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A review on the Prime Minister Employment Generation Programme - PMEGP : RTI petition moved by Abhishek Kadyan


To, The CPIO to the Cabinet Secretariat, Rasterpati Bhawan, New Delhi. Subject: RTI application on the Prime Minister Employment and Generation Programme – PMEGP. Greetings, The PMEGP scheme was prepared to serve the public with certain terms and conditions by the Ministry of MSME but all these conditions are violated by the implementing agencies KVIC/KVIB/DIC along with the Nationalized Banks. Please supply me the following information under RTI Act, 2005: 1. Why and how DIC recommending application for rural and urban area’s both? 2. Is Village Industries definition approved by the KVIC not applicable on DIC? District Task Force Committees are not constituted as per norms, supply me the list of all DTFC’s in India. 3. Supply me the complete list of application received by all implementing agencies KVIC/KVIB/DIC’s since beginning to October 31, 2012 under PMEGP scheme, complete list of cases recommended by the District Task Force Committee, list of cases financed by the Bank along with the reasons for rejecting the proposals. 4. List of seasonal unit like Bricks bhatha, Ice factory etc financed by the Banks under PMEGP scheme, where as full time employment generation based on fixed investment are being ignored, why? 5. Automatic imported machines are used to minimize the labour then why these proposal are being financed by the Banks because hand gloves machines are being imported from China and financed units failed to generate full time employment as per fixed investment, please supply me the complete list of full time employment provided by each and every units financed under PMEGP scheme all over India. 6. List of defaulter units under PMEGP, units financed in urban area by the KVIC/KVIB, Banks claimed margin money on sanctioned amounts with out releasing complete amount sanctioned for machinery along with one cycle working capital. 7. List of Member Secretaries appointed in all State Khadi and Village Industries Board, please supply me the copy of Sh. Ram Karen

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