Weather Cancellations by CdL3Ox


									                                                                                        Richmond Hill , GA

     South Bryan County Recreation Department                                                912-756-4075

To All:

Please be advised of the weather cancellation policy.

All cancellations based on severe weather will be made after 4:30pm each afternoon---No
decisions will be made earlier due to the constant change in our weather in this area.

All cancellations will be posted on the website as soon after 4:30pm as possible and a "status
me" text message will be sent out. If you have not signed up for StatusMe, please go the website
and follow the instructions there. You will then receive the automated, most up to date
information if there is a cancellation.

Also, bare in mind, each sport has its own standards for cancellations. Severe thunderstorms,
lightning, flooding, etc will definitely postpone/cancel games but sometimes not until game time
or the event actually happens.

Please take the time to sign up for the Status Me texts---then you will get the info first hand.

For Coaches: Please remember all games are cancelled through the office. If you feel that it is
unsafe to play or that games/practices need to be cancelled for any reason you need to contact the
office immediately. Game cancellations are handled in the office to keep us up to date, so we are
not caught off guard by parents’ calls, and allow us to update our website so that parents can
check for weather cancellations online. It also allows a standard to be applied and things such as
rescheduling to be taken into consideration. If you choose to cancel a practice, please contact the
office so that we can correctly answer parents when they call us to ask for information.



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