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									                            THE P R AI RI E LADY
                             M ID - AM ER IC A R E GION NEWS LE TTE R

                             R OLLS -R OYCE OWNER S ’ CLUB , INC .

                    North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma

                                                                       3rd Quarter 2010
Mid-America Region Members:
With our upcoming Technical Session in St. Louis the weekend of October 22-24 at
Hunter Engineering, we cap off a year that included tours through southern Kansas to
view the wonderful collection of Lawrence Smith and later to Omaha NE to visit with
members from Iowa, Nebraska and Missouri and visit the shop of new members Tami
and Greg Werner.
In September many of us travelled to Des Moines for the annual Salisbury House
Concours D'Elegance event.
All in all a pretty good year for events in our
Region and we look forward to seeing more
members in attendance next year.                                      Mid-America Region
Our Region has also grown in membership this                           Calendar Events:
year over preceding years and we welcome all
of you to the Region. We will be publishing a list
                                                               Technical Session, October 22-24
of members for distribution after the first of the
year.                                                                   St. Louis, MO
                                                                     Hunter Engineering
We would like to offer more driving events next
year and if you live in an area of the region that                          ———
would be interesting to show other members,                           Officer Elections
give us a call and we can start the planning now
                                                                  October—December, 2010
for the spring. We would sure like to see more
members out driving next year. We generally
have excellent mechanics travelling with us on
these events. If you are concerned about driving
any distance and want to participate, we always have members available to assist with
the driving so you can be comfortable and have fun. Many of us swap cars to drive on
these events and you get the thrill of driving a more historic and classical car or
experience the ease of driving a modern car. Spouses, young adults and friends are
also invited and encouraged to participate in any event we sponsor.
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                               The Prairie Lady Newsletter
                                  Mid-America Region

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The end of year is also the time for our regional election of officers. This year we have
been well served by;
          Gerould Sabin as editor of the newsletters and the Prairie Lady,
          Steve Davis as our treasurer and northern region VP,
          Mike Coup as VP of the southern region,
          Lisle Kauffman as assistant treasurer,
          Simon Curzon as technical VP,
          Ralph Curzon as activity VP and Chief Judge.
It has been a privilege for me to serve as Chairman and having the opportunity to visit
in person or on the phone with so many members, Thank you.
If you are interested in serving on the board or want to nominate someone for a term of
one year, please submit your nominations to Jerry Sabin at by
Sunday October 31, 2010 and we will send out ballots for voting in November.
I hope to see many of you in St. Louis later this month for our Technical seminar and
tour of the Hunter Car Collection (Should not be missed, look in the RROC directory to
see the RR/B's listed under Stephen Brauer, I count 31. The total collection is much
larger.) There is still room for a few more cars and the technical, hands on seminar is
well worth the trip. Please RSVP to Simon Curzon so we may
plan for your needs.
Happy Motoring,

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                        THE P R AI RI E LADY
                          M ID - AM ER IC A R E GION NEWS LE TTE R

                          R OLLS -R OYCE OWNER S ’ CLUB , INC .

                North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma

                                                          The 2010 Salisbury Concours D' Elegance was
                                                          held in Des Moines Iowa the weekend of
                                                          September 10-12 and proved to be more
                                                          enjoyable than previous years. Normally on
                                                          Saturdays of the event a driving tour to various
                                                          small town points of interest takes place and
                                                          participants enjoy the camaraderie of
                                                          caravanning with each other on the open roads.
                                                          This year was somewhat different and a very
                                                          pleasant surprise to all of us!

                                                          The Saturday morning drivers meeting took
                                                          place at 7:30 am and a group of enthusiasts

gathered with 30-40 cars to hear what was planned for
the day. This was not going to be a typical tour day as
it was divided into four segments with a common
theme of raceways, current and historic.

In the first segment we travelled 48 miles from Des
Moines to Newton IA and the famed Iowa
Speedway, the 7/8 mile banked tri-oval track was
designed by Rusty Wallace for both NASCAR and IRL
racing. We were informed that we would be allowed to
make 3 laps around the track at SLOW speed. Not
sure what they meant by slow speed but Noel and
Nancy Friday were grinning wide as they passed the finish line at a reported 70 miles an hour in their
beautiful 58 Silver Cloud! Also along on the trip were fellow members Dr. Arthur Weaver in a 94 Silver
Spur, Tim Stockwell and son Alex (doing the driving) in
a 96 Bentley Brooklands and Steve Davis driving his
super modified RR that looked remarkably like a

Segment 2 continued on for 31 miles to Knoxville, IA
and the Knoxville Raceways' National Sprint Hall of
Fame and Museum. The raceway is considered the
Sprint Car Capital of the World. It's semi-banked 1/2
mile dirt oval is home to the famous Knoxville
Nationals which celebrates its 50th Anniversary this
year with a $1 million purse. The history of the track
dates to the late 1800's when it began as a horse
racing track. A distinguished list of inductees into the Hall of Fame include the Chevrolet brothers, Fred
and August Duesenberg , A.J. Foyt, Harry Miller and Barney Oldfield.
                         THE P R AI RI E LADY
                          M ID - AM ER IC A R E GION NEWS LE TTE R

                          R OLLS -R OYCE OWNER S ’ CLUB , INC .

                North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma

                                                        Segment Three began with a 30 mile
                                                        meandering drive to the highlight event of the
                                                        day, racing at the historic Greenwood
                                                        Roadway circuit. This track was opened in
                                                        1963 and hosted many major auto, motorcycle
                                                        and go-cart events, including SCCA races and
                                                        one round of the United States Road Racing
                                                        Championships, predecessor to the Can-Am
                                                        Series. The Greenwood circuit consists of a 3
                                                        mile asphalt track with a 2,600 foot straight,
                                                        13 turns, several chicanes and significant
                                                        elevation changes through the woods, all of
                                                        which made this a very exciting driving
                                                        experience. To top it off, we were allowed
                                                        unlimited laps to test our skills.

                                                        The final Segment consisted of a 38 mile
                                                        return to Des Moines, passing by the historic
                                                        site of the Des Moines Speedway in West Des

                                                           The evening was capped off for members of
                                                           the Mid-America Region at the home of Steve
                                                           and Martha Davis for cocktails and a
                                                           wonderful dinner. Martha also provided a
                                                           great introduction to the evening by
                                                           serenading us with a few bagpipe marches to
                                                           get the night off on the right tone. We had
special guests in attendance as well, Mr. Mrs. Jim Stickley from the Lake Michigan Region of the RROC.
The Stickley's live in Cedar Rapids, IA and have a 1914 Silver Ghost (RRCCW Oxford 66RB) as well as
a 1921 Springfield Silver Ghost (RRCCW
landaulet 28MG). In addition they were
showing at the Sunday event their 1936
Lagonda LG45 Rapide.

Many of you may not be aware that Lagonda
was enduring the post-depression era and
battling financial problems. A notable victory in
the 1935 LeMans 24-Hour race did little to help
with the company's problems. It was rescued
by entrepreneur Alan Good, outbidding Rolls-
Royce. He hired W.O. Bentley as his chief
designer along with many of Bentley's racing
                            The Prairie Lady Newsletter
                               Mid-America Region

Region Officers and
Directors:                        Keep those stories coming. If you have a story to tell, take
                              photos of your RR/B and send them along with an article such as
Chairman:                     including a description or historical facts about your car. We are
Tim Stockwell                  all interested in restoration projects, minor or major, share your             stories. We hope to hear from you soon, but until you hear from
(816) 522-4777                                              us again –

                                                      Happy Motoring!
Vice President-Activities
Chief Judge:
Ralph Curzon

Treasurer                                          Speaking of pictures —-
Northern Region Director:
Steve Davis                    The Mid-America Region will undertake the development of a
515-277-1162                  new region website in 2010. So please send pictures of you and
                               your vehicle (s) to Jerry Sabin so we can begin to incorporate
Secretary                                           them into the website.
Assistant Treasurer:
Lisle Kauffman III, PhD
                                                         Want ads —-
Vice President-Technical
Membership Director:              Do you have a vehicle or parts to sell? Want to buy a new
Simon Curzon
                               vehicle or need a specific, but hard to find part. Let your editor
                               know and we will include this in future publications. The club
Southern Region Director:       requires each region / society to publish two newsletters each
Michael Coup                    year. With your help, and a renewed commitment from your
316-838-3127                        editor we will begin producing 4 newsletters in 2010.

Jerry Sabin
9404 Cherokee Place
Leawood, KS 66206                 What do you want to get out of your region membership?
(913) 302-4130
                                 We want to hear from you. Call us, write to us or send an

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                                The Prairie Lady Newsletter
                                   Mid-America Region

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department staff. Under Bentley's guidance, the Lagonda models were moved into the luxury car market
for 1936, with the introduction of the LG45 model.

Sunday turned out to be a picture perfect day for the event. With over 120 cars surrounding the Weeks
Mansion and a large steady stream of enthusiasts taking in the likes of, Packard, Duesenberg, Stutz,
Cadillac, Auburn, Cord, Daniels, Lincoln, Mercedes, Jaguar, Aston Martin, Maserati, Lamborghini,
Ferrari, Triumph, Austin, Lotus, Porsche, MG, Derby, BMW, Messerschmitt, Nash, and of course, Roll-

                                                       The Sunday event was topped off by having the
                                                       1936 Lagonda LG45 Rapide, owned by our own
                                                       Jim Stickley, named Best of Show. Well
                                                       deserved and congratulations to the Stickleys!

                                                       All in attendance are looking forward to next
                                                       years event at the Salisbury Concours D'

  Jerry Sabin

  9404 Cherokee Place

  Leawood, KS 66206-2017

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