VICTORY: The Election Commission of India (ECI) issued an order banning the use of animals by political parties during campaigns - Naresh Kadyan

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					                                                     'Ha Nu.

                                 F,L,BCrTI0NCOMMLSSION OL' INDLA
                                                 Ashoka h a d , New Delhi-11000
                                   Nirvach8mSsh~n,                             1.

                         F. No, 56/Misc./2Q12

                                     (i) J'hc PresidenVCierleral Sccreury,
                                         All Recoynised National and Skito Political Parties

                        S & - I l s d l f animals in clection process- regarding.

                               The Commission has received (cpresentarions from ceduir.1
                         indiuiduuls and arganisotinns 'alleging that uriirnals iikc horses, ponies,
                        dankcys, elephants, camels, bulls, ctc. are subjected         to cruelty   in
                        different ways, in cut~trcctioi~ clwtian campaign. It is alleged that
                        the animals arc often rnade    tcr carry   loads beyond permissible limits,
                        made to work h r long !lours, and some candidates evcn paint slogans and
                                                   using harmful chemicals.
                        cloction syrr~bols anirl~als

                        2.     'ilhc Commission has considcrcd thc rnalter. 'fhc mdrcs/work~rs f
                        political palties and candidales, in their cl~thusiasm,
                                                                              should not losc sight
                        of the legal provisions dealing with cruelty to onimals. Article 51 A (gj

                        ~ F t t n ~ o n s h h ~ W W c &ampusion 6 r k v i u @ ~ u r e s a n $ r-
                                                          aHs                                           -
                        the Prevcntinn of Cn~eltyto Animuls Act, 19GO and Wildlife Yrotcclion
                        Act, 1972 proflibit over- drives,      over loads and torture of animals.
                        Further, ~lleuse csf animuls for work is rcgulattd by the Prevention of
                        Cruelty to Draught and Pack Animals Rules, 1965.
- yj       -b       - 3.      Ijaving rcgurcl GI thc abr~vc,the (lornmission hereby advises the
&;'        9.
.     .-        ,   :   Pcrlitical Parties and candidsrtcs that ithey should refrain tiom using any
                        mimalu for elcction campaign in any msnricr. If at all use o f animals is
                        unavoidable ror any 'panicularreason. they should unsure hat there is no
        .- . . .It..q ,:. -.
                                r    c       .
             -    _..
                                                                ~ricted out to ttlc ut~im:rls, and t l u ~then: is no violurir,~~
                                                                                                           .                    ul'ariy d t h c legal
        .;,. ,.
         -.. .
              *.,. '                             .Q

    .    .
                                         .             . .
,        .   .-
             :...=.:. ..-.-:
                                ._                     .-   .   ~-tmvisigns         i
                                                                          nici~lionedrt para 2 abuve.
        .'.,,          -t <$
        '   .,,,,..:<:.<,-
                :,i. .                       ~,--

                 -:-$..       .                                 4.      The Ct~icfUlectorai 0IXcc.r~arc ulsa rcqucsted to brin~
                                                                instructions to the notice of the District Election Officers, Returning
                                                                0ficor.s and all other elcction related authorities for informatian and
                                             .-._.:: compliance. ?'he DLOs and KOs sbould also bc isnce that at the time
                                                   ,                                               ntltd
                                                                o f elucrions, in the mocting with political prtics and candidates, they
                              :                       - , . shauld be advised LO in&c sul-c:that they do aot violatc the             provisions of
                              c ..   1

                                         . :                    any of rhc above memioncd laws.

                                                                5.      -1'hc Commission has also addressed separate letter to thc political
                                                                parties in llris regurd, a copy nf which i enclosed, It is squestcd
                                                                                                         s                                      that
                                                       / copy oC the           lerr~.l- the political parties may be gni
                                                                                      to                                          dolivcred to all
                                                                +    liticd parties based in your Stak/UI: in~ludir~g
                                                                                                                    State Units of
                                                                rccogniscd National I'arties and State Parties of rrthcr States.

                                                                6.      Please acknowledge! receipt of this letter.

                                                                                                                                 Yours faithfully,

                                                                                                                          (K.F. WILFRED)
                                                                                                                   PKLNC1PA.L SECTCETAltY

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