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									 On the Move
              Joe Chen,                    Tom Owen,
              Global-                      Cathay
              Foundries                    Pacific
              The                          Airways
              Milpitas                       The home
              full-service                   carrier of
              semicon-                       Hong Kong
ductor foundry named          appointed Tom Owen
Joe Chen vice president       senior vice president
of sales for the greater      of the Americas and
China region. Previously,     he will work from the
he held senior man-           San Francisco office.
agement positions at          Previously, he served as
Marvell Technology.           an officer in the British
                              Army Gurkhas.

              topher                       Chris-
              Donahue,                     topher
              CiiNOW                       Pickett,
             The Moun-                     Pelican
             tain View
             cloud gam-                    The Moun-
ing technology provider                    tain View
appointed Christopher         venture-backed com-
Donahue vice presi-           putational imaging pro-
dent of marketing and         vider appointed Chris-
publisher relations.          topher Pickett president
Recently, he was direc-       and chief executive
tor of games and media        officer. Recently, he was
at OnLive.                    senior vice president of
                              corporate licensing at
              Guidewire                    Scott
              Software                     Shenker,
              The                          Interna-
              Foster City                  Computer
              provider                     Science
of flexible core system                    Institute
software to property/ca-
                              The Berkeley center for
sualty insurers named
                              research in computer
Guy Dubois to its board
                              science appointed Scott
of directors. He is
                              Shenker chief scien-
former chief executive
                              tist. Recently, he was
officer at Temenos.
                              elected a member of
                              the National Academy
              Lars            of Engineering.
              Technolo-                    Purnam
              gies                         Sheth,
             The                           Imaging
             Santa Clara
chemical analysis, life                    The Moun-
sciences, diagnostics,                     tain View
electronics and com-                       venture-
munications provider          backed computational
appointed Lars Holm-          imaging provider ap-
kvist president of its di-    pointed Purnam Sheth
agnostics and genomics        vice president of
group, and a senior vice      engineering. Previously,
president of Agilent.         he was vice president
He was president and          of software engineering
chief executive officer       for BlackBerry mobile
at Dako, a company            cloud services at Re-
acquired by Agilent           search In Motion.
Technologies earlier this
summer.                                    Robert
              Kaplan,                       The
              Birst                         Mountain
              The San                       View social
              Francisco                     talent
              provider        management com-
              of agile        pany appointed Robert
business analytics            Tsao vice president of
named David Kaplan            strategy and business
chief financial officer. He   development. Recently,
is former CFO at Arcot        he served as senior
Systems.                      director of corporate
                              strategy at Taleo.

              Kermarrec,                   Sven
              Integrated                   Weber,
              Device                       SharesPost
              Technology                    The San
              The San                       Bruno
              Jose                          online
provider of essential                       financial
mixed-signal semicon-         marketplace named
ductor tools for digital      Sven Weber managing
media named Christian         director of investment
Kermarrec vice presi-         management. Previ-
dent and general man-         ously, he served as
ager for the timing and       president of SVB Capital
synchronization division      at Silicon Valley Bank.
and wireless systems in
the company’s com-
munications division.
Previously, he held
executive-level positions
at MediaTek.

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