Message from the desk of Prime Minister on the eve of wildlife week, 2012 - Sukanya Kadyan by nareshkadyan



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                      Prime Minister

      India is home to a magnificent variety of ecosystems and
species of flora and fauna. Our glorious natural heritage must be
nurtured and passed on to the future generations.

      Given the pressures of a growing population, it is not going to
be easy to maintain the existing biological diversity in our country.
However, we are firmly committed to conserving our unique wildlife,
vast areas of forests and other landscapes including the snow clad
mountains, alpine pastures, deserts and marine areas. If this
commitment is to be fulfilled, each one of us would be required to
actively pursue a conservationist lifestyle. We would also need to
ensure that gradually the various facets of conservation get
embedded in all developmental activities.

       On the occasion of Wildlife Week, 2012, which coincides with
the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, I call upon my fellow
citizens, especially the young, to join in this noble endeavour of
conserving and protecting our wildlife and maintaining the
ecological integrity of our great nation.

                                               ~o.~~ C=~
                                              (Manmohan Singh)"\
New Delhi
25 September, 2012

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