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									Dear Colleagues,

We created a unit entitled “Reading Historical Fiction with a Critical Lens.” We chose to
focus on this particular topic for our unit in ordcr to raise the level in which students read
historical fiction texts and give the students an opportunity to explore in depth an issue
about an injustice or life issue that is burning to be discussed. In teaching this unit we
hope to equip our students with a broader understanding of historical fiction with a social
issue focus. During the process of writing this unit we frequently turned to Randy and
Kathleen Bomers’ book, For a Better World, and remained focused on the importance of
teaching the students to think critically about the world around them, to make democratic
decisions, and to take action.

In terms of sequencing the lessons, allow the students’ inquiry to drive the direction of
the unit. Also be sure to have interactive share time for the students. It will be a more
meaningful experience if the students are actively engaged. As needed, add minilessons
on the responsibilities of readers as well as the organization and function of book clubs.

In retrospect, the conversational prompts for the read aloud books are not as transferable
to other historical fiction texts as intended. Also, the read aloud texts would have been
more effective if they had all been about one time period because students would be able
to build on prior knowledge and make connections between the texts. ELL students and
struggling readers would benefit from reading books about the same historical period as
the read alouds because they would have another knowledge base to draw upon.


Diana Bobrow Medoff
Anne Taranto
Tiana Silvas

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