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									                                                                                                                                    General Information           

                                                                      Idaho State University
                                                                   Graduate Catalog 2008-2009
                                                                           Volume 62
                                                                              Tom Jackson, PhD, Dean
                                                                                    Graduate School
                                                                                 Idaho State University
                                                                            92 South 8th Avenue, Stop 8075
                                                                               Pocatello, ID 83209-8075
                                                                    (208) 282-250                            FAX (208) 282-4847
                                                                     Museum Building, 4th Floor, Room 40
                                                         Idaho State University subscribes to the principles and laws of the State of Idaho and federal
                                                         government, including applicable executive orders pertaining to civil rights, and all rights,
                                                         privileges, and activities of the University are made available without regard to race, creed,
                                                         color, sex, handicap, or national origin. The University is an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative
                                                         Action employer. Evidence of practices which are not consistent with such policies should be
                                                         reported to the Office of the President of the University.

Policy Statement Concerning Graduate Catalog Contents
Catalogs, bulletins, course or fee schedules shall not be considered as binding contracts between Idaho State University and students. The University reserves the
right at any time, without advance notice, to: (a) withdraw or cancel classes, courses, and programs; (b) change fees schedule; (c) change the academic calendar;
(d) change admissions and registration requirements; (e) change the regulations and requirements governing instruction in, and graduation from, the University
and its various divisions; and (f) change any other regulations affecting students. Changes shall go into force whenever the proper authorities so determine, and
shall apply not only to prospective students but also to those who are matriculated at the time in the University. When economic and other conditions permit, the
University tries to provide advance notice of such changes.
Students enrolled in a program that is closed, relocated, or discontinued should be given notice of the closure as soon as is practical. Notwithstanding any other
provision of State Board of Education policy, University policy, or University catalog statements to the contrary, arrangements should be made for enrolled students
to complete affected programs in a timely manner and with minimum interruptions. When there is a similar program within the institutions governed by the Board,
an affected student will be provided with information on transferring to that program, although admission to any such program is contingent upon the availability
of a position and the student meeting all applicable admission requirements. If there is no similar program available within the institutions governed by the Board
or the student is not able to gain admission to a similar program, the University will make reasonable efforts to place the student in a related or comparable pro-
gram within the University. If none is available, the University will make reasonable efforts to assist the student in locating to another program at the University
or elsewhere for which he or she is qualified.

Postage paid at Pocatello, Idaho. The Idaho State University Graduate School Catalog is published annually in the summer; copies are available
through the Graduate School, Idaho State University, 92 South 8th Avenue, Mail Stop 8075, Pocatello, Idaho 83209-8075.
2      Graduate School

                                                 Table of Contents
Academic Calendar / Important Dates ................................................................................ Inside Front Cover

General Graduate School Information and Policies.................................................................................  - 27

College of Arts and Sciences ................................................................................................................. 28 - 83

College of Business................................................................................................................................ 84 - 93

College of Education............................................................................................................................ 94 - 3

College of Engineering ...................................................................................................................... 4 - 23

Kasiska College of Health Professions .............................................................................................. 24 - 59

College of Pharmacy .......................................................................................................................... 60 - 67

College of Technology ....................................................................................................................... 68 - 7

Informatics Research Institute ........................................................................................................... 72 - 75

Graduate Faculty ................................................................................................................................ 76 - 87

Index .................................................................................................................................................. 88 - 92

Campus Map ........................................................................................................................Inside Back Cover
                                                                                                                                                                    General Information                  3

                 Idaho State University Administration
University President ...............................................................................................................................................................Arthur C. Vailas, Ph.D.
Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs ............................................................................................................... Barbara A. Adamcik, Ph.D
Associate Vice President for Academic Programing and Review....................................................................................Stephen R. Adkison, Ph.D.
Vice President for Advancement..............................................................................................................................................Kent M. Tingey, D.A.
Vice President of Student Affairs ................................................................................................................................................Lee Krehbiel, Ed.D.
Vice President for Finance and Administration ......................................................................................................James A. Fletcher, M.S., M.B.A.
Vice President for Research ................................................................................................................................................... Pamela Crowell, Ph.D.
Dean of the Graduate School ......................................................................................................................................................Tom Jackson, Ph.D.
Interim Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences ............................................................................................................... Scott S. Hughes, Ph.D.
Dean of the College of Business ......................................................................................................................................... Kenneth A. Smith, Ph.D.
Dean of the College of Education .................................................................................................................................... Deborah L. Hedeen, Ph.D.
Dean of the College of Engineering.................................................................................................................................Richard T. Jacobsen, Ph.D.
Dean of the Kasiska College of Health Professions ..................................................................................................Linda C. Hatzenbuehler, Ph.D.
Dean of the College of Pharmacy ..................................................................................................................................Joseph F. Steiner, Pharm. D.
Dean of the College of Technology ......................................................................................................................................... Marilyn Davis, Ed.D.
University Librarian .................................................................................................................................................................Kay A. Flowers, M.S.

Graduate Council Membership, 2008-2009
Area                                                           Name                                                                               Mail Stop                               Phone
Arts and Sciences
   Humanities/Fine Arts                                        Dr. Brian Attebery                                                                   8056                                282-2537
   Natural Sciences                                            Dr. Rosemary Smith                                                                   8007                                282-498
   Social Sciences                                             Dr. Gesine Hearn                                                                     84                                282-4947
Business                                                       Dr. Kenneth Khang                                                                    8020                                282-6398
Education                                                      Dr. Stephanie Peterson                                                               8059                                282-3552
Engineering                                                    Dr. Marco Schoen                                                                     8060                                282-4377
Health Professions                                             Dr. Nicole Hill                                                                      820                                282-243
Pharmacy                                                       Dr. Fred Risinger                                                                    8334                                282-4455
Technology                                                     Dr. Karen Wilson-Scott                                                               808                                282-2923
At-Large Representative                                        Dr. Alex Urfer                                                                       8045                                282-4095
Graduate Student Representative                                Lisa Salazar                                                                         8075                                282-250
Ex-Officio                                                     Dr. Debra Easterly, Research Administrator                                           8130                                282-2618
                                                               Office of Research
Ex-Officio                                                     Dr. Cynthia Pemberton, Associate Dean                                                8075                                282-3140
                                                               Graduate School
Presiding                                                      Dr. Tom Jackson, Dean                                                                8075                                282-2390
                                                               Graduate School
4     Graduate School

                             Graduate School Programs
College of Arts and Sciences
Program                        Degree                                       Chair/Director            Stop Number    Phone
Anthropology                   M.A., M.S.                                   Dr. Ernest 'Skip' Lohse       8005      282-2629
Art                            M.F.A.                                       Prof. Rudy Kovacs             8004      282-236
Biological Sciences            M.S., Ph.D. in Biology (Botany and Zoology Dr. Terry Bowyer                8007      282-3765
                               options, Environmental Biotechnology emphasis area)
                               M.S., in Microbiology, M.N.S., D.A. in Biology
                               M.S. in Clinical Laboratory Science
Chemistry                      B.S./M.S., M.S., M.N.S.                      Dr. Robert Holman            8023       282-4444
Communication and Rhetorical   M.A. in Organizational Communication         Dr. James DiSanza            85       282-3695
      Studies                  M.A. in Rhetorical Studies
English                        M.A., D.A., TESOL Certificate                Dr. Terry Engebretsen        8056       282-2478
Geosciences                    M.S., M.N.S.                                 Dr. Dave Rodgers             8072       282-3365
                               M.S. with Environmental Geoscience Emphasis
                               GeoTechnology Certificate, M.S. in Geographical
                               Information Science
History                        M.A. in Historical Resources Management      Dr. Allan Christelow         8079       282-2379
Mathematics                    M.A. in Mathematics for Secondary Teachers Dr. Catherine Kriloff          8085       282-3350
                               M.S., D.A.
Physics                        M.S., M.N.S.                                 Dr. Dan Dale                 806       282-2350
                               M.S with Health Physics Emphasis
                               Ph.D. in Applied Physics
                               Ph.D. in Engineering and Applied Science -
                               See College of Engineering
Political Science              M.A., M.P.A., D.A.                           Dr. Wayne Gabardi            8073       282-22
Psychology                     M.S. (General Experimental Psychology)       Dr. Kandi Turley-Ames        82       282-2462
                               Ph.D. (Clinical Psychology)
Sociology                      M.A.                                         Dr. Ann Hunter               84       282-270
Theatre                        M.A.                                         Dr. Sherri Dienstfrey        8006       282-373

College of Business
Business Administration        M.B.A. (Accounting, Computer Information     Joan Hansen                  8020       282-2504
                               Systems, Finance, Management, Marketing,
                               Health Care Administration emphasis areas)
                               Certificate in Business Administration

College of Education
Educational Leadership and     M.Ed. in Education (Educational              Dr. Jonathan Lawson          8059       282-3273
  Instructional Design         Administration emphasis area)
                               M.Ed. in Instructional Technology
                               Ed.S. in Educational Administration
                               Ed.D. in Educational Leadership (Educational
                               Administration, Higher Education Administration,
                               Instructional Technology emphasis areas)
                               Ph.D. in Instructional Design
Educational Foundations        M.Ed. in Education (Elementary Education, Dr. Beverly Ray                 8059       282-456
                               Secondary Education, K-2 Education/Music
                               Education, and Child and Family Studies
                               emphasis areas)
Educational Learning and       Ed.S. in Special Education                   Dr. Stephanie Peterson       8059       282-3552
     Development               Ed.S. in School Psychology
                               M.Ed. in Education (Literacy emphasis)
                               M.Ed. in Human Exceptionality
                               (School Psychological Examiner emphasis area)
                               (Special Education emphasis area)
Sport Science and Physical     M.P.E. in Athletic Administration            Dr. Gerard Lyons             805       282-408
                                                                                                                 General Information        5
Program                             Degree                                        Chair/Director             Stop Number          Phone

College of Engineering
Engineering                         M.S. in Civil Engineering;                    Dr. Manoochehr Zoghi             8060         282-46
                                    M.S. in Environmental Engineering
                                    M.S. in Measurement and Control               Dr. S. Hossein Mousavinezhad     8060          282-3292
                                    M.S. in Mechanical Engineering                Ms. Mary Hofle                   8060          282-3148
                                    M.S. in Nuclear Science and Engineering       Dr. George Imel                  8060          282-3732
                                    M.S. in Environmental Science and             Dr. Chikashi Sato                8060          282-4389

Kasiska College of Health Professions
Audiology                           Au.D.                                         Dr. J. Anthony Seikel            86         282-496
Deaf Education                      M.S.                                          Dr. J. Anthony Seikel            86         282-496
Speech-Language Pathology           M.S.                                          Dr. J. Anthony Seikel            86         282-496
Counseling                          M.Coun. (Marital, Couple and Family           Dr. Stephen Feit                 820         282-356
                                    Counseling, Mental Health Counseling,
                                    School Counseling, Student Affairs
                                    Ed.S. (Counseling)
                                    Ph.D. (Counselor Education and Counseling)
Dental Hygiene                      M.S.                                          Dr. Linda Boyd                   8048         282-3796
                                                                                  230 W. Explorer Dr., Ste 00            208-373-800
                                                                                  Boise ID 8373
Health and Nutrition Sciences       M.H.E., M.P.H.                                Dr. Willis McAleese              809         282-2729
Nursing                             M.S., Post Master's Certificate               Dr. Carol Ashton                 8101         282-2443
Occupational Therapy                M.O.T.                                        Dr. Alex Urfer                   8045         282-4095
Physical Therapy                    D.P.T.                                        Dr. Alex Urfer                   8045         282-4095
Physician Assistant Studies         M.P.A.S.                                      John Schroeder                   8253         282-4726

College of Pharmacy
PharmD (See Undergraduate Catalog for description)
Biomedical and                   M.S. in Pharmaceutical Sciences (Pharma-         Dr. Fred Risinger                8334         282-2682
     Pharmaceutical Sciences     ceutical Chemistry, Pharmacognosy,
                                 Pharmacology, Pharmaceutics majors)
                                 Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences
                                 (Biopharmaceutics, Biopharmaceutical
                                 Analysis, Pharmacokinetics,
                                 Pharmacology emphasis areas)
Pharmacy Practice and            M.S. in Pharmacy (Pharmacy                       Dr. Vaughn Culbertson            8333         282-2586
    Administrative Sciences      Administration emphasis)
                                 Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences
                                 (Pharmacy Administration emphasis)

College of Technology
Human Resource Training             M.T.D.                                        Dr. Robert Croker                808         282-3906
    and Development

Interdisciplinary Programs
Natural Science                     M.N.S. (Biological Sciences,                  See Chairpeople listed above
                                    Chemistry, Geology, Physics)
Other                               M.A., M.Ed., M.S.                             Dr. Tom Jackson                  8075         282-250
Family Practice Residency Program: Campus Box 8357, Pocatello, ID 83209; (208) 282-4508
Idaho Advanced General Dentistry Program: Campus Box 8088, Pocatello, ID 83209; (208)282-3289
Boise Graduate Programs: 230 W. Explorer #02, Boise, ID 8373; (208)685-6778
Idaho Falls Graduate Programs: 784 Science Center Drive, Idaho Falls, Idaho, 83402; (208) 282-7800
Twin Falls Graduate Programs: Box 238, CSI Evergreen B-40, Twin Falls, ID 83303; (208)282-4840

  The following departments/disciplines offer graduate courses, but no graduate degrees:Economics, Languages and Literatures, Health Care
                                 Administration, Mass Communication, Museum, Philosophy, Social Work
6     Graduate School

                               Summary of Procedures
                                for Graduate Degrees
Procedure                       Under Direction of                        Date
Application & Fee               Graduate School                           No later than May  for summer semester enrollment; July  for
                                                                          fall semester enrollment; and December  for spring semester
                                                                          enrollment (or the following Monday, should these dates fall
                                                                          on a weekend).
Selection of an Advisor         Department Chair                          Varies by program
Selection of a Committee        Advisor                                   Varies by program
Preliminary Examinations        Department Chair or Advisor               Not required by some programs
Final Program of Study/         Advisor, Department Chair, Dean           During semester immediately preceding semester of
Admission to Candidacy          of Graduate School                        intended date of graduation. Classified Status Required.
Comprehensive                   Advisor or Department Chair               Varies by program
Application for Graduation      Graduate School                           Within two weeks of beginning of final semester.
                                                                          For summer graduation, June 
Thesis or Dissertation          Student and Advisor                       Not later than 2 weeks prior to oral defense
Final Draft to Committee
Thesis or Dissertation          Advisor, Committee, and                   Not later than 2 weeks prior to
Defense                         Dean of Graduate School                   end of final semester. Schedule by Midterm
Oral Examination                Advisor, Committee, and                   Not later than 2 weeks prior to
(Non-Thesis)                    Dean of Graduate School                   end of final semester. Schedule by Midterm
Payment of Application Fee      Office of Registration/Records            Not later than 2 weeks prior to
for Graduation/Diploma                                                    end of final semester.

Submission of Final Thesis      Dean of Graduate School                   Within 2 weeks following oral examination
or Dissertation Copies

Idaho State University is accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU). In addition, it is accredited or ap-
proved for specific programs by the following organizations: ABET, Inc.; Association of Collegiate Schools of Business; Association for Assess-
ment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care; American Association of Health Information Management; American Association of Medical
Assistants Endowment; American Chemical Society; American Council on Graduate Medical Education; American Council on Pharmaceutical
Education; Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education; American Society of Health-Systems Pharmacists; American Dental Association;
Council on Dental Education; Commission on Accreditation for Dietetics Education; American Physical Association of University Programs in
Health Administration; American Psychological Association; Commission of Education of the Deaf; Commission on Accreditation in Physical
Therapy Education; Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs; Council on Social Work Education; National
Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences; National Association for the Education of Young Children; National Association of State
Directors of Teacher Education and Certification; Idaho State Department of Education; National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Educa-
tion; National League for Nursing; State of Idaho Board of Nursing.
                                                                                                                       General Information         7

Graduate School
Idaho State                                         e. be the strongest advocate for rigorous,
                                                       fair, consistent, and courteous treatment
                                                                                                      The method of calculating an Admission GPA
                                                                                                      is based on the last 60± semester undergradu-
University                                             of graduate students, and                      ate credits (90± quarter credits).

Mission Statement                                   f. increase the access of qualified individuals
                                                       to the graduate education experience at
The mission of Idaho State University is to            Idaho State University.                        The Application Process
advance scholarly and creative endeavors
through the creation of new knowledge,                                                                Prospective graduate students must initiate
cutting-edge research, innovative artistic pur-
suits and high-quality academic instruction;
                                                    Graduate School                                   the admission process as follows:
                                                                                                      . Applications for admission may be ob-
to use these qualities to enhance technical,
undergraduate, graduate, and professional
                                                    Belief Statement                                     tained online ( or from the
                                                                                                         Graduate School. An application form is
                                                    The Graduate School at Idaho State Univer-
education, health care, and other services                                                               included within this Graduate Catalog.
                                                    sity believes in:
provided to the people of Idaho, the Nation,
and the World; and to develop citizens who          a. quality service                                2. Applicants applying as degree-seeking
will learn from the past, think critically about    b. integrity                                         students must request that each institution
the present, and provide leadership to enrich       c. fairness                                          at which they have taken any post-second-
the future in a diverse, global society.            d. consistency                                       ary work submit one official transcript
                                                    e. courtesy                                          directly to the Graduate School. Idaho State
                                                    f. problem solving                                   University undergraduate transcripts are

Graduate                                            g. future looking
                                                    h. graduate student advocacy
                                                                                                         available to the Graduate School and need
                                                                                                         not be forwarded by the applicant. Non-

School Mission                                      i. accuracy
                                                    j. facilitation
                                                                                                         degree seeking applicants must provide a
                                                                                                         transcript showing proof of degree.
Statement                                           k. communication
                                                    l. life-long learning
                                                                                                      3. Applicants must include a $55 non-refund-
                                                                                                         able application fee with each application
The Graduate School at Idaho State Univer-
                                                    m. individual worth                                  form. The files of students who do not pay
sity seeks to function as the quality control
agent for the graduate education experience.                                                             the required application fee will not be
Our mission is to provide effective, efficient,
courteous, quality service to all individuals
                                                    Admission                                            processed for admission.
                                                                                                      4. Some programs require additional infor-
involved in graduate education, regardless          Idaho State University invites applications for
                                                                                                         mation (e.g., letters of recommendation);
of whether they are prospective students,           admission to Graduate School from students
                                                                                                         please contact department and review
current students, faculty, staff, or alumni. We     holding baccalaureate degrees from any re-
                                                                                                         individual departmental sections of this
serve the graduate education community in           gionally accredited college or university in
                                                                                                         catalog for additional requirements.
its broadest definition.                            the United States or with equivalent prepara-
                                                    tion acquired in another country. Prospective     5. Please see additional requirements for
                                                    students may apply as degree-seeking or              degree-seeking, last semester seniors, and

Graduate School                                     non-degree-seeking students. Non-degree-
                                                    seeking students include those seeking certi-
                                                                                                         international students under those headings
                                                                                                         on the following pages.

Vision Statement                                    fication, professional growth, or strengthened
                                                    backgrounds for various professional and
                                                                                                      6. Applicants must clearly indicate the de-
                                                                                                         sired graduate program on the application
The Graduate School at Idaho State Uni-             industrial occupations.
                                                                                                         form, or if a non-degree-seeking student,
versity will:
                                                    The minimum master’s level standards are:            the college and department in which the
a. continue to provide exemplary service                                                                 student intends to take courses.
                                                    GPA                        Standardized Test
   to all constituents (e.g., students, faculty,
                                                    (last 60 credits)                                 7. GRE/GMAT/MAT is usually required for
   staff, alumni) concerned about graduate
                                                                                                         degree-seeking applicants, if appropri-
   education,                                       3.5 to 4.000         No standardized test
                                                                         (GRE/MAT) required
b. increase the awareness of individuals, both
   nationally and internationally, regarding        3.0 to 3.499         40th Percentile on at        Application Deadlines
   the quality graduate education experience                             least one area of the
   available at Idaho State University,                                                                Please note that some programs have earlier
                                                                         GRE or 40th Percent-
                                                                                                      deadlines than those listed; please contact the
                                                                         tile on the MAT
c. respond positively and proactively to                                                              program director or chair for specific details.
   technological change,                            2.5 to 2.999         CombinedVerbal and           Application forms must be completed and
                                                                         Quantitative (V+Q)           returned to the Graduate School no later than
d. facilitate, at the highest level possible, the
                                                                         score of 000 on GRE         May st for summer semester enrollment,
   graduate education experience,
                                                                         or 45th Percentile on        July st for fall semester enrollment, and
                                                                         the MAT                      December st for spring semester enrollment,
                                                    below 2.499          No admission
8      Graduate School

or the following Monday should these dates       Registration                                        Registration without
fall on a weekend.                                                                                   Permission
                                                 All applicants who have received notice of ad-
                                                 mission into Graduate School may preregister        Students who register for graduate courses
Notification of Admission                        during the appropriate preregistration periods      in violation of any restriction printed in the
Applicants who have been accepted into           or during the regular registration times prior      Graduate Catalog or written on their Ap-
Graduate School will receive a notification      to each semester. On-line registration is also      proval for Admission form, or who register
letter from the Graduate School. Those who       available to officially admitted students.          for graduate courses after receiving a letter
have not been admitted will also receive a       To expedite completion of the registration          of dismissal from the department or college
letter from the Graduate School.                 procedure, all recipients of graduate teaching      that admitted them, will be dropped from the
                                                 assistantships, graduate fellowships, and/or        graduate course(s) as soon as the violation
Admission to Graduate School allows a
                                                 scholarships to be applied toward tuition and       is discovered.
student to enroll in graduate courses in the
                                                 fees must preregister.
specified department and college. It does
not imply admission to courses in other
                                                 Restricted Registration
departments. Only those admitted as degree-
seeking students may assume that they are        Any graduate student receiving a grade of           of Graduate
permitted to seek an advanced degree in          C+ or below in two graduate courses on his
the discipline/department that approved the      or her program of study, or whose GPA falls
admission. Non-degree-seeking students who       below 3.0, will automatically be blocked
are admitted are permitted to take courses
in the department that admitted them, but
                                                 from registering for additional courses.
                                                 For the block to be removed, the student’s
                                                                                                     Classified Status
this admission does not imply they will          department or college must communicate to           Graduates of accredited institutions who have
later be approved for admission as a             the Graduate School in writing its wish to          earned grade point averages of 2.5 or higher
degree-seeking student.                          allow the student to continue in the program.       for the last 60 credits taken at the undergradu-
                                                 Please note that some programs vary in their        ate level, regardless of the institution at which
                                                                                                     the credits were earned, are eligible, upon
Re-Enrollment or                                 restrictions with regard to this policy; contact
                                                                                                     submission of official GRE /GMAT/MAT
                                                 the graduate program director or department
Re-Admission of Graduate                                                                             scores, to be admitted to classified status in
                                                 chair for specific details.
Students                                                                                             graduate master's programs. Doctoral stu-
Graduate students who have been admitted         Continuing Registration for                         dents must meet individual department GPA
to Graduate School may enroll for graduate       Graduate Students                                   requirements; please see department sections
or undergraduate classes by preregistration                                                          of this catalog for complete information.
or registration without further application      Graduate students who have registered for
                                                 one or more credits of master's project,            The College of Business requires the GMAT.
activity if they enroll within two years from                                                        The Department of Counseling and the Col-
the beginning of the term for which the ap-      master's paper, master's thesis, or doctoral
                                                 thesis or dissertation (usually, courses num-       lege of Education accept the MAT in lieu of
plicant was accepted. In general, admission                                                          the GRE. Please see the department sections
to Graduate School is valid for two years        bered 650, 65, 699, 750, or 850) must be
                                                 registered for at least one graduate credit         for this information.
and a student is not required to reapply for
admission within the two year period, but will   during each subsequent semester, includ-
be required to submit updated personal in-       ing each summer semester, until they have
                                                 completed their degrees. Students who for
                                                                                                     Classified (with
formation. Therefore, students who were not
enrolled in the previous term may register for   compelling reasons wish to interrupt their          Performance
the current term. However, some departments      work on projects, theses, or dissertations
                                                 may request in writing, a leave of absence
may have more restrictive requirements and
admission may be valid for only a particular     from the Graduate School.                           [Classified (w/PR)]
semester or year. Students should contact        Graduate students who fail to meet this             Status
departments to determine these more restric-     continuing registration requirement will be         Classified (with Performance Requirements)
tive requirements.                               judged to have dropped out of their programs        [Classified (w/PR)] status is a transitional
Graduate students who fail to enroll dur-        and will no longer enjoy access to university       status, and is not a valid status for a student
ing the two year period or more restrictive      resources, including the library and computer       to graduate. In order to graduate, a student
period of the department must reapply for        facilities. In order to regain access to uni-       must have Classified Status (see the following
admission, and pay a new application fee.        versity resources, students will be required        section "Change from Classified (w/PR) to
Graduate students who fail to enroll for two     to reapply to the Graduate School and be            Classified Status").
years after an initial enrollment are dropped    readmitted. A corollary of this requirement
                                                 is that a graduate student must be registered       A department/college may, at its discretion,
from admission to Graduate School and                                                                recommend admission for graduate students
are required to submit a new application         for at least one graduate credit in order to take
                                                 a final oral examination or be processed for        in a degree program with Classified (w/PR)
form. If admitted, the graduate student must                                                         status to ascertain their ability to do graduate
meet the degree requirements of the current      graduation. Any student who registers for the
                                                 required credit and then subsequently drops         work within a particular curriculum. Students
graduate catalog.                                                                                    admitted to Classifed (w/PR) status are those
                                                 the credit, will be considered in violation of
                                                 this policy.                                        who may not have acceptable undergradu-
                                                                                                                      General Information         9

ate grade point averages, acceptable GRE/            Departments/colleges may request that           . A baccalaureate degree from a college
GMAT/MAT scores, or acceptable levels of             students be changed to Classified status by        or university regionally accredited in the
course preparation for Classified admission          written request. Not all departments/colleges      United States or its equivalent from a
to the University.                                   exercise this option, and departments may          school in another country.
                                                     have regulations in addition to those previ-
Classified (w/PR) status also may be recom-                                                          2. Degree-seeking applicants must submit
                                                     ously listed. Students seeking admission
mended by a department for students whose                                                               official scores on the aptitude portion of
                                                     to Classified (w/PR) status should contact
credentials do not meet specific departmental                                                           the Graduate Record Examination (GRE),
                                                     individual departments for advice on admis-
requirements. Classified (w/PR) students                                                                the Graduate Management Aptitude Test
                                                     sion and registration. If a student admitted
must adhere to regulations established by                                                               (GMAT), or the Miller Analogies Test
                                                     to Classified (w/PR) status fails to meet
the Graduate Council.                                                                                   (MAT) as appropriate (see departmental
                                                     the conditions for admission stated on the
                                                                                                        and/or college requirements). To register
NOTE: Students admitted to Classified (w/            Approval for Admission form, the student's
                                                                                                        for the GRE, contact either the GRE-ETS,
PR) status should ascertain their eligibility        admission will be revoked.
                                                                                                        Box 6000, Princeton, New Jersey, 08541-
for federal financial aid.
                                                                                                        6000, or the ISU Counseling and Testing
                                                     Unclassified Status                                Center (208)282-2130. To register for
Change from Classified (w/                           Students who do not wish to pursue a graduate      the GRE/GMAT/MAT, contact the Idaho
PR) to Classified Status                             degree, but who wish to take courses at the        State University Counseling and Testing
The following criteria must be met by the            graduate level may apply for Unclassified          Center.
student before the Classified (w/PR) status          Status. Please see the following section          Some departments may admit degree-
can be changed to Classified:                        entitled, "Non-degree Seeking Students            seeking students to Classified (w/PR)
                                                     (Unclassified Status)."International students     status without submission of test scores.
. The student must complete at least nine
                                                     are not eligible for unclassifed status.          However, in such cases, the test must be
   graduate credits and maintain a 3.0 GPA
   or higher;                                                                                          taken prior to, or during, the first semester
                                                                                                       of enrollment.
2. If the GRE/GMAT/MAT was not taken
   by the student at the time of admission to
                                                     Admission                                         GRE/GMAT/MAT scores are used for
   Classified (w/PR) status, the student must
   take the GRE/GMAT/MAT during the first
                                                     Requirements                                      other purposes in addition to admission.
                                                                                                       Most departments/colleges also use these
   semester of enrollment.                                                                             scores as part of the criteria for awarding
                                                     Degree-Seeking                                    graduate assistantships, fellowships, or
Upon completion of the above two criteria, a
request to change the student’s status to Clas-      Students [Classified                              scholarships. Other parts of the campus
                                                                                                       may also use these scores in the process
sified may be submitted to the Dean of the           and Classified                                    of awarding scholarships. Students at
Graduate School. The following steps must
be followed to accomplish this change:               (with Performace                                  Idaho State University may take these
                                                                                                       tests at the Counseling and Testing Center.
. At any time after meeting the above crite-        Requirements) Status]                             Special study sessions are available at the
                                                                                                       University in the Center for Teaching and
   ria, a student may initiate an Approval for
   Change of Student Status in the Graduate          Admission Requirements to                         Learning (208) 282-3662 to aid the student
                                                                                                       in preparing for the GRE/GMAT.
   School. However, the department/college           Doctoral Programs
   may also initiate the change and should do        Admission to doctoral programs varies           3. Recommendation for admission by the
   so by written request when the student has        depending upon the program of study. Po-           department or college offering the desired
   met the required criteria. The department/        tential applicants are encouraged to read the      degree program. Please see individual
   college also has the option of requesting         appropriate sections of the Graduate Catalog       department sections of this catalog for
   the change to Classified status before the        for individual program variations. Generally,      additional requirements.
   student has completed nine credits.               students applying for admission to a doctoral   4. Approval for admission by the Dean of
2. If the student’s credentials at the time of the   program must hold a master’s degree and must       the Graduate School.
   request for change in status to Classified        have achieved at least the 50th percentile in
   status reveal a GPA of less than 3.0 for the      one or more of the aptitude sections (Verbal,   NOTE: Students admitted to Classified (w/
   last 60 credits taken at the undergraduate        Quantitative, or Analytical) of the Graduate     PR) status should ascertain their eligibility
   level, regardless of the institution at which     Record Examination. Doctor of Arts appli-        for federal financial aid.
   the credits were earned, and GRE scores           cants must have an average total GRE score
   lower than the 40th percentile for each of        placing them in the 50th percentile or above.   Admission of International
                                                     Please see individual department sections for
   the aptitude sections (Verbal, Quantitative,
                                                     GPA requirements for doctoral programs.
   Analytical), or MAT raw scores lower
                                                                                                     Applications for admission to Graduate
   than the 40th percentile, then admission
                                                                                                     School are processed in the Graduate School.
   to Classified status must be approved by          Admission Requirements                          Applications will not be processed until the
   the Graduate Council.                             To Other Programs (e.g.,                        application fee has been received.
3. The change from Classified (w/PR) to              Master's degrees)
                                                                                                     In addition to the admission requirements
   Classified status must be approved by the         Degree-seeking students must meet the           listed previously, international students must
   Dean of the Graduate School.                      following requirements:                         meet the following conditions:
0      Graduate School
. As a step toward obtaining a U.S. visa,         4. International students transferring from         6. Continuation beyond nine credits in Un-
   international students must submit a fi-           a school within the United States must              classified status requires the student to sign
   nancial statement to the Graduate School           be “IN STATUS” with Immigration and                 an "Unclassified Credit Continuation Form
   verifying that they will be able to support        Naturalization Services to be issued an             For Non-Degree Seeking Students" with
   themselves financially for one year while          I-20 form from Idaho State University. A            the Graduate School. This form allows the
   attending Idaho State University. This             transfer form will be sent after the appli-         student to continue taking graduate courses
   document must consist of a statement or            cation has been received, to be completed           without earning a degree.
   letter from a bank indicating that funds           as verification of acceptable immigration
   are available and accessible. The amount                                                            7.If the student wishes to pursue a graduate
   of money available to the student must be                                                              degree within the university, the student
   listed on the financial statement. A graduate   If you have questions or need additional               must () notify in writing the department/
   assistantship or fellowship awarded by a        information, please contact the Graduate               college of his/her intention to seek admis-
   department or college may be used as part       School at (208)282-2270, FAX number                    sion to Classified status and (2) apply for
   of this amount.                                 (208)282-4847.                                         change of student status in the Graduate
                                                                                                          School. The student must also meet appli-
2. International students who have not gradu-
   ated from an accredited college or univer-      Non-degree Seeking                                     cation and admission requirements of de-
                                                                                                          gree-seeking students described previously
   sity in the United States and whose native
   language is not English, normally must
                                                   Students (Unclassified                                 including the required application fee.

   achieve satisfactory scores on the Test of      Status)                                             At the option of the department, students may
   English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)                                                               petition the Dean of the Graduate School
                                                   Applicants holding a bachelor’s degree who
   or on the International English Language                                                            to transfer course work taken while under
                                                   desire to take courses for graduate credit for
   Testing System (IELTS). Satisfactory                                                                Unclassified status to a degree program. The
                                                   personal or professional enrichment but who
   TOEFL requirements for Classified admis-                                                            total number of such credits transferred shall
                                                   do not want to pursue a graduate degree are
   sion are: (1) Internet-based test (iBT):                                                            not be more than 30% of the credits of the
                                                   eligible to apply for admission to Unclassified
   a total score of 80 with a score of at least                                                        program of study required of each student
                                                   (non-degree-seeking) status. Courses may be
   20 on each Section (graduate assistants                                                             for the degree.
                                                   taken only in those departments that have
   who teach courses must score 23 or above        approved a student’s Unclassified admission.        Admission of Last-Semester
   on the Speaking Section) on the iBT; or         Students who are admitted to Unclassified
   (2 ) Computer-based test: a total score         status are allowed to register for a maximum
   of 23 with a score of at least 2 on Sec-      of 7 credits per semester.                          Seniors in residence at Idaho State University
   tion  (Listening Comprehension) on the                                                             may register for no more than 6 graduate
   computer test; or (3) Paper-based test: a       Admission Requirements for                          credits during the semester or summer session
   total score of 550 with a score of at least                                                         in which they will complete the work for a
   55 on Section l (Listening Comprehension)       Non-Degree-Seeking Students
                                                                                                       bachelor’s degree at Idaho State University.
   on the paper test. Information about the        Non-degree-seeking students who apply               This option is reserved for outstanding seniors
   TOEFL, including test dates and locations       for admission must meet the following               who are seriously considering attending Idaho
   in international countries, can be obtained     conditions:                                         State University for graduate education. This
   from Educational Testing Service (ETS)                                                              registration must be approved by the course
                                                   . A baccalaureate degree from a college
   at Satisfactory IELTSper-                                                              instructor, by the student’s advisor, and the
                                                      or university regionally accredited in the
   formance for Classified admission include                                                           department chairperson. ONLY COURSES
                                                      United States or its equivalent from a
   scoring 6.5 or higher on the total band                                                             NUMBERED 500-599 MAY BE TAKEN
                                                      school in another country.
   score. An international student may also                                                            WITH THIS OPTION.
   meet the English language proficiency           2. An earned grade point average of at least
   requirement by achieving a level 2 from          2.5 or higher for the last 60 credits taken at   If a senior admitted to graduate study under
   an ELS Language Center.PHOTOCOPIES                 the undergraduate level, regardless of the       this provision fails to complete graduation
   OF TOEFL OR IELTS SCORES WILL                      institution at which the credits were earned.    requirements for a bachelor’s degree, all
   NOT BE ACCEPTED.                                   In the case of those students who have not       graduate credits earned revert to undergradu-
                                                      completed the baccalaureate degree, the          ate credit. The student’s load, including both
3. International students may not enter the                                                            graduate and undergraduate credit, may not
                                                      grade point average will be calculated on
   United States for graduate study without                                                            exceed 6 credits, or 9 credits in the case of
                                                      the last 60 credits at the time of applica-
   a U.S. Immigration (I-20) form. This                                                                summer school. A senior selecting this option
   form will be supplied by the International                                                          must file an Application for Admission with
   Admissions Clerk in the Graduate School         3. A copy of a transcript providing evidence        the Graduate School when he/she requests
   after a department or college recommends           of the awarding of a degree must be sub-         permission to take graduate level courses.
   acceptance of a student and items l and 2          mitted.                                          Application deadlines for admission of last-
   above are met in addition to the admission                                                          semester seniors are the same as those for
                                                   4. A properly completed application form
   requirements listed previously, and the                                                             degree-seeking graduate students.
                                                      that includes signing an agreement that
   Dean of the Graduate School approves the
                                                      the applicant will provide evidence that         PharmD students may apply and be admit-
   recommendation.. International students
                                                      he/she holds a baccalaureate degree.             ted to the Graduate School after completing
   are urged to remain in their own countries
   until they receive notice of acceptance.        5. International students do not qualify for        20 credits if they meet all application
                                                      Unclassified status.                             requirements.
                                                                                                                      General Information          

Admission Requirements for                         8. Departments shall determine if and when         6. Students who have not been admitted
Professional Development                              professional development courses are to            previously to Graduate School at Idaho
                                                      be offered with their prefix.                      State University will be listed as Unclassi-
Students - K-12 Teachers                                                                                 fied, Master’s, Professional Development
(597 Courses)                                      Admission Requirements for                            students. They will not be permitted to
The Graduate School recognizes the need for                                                              register for any graduate level courses
K-12 teachers certified in Idaho to improve
                                                   Professional Development                              except 598P courses, unless they apply
their professional capabilities by taking          Students (598P Courses)                               for admission and are accepted into the
particular courses. Generally, teachers are        The Graduate School recognizes the need               Graduate School.
best served if these courses are offered for       for individuals to improve their professional
                                                                                                      7. Students who have been admitted into
graduate credit. In most cases, the courses are    capabilities by taking particular courses.
                                                                                                         the Graduate School are permitted to take
workshops or short courses that can be taken       Generally, these students are best served if
                                                                                                         598P courses but must register for these
in a compressed time period. These types           these courses are offered for graduate credit.
                                                                                                         courses by signing the special registration
of courses are “advanced” with respect to          In most cases, the courses can be taken in
                                                                                                         form in addition to the regular procedures
the students who enroll, but are not courses       a compressed time period. These types of
                                                                                                         for registration. If they desire to use 598P
that a particular discipline offers to a student   courses are “advanced” with respect to the
                                                                                                         credits in their degree program, a petition
with the goal of earning an advanced degree.       students who enroll, but are not usually
                                                                                                         must be filed for each course in accordance
Therefore, professional development courses        courses which a particular discipline offers to
                                                                                                         with the procedures above.
are offered by many departments to meet the        a student with the goal of earning an advanced
perceived need of individuals, and are treated     degree. Therefore, professional development        8. Departments shall determine if and when
differently in the following respects:             courses are offered by many departments to            professional development courses are to
                                                   meet the perceived need and are treated dif-          be offered with their prefix.
. Students may enroll in professional de-         ferently in the following respects:
   velopment courses offered under the 597
                                                   . Students may enroll in professional de-
                                                                                                      Course Levels,
   number without the necessity of being
   admitted to Graduate School. However,              velopment courses offered under the 598P

                                                                                                      Credits, and
   they must hold a baccalaureate degree from         number without the necessity of being
   an accredited institution at the time they         admitted to Graduate School. However,
   enter the class or receive special permission
   from the Dean of the Graduate School if
                                                      they must hold a baccalaureate degree from
                                                      an accredited institution at the time they      Grading
   they are last semester seniors.                    enter the class or receive special permission
                                                      from the Dean of the Graduate School if         Course Levels
2. The credits earned will not count toward           they are last semester seniors.
   an advanced degree nor may they be                                                                 Courses numbered 6xx and 7xx are for
   petitioned to count at a later date.            2. The credits earned will not count toward        students admitted into Graduate School
                                                      an advanced degree unless a petition is         only. Courses numbered g5xx also provide
3. There is no limit to the number of 597             filed within three years of the last day of     graduate credit (except 597 and 598P, see the
   credits that a student may earn.                   the course. The petition must have the          sections entitled "Admission Requirements
                                                      following documentation: () A copy of          for Professional Development Students").
4. All instructors of 597 courses must have
                                                      the instructor's curriculum vita, (2) A copy    However, undergraduate students may be
   an advanced degree.
                                                      of the course syllabus (including a list of     enrolled in these courses; the undergradu-
5. For each 597 course in which students              achievement measures), (3) A copy of the        ate counterpart will be designated as g4xx.
   enroll, students must certify that they pos-       class list (with grades). (The Office of        Extra work is required of graduate students
   sess a baccalaureate degree and agree to           Academic Support, Idaho State University        enrolled in g5xx courses (see next section).
   the conditions by which they are permitted         Summer Programs, the Office of Continu-         Applicability of g5xx courses to degree re-
   to register for the course.                        ing Education, and/or the department or         quirements is determined by the department
                                                      college offering the course will provide        offering the degree. Credit by examination
6. Students who have not been admitted                                                                (course challenge) is not permitted in gradu-
   previously to Graduate School at Idaho             materials not otherwise available to the
                                                      student).                                       ate programs. Credit is not generally granted
   State University will be listed as Unclassi-                                                       toward a graduate degree for g5xx courses
   fied, Master’s, Professional Development        3. While there is no limit to the number of        when the corresponding g4xx course was
   students. They will not be permitted to            598P credits that a student may earn, a         taken at the undergraduate level.
   register for any graduate level courses            maximum of three credits may be used
   except 597 courses, unless they apply              to satisfy elective credits in the student's    Activities Instructors May Require to
   for admission and are accepted into the            program of study. 598P courses may not          Meet the “Additional Work” Require-
   Graduate School.                                   be substituted for "required" courses.          ment to Receive Graduate Credit in
7. Students who have been admitted into the        4. All instructors of 598P courses must have       Those Courses Offered as g5xx:
   Graduate School are permitted to take 597          an advanced degree.                             The Graduate Council expects instructors to
   courses but must register for these courses                                                        require specific work to be done in a graduate
   by signing the special registration form        5. For each 598P course in which students          level course to justify graduate credit being
   in addition to the regular procedures for          enroll, students must certify that they pos-    given. This expectation is particularly true for
   registration.                                      sess a baccalaureate degree and agree to        courses that may be used to count toward a
                                                      the conditions by which they are permitted      degree. For students to receive graduate credit
                                                      to register for the course.
2      Graduate School

in those courses designated at the g5xx level,    Thesis or dissertation credits are not awarded    point value by .3, and minus (-) decreases
specific and evaluated activities and perfor-     to the student until after completion and final   the grade's point value by .3 (e.g., a grade
mances must be identified. Listed below is a      approval by the examining committee. At this      of B+ is equivalent to 3.3, and A- is 3.7). A
suggested list of activities that an instructor   time, the advisor reports a grade of S or U for   student's work is rated in accordance with
might use to meet this requirement.               all previous thesis registrations. The student    the following definitions:
                                                  may register for thesis credits any semester
. An additional scholarly activity such as:                                                        A     4.00     excellent performance
                                                  she/he is enrolled as a degree-seeking student,
                                                                                                    A-    3.70     excellent performance
  a. integrative term paper(s)                    subject to the approval of the department
                                                                                                    B+    3.30     good performance
                                                  chair or program director, but the letters IP
  b. substantive report(s) that may be one                                                          B     3.00     good performance
                                                  (in progress) are recorded on the transcript
     of the following: survey, analysis and                                                         B-    2.70     good performance
                                                  in place of a grade for all such registrants
                                                                                                    C+    2.30     inadequate performance
     report; laboratory investigation and         until final approval is obtained.
                                                                                                    C     2.00     inadequate performance
     report; library research and report
                                                                                                    C-    .70     inadequate performance
  c. attendance at a significant regional or      Semester Credit Limits                            D+    .30     unacceptable performance
     national meeting with an analysis and        The maximum number of credits obtainable          D     .00     unacceptable performance
     report                                       in a semester is 6, including courses taken      D-    0.70     unacceptable performance
                                                  at the undergraduate level. In a summer           F     0.00     unacceptable performance
2. Classroom activities that are beyond           semester, a student may earn a number of
   those required of undergraduates and are                                                         Courses in which A, A-, B+, B, or B- grades
                                                  credits equal to the number of weeks enrolled
   evaluated:                                                                                       are earned are acceptable toward a graduate
                                                  plus two, and the total number of summer
                                                                                                    program and graduation requirements, unless
  a. special presentation of some subject         semester credits may not exceed 2 (e.g., a
                                                                                                    specifically excluded for a particular course,
                                                  student taking classes for eight weeks may
  b. provision of leadership on discussion of                                                       program, or degree. Courses in which C+, C,
                                                  earn up to 0 credits). Graduate Assistants
                                                                                                    or C- grades are earned might be used toward
     some significant topic in the classroom      may register for no more than 2 credits per
                                                                                                    program and graduation requirements in
  c. any other classroom activity that                                                              some programs; two such grades will place
     is evaluated and not required of                                                               the student on semester-by-semester review.
     undergraduates                               Grading                                           Grades of D+, D, D-, or F may not be used to
                                                  A 3.0 GPA for the courses listed on the           satisfy graduation requirements. No credits
3. Examinations: Special examinations that        program of study is required for any              are awarded for any course in which an F
   are different from those given to under-       graduate degree or certification at Idaho         grade is earned.
   graduates and are more demanding than          State University. A grade of C+ or lower
   those given to undergraduates. Such exams                                                        All thesis and dissertation credits and some
                                                  indicates questionable performance at the
   should be those that require greater perfor-                                                     research courses are graded on a satisfac-
                                                  graduate level. However, some departments
   mance at the higher cognitive level such as                                                      tory (S) or unsatisfactory (U) basis. Depart-
                                                  may accept a C+ grade in one or two courses
   interpretation, synthesis, and evaluation.                                                       ments/colleges may grade additional graduate
                                                  as long as the minimum overall 3.0 GPA is
                                                                                                    courses with the S/U system with approval
                                                  maintained. C+ or lower grades may cause
                                                                                                    of the Graduate Council. IP (in progress)
Credits                                           departments/colleges to dismiss students
                                                                                                    grades may be given for those students who
                                                  from a graduate degree program. (See sec-
For a master’s degree, a minimum of 30 cred-                                                        have initiated but not completed their thesis,
                                                  tion entitled Restricted Registration) NOTE:
its in approved course work, including thesis                                                       dissertation, or research work. No graduate
                                                  Due to grading changes approved during the
credits if required, must be completed. Except                                                      courses will be offered on a Pass/No Pass
                                                  998-999 academic year, any restrictions
in the cases of the M.N.S., M.A.M.S.T., and                                                         (P/NP) basis.
                                                  or requirements in this catalog referring to a
M.P.A. degrees, a master’s degree student         grade of C also include a C+ grade.               With permission of the relevant department,
must complete at least 5 credits in 600-level                                                      students may repeat a course in which they
courses. Credit requirements for doctoral         Idaho State University uses a graduated letter
                                                                                                    received a grade lower than an A. In such
degrees vary by program.                          grading system to indicate the instructor's
                                                                                                    cases, the last grade received shall be the
                                                  evaluation of a student's performance in a
                                                                                                    grade used in the calculation of the program
A credit hour in graduate courses                 course. These letter grades are converted to a
                                                                                                    of study GPA.
requires:                                         numerical value for computing a student's se-
                                                  mester and cumulative grade point averages.
. 50 minutes in class each week for 6 weeks     At the beginning of each course, an instructor    Incomplete Grades
   (or equivalent in summer sessions and in       should inform students of the criteria to be      An Incomplete grade (I) may be awarded
   courses offered in special formats), or        used in evaluating their performance through      at midterm or semester end. At midterm, an
2. Approximately two and one-half hours in        the class syllabus or other written means.        Incomplete indicates the student, through ill-
   laboratory work each week for 6 weeks                                                           ness or other excusable absence, has missed
                                                  The grade of A is the highest possible grade;
   (or equivalent).                                                                                 so much work the instructor cannot assign
                                                  grades of D+ or lower will not be allowed
                                                                                                    a regular grade. An Incomplete grade at
Students who, because of exceptional circum-      for graduate work. Plus (+) or minus (-)
                                                                                                    midterm is not a final grade. An Incomplete
stances, want to take more than the maximum       symbols are used to indicate grades that
                                                                                                    grade may, at the option of the instructor, be
                                                  fall above or below the letter grades. The
number of credits, must request permission in                                                       given at the end of the semester only when a
                                                  grades of A+, F+, and F- are not used. For
writing from the Dean of the Graduate School.                                                       student has satisfactory performance within
                                                  purposes of calculating grade points and
They must also have support in writing from                                                         three weeks of the end-of-semester examina-
                                                  averages, the plus (+) increases the grade's
the graduate program director or chairperson                                                        tion period.
of their department.
                                                                                                                      General Information         3

The instructor must submit a Course                Transfer of Credits from One Program to            or emphasis area graduation requirements.
Completion Contract along with the grade           Another. There are no limits to the number of      Please refer to the College of Business sec-
report for that class. The Course Completion       credits that may be applied toward a master’s      tion of this catalog.
Contract must be signed by the student and         degree program or certificate program that
the instructor stipulating the assignment(s)       were originally earned in a different degree       Doctoral Degrees
required to finish the course within the al-       program if:
lowable time period. A copy of the Contract                                                           The doctorate is a research or performance
                                                   a) the student was not awarded a degree in         degree and signifies that the holder has the
is to be given to the student, a copy retained
                                                     the original program and                         competence to function independently at the
by the instructor, and the original sent to the
Registrar’s Office.                                                                                   highest level of endeavor in the chosen profes-
                                                   b) the department approves the transfer of
                                                                                                      sion. Hence, the number of years involved in
                                                     such credits and the courses taken meet
Incomplete work must be completed within                                                              attaining or retaining competency cannot be
                                                     the requirements for the degree approved
one () calendar year from the date such grade                                                        readily specified. Rather, it is important that
                                                     by the Graduate Council.
is given, but an instructor could specify a                                                           the doctoral student’s competency be assessed
shorter time period. A change of grade form        There are no limitations with respect to           and verified in a reasonable period of time
must be submitted by the faculty member or         electives that exceed the requirement for          prior to conferral of the degree.
the Incomplete will become permanent.              the degree.
                                                                                                      The comprehensive examination is the
To receive credit for a course in which an         Departments and/or colleges may allow              method of assessing whether the student has
Incomplete grade has become a permanent            students to apply up to 9 semester credits         attained sufficient knowledge of the discipline
grade, the entire course must be repeated.         earned at Idaho State University to two            and supporting fields in order to undertake
                                                   master’s degrees.                                  the independent research or practice. It is
Petitions to deviate from this policy will not
                                                                                                      expected that the examination will occur
be allowed except under extraordinary cir-
                                                   Doctoral Programs                                  after all course work has been completed
cumstances, e.g., serious, long-term illness.
                                                                                                      and language or other requirements satisfied,
Petitions to remove Incomplete grades must         Departments may accept credits by transfer         and that it consists of a series of examina-
be approved by Graduate Council.                   in total or in part from a master’s degree         tions covering all areas specified in the plan
                                                   earned at Idaho State University or at another     of study.
                                                   institution regardless of age of the courses.
Transfer of                                        See section on "Time Limits" for further
                                                   discussion of this policy.
                                                                                                      Because the comprehensive examination
                                                                                                      attests to the academic competence of the stu-
Credits                                                                                               dent who is about to become an independent
                                                                                                      researcher or practitioner, the examination
Master’s Degrees                                   Residency Credits                                  should not precede the awarding of the degree
                                                                                                      by too long a period of time. Consequently,
All graduate credits must be earned as Idaho       All credits that are to be applied to an ad-       doctoral candidates are allowed no more than
State University resident credits except for       vanced degree must be earned as resident           5 years in which to complete remaining degree
the following:                                     credits or accepted for transfer as described      requirements. In the event a student fails to
In all master's degree programs a total of 9       in the Transfer of Credits section. Resident       complete the doctorate within 5 years after
semester credits may be transferred from           credits are those earned through the main          passing the comprehensive examination, an
an accredited institution. Transfer of credits     Idaho State University campus, the Idaho           extension of time can be obtained only by:
from an accredited institution is acceptable       State University-Idaho Falls campus, the
                                                   Idaho State University-Boise campus, or the        1) The student getting a specified set of
only if the courses are specifically approved                                                           requirements from the student’s commit-
by the Graduate School and the academic            Idaho State University-Twin Falls campus.
                                                                                                        tee that states in writing what must be
department of Idaho State University when          Courses approved by the Graduate Council             done to make the candidate up-to-date in
the final program of study is submitted. In        and taught solely by approved faculty of Idaho       the discipline. These new requirements
these instances, only the credit hours transfer,   State University at other sites in the state may     for obtaining an extension may include
not the grades.                                    be accepted as resident credit.                      the necessity to repeat parts or all of the
Official transcripts to be used for transfer                                                            comprehensive examination;
of credits in a degree program must be re-
ceived before application for a degree will
                                                   Time Limits                                        2) The student must then submit a petition to
                                                                                                         the Graduate Council for the extension and
be approved.
                                                   Master’s and Educational                              provide the written documents showing
                                                   Specialist Degrees                                    the additional requirements established
Intra-institutional Transfer                                                                             by the student’s committee justifying the
                                                   All requirements for a master’s degree (except        requested extension.
Transfer of Credits from Unclassified to Clas-     the MBA degree) or educational specialist
sified Status: Students may petition the Dean      degree must be completed within 8 years
of the Graduate School to transfer course work     preceding the student’s graduation. An exten-      Out-of-Date Credits
taken while admitted to Unclassified status        sion of time may be obtained for good cause        All credits applied to a master’s degree or to
to a degree program. The total number shall        with the approval of the Graduate Council (file    an educational specialist degree must have
not be more than 30% of the credits of the         petition through the Graduate School).             been taken within 8 years immediately prior to
program of study required of each student                                                             granting of the degree unless it can be shown
for the degree.                                    The time limit for the MBA degree is 5 years
                                                   for any course used to meet MBA II, elective,
4      Graduate School
that the course work taken more than 8 years       Conflict of Interest of                           Final Program of Study
earlier covers material that has not changed
substantially during the intervening time or
                                                   Graduate Faculty                                  A final program of study must be submitted to
                                                   Faculty are expected to exclude themselves        and approved by the Graduate School during
that the student has been able to remain current
                                                   from evaluation of graduate students with         the semester immediately preceding the se-
in the topics covered in the course. Evidence
                                                   regard to whom impartiality may be jeopar-        mester in which a student intends to graduate.
that the older course work is still appropriate
                                                   dized by considerations that are not academic.    The final Program of Study form will list all
must be approved by the department chair. A
                                                                                                     requirements that must be completed in order
petition requesting an exception to the 8 year     Such considerations may include, but are not
                                                                                                     to receive the degree or certificate.
limitation must be submitted by the student to     limited to, membership in the same household
the Graduate Council for approval. The letter      or close familial relationships.                  If the requirements for the degree or certifi-
of approval from the department chair should                                                         cate being sought change during a student’s
identify the reasons why the older course work     Procedure for Changing a                          program, the student is entitled to follow
is still appropriate and be submitted with the                                                       those requirements in effect at the time of
petition to the Graduate Council.                  Major Advisor                                     admission, or the student may elect to follow
                                                   When a graduate student seeks a change            the new requirements.
                                                   in his/her major advisor, the following
Advisors &                                         procedure must be followed:                       Candidacy for Doctoral Degrees
Examining                                          . The student must submit to the academic
                                                      unit head or graduate program director, as
                                                                                                     Admission to candidacy for doctoral degrees
                                                                                                     occurs only after the student has passed

Committees                                            appropriate, a written request for change of
                                                      major advisor. This request shall contain
                                                                                                     a preliminary examination that is usually
                                                                                                     administered early in the program, or when
All Examining Committees shall consist of             the rationale on which the request is based    substantially all course work has been
an odd number of members. These members               and may, if the student wishes, propose a      completed.
normally must be members of the Graduate              specific replacement.                          Students seeking doctoral degrees must
Faculty and approved by the Dean of the
                                                   2. If the unit head/program director and the      submit a final Program of Study form to
Graduate School. Appointments to Exam-
                                                      current advisor accept the rationale, and if   the Graduate School upon completion of
ining Committees of non-faculty members
                                                      an appropriate new advisor acceptable to       examinations, but no later than the semester
or of faculty members not on the Graduate
                                                      the student is secured, the unit head/pro-     immediately preceding the semester in which
Faculty must be approved by the Dean of
                                                                                                     they intend to graduate. The final Program
the Graduate School. A listing of Graduate            gram director will submit the proposed new
                                                                                                     of Study form will list all requirements that
Faculty is contained in this catalog.                 appointment to the Dean of the Graduate
                                                                                                     must be completed in order to receive the
                                                      School for approval.
Usually, when a student is admitted to graduate                                                      doctoral degree.
study, a temporary advisor is assigned. In some    3. Should the unit head/program director
cases, the department chairperson or graduate         or the current major advisor not agree to      Application For a Degree
program director serves in this capacity for          the proposed change and the conditions         Within the first two weeks of the fall or
all incoming graduate students. Following             thereof, and if no compromise acceptable to    spring semester in which the student expects
departmental procedures and regulations, a            all parties can be reached, the matter shall   to complete work for the degree, or the last
permanent advisor who will be responsible             be arbitrated by the unit graduate faculty     day of the spring semester for completion
for helping the student to finalize the program       (or its designated committee). Such arbitra-   during the summer semester, an application
of study is then selected.                            tion may need to consider the question of      for graduation must be filed with the Gradu-
For most degree options, a second member              ownership of data from research already        ate School.
is selected from the student’s department             undertaken by the student under the major
                                                      advisor’s supervision, similarly whether       An application and diploma fee of $20 must
to serve on the examining committee with
                                                      another appropriately specialized major        be paid at this time in the Office of Regis-
final approval by the Dean of the Graduate
                                                      advisor is available for the student. The      tration and Records. If the student does not
School. In some programs of study, more
                                                      unit head/program director will notify the     complete requirements during this semester,
than one departmental faculty member, in
                                                                                                     an updated application must be submitted for
addition to the advisor, serves on the examin-        Dean of the Graduate School of the deci-
                                                                                                     the subsequent semester and a $20 reprocess-
ing committee.                                        sion reached by the department graduate
                                                                                                     ing fee paid to the Graduate School.
                                                      faculty or its designated committee.
A third member of the examining committee,
                                                                                                     Degree applicants must submit all official
called the Graduate Faculty Representa-            4. Any appeal of the department’s decision        transcripts before applying for a degree.
tive (GFR) is appointed by the Dean of the            by the student shall be directed to the Dean   Official transcripts to be used for transfer
Graduate School from outside the student’s            of the Graduate School.                        of credits into a degree program must be
department. The GFR must be a current
                                                                                                     received before the application for a degree
member of the Graduate Faculty and may
                                                                                                     will be approved.
not be selected from a separate discipline
within a yoked department. The GFR is the          Program of                                        Applications for degrees will not be approved
representative of the Graduate School on the
examining committee and is responsible for         Study, Candidacy,                                 without the prior approval of a final Program
                                                                                                     of Study form.
reporting the results of graduate examina-
tions to the Dean of the Graduate School.          Application for a
The Graduate School welcomes suggestions
from the student or department regarding           Degree
candidates for the GFR.
                                                                                                                      General Information         5

Examinations                                       Graduate School within two weeks. Failure to
                                                   do so may delay graduation. If the required
                                                                                                      7. an extension of the maximum time (five
                                                                                                         years) allowed for completion of a doctoral
All graduate students are required to complete     documents are not submitted within one                degree after comprehensive examinations
a final examination. Final examinations are        year, the Dean of the Graduate School may             have been passed.
scheduled by departments and reported to           declare the defense void and require that it
                                                                                                      8. correction of errors or inaccuracies on the
the Graduate School.                               be repeated.
                                                                                                         student’s official transcript.
All examinations must be completed at least        A manual with detailed instruction for the-
                                                   sis/dissertation preparation and clearance         9. any other deviation from Graduate School
two weeks before the end of the semester
                                                   (Instructions for Preparing Theses, Disserta-         policy listed in this catalog.
in which the student plans to graduate. All
graduate requirements must be completed            tion, DA Papers, and Professional Projects) is     Petition forms should not be used for:
prior to or at the end of the semester during      available from the Graduate School.
which final examinations are held.                                                                    . appeals of a grade or of dismissal from a
                                                   If the candidate’s program requires no thesis,        program. See the section on "Appeals and
Students writing theses or dissertations are       the department or college is responsible for          Dismissals" in this Catalog.
given final oral examinations. Others are          having a written examination on the degree
usually given both written and oral examina-       program prepared and administered. If the          2. substitutions of courses within degree
tions.                                             student’s performance is judged to be satis-          requirements or waivers of degree require-
                                                   factory or if it is determined that deficiencies      ments. Exceptions to degree requirements
Oral examinations are open to all members          may be cleared up during the oral examina-            are requested as a part of the approval
of the Graduate Faculty as observers. Oral         tion, the examining committee conducts                process for the Program of Study form.
examinations are not open to non-Graduate          the oral examination on the scheduled date.
Faculty without permission of the advisor          Otherwise, the student may be expected to
and the Dean of the Graduate School. When
students are required to make presentations
                                                   complete subsequent requirements before the
                                                   oral examination is held. Oral examinations
                                                                                                      Drop or
as part of the examination process, these
presentations will be advertised, and they
                                                   for non-thesis students must also be completed
                                                   2 weeks prior to the date of graduation.
will be open to the public.                                                                           Students may voluntarily drop graduate
                                                                                                      courses until the official drop date listed in
Following the oral exam, the committee meets
                                                                                                      the Academic Calendar. Dropped classes will
in closed session to determine the outcome of                                                         not appear on a student's transcript. After the
the examination. The student passes the exam                                                          official drop date, students may withdraw
if a majority of the committee so votes. Other-    A student may petition the Dean of the Gradu-
                                                   ate School for exceptions to the rules and         from a course(s) prior to the withdrawal
wise, the student fails the exam. For students                                                        deadline with a "W" appearing on the tran-
failing the oral exam, the Graduate School         procedures stated in the Graduate Catalog
                                                   or for consideration of problems not covered       script. The deadline to withdraw from a class
allows one re-examination. This re-examina-                                                           is one week after the official midterm grade
tion is to take place during the subsequent        by the stated procedures. Petition forms for
                                                   graduate students are available only from the      reporting deadline as indicated in the Aca-
three (3) semesters unless otherwise approved                                                         demic Calendar. To withdraw from a course
by the Graduate School. If the academic unit       Graduate School; undergraduate petitions
                                                   forms will not be accepted.                        or courses, students must provide a written
involved has a formal re-examination policy,                                                          request using the appropriate forms available
that policy supersedes the Graduate School         A student would use the petition form to           from the Registrar's office or the Graduate
re-examination policy.                             petition for:                                      School office. Students wishing to withdraw
If the candidate’s program requires a thesis,      . withdrawal from courses after the deadline      from graduate courses or a graduate program
copies in substantially final form shall be           for withdrawal as stated in the University      after the official withdrawal date must obtain
in the hands of the examining committee at            Calendar.                                       approval from their professors, program chair,
least 2 weeks before the date scheduled for                                                           and the Dean of the Graduate School. Vol-
the oral examination. Oral examinations are        2. use of credits more than eight years old to     untary withdrawal from a graduate program
to be held at least 2 weeks prior to the date of      count towards a master’s degree.                during an appeal of dismissal automatically
graduation. If any committee member ques-                                                             terminates the appeals process.
                                                   3. transfer of credits from unclassified to
tions whether or not the substance or form            classified status.
of the thesis or dissertation is adequate, the
committee as a whole decides if the thesis
and the student are sufficiently prepared for
                                                   4. transfer of more than 30% of credits re-
                                                      quired for a degree from unclassified to
                                                                                                      Appeals and
an oral examination.                                  classified status.                              Dismissals
The major advisor is responsible for reporting     5. transfer of more than nine credits from
a grade to the Registrar (using a Change of           another institution to a master’s degree        Appeal of a Grade
Grade form) for all prior thesis registrations        program at Idaho State University.
                                                                                                      Midterm grades are not official and may not
of the candidate when the thesis has been          6. an extension of the maximum time                be formally appealed. Students who wish
approved by the examining committee.                  (eight years) allowed for completion of a       redress for midterm grades should discuss
After the successful defense of a thesis/dis-         master’s degree or educational specialist       the grade with the instructor of the course in
sertation/DA scholarly activity, the student          certificate.                                    order to determine a course of action leading
must submit all appropriate documents to the                                                          up to the final grade.
6       Graduate School

Graduate students who wish to appeal final           overrules the instructor's decision, the appeal     . If the student receives two or more grades
grades must use the following procedural             must be forwarded to the dean of the college.          of C+ or below, or
format. Appeal of a grade must be made               Regardless of the decision, the chairperson
                                                                                                         2. If the student fails to meet the continuation
within one semester following the posting            must prepare a statement, in writing, that
                                                                                                            standards of the department (including
of the grade. Grades earned in the spring            explains the reason for the decision. If the
                                                                                                            conditions stated on the Approval for
semester that are to be appealed need not be         appeal is taken to the dean, the chairperson’s
                                                                                                            Admission form), or
appealed during the summer, but the appeals          statement must accompany the student’s
process must be initiated in the following fall      appeal and the instructor’s statement.              3. If it is the academic judgment of two-thirds
semester. Faculty members who are over-                                                                     of the graduate faculty in the department
ruled in the appeals process are entitled to         Step 3: The Dean of the College                        that the student is not making satisfactory
the same sequence of appeal as the graduate          The dean of the college is next to be con-             progress in the program, and such judgment
student. Documentation of the appeal must            tacted in the appeals process. The dean is to          is recorded by formal vote.
be sent to the Graduate School to be placed          appoint an impartial committee of graduate
in the student's file. The Graduate School                                                               In all cases the student must be notified in
                                                     faculty members who will review all written         writing by certified mail, return receipt re-
encourages resolution of appeals at the lowest       documentation pertaining to the case. This
possible level.                                                                                          quested, that he/she is dismissed and must
                                                     appeals committee should interview both the         be told in the document that he/she has the
When a grade appeal involves plagiarism,             student and the instructor and may conduct          right of appeal according to the Idaho State
cheating, or other academic dishonesty,              any other investigation deemed necessary.           University Graduate Catalog. The student
please also refer to the "Academic Dishon-           The appeals committee, which is advisory to         should be given a copy of the Graduate
esty" section of the Graduate Catalog.               the dean, must submit a written statement of        Catalog, appropriate catalog pages, or notified
                                                     its recommendation to the dean. The dean’s          that the Catalog is available online or in the
                                                     decision is also to be tendered in writing. The
Procedures for the Appeal of                         committee’s deliberation and the dean’s deci-
                                                                                                         Graduate School.
a Grade                                              sion must be completed within three weeks           Students receiving letters of dismissal will
                                                     of receipt of the appeal in the dean’s office. If   automatically be dropped from all graduate
Step 1: The Instructor of the Course                                                                     courses in the program from which they are
                                                     the student is not satisfied with the decision
When a student receives a grade that is judged       of the dean, the appeal may be taken to the         being dismissed, regardless of whether they
by that student to be unjustifiably low, the first   Graduate Council.                                   choose to appeal; fees will be refunded in
step in the appeals process is to discuss the                                                            accordance with university policy. A "W"
matter with the instructor of the course. This       Step 4:The Graduate Council via the                 grade will then be entered on the transcript
discussion is an informal meeting to attempt         Dean of the Graduate School                         for all graduate courses not completed.
to resolve the issue. If the instructor agrees                                                           Students receiving dismissal letters after the
that the student was erroneously graded, the         At the request of the student, the Graduate
                                                                                                         0th day of classes may petition the Dean
grade is changed using standard procedures.          Council will review all prior documentation
                                                                                                         of the Graduate School for permission to
If the instructor supports the original deci-        and render a decision within three weeks
                                                                                                         complete the graduate courses in which
sion, the student may file a formal appeal.          of receipt of the appeal. The Dean of the
                                                                                                         they are enrolled. Students who appeal the
A formal statement must be prepared in               Graduate School and/or the Graduate Council
                                                                                                         dismissal will be blocked from registration
accordance with the format presented in the          may interview the student and instructor or
                                                                                                         for additional graduate courses during the
"Protocol for Appealing a Grade," which is           carry out any other investigation deemed
                                                                                                         appeals process. See "Procedures for the Ap-
described in the next section. The original          necessary to assist in the decision-making
                                                                                                         peal of Dismissal from a Graduate Program"
of this statement is given to the department         process. Once the decision is made, it is final
                                                                                                         for specific procedures.
chair, and a copy is given to the instructor.        and will be implemented by the Dean of the
In such an instance, the instructor must pre-        Graduate School.                                    The initiation of the appeal must occur within
pare a statement explaining the reasons for                                                              15 working days of the notification of the
the grade and submit that statement to the           Protocol for Appealing a                            dismissal, unless the student is appealing
                                                                                                         dismissal due to receiving two or more grades
department chair.                                    Grade                                               of C+ or below. In that case, the student may
                                                     Protocol for appeal of a grade must include         wish to appeal one or more grades before
Step 2: The Department Chairperson                   the student’s name, department/college,             beginning appeal of dismissal (see "Appeal
The chairperson of the department in which           date of the appeal, course title and number,        of a Grade" section). If the grade is upheld,
the appealed grade was received is to re-            instructor’s name, and grade received in the        and the student now wishes to appeal the
view the student’s written statement and the         course. Also included must be the student’s         dismissal, the student must begin the ap-
instructor’s written rationale for the grade.        rationale for appeal of the grade. The student      peal of dismissal within 5 working days of
The chairperson should interview the student         should state as succinctly as possible the rea-     the notification of the decision of the grade
and the instructor and may conduct whatever          sons for making the appeal. The student must        appeal. If the grade is changed to a B- or
additional investigation deemed appropriate          also state the remedy he/she is seeking.            above, and the student no longer has two or
to help in the decision-making process. The                                                              more grades of C+ or below, the dismissal
chairperson must render a decision within
two weeks of receipt of the appeal.                  Dismissals                                          will be cancelled by the department/college.
                                                                                                         However, if the dismissal is based on items 2
                                                                                                         or 3, previously listed, the dismissal proceed-
If the chairperson sustains the decision of the      Dismissal Policy                                    ings may continue.
instructor, the appeal may be taken to the dean
                                                     A graduate student may be dismissed from
of the college. If the department chairperson
                                                     a graduate program by a department/college
                                                     according to the following criteria:
                                                                                                                      General Information          7

Documentation of the appeal must be sent               following: a. Read the student’s written       Protocol for Appealing
to the Graduate School to be placed in the             statement. b. Read the written decision        Dismissal from a Graduate
student's file. The Graduate School encour-            and explanation of the graduate faculty
ages resolution of appeals at the lowest               of the department. c. The dean may inter-
possible level.                                        view the student or the graduate faculty       Protocol for appeal of dismissal from a gradu-
                                                       in the department or conduct any other         ate program must include the student’s name,
When a dismissal involves plagiarism, cheat-           appropriate investigation that may aid         department/college, and date of the appeal.
ing, or other academic dishonesty, please              in the decision-making process. d. The         Also to be included is the rationale for appeal
refer to the "Academic Dishonesty" section             dean must consider the appeal within           of the dismissal. The student should state as
of the Graduate Catalog.                               15 working days of the student’s filed         succinctly as possible the reason for making
                                                       appeal and must decide to either revoke        the appeal. The student must also state the
Procedures for the Appeal of                           or sustain the dismissal.                      remedy he/she is seeking.
Dismissal from a Graduate                            2. Dean Overrules Dismissal. If the dis-
Step 1: The Departmental Level
                                                        missal is revoked, the dean must state
                                                        in writing the reasons for the overrule       Academic
                                                        and notify the student, the department,
  . The student must request reconsidera-
     tion in writing using the "Protocol for
                                                        and the Dean of the Graduate School,
                                                        and the student shall be reinstated. The
                                                                                                      Academic dishonesty includes, but is not
     Appealing Dismissal from a Graduate                graduate faculty of the department may        limited to, cheating and plagiarism. Academic
     Program," which is described in the next           appeal the dean’s decision to the Gradu-      dishonesty at the graduate level is considered
     section.                                           ate Council.                                  a serious offense and may result in dismissal
  2. A majority of the graduate faculty of the       3. Dean Sustains Dismissal. If the dean          from a graduate program.
     department must meet within 5 working             sustains the decision to dismiss, he/she      Whenever a faculty member suspects a
     days of the filed appeal and must decide           must notify in writing the student, the       graduate student of academic dishonesty,
     by a 2/3 vote of those present to sustain          department, and the Dean of the Gradu-        the instructor should present the evidence
     the dismissal, or the dismissal is revoked.        ate School.                                   to the student and consider the student’s
     If necessary, the meeting of the graduate
                                                                                                      response. If the instructor concludes after
     faculty may include those participating       Step 3: The Graduate Council via the               consultation with the student that academic
     by telephone, email, or videoconference.      Dean of the Graduate School                        dishonesty has indeed occurred, the instructor
     Should it prove impossible during the
                                                     . The student may appeal to the Gradu-          should write a letter to the chairperson of the
     summer to convene a majority of the
                                                        ate Council if the dean of the college        department in which the student is seeking
     graduate faculty, the department is
                                                        sustains the dismissal. The student must      a graduate degree, describing the incident.
     required to assemble them in the first
                                                        appeal to the Graduate Council within         The instructor should include with the letter
     week they are on contract in the fall
                                                        15 working days of the notification of        any evidence used to draw the conclusion
     semester. In such instance, if the student
                                                        the dean’s decision. This appeal must         that academic dishonesty has occurred (e.g.,
     chooses to appeal the department’s
                                                        be in writing.                                copies of the student’s written assignment,
     graduate faculty decision, the dean of
                                                                                                      copies of documents thought to have been
     the college and the Graduate Council            2. The Graduate Council must consider
                                                                                                      plagiarized, etc.), and should state clearly the
     will attempt to expedite the procedure             the appeal within 5 working days of
                                                                                                      penalty imposed within the course itself. The
     described below.                                   the student’s notification of appeal.
                                                                                                      penalty should be in proportion to the severity
                                                        This review should include copies of
  3. Either decision (revoke or sustain) is to                                                        of the offense. If the penalty is to be a fail-
                                                        all documents prepared in Step  and
     be explained in writing to the student.                                                          ing grade, the instructor should first consult
                                                        Step 2 of the appeal process.
     Copies of this decision and explanation                                                          with the chairperson of the department, and
     should be sent to the Dean of the Gradu-        3. The Dean of the Graduate School and/or        the chairperson should meet jointly with the
     ate School.                                        the Graduate Council may interview            student and faculty member to review the
                                                        the student, graduate faculty, or college     incident. The student may appeal the penalty
  4. If the department upholds the dismissal,                                                         by following the procedures in the Graduate
                                                        dean to secure whatever information
     the student may appeal the decision to                                                           Catalog entitled “Appeal of a Grade.”
                                                        might be deemed necessary to aid in
     the dean of the college. The student must
                                                        the review.
     appeal to the dean of the college within                                                         A copy of the instructor’s letter reporting the
     15 working days of the notification of          4. The Council’s decision to revoke or           offense, along with any evidence submitted
     the department’s decision.                         sustain the dismissal is final.               to the chairperson, should be sent to the
                                                                                                      student, to the dean of the college in which
  5. If the dismissal is revoked, the depart-        5. The Council’s decision is to be prepared      the student is seeking a graduate degree, and
     ment chairperson shall notify in writing           in writing, and, with all other documen-      to the Dean of the Graduate School. A copy
     the student and the Dean of the Gradu-             tation, kept in the student’s file in the     of the letter is to be placed in the student’s
     ate School, and the student shall be               Graduate School.                              permanent file in the department and in the
     reinstated.                                                                                      Graduate School. If the student is exonerated
                                                     6. The Dean of the Graduate School must
                                                        notify in writing the student, department,    during the appeals process, however, the let-
Step 2: The Dean of the College                                                                       ter and all other records of the accusation of
                                                        and college dean of the decision.
  . If the student appeals to the dean of                                                            academic dishonesty are to be deleted from
     the college, then the dean must do the          7. If the decision is to revoke the dismissal,   the student’s files.
                                                        the Dean of the Graduate School must
                                                        reinstate the student in the program.
8      Graduate School
The department chairperson may, in accor-          to the Graduate School during the first year      mental committee selected by the student in
dance with the policy and procedures of the        of course work.                                   consultation with the student’s major profes-
department, impose the penalty of dismissal                                                          sor, and approved by the Dean of the Graduate
                                                   Requirements for interdisciplinary programs
from the program. A student may appeal                                                               School, and satisfactory performance on final
                                                   are the same as for other degree programs.
the dismissal by following the procedures                                                            written and oral examinations. If the student’s
                                                   An interdisciplinary thesis may be written
in the Graduate Catalog entitled “Appeal of                                                          teaching background is considered to be
                                                   with a minimum of three credit hours and a
Dismissal from a Graduate Program.”                                                                  dated or deficient, a pedagogical component
                                                   maximum of five credit hours in each depart-
                                                                                                     approved by the committee may be included.
                                                   ment. The final oral examination must include
                                                                                                     Pedagogical credits are beyond the 30 hours
Graduate Student
                                                   a representative from each department and a
                                                                                                     minimum required in subject matter course
                                                   graduate faculty representative from a depart-
                                                                                                     work. Courses to be counted toward the
Participation                                      ment not involved in the interdisciplinary
                                                                                                     degree must be 500-level or above. At least
                                                                                                     22 credits must be taken in residence.
in Classifed or                                    Engineering                                       Admission
Proprietary                                        Environmental                                     The student must apply to, and meet all criteria
Research                                           Science and                                       for, admission to the Graduate School. Certain
                                                                                                     departments may also have other admission
The Graduate Council affirms the policy re-
garding the participation of graduate students
                                                   Management Master’s                               requirements. Please check with specific
                                                                                                     departments for further details.
in classified or proprietary research as it is     Degree Program
stated in the Idaho State University Patent
Policy. “Idaho State University shall make
                                                   Students may pursue a M.S. in Environmental
                                                   Science and Management (ESM) through              Study Abroad
only agreements with third parties which will      the College of Engineering. See the descrip-      STUA g500 Study Abroad 9-12 credits. Pre-
not inhibit a student’s timely completion of       tion and requirements of this degree in the       arranged, planned courses of study at selected
a course of study or degree.” This statement       Department of Civil and Environmental             academic institutions outside of the United
shall be interpreted to mean that students must    Engineering.                                      States. Student is responsible for resident
not be delayed in their program of study up                                                          credit arrangements with department(s) and
to and including the award of the degree and       Master of Natural Sci-                            the Office of International Programs prior to
that placement of the finished thesis or dis-                                                        departure. Prefix and course name will be
sertation in the library for public access may     ence                                              replaced on ISU transcript when study abroad
not be delayed longer than six months.             Majors in Biology, Chemistry, Geology,            transcript arrives. Graded S/ . REPEATABLE
                                                   and Physics or approved interdisciplinary         WITH DEPARTMENT PERMISSION.
                                                   combination of the foregoing may lead to
Interdisciplinary                                  the degree of Master of Natural Science. This

                                                   program is designed to provide subject matter
                                                   material for those teaching at the secondary
                                                                                                     Tuition and Fees
                                                   level or intending to do so. Requirements         Fees are subject to change without ad-
Idaho State University offers students the                                                           vance notice by the Idaho State Board of
                                                   include possession of or pursuit of a standard
opportunity to pursue an interdisciplinary                                                           Education prior to the first official day of
                                                   secondary teaching credential. “Pursuit of
master’s degree (M.A., M.S., M.N.S., M.Ed.).                                                         class. (See “Policy Statement Concerning
                                                   a standard secondary teaching credential”
The degree sought and the field appearing first                                                      Graduate Catalog Contents” on the title
                                                   shall be defined as follows: The following
in the title of the program will be that of the                                                      page of this catalog.)
                                                   factors must be completed by the student, or
department providing the major portion of the
                                                   the student must have equivalency in these        In general, the expenses for Idaho State
graduate credits. Other fields in the title will
                                                   areas to meet the definition:                     University graduate students may be divided
be secondary fields of concentration.
                                                   If a student enters a M.N.S. program with         into classifications of fees, board, and room.
The requirements include: completion of a                                                            In addition to the fees listed, some courses
                                                   no equivalent course work in education, the
minimum of 30 credit hours with a minimum                                                            may require the expense of special uniforms,
                                                   student must take additional credits in addi-
of 0 credits in each of the departments                                                             protective clothing, field trip expenses, lab
                                                   tion to 30 graduate credits in the discipline
participating. Students must be admitted                                                             fees, or instructional costs for remedial
                                                   to receive the M.N.S. degree. This require-
into such a program by each department                                                               courses.
                                                   ment leaves 2-9 credits, including student
that participates. Students must contact each
                                                   teaching, to be completed to receive teacher
department contemplated to be involved
prior to initiating the development of an
                                                   certification in Idaho. Candidates must com-      Enrollment Fees
                                                   plete a program of study in one, two, or three
interdisciplinary program.                                                                           All graduate students will be charged fees as
                                                   of the areas listed. The committee designing
                                                                                                     a full-time student whenever they enroll for
Although students must take at least 0 cred-      the program of study, in consultation with
                                                                                                     8 credits or more. For financial aid purposes,
its in each of the departments participating,      the student, should be comprised of mem-
                                                                                                     graduate assistants/fellows and students
departments may, at their discretion, require      bers from each department involved plus a
                                                                                                     receiving other financial aid must enroll
additional credit hours of the students as a       graduate faculty representative.
                                                                                                     for 9 credits per semester to be considered
condition of the departmental participation
                                                   Requirements include completion of a pre-         full-time.
and admission of the student in the program.
                                                   scribed program of study of at least 30 credits
An initial program of study must be submitted
                                                   at the graduate level approved by a depart-
                                                                                                                                 General Information         9

Certain programs require full-time sum-                        4) He/She is the spouse of an Idaho resident      • Permanent full-time employment or the
mer study. Students in these programs are                      or person who qualifies for Idaho resid-            hourly equivalent thereof in the state of
assessed full-time fees during the summer                      ency; or                                            Idaho.
semester, including non-resident fees if they
                                                               5) He/She is a member of the armed forces         • Registration to vote for state elected
are from out-of-state.
                                                               stationed in Idaho or whose parents or              officials in Idaho at a general election.
2008-2009 Fees and Tuition, including                          guardians are members of the armed forces
                                                                                                                 Residency decisions for fee payment pur-
student health insurance fee*.                                 stationed in Idaho and who receives 50%
                                                                                                                 poses for graduate students are made by
                        Per Semester              Per Year
                                                               or more financial support from parents or
                                                                                                                 the Graduate School in compliance with
                                                               guardians; or
Resident                 $3,35.00.................$6,630.00                                                     the practices and policies of Idaho State
                                                               6) He/She is honorably discharged from the        University. Students may appeal through the
Non-Resident             $7,339.00...............$4,678.00
                                                               military and elects Idaho as his/her intended     Residency Appeals Committee at Idaho State
*The student insurance premium is $578.00 per semes-           domicile within one year of discharge; or         University. Students who initially enroll at
ter as a part of full-time fees. All full-fee paying stu-
dents are automatically covered under the University's
                                                                                                                 Idaho State University as non-residents and
                                                               7) He/She is a member of the Coeur d’Alene,
Student Insurance program. The premium is included                                                               later wish to be considered for a change in
                                                               Shoshone-Paiute, Nez Perce, Shoshone-Ban-
in the fee schedule for each semester. Any student with                                                          residency status must obtain an affidavit for
existing health insurance coverage may be exempt               nock, or Kootenai Tribe.
                                                                                                                 residency application from the Admissions
from participation in the Student Insurance Plan by
completing and filing a Health Insurance Waiver each           Direct specific questions to the ISU Admis-       Office, Campus Box 8270, (208)282-2475.
academic year.                                                 sions Office, Campus Box 8270, Pocatello,         The affidavit must be completed, notarized
                                                               ID 83209, (208)282-2475.                          and submitted to the Admissions Office along
Part-time Fees                                                                                                   with supporting documentation. If approved,
(2008-2009 Fees)*                                              A “non-resident” student shall include:           the student’s status is changed in the computer
                                                               Any student attending an institution in this      and the student is billed as a resident. It is
Graduate                  $276.00 per credit hour
                                                               state with the aid of financial assistance        the responsibility of the person requesting
Non-Resident              $404.00 per credit hour
                                                               provided by another state or governmental         reclassification of residency status to provide
* See note regarding fees at beginning of this section.
                                                               unit or agency thereof, such non-residency        clear and convincing evidence of bona fide
Idaho Residency                                                continuing for one () year after the comple-
                                                               tion of the semester for which such assistance
                                                                                                                 domicile in Idaho.

Requirements for Fee                                           is last provided.
                                                                                                                 Other Fees and
Payment                                                        Any person who is not a citizen of the United
Residency for tuition purposes is governed by
                                                               States of America, who does not have per-         Charges
                                                               manent or temporary resident status or does
Idaho Code §33-377 and the residency rules
of the State Board of Education. Although a
                                                               not hold “refugee-parolee” or “conditional        Graduate Application Fee $55
                                                               entrant” status with the .S. Immigration and
full-time regularly-enrolled resident student
is not required to pay tuition while enrolled at
                                                               Naturalization Service or is not otherwise        Student Health Insurance
Idaho State University, students are charged
                                                               permanently residing in the .S. under cover       Fee    $578.00 per semester;
                                                               of the law and who does not also meet and
fees for educational costs excluding the cost                                                                    included in full-time fees
                                                               comply with all applicable requirements
of instruction in accordance with the Idaho
                                                               for establishing residency as covered under
State System of Higher Education “Notice to
                                                               these provisions.
                                                                                                                 Class Fees (in addition to
Nonresidents of the State of Idaho.”                                                                             regular registration fees)
                                                               Establishing a New Domicile in Idaho:The          Many university classes require additional
A student is a “resident” for purposes of
                                                               establishment of a new domicile in Idaho by a     fees for specialized instruction and/or sup-
fee payment if:
                                                               person formerly domiciled in another state has    plies. See the Class Schedule for class fees
) He/She has a parent or court-appointed                      occurred if such person is physically present     required for specific courses.
guardian currently domiciled in Idaho who                      in Idaho primarily for purposes other than
has maintained a bona fide domicile in Idaho                   educational and can show satisfactory proof
for at least one year prior to the opening day of              that such person is without a present intention   Late Registration Processing
the term for which the student enrolls; or                     to return to such other state or to acquire a     Fees
                                                               domicile at some other place outside of Idaho.    Second through tenth day of classes $50
2) He/She receives less than 50% financial
                                                               In determining whether a student is domiciled     After tenth day of classes                $00
support from parents or guardians and has
                                                               in the state of Idaho primarily for purposes      Summer (charged as above, except $00
continuously resided in Idaho for at least 2
                                                               other than educational, Idaho State University    fee is assessed after last day to withdraw)
months prior to the opening day of the term for
                                                               shall consider, but shall not be limited to the    To help defray the extra cost involved
which the student enrolls and has established
                                                               following factors:                                with late registration, processing fees are
a bona fide domicile in Idaho primarily for
purposes other than educational; or                            • Registration and payment of Idaho taxes or      charged in addition to any other regular
                                                                 fees on a motor vehicle, mobile home, travel    fees. All students (full-time, part-time,
3) He/She is a graduate of an accredited                                                                         faculty, staff, etc.) paying fees after the
                                                                 trailer, or other item of personal property
Idaho high school, unless the student gradu-                                                                     first day of official university classes are
                                                                 for which state registration and the payment
ates while attending on an exchange student                                                                      charged a late processing fee. The cashier
                                                                 of a state tax or fee is required.
visa; or                                                                                                         is not authorized to accept late registration
                                                               • Filling of Idaho state income tax returns.      fee payment without the appropriate late
20      Graduate School
processing fee. This fee is non-refundable.      sity or makes schedule changes that reduce             provided the withdrawal process is completed
No department or employee of the univer-         the fee obligation, refunds are made on the            during the first half of the semester or session
sity, other than those specifically autho-       following basis:                                       (i.e., first eight weeks of a semester, first four
rized, has the authority to waive the fee.                                                              weeks of a session). Proper documentation,
                                                 General University Fees Paid Without                   including notification of the academic advisor
Audit Fee - Same as part-time                    Use of A Fee Reduction Program:                        and the Graduate School, must be presented
credit hour fees                                 Refunds are calculated and authorized by               and approval granted by the offices of Student
                                                 the Office of Financial Services. The drop/            Affairs and Financial Services before the refund
Faculty, Staff and Spouses                       withdrawal date is the actual date the drop or         will be processed.
Registration Fee            $20                  withdrawal form is received by an authorized           . Induction of the student into the .S. armed
           + $5 per credit hour                  University office or automated system.                    forces.
A copy of the current “Education Policy for      Refunds of registration charges for full-time          2. Incapacitating illness or injury which pre-
ISU Employees” is available in the Human         fees, part-time credit hour fees, nonresident             vents the student from returning to school
Resources Office. Verification of employ-        tuition, professional program fees, and de-               for the remainder of the term. A medical
ment and authorization forms for reduction       partmental fees are calculated on the total               withdrawal must be processed through the
in fees can be obtained from the Human           amount of fees paid, using the first official             University Student Health Center.
Resources Office.                                day of the University semester or session as
                                                 the starting date.                                     3. Death of a student.
Senior Citizen                                   First-time students at Idaho State University          4. Death of spouse, child, parent, or legal
Registration Fee            $20                  who receive Federal Financial Aid may have                guardian of student.
           + $5 per credit hour                  their refund determined on a pro-rated basis
Age 60 years or older: proper identification     per Federal Guidelines.                                Deductions from Calculated/
indicating date of birth is required. Fee re-                                                           Authorized Refund:
duction does not apply to non-resident fees      Percentage refund of computed base:                    The University reserves the right to deduct
or special class fees. Fee is for courses on a                                                          from refunds any amounts due the University.
space available basis only.                      Academic Semester:                                     Refunds of actual fees for the term, less any
                                                 Before and during the first                            remaining fee loan balances for the term,
Transcript Fee                            $5     week of classes                         00%           are used to offset financial aid awarded as
                                                 (less a registration processing charge of              prioritized below:
Please contact the Office of Registration and    $0.00)
Records for full information. This fee does                                                             . Agency authorizations for payment of actual
                                                 During the second week of classes         75%
vary, depending on the number of transcripts                                                               fees.
                                                 During third and fourth week
requested.                                       of classes                                50%          2. University authorizations specifically for
                                                 After the fourth week            No Refunds               the payment of fees (i.e., graduate teaching
Application for Graduation                       For classes, seminars and workshops with                  assistant, athletics, etc.)
and Diploma Fee           $20                    non-standard starting and ending dates, re-
                                                                                                        3. Federal aid programs (see Financial Aids
This fee is collected from each applicant        fund requests are reviewed on an exception
                                                 basis. The starting and ending dates are those            Handbook for priority).
for a certificate or for a master’s or doctor-
ate degree.                                      designated by the University Registrar.                4. Miscellaneous outstanding balances due
                                                                                                           the University.
                                                 Non-Refundable Fee Charges/Pay-
Reprocessing Fee for                             ments:                                                 5. University loan programs.
Graduation                              $20      . The State Board of Education authorized             6. University and donor scholarship
                                                    reduced fee charges. (Examples include                 programs.
Housing Costs                                       but are not limited to faculty/staff reduced
Please contact the University Housing Office                                                            7. Balance to student.
                                                    fee, senior citizen reduced fee, education
for more information, Campus Box 8083,              contract classes, etc.)
Idaho State University, Pocatello, ID 83209,                                                            Payment of Refund to Student:
or (208)282-220.                                2. Late processing charges                             A check for the balance is mailed to the
                                                 3. Any amounts paid to satisfy fees/charges            home address of the student with an itemized

Refund Policy                                       due from previous terms.                            statement of deductions.

                                                 4. Amounts paid for student health insurance           Refund checks are not processed until four
General Fee Refunds:                                and student malpractice insurance.                  weeks after the start of the term or until at least
The Refund Policy applies to all for-credit                                                             three weeks after the actual date of payment
classes regardless of location of the class.                                                            for the term.
                                                 Refunds For Exceptional
All fee refunds will be paid by University       Circumstances:
                                                                                                        Registration Refund Appeals:
check.                                           In specific cases, as listed below, a full refund of
                                                 the registration fee, credit hour fee, nonresident     Contact the Dean of Student Affairs or the
When any student enrolled in for-credit          tuition and professional fees will be granted          University Controller for information on
classes withdraws from Idaho State Univer-       following official withdrawal from school,             the University registration fee refund appeal
                                                                                                                      General Information         2

process. Appeals should be submitted in           (FERPA), is responsible for maintaining edu-       made the January preceding the fall/spring
writing before the end of the term for which      cational records and monitoring the release of     semester for which aid is desired. To obtain
the student is appealing.                         information of those records. Staff and faculty    specific details about a particular type of
                                                  with access to student educational records are     financial assistance, contact the Office of
Room and Board Fees:                              legally responsible for protecting the privacy     Financial Aid, Museum Building, Campus
Students who fail to complete their agreement     of the student by using information only for       Box 8077, Idaho State University, Pocatello,
with the University Housing Office will have      legitimate educational reasons to instruct,        ID 83209-8077, (208)282-2756. Students
their room and board fees pro-rated and, after    advise, or otherwise assist students.              with great financial need may not be able to
appropriate penalties have been deducted,                                                            meet all educational and living costs with
                                                  Only those records defined as "directory
they may receive a refund. See the University                                                        funds available through the university.
                                                  information" may be released without the
Housing Office for details on residence hall      express written permission of the student.
and apartment living, and for details on any
penalties for breaking agreements.
                                                  Directory information includes the student's       Satisfactory Academic
                                                  name, address listings, telephone listings,
                                                  e-mail addresses, full-time/part-time status,      Progress
Delinquent Accounts                               class level, college, major field of study,        To retain financial support as a graduate stu-
                                                  degree types and dates, enrollment status,         dent, almost all sources of funds require that
The cancellation of the registration and with-
                                                  club and athletic participation records, and       the student must maintain satisfactory aca-
holding of academic credit of any student
                                                  dates of attendance including whether or           demic progress. For graduate assistantships
with a delinquent account or an unsatisfac-
                                                  not currently enrolled. No other information       and fellowships, students ordinarily must earn
tory financial relationship with the Office
                                                  contained in a student's educational records       nine credit hours or more each semester and
of Financial Services is authorized without
                                                  may be released to any outside party without       maintain a 3.0 grade point average. Some
further notice, provided an attempt has been
                                                  the written consent of the student.                departments may require additional evidence
made to notify the student by the campus
                                                                                                     of satisfactory progress for a student to remain
department in which the hold originated.          A student may restrict release of all direc-
                                                                                                     eligible to receive assistantship or fellowship
This regulation may be invoked at the discre-     tory information by filing a Declaration
                                                                                                     support. Students who receive financial aid
tion of the Financial Vice President in cases     of Non-disclosure of Educational Record
                                                                                                     through the Financial Aid Office must meet
of disregard in the settlement of returned        Information form in the Office of Registra-
                                                                                                     the criteria established by that office for
checks, residence hall damage, library fines,     tion and Records. Student may choose to
                                                                                                     satisfactory progress to remain eligible for
telephone toll charges, overdue notes, traffic    restrict release of their address and telephone
                                                                                                     further aid.
fines, room and/or board charges, apartment       listings only. This may be done through their
rental charges, etc.                              MyISU portal by accessing the Student Ad-
                                                  dress Change Request form under Student            Assistantships and
Dishonored Check Policy                           Records information. This restriction will
                                                  apply to the students' address and telephone
A charge is assessed each time a check is re-
                                                  listings only; all other directory listings will   All assistantships and fellowships are
turned, the amount is charged to the student’s
                                                  continue to be available for release.              awarded at the departmental level or college
account, and the student is so notified. If the
                                                                                                     level (for example, Business, Engineering,
check is not cleared within ten (0) days, a      Students must request complete directory           Pharmacy). Requests for consideration of
second notice is sent and a “hold” placed on      information restriction or address/phone           these awards should be directed to the gradu-
his/her records.                                  listing restrictions during the first week of      ate program director, department chair or
                                                  fall term to prevent their information from        academic dean of a specific academic unit.
Any check tendered in payment of registra-
                                                  being published in the Student Directory.          Most assistantships and fellowships are
tion fees and subsequently returned by the
                                                  Any restriction is permanent and remains in        awarded on an academic year basis. These
bank will result in automatic postponement
                                                  place even after the student has stopped at-       awards are generally made in the spring
of the student’s registration.
                                                  tending or has graduated from the University       for the following academic year. To ensure
In the case of a check tendered in payment for    unless the student requests, in writing, that it   consideration, a request for such financial
room and board and subsequently returned by       be removed. Additional FERPA information           support should be made to the academic unit
the bank, the student is notified immediately     may be found on the web at: http://www.isu.        by February or March. Contact individual
and allowed not more than five (5) days for       edu/areg/ferpafacts.shtml                          departments or colleges for specific applica-
the check to clear. If not cleared within that                                                       tion deadlines.
time, the student’s meal ticket and/or room
reservations is canceled.
                                                  Financial Support                                  Only students admitted as degree-seeking
                                                                                                     students are eligible to apply for graduate
Federal Family Ed-                                The following financial information is a list-
                                                  ing of the categories of financial help that may
                                                                                                     assistantships or fellowships. Non-degree-
                                                                                                     seeking students are not eligible to receive
ucational Rights                                  be available to graduate students. However, in
                                                  many instances specific sources of assistance
                                                                                                     assistantships. Because full-time graduate
                                                                                                     assistants are expected to work up to 20 hours
and Privacy Act of                                are available only at certain times of the
                                                  year and require application with a deadline
                                                                                                     per week, the maximum number of credits
                                                                                                     an assistant may earn in a given semester
1974                                              enforced. With respect to campus-based aid
                                                  (special non-resident waivers, loans, and
                                                                                                     is 2. Normally, a full-time graduate as-
                                                                                                     sistant is expected to carry a minimum of 9
Idaho State University in compliance with the     college work study), applications should be        credits, which is a full load. DA fellows are
Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
22      Graduate School

expected to carry a minimum of 9 credits         of compensation vary. Questions about such                   Graduate Assistants and
per semester.                                    sources of support should be directed to the                 Fellows
                                                 academic departments or colleges.
Permission to carry fewer than nine or                                                                        All assistants and fellows approved by the
more than 2 credits may be granted by the                                                                    Graduate School are granted a non-resident
Dean of the Graduate School upon written         Fellowships                                                  tuition waiver each semester. This award is
recommendation of the student’s advisor or       There are 26 Doctor of Art Fellowships                       not the same as the in-state enrollment fee
program director.                                awarded each year to students admitted to                    award, although both may be offered in one
                                                 and enrolled in the Doctor of Arts program.                  letter by the department.
Doctoral graduate assistants ordinarily
                                                 These are available only in the Departments of
receive higher stipends than those at the
                                                 Biological Sciences, English and Philosophy,                 Other Non-Resident Tuition
masters level. Full-time graduate assistants
                                                 Mathematics, and Political Science. Most
and fellows also may be awarded scholar-
                                                 of these are awarded in the spring semester
                                                                                                              Waivers (NRTW)
ships to cover in-state student fees, student                                                                 Additional waivers beyond those listed above
                                                 for the next academic year. Contact these
health insurance, and non-resident tuition in                                                                 may be available and require application
                                                 departments for details and applications. See
addition to the stipend.                                                                                      to the appropriate office. Most of these are
                                                 location/phone below.
A student with a graduate assistantship or                                                                    awarded on a competitive basis. Occasion-
                                                 Contact                    Location                Phone
fellowship may be employed by the university                                                                  ally a department may have a special NRTW.
                                                 Biological Sciences    Life Sciences Bldg. .... 282-3765     Contact and application may be made to the
for compensation in addition to the awarded
stipend. This employment may only occur          English & Philosophy      Liberal Arts Bldg. . 282-2478      offices listed below.
with permission of the Dean of the Graduate      Mathematics         Physical Sciences Bldg. ... 282-3350     Category
                                                                                                              of NRTW        Contact      Location              Phone
School and usually must be limited to 0 hours                                                                Financial need Financial Aid
                                                 Political Science       Graveley Hall ............282-22
per week. Requests for permission for such                                                                                   Office       Rm 337, Museum Bldg   282-2756
                                                                                                              International  Office of Student
employment must be sent in writing by the
                                                 Tuition and Fee Scholarships
                                                                                                              Students       Affairs      Rm 384, Hypostyle     282-335
department chair or graduate program direc-                                                                   Utah Residents Scholarship Office
                                                                                                                                          Rm 327, Museum Bldg   282-335
tor to the Dean of the Graduate School.          Departments may offer tuition and fee schol-

Graduate Assistantships (GA)
                                                 arships as separate awards to graduate as-
                                                 sistants, research assistants, and DA fellows.
                                                 However, these offers are at the discretion of               Loans may be available to graduate students
There are about 200 GAs available for the
                                                 the departments. Non-resident tuition waivers                as well as undergraduates. However, not all
entire university; most of these require
                                                 accompany all graduate assistantships and                    categories of loans are available to graduate
serving as an instructor for a department.
                                                 DA fellowships but are offered as separate                   students. To be certain about application and
An individual department may have only
                                                 scholarships.                                                eligibility requirements contact the Financial
two or three assistantships to award. Most
                                                                                                              Aid Office, Room 337, Museum Building,
of these are awarded in the spring semester
                                                                                                              Campus Box 8077, Idaho State University,
for the next academic year. Full-time GAs        Non-Resident Tuition                                         Pocatello, ID 83209-8077, (208) 282-2756.
are expected to work up to 20 hours/week for
their stipend. Contact the department chair      Waivers (NRTW)
or graduate program director for application     There are several categories of non-resident                 Grants
materials.                                       tuition waivers. In each case a different con-               Federal grant programs administered by
                                                 tact person or procedure must be followed                    the Financial Aid Office are not available
Graduate assistants who are international
                                                 in applying. It is important to note that these              to graduate students. Pell Grants, Supple-
students, whose native language is not
                                                 waivers do not cover the required in-state                   mental Educational Opportunity Grants,
English, and who have been assigned to
                                                 enrollment fees, but only the non-resident tu-               and State Student Incentive Grant Programs
teach must complete an English speaking
                                                 ition. Unless other scholarships are awarded,                are only available to undergraduate students
proficiency examination administered at the
                                                 the student must pay the in-state enrollment                 who have not earned a bachelor’s degree.
Center for Teaching and Learning. In order
                                                 fees each semester or term.                                  Special non-resident waivers administered
for an international student to be awarded
a GA and teach a course, the student must                                                                     by the Financial Aid Office are available to
score 23 or above on the Speaking Section        Graduate School Awards                                       graduate students who are citizens or eligible
of the TOEFL iBT.                                (Limited Number)                                             non-citizens and meet other financial need
Normally, graduate assistants are involved in    These awards are distributed on a competi-
classroom instruction, supervision of labora-    tive basis by the Graduate School. Students
tory sections, grading papers and/or examina-    should apply using the form supplied by the                  Research Grants
tions, assisting faculty members in research     Graduate School (see the front inserts of                    A small fund has been created to provide
activities, or other equivalent duties.          this Catalog). Application must be received                  money to graduate students on a competi-
                                                 by May st for the following Fall Semester                   tive basis to conduct thesis or dissertation
                                                 consideration and by December st for the                    research. Research proposals with budgets
Research Assistantships (RA)                     following Spring Semester. The non-resident                  must be submitted to the Office of Research by
Research Assistantships (approximately           tuition waiver may be granted for the aca-                   deadlines established by the Graduate Student
00) are available throughout the university     demic year or for one semester only. Awards                  Research and Scholarship Committee. This
through grant monies or other external sourc-    are made after final grades for the current                  committee awards grants both fall and spring
es. Conditions of employment and amounts         semester are recorded.                                       semester. Guidelines for proposal preparation
                                                                                                                                         General Information          23

are available in the Office of Research and       Other graduate students may find employ-                               or department chooses to pay such costs with
from representatives on the committee. The        ment on campus or off-campus by applying                               funds available to them.
Call for Proposals is sent out the first Monday   at the appropriate office below.
in February for the following Fall Semester,
and the last Monday in September for Spring       Employment
                                                                                                                         Cooperative Programs
Semester awards.                                  Category
                                                  International Students
                                                                           Office of
                                                                                                  Rm 384,
                                                                                                                         NAACP-College Exchange
Expenses for thesis and dissertation research     (off campus)
                                                  International Students
                                                                           Student Affairs        Hypostyle
                                                                           Departments and other offices
are often paid by research grants obtained by      (on campus)

faculty or departments. In addition, students
                                                  On campus                Student Employment Rm 440                     In order to enhance campus diversity, the
                                                  (part-time)              Office                 Museum Bldg 282-2778

may be employed with such funds at the                                     Department and other offices                  Faculty Senate and the local NAACP Branch
                                                  Off campus (part-        Student Employment Room 440
discretion of the principal investigator.         time or temporary)       Office                 Museum Bldg 282-2778   sponsor and mentor minority faculty from
                                                  College Work Study       Financial Aid Office               282-2756
                                                                                                                         traditionally African-American universities
                                                                                                                         who seek masters or doctoral degrees. Indi-
Scholarships                                      Travel Funds                                                           vidualized assistance packages are developed
Scholarships are available to graduate stu-       Graduate students may request aid for travel                           based on the applicant’s qualifications and
dents in some instances. Announcements of         expenses to present papers on thesis or dis-                           interests. These faculty use sabbatical or leave
scholarships currently available are posted on    sertation research at regional or national                             time to acquire additional graduate training
the scholarship bulletin board located outside    meetings. Such requests should be presented                            at ISU, then return to their home institutions.
the Scholarship Office (Museum Building           only after a paper has been accepted by                                Interested applicants should contact Dr. Jack
327). Not all scholarships are available to       the official sponsoring organization of the                            Owens, local NAACP representative, at (208)
graduate students, however. Please note that      discipline. Funds for such purposes are very                           282-3232 (Department of History).
some scholarship categories are discontinued      limited, and only modest requests are likely
at times and new ones are created. Therefore,     to be funded. Funds for such purposes should                           Oak Ridge Associated
a regular check at the Scholarship Office may     be requested sequentially from the following                           Universities (ORAU)
be useful to interested students. In addition,    contact points:
                                                                                                                         Since 993, students and faculty of Idaho
there may be off-campus scholarship sources                         Academic Department                                  State University have benefited from ISU's
such as parents’ or spouses’ employers, fra-                         Office of Research                                  membership in Oak Ridge Associated Univer-
ternal organizations, churches or businesses,
                                                                                                                         sities (ORAU). ORAU is a consortium of 9
or national foundations. These sources may        When submitting written requests to the Of-
                                                                                                                         colleges and universities, and a contractor for
be discovered by a systematic and careful         fice of Research for travel funds, a breakdown
                                                                                                                         the .S. Department of Energy (DOE) located
search by the student.                            of expenses for registration, lodging, travel,
                                                                                                                         in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. ORAU works with
                                                  and per diem is necessary.
A small number of ASISU scholarships,                                                                                    its member institutions to help their students
which are derived from student fee payments                                                                              and faculty gain access to federal research
are available to graduate students. These are     Publication Costs                                                      facilities throughout the country; to keep its
awarded on a competitive basis. Application       Graduate students may submit requests for                              members informed about opportunities for
materials can be obtained from the offices of     funding to meet publication costs of a paper                           fellowship, scholarship and research appoint-
college deans, the Office of Research and         accepted for publication up to $00 from the                           ments; and to organize research alliances
the Graduate School near the middle of each       Graduate Student Research and Scholarship                              among its members.
semester. The Graduate Student Research           Committee (GSRSC) in the form of dissemi-                              Through the Oak Ridge Institute for Science
and Scholarship Committee recommends              nation grants. Requests should be in the form                          and Education, the DOE facility operated
awardees to the Office of Student Affairs         required by the GSRSC and submitted to the                             by ORAU, undergraduates, graduates, post-
and the ASISU Senate. Graduate student            Office of Research. (See previous information                          graduates and faculty may access a multitude
applications for consideration of ASISU           under Research Grants.)                                                of opportunities for study and research.
scholarships must be returned to the Office
                                                                                                                         Students may participate in programs cover-
of Research to be considered for a graduate
student ASISU Scholarship.                        Thesis and                                                             ing a wide variety of disciplines including
                                                                                                                         business, earth sciences, epidemiology,
                                                  Dissertation                                                           engineering, physics, geological sciences,
Employment                                        Research Costs                                                         pharmacology, ocean sciences, biomedical
                                                                                                                         sciences, nuclear chemistry, and mathemat-
Information                                       Academic departments ordinarily are expected                           ics. Appointment and program length range
A student with a graduate assistantship or        to meet at least some of the costs of thesis                           from one month to four years. Many of these
fellowship may be employed by the university      and dissertation research. In some instances                           programs are especially designed to increase
for compensation in addition to the awarded       such costs may be met by extramural funds                              the number of underrepresented minority
stipend. This employment may only occur           obtained by faculty and/or departments. With                           students pursuing degrees in science- and
with permission of the Dean of the Graduate       the exception of the small research grant pro-                         engineering-related disciplines. A compre-
School and usually must be limited to 0 hours    gram listed previously, the Office of Research                         hensive listing of these programs and other
per week. Requests for permission for such        does not provide funds for such purposes and                           opportunities, their disciplines, and details
employment must be sent in writing by the         will refer students to the department chair or                         on locations and benefits can be found in the
department chair or graduate program direc-       dean of the college when such requests occur.                          ORISE Catalog of Education and Training
tor to the Dean of the Graduate School.           Publication costs of theses and dissertations                          Programs, which is available at www.orau.
                                                  are met by the student unless a faculty member
24       Graduate School

gov/orise/educ.htm, or by calling either of          sist patrons in the use of over 89 databases and    Graduate students are encouraged to use all
the contact persons below.                           other reference resources. Library instruction      the services mentioned above, especially
                                                     is available to classes and student groups, and     library instruction for any classes they teach.
ORAU's Office of Partnership Develop-                is tailored to address students' specific needs,    Those teaching may also take advantage
ment seeks opportunities for partnerships            from general library orientation to subject-        of the library's reserve service for class
and alliances among ORAU's members,                  specific bibliographic research. In addition        supplemental readings. Reserve services are
private industry, and major federal facili-          to supplying informational materials from           available online, as well as in Pocatello and
ties. Activities include faculty development         its own collections, the library provides an        in Idaho Falls. Interlibrary loan is required
programs, such as the Ralph E. Powe Junior           interlibrary loan service equipped to locate        to supplement the local collection in certain
Faculty Enhancement Awards, the Visiting             and deliver books and periodical articles           research fields. The reference staff is available
Industrial Scientist Program, consortium             from other libraries' holdings. Using online        for searching specialized databases and for
research funding initiatives, faculty research,      electronic ordering and transmission, as well       assisting with research.
and support programs, as well as services to         as postal services, the interlibrary loan service
chief research officers.                                                                                 For more detailed information regarding
                                                     fills most requests within a week, but students
                                                                                                         Library services, including hours of service
For more information about ORAU and its              should allow a two-week turnaround time.
                                                                                                         and policies, please visit the library website
programs, visit the ORAU website at www.             The Idaho Health Sciences Library, a depart-        at or contact:                                 ment of the Eli M. Oboler Library, supports
Dr. Thomas F. Gesell
                                                     the health sciences information needs of the
                                                     university and the Idaho health-care com-           Computing Services
Professor of Health Physics
                                                     munity. It also provides specialized health         The Computer Service Center, located on the
ORAU Counselor for Idaho State Univer-
                                                     science reference, research, and instruction        lowest level of the Business Administration
sity                                                                                                     Building, provides computer time, consult-
                                                     services. The Arthur P. Oliver Law Library,
or                                                   located on the first floor of the Eli M. Oboler     ing, programming services, workshops,
                                                     Library, houses more than 3,000 law books.         on-line tutorials, and generalized software
Monnie E. Champion                                   An excellent reference resource for students,       packages such as statistical and simulation
ORAU Corporate Secretary                             faculty, and staff, it is supplemented with         systems for students and faculty. The Center
(865) 576-3306                                       legal databases.                                    also provides support for small and large
                                                                                                         software systems used for research activities
                                                     Idaho Falls Services: The University Library
University                                           Center at Idaho State University-Idaho Falls
                                                     provides reference services, a limited refer-
                                                                                                         that are unique to the department or college.
                                                                                                         The Academic User Services staff consists

Services                                             ence collection, and a study area for Idaho
                                                     State University students. Also available are
                                                                                                         of full-time computer professionals with a
                                                                                                         variety of backgrounds.

Eli M. Oboler Library                                public access workstations on which students
                                                     and faculty are able to access most of the
                                                                                                         There are nine Microcomputer Labs located
                                                                                                         on the Pocatello campus, three in Idaho Falls,
Building                                             information databases available to students         and one each in Twin Falls and Boise open
                                                     at the main campus. With the assistance of          to all ISU students. The Computer Services
The University Library, named for its past
                                                     trained staff, students are able to request the     labs are open seven days a week. In addition,
Director, Eli M. Oboler, contains major
                                                     delivery of books and journal articles from         several departments and colleges maintain
collections of books, periodicals, electronic
                                                     the University Library.                             computing facilities for student use.
resources, maps microforms, and govern-
ment publications, and provides a full range         Twin Falls and Lewiston: The Oboler                 To use the Computer Labs, you must have
of services to students, faculty, and staff.         Library has agreements with the libraries           an ISU computer account, available for a
The library collection of 656,827 book and           at the College of Southern Idaho and at             per- semester fee; accounts may be opened at
serial volumes and its 4,444 active journal          Lewis-Clark State College. These agreements         the Computer Center administration office in
subscriptions in all formats are accessible          ensure strong library support for Idaho State       Pocatello, and in Idaho Falls, Twin Falls and
through its automated catalog and circula-           University's students in the Twin Falls and         Boise. This account provides login capability
tion system, available through the library           the Lewiston areas. Under these agreements,         in the computer labs, data storage, printing,
web page. In addition, the library provides          Idaho State University students are able            remote access, web-based instructional tools,
access to an additional 39,000 journals. These       to access the two libraries and check out           etc., as well as access to both Windows and
resources are available to the Idaho State           materials. They also receive full reference,        Unix software. Email accounts are assigned
University community. For most resources,            instruction, interlibrary loan, and database        to all Idaho State University students.
remote access is available across the state with     searching services. On-line access to Idaho
                                                                                                         The library catalog is on-line to over 700
appropriate authentication. The University           State University Library databases and the
                                                                                                         workstations on and off campus which
Library has been a depository for federal            catalog are available.
                                                                                                         enables students and faculty to search the
publications since 908, and for State of Idaho      Boise: A similar agreement in Boise provides        library’s holdings quickly for materials
publications since 972. The government              Idaho State University students and faculty         needed for their studies or research.
publications collection contains over 445,024        the same library privileges accorded to Boise
printed items and approximately ,964,868                                                                For additional information regarding the
                                                     State University students and faculty upon
items published in microform.                                                                            computing services at Idaho State University,
                                                     presentation of their Idaho State University
                                                                                                         the Computing Service Center website is:
General reference service is provided on the         Bengal identification cards.
first floor, where librarians are available to as-
                                                                                                                      General Information           25

Student Health                                     promote this awareness in policies, services,
                                                   and programs throughout the university.
                                                                                                      tation, public accommodations, accessibility,
                                                                                                      services provided by state and local govern-
Services                                                                                              ment, telecommunication relay services, and
The ISU Health Center provides quality
health care and pharmacy services at afford-
                                                   Counseling and                                     employment in the private sector.

able cost. With respect to medical care, office    Testing Center                                     Idaho State University, in the spirit and
                                                                                                      letter of the law, will make every effort to
calls are free to all students who pay full        The Center for Counseling and Testing              comply with “reasonable accommodations”,
ISU fees whether or not they elect to carry        Services provides personal counseling and          according to section 504 of the Rehabilita-
ISU Student Health Insurance. The optional         individual assessments to assist students in       tion Act of 973 and the Americans With
ASISU Student Health Insurance is designed         coping with psychological, emotional and           Disabilities Act. Idaho State University will
to provide comprehensive health care cov-          interpersonal stress. Crisis intervention and      not discriminate in the recruitment, admis-
erage. Prescription drugs, over-the-counter        consultation with concerned faculty and            sion, or treatment of students or employees
medications, x-rays, and laboratory work are       staff regarding student’s needs are other          with disabilities.
available at greatly reduced rated. Part-time      important services available. Counseling
students (paying for at least one credit) and      staff can usually assist students with concerns    Students and employees who need auxiliary
spouses of full-time students receive medical      such as anxiety, depression, self-esteem,          aids or other accommodations should contact
care for a minimal clinic fee. Students are seen   motivation, eating problems, stress relief,        the ADA & Disabilities Resource Center,
on a walk-in basis or by appointment for most      and interpersonal relations. Personal coun-        Campus Box 82, (208) 282-3599.
medical services. Nutritional counseling is        seling is free and confidential; all staff are
offered at the Health Center in cooperation
with the ISU Dietetics program.
                                                   licensed by the State of Idaho as counselors
                                                   or psychologists.
                                                                                                      ADA and Disabilities
The Student Pharmacy provides low-cost             The Center administers over 50 national and
                                                                                                      Resource Center
prescription drugs as well as over-the-counter                                                        Students with disabilities who wish to have
                                                   several institutional tests, including those for
medications at reduced costs. Students may                                                            accommodations provided by the University
                                                   Graduate School and professional school ad-
wish to transfer prescriptions to the Student                                                         must self identify in order to have accommo-
                                                   mission, such as the Graduate Record Exam
Pharmacy while they are attending ISU. All                                                            dations provided. Information and applica-
                                                   (GRE), Graduate Management Aptitude Test
ISU students, both full- and part-time can                                                            tions for accommodations are available in
                                                   (GMAT), Medical College Aptitude Test
use the Student Pharmacy.                                                                             the Center and may be picked up in person
                                                   (MCAT), etc., teacher certification (NTE),
                                                                                                      or requested by telephone or TDD by calling
The Dental Hygiene Clinic provides dental          and professional certification exams (Real
                                                                                                      (208) 282-3599.
care by dental hygiene students, evaluated         Estate, Social Work, Dental Hygiene, etc.).
by licensed hygienists serving as faculty, and                                                        In order for the Center to arrange accommo-
                                                   The Center is the Computer-Based Testing
supervised by licensed dentists.                                                                      dations for those who need assistance, they
                                                   Center in this region for administering the
                                                                                                      request notification as early as possible so that
The Department of Physical and Occupa-             GRE, GMAT, MAT, PPST, and NBTCP.
                                                                                                      timely arrangements can be made.
tional Therapy operates several programs
providing clinical services to patients from
the university and community on a sliding
                                                   Affirmative Action                                 C. W. Hog
                                                   Idaho State University endeavors to achieve
payment scale.                                                                                        The Cooperative Wilderness Handicapped
                                                   equal educational opportunity for minorities,
                                                                                                      Outdoor Program (C.W. HOG) is a year
The Department of Speech Pathology and             persons with disabilities and women students
                                                                                                      round program of activities for people with
Audiology operates the ISU Speech and              through recruitment, admission, curricular
                                                                                                      and without disabilities. Academic credit
Hearing Center and the Audiology Clinic, of-       and extracurricular programs, advising and
                                                                                                      may be granted for participation in activities
fering comprehensive evaluation, diagnostic        retention practices, and student aid and
                                                                                                      which include weight training, swimming,
testing and therapy services.                      employment. Discrimination affecting any
                                                                                                      snow skiing, water skiing, and whitewater
                                                   person based on race, religion, gender or
The ISU Wellness Center helps students                                                                rafting.
                                                   disability is illegal and should be reported
maintain desired levels of health and fitness
                                                   to the Office of Affirmative Action.
through a wide variety of classes, including
aerobics, aquacise, and yoga, as well as                                                              Other Student
weight machines, free weights, and a variety       Americans with                                     Services
of cardio machines. The Wellness Center
also provides fitness assessments, health          Disabilities                                       In addition to the services mentioned above,
                                                                                                      some of the other general student services
appraisals, nutrition analyses and educa-
tion, and campus-wide health screenings.           Statement on Compliance and                        available on campus are:
Many Wellness Center services are free to          Services                                           • the Office of the International Student Ad-
ISU students.                                      The Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA)            visor, which provides assistance, support
                                                   is the civil rights guarantee for persons with       and guidance to Idaho State University's
The Janet C. Anderson Resource Center
                                                   disabilities in the United States. It provides       international students. Services include
provides educational program and services
                                                   protection from discrimination for indi-             student orientation to the Idaho State
for women and men who are students, faculty
                                                   viduals on the basis of disability. The ADA          University campus and Pocatello com-
and staff of ISU to raise the level of aware-
                                                   extends civil rights protection to people with       munity, on-going cross-cultural activities,
ness concerning gender-based issues and to
                                                   disabilities in matters which include transpor-      student-to-student mentor programs, and
26      Graduate School

       additional programs to help international     facilities in Reed Gym and Holt Arena
       students make the most of their time at       provide indoor running tracks, indoor
       ISU.                                          tennis courts, racquetball courts,
                                                     swimming pools, weight and exercise
     • the Center for Teaching and Learning,
                                                     rooms, and a full component of special
       which offers programs in study skills,
                                                     exercise classes. A highly regarded
       reading, writing, mathematics, and
                                                     Outdoor Program is available to
       English for speakers of other languages,
                                                     members of the university community.
       and includes individualized instruction,
                                                     Throughout the year, activities and
       tutoring, and workshops. The Center also
                                                     classes are organized in such outdoor
       administers the ASISU Content Area
                                                     pursuits as canoeing, kayaking, cross
       Tutoring Program.
                                                     country skiing, rock and mountain
     • the Career Development Center, which          climbing, hiking, camping trips, and river
       provides career counseling, career            float trips. In addition, equipment may
       testing, alumni consultants, internship       be rented for wilderness trips at nominal
       opportunities, student employment as-         cost from the Wilderness Equipment
       sistance, job interviewing techniques,        Rental Center in the Student Union.
       networking skills training, credential        The Student Union Crafts Shop offers a
       files, on-campus recruiter interview, and     wide variety of workshops and classes
       other career-related support to students      in most craft areas to students, faculty,
       and alumni in both individual and group       staff, and community in a casual learning
       settings.                                     environment.
     • the Student Employment Center, which
       assists students seeking employment
       while enrolled at the university and
       provides lists of summer employment
       opportunities for Idaho and other states.
       Assistance is available to all students
       enrolled for 6 credit hours or more each
       semester. Employment vacancies are
       listed on the web and posted in the of-
     • the Idaho State University Bookstore
       offers a selection of textbooks, computer
       supplies, school and office supplies,
       Idaho State University clothing, gifts
       and greeting cards, and general interest
       books. The Bookstore maintains branch
       offices in Idaho Falls (University Place)
       and Twin Falls (CSI Bookstore).
     • the ASISU Early Leaning Center, which
       provides child care for children six weeks
       of age through elementary school while
       their parents attend classes or work at
       the university. Children are enrolled in
       developmentally appropriate classes led
       by a professional staff assisted by student
       employees. While at ELC, breakfast,
       lunch and afternoon snacks are served
       to enrolled children over the age of one
       year. Parents are encouraged to visit the

     Recreational Services
     There is a wide complement of
     recreational opportunities for students at
     Idaho State University. The recreational
General Information   27

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