Counselor________________________

Parent Name _______________________                    Parent E-Mail _________________________

INSTRUCTIONS: The purpose of this form is to gather information that will help your daughter’s
college counselor write an accurate, supportive, and insightful letter of recommendation. You know
your daughter best. Put yourself in the mind of a college admissions officer. What attributes and
gifts could your daughter contribute to any given college community? Share any anecdotes that
would illustrate those qualities. Every insight helps us add depth to the two dimensional portrait
presented by her grades, curriculum, and standardized test scores. This is your opportunity to be the
proud parent. Be enthusiastic and frank. Information you provide will be used with care and will not
be shared with your child (although you are welcome to share this with her if it seems appropriate).
Let us know if any information on this form should be kept confidential in the school’s contact
with colleges.
                                              Kimberly Crouch           Sharon Ivey

E-mail your responses (the form is available as a word document on the SMA website) to your
daughter’s counselor or return the form to school (please attach your responses and identify each
answer with the corresponding number from the question) by October 4th: :                 TA: Colley, Gorman (O-W), Hounton, Rojas

1. What aspects of your daughter’s character do you most admire?

2. Describe your daughter’s academic interests, strengths, and habits.

3. Please discuss anything that might have affected your daughter’s schooling positively or
negatively. For example, if your daughter has faced challenges during or before high school that
have impacted her academic performance, please explain.

4. What interests and activities have been important to your daughter? Please relate specific
observations or anecdotes that would help characterize her involvement.

5. List 5-10 adjectives that describe your daughter.

6. Are there other things about your daughter that you would want us (or the colleges) to know as
we write her letter: strengths, examples of challenges she has overcome, experiences that have
particularly influenced her, etc.?

     Please e-mail your responses or return this form with your attached
           responses to your daughter’s counselor by October 4th


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