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   Legendary Heritage Heirlooms    Contents:
Family Reunion Planner Organizer
                                      Forward

                                      Instructions

                                      Budget List Calculation Tool

                                      Tutorial

                                      Events Sheet

                                      Reunion Evaluation Sheet

                                      Activity Ideas Check List

                                      Site Location Sheet

                                      Scheduling Worksheet

                                      Committees Assignment Sheet

                                      Reunion Needs List

                                      Lunch Planner

                                      Planner Checklist

                                      Fund Raiser Ideas

                                      Flyers

                                      Welcome Letter

                                      Invitations

                                      Postcards

                                      Nametags

                                      Certificate/Award

                                      Time Line Preparation Reminder

                                      Family Genealogy Tree

                                      Family Web-page

                                      Hotel Booking

                                      Agenda

                                      Activities
                                                       Music Selection Sheet

                                                       Directions/Map

                                                       Family Reunion Booklet
                                                         (download here)

                                                       Next Reunion event Planner

                                                Family Genealogy Research Tools
                                                Deluxe Edition Planner Only

                                                       Cemetery transcription form

                                                       Ancestral research work sheet

                                                       Military records research

                                                       Heirloom possession verification

Thank you for purchasing Fimark’s Legendary Heritage Heirlooms Family Reunion Planner
Organizer. Planning and organizing your family reunion event can be a real challenge.
Meeting deadlines and follow thru with committee members is a tedious
and challenging task in itself. How can you assure that all your action items are executed
in a timely manner?

Announce Your Event As Early As Possible

Good planning and organizing well in advance is essential to throwing a successful family
reunion event. By planning early in the process you will likely get the help and support
needed. Some planners start as much as two years in advance although 10 to 12 months is
usually all that's needed. Print and send out flyers to alert and invite feedback regarding
dates and location of the event.

Family Reunion Committee

Next communicate with individuals who are free to conference with you and other
volunteers who wish to dedicate time and discuss elements of the planning process. These
would serve well as family reunion committee members. Invite these to conference in
person or by phone if some are considerable distance apart. Once all members are present
its time to organize the event. First choose members of the committee. Each member
should be assigned to oversee a specific task. Choose members who exhibit some degree of
experience in a given area. Use your family reunion committee to vote and decide on dates,
location and activities. Make use of the Events Sheet, Reunion Evaluation Sheet, Activity
Ideas Check List, Site Location Sheet, Scheduling Worksheet, Committees Assignment
Sheet and Reunion Needs List along with other committee forms in this planner

Get The Word Out

Get the word out regarding dates times and location. Make use of the flyer and invitation
templates in this planner. Create your free family reunion announcement webpage to stir
up interest. Order family reunion t-shirts. You can do all of this and more from the family
reunion planning interface

Organize Your Family Reunion Event

Organizers make it easy to coordinate and manage your family reunion event from choosing
committee members to delegating tasks and planning activities. Tips for well planned
thoughtful reunion activities, favors and genealogy presentations and awards are included in
your kit.

Making Your Event Meaningful

Just coming together is a joy in itself. But there are wonderful things you can do to add to
the occasion. Your Genealogy Research and Presentation Committee should be a constant
highlight in your family reunion program. This group is responsible for defining the mission,
setting the goals, discovering the legends, identifying the branches and tracing the roots.
This group organizes the history board. A timeline of stories and legends that chronicle the
history, people, spirit and define the character of your descendants. Be creative and seek to
inspire. Make use the Living Legends Planner as well and the Genealogy Tour Planner to add
luster, depth and meaning to the event. Uncover rich treasures at your reunion event.

You Won't Miss A Thing

Learn event planning as you follow the tutorial and complete the planning forms. Your kit
includes planning documents, templates, tips and tutorials crucial to planning, preparation
and the smooth operation of your family reunion event as well as a sampling of Fimark’s
Genealogy Research Toolkit to get the most from your genealogy research and presentation

If you have any questions regarding this planner please contact us at or
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      Fimark’s Planners & Organizers   Legendary Heritage Heirlooms
       Family Reunion Planner Documents
       Courtesy of Legendary Heritage Heirlooms

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You may now begin working with your family reunion planner and templates. Proceed to The
Tutorial section of the planner.

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1. Your first task is to gather information from family members regarding the kind of family
reunion event they would like to have. You’ll want to make use of the “Event Planner
Worksheet” ,“Scheduling Worksheet” and “Site Location Worksheet”

To do this you should first commence announcing that plans are underway for the next
family reunion and the need to consider ideas and select committee member volunteers.

2. Compile a list of family members and their addresses and send out your announcements
using the specialized Flyers, Letterhead, Invitations, Postcards in the complete Microsoft
Word compatible planner organizer with color templates.
Mail a survey to family members asking for their opinions and suggestions for food,
entertainment, themes and events.

3. Establish an initial committee meeting time and place where most can attend.

4. Form your initial committee members including the chairperson and treasurer.

5. Using your Committees List commence selecting other subcommittee heads.

6. Now review your “consideration elements” . Remember to use the survey you sent out
with your initial mailing.

7. As you discuss “consideration elements” record final decisions as to who will do what.
Delegate committee heads and volunteers accordingly. Make sure delegations are in
harmony with your committee heads department. Avoid overlapping assignments.

8. Now get into the details of planning the event. Using the “Possible Locations and
Activities Sheet”. Compare initial mailing surveys to the location and activities sheet.
Draw a line thru locations not recommended and narrow down the desired location to about
three or four choices. Now take a vote. Follow the same pattern for activities.

9. After deciding on location and activities you now have a better idea of event needs in the
form of materials and services.

10. Using the “Needs List” as a starter begin listing all needs for your event with the help
and feedback of department heads.

11. Create a ballpark expense list to get an idea of the amount of funds required for the
event and activities.

12. Complete the “Agenda Planning For Lunch Program”
13. Complete the “Event Planner Worksheet” ,“Scheduling Worksheet” and “Site Location
                               COMMITTEES LIST
   The following committees need to be formed. These can consist of one or two
               persons or more depending on the size of the event.

Food committee
Welcome/Greeting Committee
Finance Committee
Communications Committee
Setup and Cleanup Committee
Fundraising Committee
Family History Committee
Photography Committee
News and Media Committee
Supplies Department
Health and Safety Committee
Security Department
Genealogy Research and Presentation Committee

Activities committees
 Decorating and Catering Committee
 Outdoor Activities Committee
 Indoor Activities Committee
 Music and Sound Committee
 Travel and Tours Committee

The Chairpersons duties are crucial as you will oversee all operations.
Assign one person of each subcommittee as the Chairperson for that department.
Department heads have the following duties:

      Organizing and scheduling department meetings and notifying the members of those

      Presiding over meetings and maintaining the peace

      Making a list of volunteers and job assignments

      Keeping a calendar of tasks and checklist of unfinished business

      Motivating people to follow through (candy, food, money...)

Hand out the following sheets to the appropriate committee chairperson:

“Hotel Booking Cost Comparison Sheet” - Travel and Tours Committee
“Music Selection Sheet” - Music and Sound Committee
”Activities Tips Sheet” - Activities Committee
”Maps/Directions Sheet” - Greeting Committee
”Hotel Tips” - Travel and Tours Committee
”Invitations/Newsletters/Flyers” – Chairperson and Media Committee
”Lunch Planner” - Food Committee
“Activities Tips” - Activities Committee
”Awards/Certificates” - Activities Committee
”Next Reunion event Planner“ – Chairperson
”Genealogy Research and Presentation Documents” - Genealogy Research and
  Presentation Committee
”Fund Raiser Ideas “ – Fundraising Committee

14. Now using your “Advanced Planning Time Table” contact all committee heads several
weeks in advance to remind them to complete delegated tasks according to the time line.

15. Before the final committee meeting (schedule on the final day of the reunion) hand out
the “Reunion Evaluation Form” to all coordinators, committee heads and volunteers.

16. Compile a list of commendations and a list of suggested improvements from the
evaluation forms collected. During your final committee meeting review feedback from the
evaluation list and make plans for you next family reunion.
Date of Event:        Day of Week:                  Time:

Location Site:                                      Estimated # of People:

Address of Site:                                    Estimated # of Invitations:

Contact Person #1:

Phone:                Pager:                        E-mail:

Contact Person #2:

Phone:                Pager:                        E-mail:

Theme Colors:         Theme:

                     SITE LOCATION WORKSHEET

Location: (For family Reunion Cruises Go To Next Page)


Contact Person:                                               Phone:

Web Site Address:                                             Fax:
Time Frame:

Base Rental Fee:                      Fee Per Extra Hour:              Extra Time:

Pre-set up allowed:                   Set-up Time:                     Fee:
  Yes □      No □
Clean-up Fee:                         Security Fee:                    Fee for Tables:

Fee for Chairs:                       Number of Tables Needed:         Number of Chairs Needed:

Fee for Table Clothes:       TV/Monitors                               Sound System
                             Yes □       No □                          Yes □      No □
Alcoholic Beverages Allowed? Electrical Outlets Needed:                On-site Caterer:
                             How many? _______                         Yes □      No □
Yes □      No □                                                        Allow Us To Bring Food?
                             Number of Restrooms ___                   Yes □      No □
Other Services/                                                        Notes/Other Requirements:
                                                            Yes   No
                         Yes     No

Handicap Accessible          □        Outdoor Pool          □     □
Handicap Parking         □            Lake                  □     □
Plenty of Parking            □        Fishing               □     □
RV Parking               □            Tennis Courts         □     □
Kitchen                      □        Basketball Courts     □     □
Play area                □            Golf                  □     □
Covered outdoor area         □        Pool Table            □     □
Pavilion                 □            Horseback Riding      □     □
Piano                        □        Nearby Park           □     □
Meeting Rooms            □            Volleyball            □     □
                             □        Miniature Golf        □     □
                         □            Shopping Mall         □     □

 You will need Microsoft Word to access these templates
Family Reunion Cruise Planner

Number Attending:

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Cruise Line:


Rendezvous location:

Rendezvous Time

Boarding Time:

Days:__        From:__    To:__


Daily Activities:

Day 1

Day 2
Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

RSVP Due Date:     Final Head Count:   Delivery Dates/Times:

Setup Time/Date:   Clean-up Time:      Rental Pickup Date/Time:

                                       Tables: _____________

                                       Chairs: _____________

                                       Table Clothes: _______

Other:             Other:              Other:
                   REUNION COMMITTEES LIST

Committee Heads:


Food Committee:__________________________________________

Invitation/Communication Committee:_______________________

Family History:____________________________________________

Entertainment/Activities Committee:________________________

Set-up Committee:_________________________________________

Clean-up Committee:______________________________________

Registration/Welcoming Committee:______________________

Decoration Committee:___________________________________

Photography and Recording Committee:______________________

                Consideration/Element                  Comments/Decisions

    Potential site location visited

    Theme chosen

    Chairperson selected for each committee

    Gather cost estimates for Budget

    Check for proposed date to avoid conflicts

    Finalize date

    Begin designing invitation

    Develop press release listing for family reunion
    web sites

    Select program entertainer, MC, family

    Compile mailing list, data base, e-mail listings,

    Investigate the need for special permits,
    licenses, insurance, etc.

    Select photographer/videographer for event;
    arrange for photo session and assignment

    Gather written contracts for site, catering,
    entertainment, decorations, etc. if needed

    Finance committee: draft initial budget

    Family Crest/Shield for printing needs
Order plaques, certificates, trophies, other
awards or gifts

Send reunion announcement in local

Determine menu with caterer and family

Mail invitations, registration forms, and other

Put together registration/welcoming packets

Provide caterer with an estimate number of
guests expected

Provide caterer with final count

Review script

Confirm transportation needs for elderly

Organize guest homes, hotel accommodations,

Prepare name tags

Assign head table seating if desired

Formalize lunch program (or other program)

Print program or other special handouts

Meet with committee and helpers

Write checks for payments due

Gather receipt book, mobile credit card
terminal/equipment, etc.

Load up all required materials, equipment,        Obtain permission to set-up in
packets, etc.                                     advance

Provide or arrange transportation for VIP’s and

Initiate a cock-tail hour for VIP’s and guests

Recheck all necessary equipment
         Possible Locations
                                           Silent Auction
Cruise Lines   Raffle
Family Homestead/Estate                    Family cemetery clean-up
Old Fort                                   Church Service
Historical Building                        Talent Show (see Reunion Games)
Restaurant                                 Family History Skit
Picnic in the Park                         Tour opportunities
Large Home with yard space                 Fire Works Show
Campgrounds/RV Park                        Time Capsule
Bed and Breakfast                          Quilting Circle
Dude Ranch                                 Pie/Watermelon Eating Contest
Theme or Amusement Park                    Outdoor Games: Horseshoes, softball,
Family Resort Area                         volleyball, tennis, Golf Tournament, etc.
Local Hotel                                Dance Contest
Union Banquet Hall                         Guess Who? Everyone bring baby photos
Community Recreation Center                Old fashion sack race, egg race, balloon toss,
                                           Plant a tree/bush
 Activities   (also see Reunion Games, next
Children's Activities                         Remembrances
Crafts Table                                  Family Photo Collage
Color family crest/design one                 Family Video
Board Games/Playing Cards                     Home Movies
Outdoor Games                                 Slide Show
Frisbee                                       Power Point Show
Puppet Show                                   “This Is Your Life” Game
Memory Table
Old memorabilia with identifiers
                                              Family Reunion Conference
Old Quilts
                                              Have scheduled events during the afternoon
                                              for family members to attend such as:
Documents, Marriage Certificates, etc.
                                               Genealogy Research Class
Old Kitchen items
                                               Family History Information Gathering Time
Newspaper clippings
                                               Interview/videotaping the elders
Old greeting cards, post cards & letters

Family Directory                          Name Tags
 Names, addresses, email, phone           List name
 Services offered                         Son/daughter of
 Special talents                          Grandson/granddaughter of
                                          City, State
Registration Table                Silent Auction/Live Auction
Guest Book                                Attendees bring crafts, products and other
Large Plastic Table Cloth with marker Ink items to raise money to benefit the next
pens                                      reunion or to cover the extra costs of the
Print of Large Family Tree                current reunion.

Many teens and adults enjoy popular games based on television shows like Deal or no Deal
or the usually with a twist such as the following.

Wet Hose Tug of War.

You’ll need a hose, large pieces of tarp, a mid-size inflatable wading pool and lots of water.
Choose two teams of 5. Set up this games by placing the tarp on the ground of the game
area. Place the inflatable pool in the middle of the tarp with enough room for a line of five
standing on the tarp on each side of the pool. Poor water on the tarp making it slippery.
Pour water on the hose as well. Fill up the wading pool with water. Both teams are to grab
hold of the hose. Each teams objective is to pull the entire hose from the grip of the other
team members by pulling as many of them into the wading pool.

Race Track Relay (will need a race track)
Family Reunion Olympics" with games and sports events for different age groups as well as
mixed age teams. Each team selects its name/country/symbol, with banner. Immediate
family members cheers on teammates during their events. It's a lot of fun.

Family Reunion Jigsaw Puzzle Race
Assemble the jig-saw puzzle. Using previous years family reunion photo create two card
table sized jigsaw puzzles from the photo. Select several family members for each team to
arrange the puzzles on their table. The puzzle could have a well known fact, slogan or
metaphor unique to the family printed on it. The first team to arrange the puzzle enough to
guess the phrase wins.

Family Reunion Spelling Bee
Must spell full names (including first, middle and surnames) of family members on family

"Survivor" Style Games.
These games are meant to be played with bare feet or in sandals. The games and
contestants are played within a circle or island.

Amazing Race
This game is based on televisions amazing race Very exciting and loads of fun. A family vs.
family competition that tests the limits of patience, self-control, unity and all that other

It's suggested that an MC cover the race live on the web using wireless a web cam
connected to a live internet page and viewed on a big screen TV. This one hour event takes
off as family teams complete a 2-3 mile race by car, on foot and by bike with several stops,
challenges and destination clues along the way.

”American Idol” Style Talent Show
The talent show can featuring singing, dance and other talents including stand up comedy.
The audience does the judging by applause or vote.
Equipment/Materials/Services            Cost
Registration guest book
DJ, band or professional story teller
Tent rental
Tables and Chairs
Guest List
Survey forms for evaluation purposes
Name Tags and markers
Souvenir T-shirts, caps, jackets
Web site for reunion notices
Welcome packet, newsletter, etc.
Paper Goods
Board Games and Playing Cards
Sporting equipment for outdoor games

                                                 Time         Notes

Greetings & special words of thanks

Special message, purpose of celebration
and gathering

Prayer/Benediction                                           Optional (Minister or Family Head)

Special Scripture or Poem

Declaration of family crest, values and

Musical selection                                            Vocal or instrumental
Special Remembrances for those lost this                     Candle lighting ceremony optional
Recognition for new family members, elder
birthdays and other special significances
Presentation of Family Record Certificate,
Family Tree and/or Family Bible
Group Photos
Meal and other Activities

  (To be completed by Coordinator, Committee Members and Volunteers)

                  Element                 Yes   No          Comments and/or Improvements

 Satisfactory number of participants      □      □
 Goals achieved                           □      □
 Stayed within overall budget             □      □
 Committee members completed              □      □

 Committee members stayed within          □      □
Committee Head communicated               □   □
regularly with members

Sufficient number of helpers              □   □
Committee met regularly or had            □   □
sufficient number meetings

Site location well suited for the event   □   □
Favorable comments received about         □   □

Parking was adequate                      □   □
Amenities were adequate                   □   □
Hospitality was adequate (tables,         □   □
chairs, food, space, on-site personnel,

Lunch program was well received           □   □
Equipment was adequate                    □   □
Presentation of the food/service was      □   □

Sufficient food, snacks, beverages,       □   □
refreshments for all

Sufficient number of mailings/advance     □   □
notices with/minimum return

Registration went smoothly &              □   □

Thank You Notes sent to volunteers
                                          □   □






















1. Appoint a coordinator for the event                                     □
          a. ___ Plan and organize well beforehand
          b. ___ Rely on the needs and desires of your extended family
          c. ___ Notify the extended family that "we're all going to get together"
          d. ___ Track down the relatives, including relatives out of the country

2. Make a master list many months ahead of planned event                   □
          a. ___ Consult relatives for distant relatives’ names and addresses
          b. ___ Use older family members as sources of information and family history
          c. ___ Look through family albums, old letters, etc.
          d. ___ Use a personal ad in local papers telling of the reunion

3. Create a family file for current and future use                         □
          a. ___ Names, addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail

          b. ___ Occupations (this information may be helpful, for example, you may have a
             cousin who’s a DJ or an Aunt in the catering business)

          c. ___ Start creating family line, for example, second cousin, great uncle, etc.

          d. ___ Special interest, for example, hobbies, spare time activities, etc.

4. Help                                                                    □
          a. ___ Involve relatives, thereby, creating a greater interest

          b. ___ Organize teams or committees for the various tasks

          c. ___ Finances – Consider Fund Raiser Drives for raising funds

          d. ___ Food and lodging

          e. ___ Activities and entertainment

          f.   ___ Collecting family memorabilia

          g. ___ Creating a family tree and/or history

          h. ___ Miscellaneous details

          i.   ___ Appeal to people's interests and abilities
       j.   ___ Recruit a liaison for each branch of the family to:
            i. ___    Keep each branch up to date
            ii. ___ Give head count of who will attend
            iii. ___ Relay information from the main organizers to each of the teams

5. Keep a reunion notebook/binder of all reunion documents forms and instruction sheets
with extra pages for notes                                        □
       a. ___ Add or delete pages as necessary
       b. ___ Assign a separate section to each team
       c. ___ Decrease chance of snafus, misunderstandings, and disappointments

6. Planning the event                                                    □
       a. One rule: The affair should suit your family's interest and needs

       b. ___ When should the event occur? In conjunction with other events in the area

       c. Allow relatives sufficient time to make arrangements

       d. ___ Emphasize special significance of gathering together as a family

       e. ___ Take a family poll:
          i. How long for the reunion? One day? Two days? Etc.
          ii. Special interests
          iii. Do it yourselves or let professionals do the work?

       f.   ___ Site Location

       g. ___ Lodging

       h. ___ Invitations should be exciting and imaginative

       i.   ___ Feeding the family
            i. ___ Caterer or family getting together to prepare the meals
            ii. ___ Be aware of any special dietary needs.

7. Enjoy yourselves                                                      □
       a. ___ Arrange Ice breaker activities to reacquaint and greet all relatives

       b. ___ Variety is the spice of life. Have a variety of activities for young and older

       c. ___ Strengthen memories via videotaping your reunion

       d. ___ Family history. Write it down and print it up

       e. ___ Your reunion is a good time to compile or update the family tree

8. Establish a tradition                                                 □
       a. ___ Keep in touch with the relatives with whom you reconnect at the reunion
    b. ___ Start a family newsletter

    c. ___ Plan the next reunion

    d. ___ Do not let it stop here!

    e. ___ Get a Family Reunion Website to upload family reunion pictures, video,
       special announcements


The following Tips Pages can be
     inserted into a binder.
Start organizing rooming accommodations for out-of-town family members at least one
year in advance.

Determine the number and type of rooms that your guests will need.

Do you need a dedicated area in the hotel or hospitality suite to welcome your guests?
Is this provided in a package rate or at separate cost?

Do you need a banquet room for an evening event or reception? What is the cost?

Does the hotel allow food and drink to be brought in for your welcome reception? Does
the hotel provide catering?

Make cost comparisons of at least five local hotels for group rates.

Meet with the Hotel’s Group Sales Consultants to discuss your family reunion needs.
Arrange to tour the facilities. Genuine hospitality should be demonstrated and courtesy
should not be based on the number of expected guests. Remember, you want your
family to feel welcomed.

You may ask for all rooms to be all on one floor or grouped together.

Choose one to three local hotels as options for your guests. Determine the type of hotel
based on the amenities that your guests will enjoy, i.e. indoor/outdoor pool; variety of
nearby dining options; and convenient to get to from the highway and the other planned
family activities.

If you have more than one hotel choice for your guests, choose hotels located in close
proximity for convenient carpooling.

Get driving directions to the hotel(s) for your guests.

The Hotel Group Sales Consultant will provide a code for your family members to use
when making their reservations. The code will represent your block of rooms for your

Provide the hotel(s) information to your family members as soon as possible to allow
plenty of time for them to make their reservations.
You may request from the hotel to view a reservations report for your group to monitor
which guests have made reservations.

Number of guests     ___________________________
Rooms needed         ___________________________
Check in Date        ___________________________
Check out Date       ___________________________

Hotel              Phone#/Location    Check In - Out   Cost per night
Plan a central location to welcome your out-of-town guests.

The first event should be a Welcome Reception. This event should be held the first night
of the Reunion or the first evening of most of your family’s arrival.

Make sure your activities are inclusive of all family members. Be mindful of age and
physical limitations when planning events.

Suggested Activities:

Amusement Park



Cookout with lots of family games and music

Family Reunion Cruises
Usuanlly include the following:

                                                      Royal Caribbean
    Welcome Letter from the Captain               Family Reunion Cruise
    Banquets and In-Room Meals        

    Movies

    Shows                                    Family Reunion Specials

    Golf                                      Royal Reunions Gift Set

    Ship Tours                                Daily Royal Reunions Challenge

    Aqua Park Passes or Rock                  Royal Reunions Trivia
      Climbing Session
                                                Challenge Onboard Scavenger
    Deluxe Photo Package                        Hunt VIP In-Room Amenities

    Door Decorations

    Personalized Cake

Dinner Theater

Go-Kart Parks



Miniature Golf



Roller Skating Rinks (you may even rent a time for your own family skating party)

Shopping Outlets or Malls

Tour of the City

Set aside at least a portion of one day for your family to just “hang out” and do whatever
they want to do.

The last planned activity should be a group event, i.e. dinner at a Family Style or
All-You-Can-Eat Buffet Restaurant.

Organize times and locations for the whole family to come together for meals.

Cooking together can be fun and a great time to swap recipes and tell family

The last planned activity should be a group event, i.e. dinner at a Family Style
or All-You-Can-Eat Buffet Restaurant.

Honor family members who reached pinnacles in their life that has enriched your heritage
and make you proud of the institution of family.

Recognize the oldest living relative, who is still spry enough to grace the dance floor; the
cousin who earned a full four-year scholarship to college; the uncle who just retired from a
company he worked at for 35 years; the mother and father who celebrates 50 years of
wedlock; or the grandmother who lives to see four generations.

   Legendary Heritage Heirlooms will provide a portrait of the
          honored family member on the certificate.
If and when music is selected for any of your planned events, be mindful of
respecting the consciences of all your family members.

It is likely, that not all will have the same taste in music. Choose music that
most can relate to and will enjoy.

Arrange for one family member to be in charge of the music.

Be mindful of the volume of the music if played in public areas.

Older family members may also be sensitive to loud volume.

Have on hand copies of driving directions and maps to all locations of events
for your out-of-town guests. And even some of your local family members may
need to know how to get to the cookout at Aunt Shirley’s house.

                                Silent Auction

Create family heirloom using photos of ancestors for auction.

Auction off genealogy research documentation.

Auction off award certificates, business ownership, deeds, antiques and

Write up a short biography of individual(s)
Auction off biography

Have artist hand paint beautiful colorful 18x24 portrait.
Auction off portrait heirlooms. For portrait services write us at

Video tape the research events from start to finish – Auction off video

Have custom designed greeting cards covering annual celebratory events of
the year with family names inscribed on the card. Place cards in a gift
basket. Auction off the cards. To order greeting cards write us at

We offer the following services to help make your family reunion auction a
sure success.

Portrait art
Our studio artists can transform a black and white/grayscale portrait to a full
color work of art. Just call us and we’ll guide you threw the ordering and
portrait commission process.

Photo Retouching And Restoration
Our photo studio specializes in photo retouching and restoration. Just email
a copy of the photo or mail a duplicate copy to us and we’ll give you a free
evaluation and price quote. Write us at
For more information about our services and fundraisers email us at


One year in Advance:
      Commence compiling a reunion journal containing ideas, suggestions, communications, records,

      Establish events and activities characteristic of family’s interests

      Compile an e-mail and postal mail list

      Develop reunion committees

      Contact tourism bureaus, chambers of commerce, and convention and visitors bureaus for
        meeting facilities, accommodations, dining, attraction, and event information

One Year in Advance:
      Mail out requests for genealogy research help and reunion suggestions including theme,
        approximate cost, tentative plans, etc.

      Set a reunion events date

      Choose location and make reservations

      Choose for photographer/videographer, caterer, entertainment, etc.

Six to Nine Months in Advance:
      Send formal event invitations that includes the date, time, and directions/map to location;
        directions/map to available accommodations; a registration form (RSVP); updated ‘missing
        persons’ list; itinerary; fundraising activities; and any other related information which will be
        helpful in assisting each members participation

      Confirm all reservations and appointments with photographer/videographer, caterer, entertainers,

      Choose your menu, or confirm dining arrangements

      Continue to send invitations to people as they are located

      Hold fund raiser to treasury holding for current and future events

Four Months in Advance:
      Choose theme, decorations, banners, etc.

      Visit and survey locations for reunion activities and accommodations with the entire reunion
        committee and meet with the Reunion Consultant

      Reserve necessary rental equipment

      Submit order for t-shirts or souvenirs, decorations

Six Weeks in Advance:
      Complete the directory/memory book and have printed

      Have committee leaders get together and form a reunion day checklist

      Order Welcome Baskets for each room reserved

      Assign tasks to anyone who has volunteered to assist

Two Weeks in Advance:
      Review final checklist

      Purchase all last minute necessities such as decorations, souvenirs, supplies

On Day Before Reunion Event:
      Review progress/incidentals with committee leaders

      Meet with facility managers and make a list of staff contacts for assistance and emergencies

Morning Of Event(s):
      Arrive Early

      Decorate and set up necessary equipment and supplies

      Welcome reunion members

      Have fun, relax, and enjoy the fruits of all your hard work!

Final Committee Meeting
      Meet with committee leaders and note in your journal any information which will be helpful when
        planning your next reunion Nominate a new reunion coordinator to begin planning the next big

      Send a couple of your favorite event photos to be included in Reunion Gallery web page
          Will it be an African Safari? Will it be a Living Legends Ball?
Will it be a Reunion Cruise to an exotic island? Talk about it. Count the cost
                                    and vote.

Date:             Location:

Date:             Location:

Date:             Location:

Date:             Location:

For more information on Spectacular Family Reunion Events
use your Spectacular Family Reunion Events Planner that comes with this

                                                                                   8 Grandad's
                                                    4 Grand Father
                                                    -------------------            |
                                                    Born:                          |
                                                    Place:                         |
                                                    Marr: a long time ago          |
                                                    Place:                         |
                                                    Died:                          |
                                                    Place: someplace around here
                                                                                   9 Grandad's
                                                    |                              Mother
                                                    |                              Born:
                                                    |                              Place: someplace around
                                                    |                              here
                                                    |                              Died:
                          2 My Father
                          -------------------       |
                          Born:                     |
                          Place:                    |
                          Marr:                     |
                          Place: someplace around   |
                          here                      |
                          Died:                     |
                                                                                   10 Dad's Mother's
                          |                         |
                          |                         |                              Dad
                          |                         |                              Born:
                          |                         |                              Place:
                          |                         |                              Marr:
                          |                         |                              Place:
                          |                         |                              Died:

                                                    5 Dad's Mother                 |
                          |                         -------------------            |
                          |                         Born: a long time ago          |
                          |                         Place:                         |
                          |                         Died:                          |
                                                                                   11 Dad's Mother's
                          |                                                        Mom
                          |                                                        Born:
                          |                                                        Place: someplace around
                          |                                                        here
                          |                                                        Died:
1 Me Myself
-------------------       |
Born:                     |
Place: someplace around   |
here                      |
Marr:                     |
Place:                    |
Died:                     |
                                                                                   12 Mom's Father's
                          |                                                        Dad
                   |                                                    Born:
                   |                                                    Place:
                   |                                                    Marr:
                   |                                                    Place:

                                         6 Mother's Father              |
                   |                     -------------------            |
                   |                     Born:                          |
                   |                     Place:                         |
                   |                     Marr:                          |
                   |                     Place:                         |
                   |                     Died: a long time ago          |
                                                                        13 Mom's Father's
                   |                     |                              Mom
                   |                     |                              Born:
                   |                     |                              Place:
                   |                     |                              Died:
                   |                     |                              Place: someplace around
                   3 My Mother           |
                   -------------------   |
                   Born:                 |
                   Place:                |
                   Died:                 |
                                                                        14 Mom's
                                         |                              Mother's Dad
                                         |                              Born:
                                         |                              Place: someplace around
                                         |                              here
                                         |                              Marr:
                                         |                              Place:
                                         |                              Died:
                                         7 Mom's Mother
                                         -------------------            |
                                         Born:                          |
                                         Place:                         |
                                         Died:                          |
                                         Place: someplace around here
                                                                        15 Mom's
                                                                        Mother's Mom

                   FAMILY GROUP WORK SHEET

Patriarchs Full Name:                                            Husband                          #__
           Born:             Place:                              __
               Married:                    Place:
                Died:                      Place:
              Buried at:
His Father:


Died:                                      Place:

His Mother:                                                                        .

Born:                                      Place:                                  .

Died:                                      Place:                                  .

Wife's Maiden
Born:                                      Place:                                  .

Died:                                      Place:                                  .

Buried at:                                 Other Marr:                             .

Father:                                                                            .

Born:                                      Place:                                  .

Died:                                      Place:                                  .

Mother:                                                                            .

Born:                                      Place:                                  .

Died:                                      Place:                                  .

      Children:                                               Born:            Died:
M/F                                                                            Date:   Place
      Give names in full in order of birth, living or dead.   Date:   Place:
                                                              .                .               .
      1.                                                      .                .               .
                                                              .                .               .
                                                              .                .               .
                                                              .                .               .
                                                              .                .               .
                                                              .                .               .
                                                              .                .               .
                                                              .                .               .
                                                              .                .               .
                                                              .                .               .
                                                              .                .               .
                                                              .                .               .
                                                              .                .               .
                                                              .                .               .
.   .   .
.   .   .
.   .   .
.   .   .
.   .   .
 Cemetery Location:

Gravestone/Tombstone Description            Inscription: (Birth, Death, details)
Engraved Art:
Grave Decor:


Engraved Art:
Grave Decor:


Engraved Art:
Grave Decor:

Engraved Art:
Grave Decor:


For help with the description, documentation and historicity of tombstones
consider these resources.

American Antiquarian Society

The Association for Gravestone Studies,
 AGS promotes the study of gravestones from historical and artistic perspectives, expands
public awareness of the significance of historic gravemarkers, and encourages individuals
and groups to record and preserve gravestones. At every opportunity, AGS cooperates with
groups that have similar interests.

        Artifact and Condition
       Indicate Manuacturing #
                                       Possessor                  Inheritor
Date         Certificates of
                                  (Name, Address, Phone)   (Name, Address, Phone)
        Artifact and Condition
       Indicate Manuacturing #
                                       Possessor                  Inheritor
Date         Certificates of
                                  (Name, Address, Phone)   (Name, Address, Phone)

                      C    A    1    W    I   P   M    C    S    S    P    W    Wo
                      o    m    7    ar   n   a   e    i    er   p    h    or   r
                      l    er   8         d   t   x    v    v    a    il   ld   l
                      o    i    4-   o    i   r   i    i    i    n    i    W    d
                      n    ca        f    a   i   ca   l    ce   i    p    ar
                      i    n    1         n   o   n              sh   p    I    Wa
                      a         8    1        t        W    1    -A   i    1    r
                      l    R    1    8    W       W    ar   8    m    n    9    II
                           ev   1    1    a W     ar        6    er   e    1
                      W    o         2    r a          1    6    i         7-   1
                      ar   l              s r     1    8         ca   I    1    9
                      s    u         1            8    6    f    n    n    9    4
                           t         8    1   1   4    1-   or        s    1    1
                           i         1    8   8   6-   1    w    W    u    8    -
                           o         2-   1   3   1    8    ar   ar   r         1
                           n         1    5   8   8    6    d         r         9
                                     8    -       4    5         1    e         4
                           1         1    1       8              8    c         5
                           7         5)   8             f        9    t
                           7              5            or        8-   i
                           5-             8                      1    o
                           1                           C         8    n
                           7                           o         9
                           8                           n         9    1
                           3                           f              8
                                                       e              9
                                                       d              9
                                                       er             -
                                                       a              1
                                                       t              9
                                                       es             0

Birth - Current


Birth - Current


Birth - Current


Birth - Current


Birth - Current

Birth - Current


Birth - Current

Full Name
                      First, middle, last, nickname, maiden name


Spelling Variants of Surname

Social Security Number

Date of Birth
                           If exact date of birth is unknown; give approximate five-year range

Place of Brith

Physical Description

Marital Status

Name of spouse(s) or ex-spouse(s) and date of marriage(s) and divorces (s), if applicable

Occupations/ Trade/ Business

Include dates and addresses if known

Last Known Address

As many as possible. If exact address unknown, list city and/or state. Include dates of former

Prior Telephone Numbers

High school, occupational, college. Include years attended and whether graduated.

Military Service
Branch, rank, dates, place of discharge, serial number


Financial Status

Children: Names, Birth Dates, Birth Places

Name/Address/Telephone of Friends

Name/Address/Telephone of Friends

Name/Address/Telephone of Friends

Name/Address/Telephone of Friends

Name/Address/Telephone of Friends
Name/Address/Telephone of Friends

Name/Address/Telephone of Friends

Name/Address/Telephone of Friends

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