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Common MIstake When Writing Cv


									Not only is 6 ‘mistakes’ in making the CV that can close your chances of
working, trivial things that made the following general was also able to
reduce the valuation of your company. Maybe for you it is fair and
legitimate written on the CV, but for the business applying for a job is
a different story. What are these trivial things? Learn the following

E-mail Address is Ridiculous

Today, having an e-mail is a must and a little proof that you are quite
familiar with the world of computers and the Internet. For your work, use
e-mail address that shows your professionalism. Making your name as an e-
mail address is best. Unless you are applying for in the field of
entertainment or creative fields, it is legitimate to use a unique name.

Format Shambles

Be careful to send CV via email attachment, because when the computer is
stored in the receiver and re-opened, so it looks will be a mess.
Although the recipient will surely realize that this is not your fault,
but your CV is still difficult for people to read it. Send to several
other e-mail and checks whether the changed appearance. Or send in the
format. Pdf so it looks unchanged.


Still remember when creating a scientific work on campus? Your instructor
will advise as much as possible do not use first person pronoun is ‘I’.
Similarly, in CV, as much as possible avoid too often call themselves.
Make your resume as if you were someone else explain about yourself, and
as much use do not use first person or third (he, they).

Humble Yourself

This does not only apply to CV, but applies also to the interview.
Perhaps unconsciously you will say ‘just a small campus, sir’ when asked
where your college, or write the name of your campus with a small font
size and incomplete due to lack confidence. Do not forget that you’re
offered, so avoid degrading yourself.


It could be that you do not remember doing so when writing a CV ‘You
would be hard to find people with qualifications like me’, or ‘I will
make this division develops, of course if you accept me’. Although
subtle, but such sentences contain threats that make people uncomfortable
with you.

The Layout of the Writing

In writing a list of your ability, place an important skill and is
associated with the job you are applying at the very top. Use writing to
the shape of bullet points and avoid writing too much even if it is to
tell your skill. Use language that is concise course, prioritize your
skills specifications.

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