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									    Connecticut Certified Teacher Cover Letter for your CV or Resume

    Connecticut Certified Teacher Cover Letter
    Thomas K Eden,
    32 S Riverview,
    Ogden, Iowa 50113,
    (515) 555-7998.
    Date: 26th June, 2007.

    Jack Richardson,
    Principal, ABC School.,
    323 South Avon Drive,
    Milton, NY 10945,
    (914) 555-2909.

    Dear Mr. Richardson,

    It’s the Mr. Jackson, Placement officer at Cisco State University, who encouraged me to contact you
    regarding the opening you are having at your school for First Grade Teacher. I am working with St.
    Marry’s School as a kindergarten teacher from past three years. Now, I want to utilize my knowledge and
    abilities for your school. I can offer you:

   I am able to manage concurrently classroom of children’s at different levels, also meeting the performance standards
    and schedule.
   I have built nurturing, structured classroom environments which helps each child to utilize their full potential.
   I am also having the ability to individualize the curriculum so as to meet the need of children’s at every level.

    I am bringing the major strength to your school, which is my successful experience. I am having strong
    skills like classroom management, communication and organization. I am definitely going to be an asset
    for your school. My abilities to utilize new ideas and concepts and dedication towards children would be of
    great benefit to your school.

    I am waiting for your call at 124-777-8565, to confirm with the interview. Thank you for your time and


    Thomas K Eden.
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