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               THE FIRM
                                 Young & Associates is an organization of experienced
                                 professionals who utilize a team approach, combining their
                                 talents and abilities to produce results within viable eco-
                                 nomic parameters for every project.
                                 The firm's attitude and dedication maintain a quality
                                 reputation through personal service and the highest level
                                 of professional excellence rewarding clients with cost
                                 effective solutions in all fields of construction projects
                                 from start to finish. Expertise combined with experience
                                 produces the desired results by utilizing all of the firm’s
                                 Young & Associates gives Owners, Developers, Architects,
                                 Builders, Engineers and Real Estate Agents the ability to
                                 focus on what they do best - each member of the team
                                 focuses on their specialty and the project moves forward
                                 efficiently with cost effective solutions.
                                 Young & Associates is able to offer a unique service by
                                 expertly assessing and managing the needs of the client.
                                 By professionally approaching all disciplines, we create a
                                 strong link on the projects.
                                 Young & Associates is committed to providing reliable ser-
                                 vice to meet today's needs while remaining flexible to
                                 accommodate tomorrow's technological advances.

                                  The Capabilities
                                • Site Qualifications
                                • Environmental Studies
                                • Planning
                                • Architecture
                                • Real Estate Analysis
                                • Landscape Architecture
                                • Development Permits
                                • Project Approvals
                                • Construction
                                • Interior Design
                                • Construction Management
3857 Birch Street
Suite 308,
                                 Young & Associates excells at performing any or all proposed project disciplines
Newport Beach                    by using professionals such as; Civil Engineers, Geotechnical Engineers,
CA, 92660                        Architects, Landscape Architects, Traffic Engineers, Environmental Assessors and
p 714/444-2434                   Contractors. Constant monitoring minimizes potential delays at each stage of the
f 714/444-3526                   progress review.
                                 A strategic alliance with common sense allows for expeditious results.

                    THE TEAM
                                Kenneth D. Young is a licensed contractor who has
                                 over thirty years experience in the building industry and
                                  has been involved in all facets of a project from con-
                                    cept to finished product. He obtained his undergrad-
                                      uate degree in engineering/business administration
                                       and a masters degree of architecture. Mr. Young's
                                    broad knowledge comes with working with Cities,
                                Private Businesses, Architects, Owners and Developers
                                negotiating and problem solving a variety of projects
                                throughout the country.

                                Jeannie I. Young is a licensed real estate
                                agent and has gained broad experience within
                                the public and private sector. Ms Young's
                                  knowledge of planning and real estate devel-
                                    opment comes from fifteen years experi-
                                     ence working with all types of challenges from site
                                       qualification, legal research of preliminary title
                                     reports, easements, dedications and deed restric-
                                tions. Much of Ms. Young's experience has been in the
                                field of property and land acqusition.

                                The highly qualified team consists of the following
                                Hastings Partners, Inc.
                                Architecture & Planning

                                Templeton Planning Group
                                Design, Planning, Environmental

                                Procedure Engineers Inc.
                                Electrical & Mechanical Engineering

                                Laura McCants Interiors
                                Interior Design & Planning

                                Closson & Closson
3857 Birch Street
                                Landscape Architecture
Suite 308,                      Ed Hodges Construction
Newport Beach
                                General Contractor
CA, 92660
p 714/444-2434
f 714/444-3526

                 HASTINGS PARTNERS Inc.
                                  Hastings Partners Inc. is an organization of experi-
                                  enced professionals who utilize a team approach to com-
                                  bine their talents and creative abilities to produce quality
                                  design solutions within viable economic parameters for
                                  every individual project.
                                  The firm’s attitude and dedication to maintain a quality
                                  reputation through personal service and
                   re             the highest level of design excellence has

              ctu                 rewarded its principals and clients with
           te                     award-winning and cost effective
         hi        ng             architecture.
     Arc        ni
                                  Ralph L. Hastings A.I.A.
         P                          Ralph Hastings has been practicing
       &                             architecture in Southern California for
                                       over 20 years. A graduate of California
                                        State Polytechnic University, Mr.
                                      Hastings is the recipient of numerous architectural
                                  and design awards from the local to the national level.
                                  The firm has consistently designed and completed gov-
                                  ernmental, build-to-suit and speculative projects on time
                                  and within budget by incorporating the latest construc-
                                  tion technologies.
                                • Commercial/Retail
                                  Hillman Properties, Linkletter Development, Mission Viejo Business
                                  Properties, Davis Development, Griffin Development, Catellus Development

                                • Build-to-Suit
                                  American Honda Motors, Pioneer Electronics, Los Angeles Times,
                                  Seven-Up/RC Bottling Co., Dayrunner Inc., State of California, Iron

                                • Industrial
                                  Catellus Development, Lincoln Properties, Watson Land Company,
                                  Hillamn Properties, Rancho Santa Margarita Company

                                • Professional/Medical Office
                                  Chevron Land Company, Hutton Development, Kaiser Permanente,
                                  Bristol Park Medical Group, I. C. Myers Properties, City of Anaheim
                                • Remodel/Rehabilitation
                                  Odetics, G.K.N. Aerospace, County of Orange, Tutor Time Day Care, State
                                  of California, US Postal Service
                                • Tenant Improvements
                                  Dayrunner Inc., County of Orange, Allstate Insurance, KCOP Channel 13
3857 Birch Street                 Television, Pioneer Electronics, Durlan Aerospace, S.P.S. Aerospace
Suite 308,
                                • Municipal
Newport Beach                     City of Anaheim, City of Santa Clarita, City of Tustin, County of Orange,
CA, 92660                         State of California, U.S. Postal Service, U.S. Navy
p 714/444-2434
f 714/444-3526

                                  Laura McCants Interior Design & Planning
                                  offers complete interior design services for commercial
                                  spaces, corporate offices and health care projects.
                                  Interfacing with the other members of the design team,
                                  Laura efficiently covers every stage of the design process
                                  from conceptual design, budgeting, services dis-
                                  tribution, interior finishes, furniture specifica-
                  n               tions, project management and artwork programs.

        rD        g
     rio       in
   te     an
             n                    Laura McCants
 In    Pl                         In business for 20 years, Laura has worked with
     &                             many Southern California architects on a wide
                                     variety of award winning projects from new
                                      buildings to remodels. Her solutions incorpo-
                                        rate the latest technology and result in
                                     practical, safe, comfortable and efficient
                                  interiors produced on time and within budget.

                                • Auto Club of Southern California
                                 Data Processing Center (100,000 sq.ft.) - Space Planning

                                • Behr Paint
                                 Corporate R & D facilities (65,000sq.ft.)
                                 Programming, Space Planning & Interior Design

                                • Citicorp-Transaction Technology Inc.
                                 Corporate Offices (200,000 sq.ft.)
                                 Furniture Specifications & Installation

                                • County of Los Angeles
                                 Rancho Los Amigos Medical Center (425,000 sq.ft.)
                                 Programming, Space Planning & Interior Design

                                • County of Orange
                                 Aliso Viejo & Yorba Hills Fire Station (8,500 sq.ft.)
                                 Interior Design

                                • City of Tustin
                                 City Hall, Police Dept, Senior Center (80,000 sq.ft.)
                                 Programming, Space Planning & Interior Design

                                • Downey Savings & Loan
                                 Corporate Headquarters (108,000 sq.ft.)
                                 Programming, Space Planning & Interior Design
3857 Birch Street
                                • Westminster Memorial Park
Suite 308,                       Mortuary (10,000 sq.ft.) - Remodel of Existing Arrangement, Viewing and
Newport Beach                    Chapel.
CA, 92660
p 714/444-2434
f 714/444-3526

                 CLOSSON & CLOSSON
                                 Closson & Closson Inc., was formed in 1972 to serve
                                 both public and private sectors with an experienced and
                                 dedicted team of landscape architects and draftsmen. The
                                 firm has worked on many large, master-plan community
                                 projects and has been responsible for the design of
                                 many mixed use, corporate, commercial and industrial
                  e              In addition, the firm has worked on a number of signifi-
              cap                cant public sector projects.

         n ds     e
       La       ur
          ite                     Dave Closson, President
        ch                        Educated at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo and
      Ar                           Cal Poly University, Pomona, Dave Closson
                                     pioneered the use of large scale drought
                                      tolerant landscape features. He takes
                                        an active role in every project, working
                                        with the design team and finding
                                    innovative and practical solutions to landscaping chal-

                                • Commercial/Industrial/Retail
                                  Lewis - Las Vegas, NV
                                  100 acre mixed commercial/retail site
                                • SDC Fontana, CA
                                  50 acre industrial/commercial project
                                • Churches
                                  Our Lady of Pilar Church, Santa Ana, CA.
                                • Parks and Recreation
                                  Open Space Audubon Reserve - Redwood City, CA
                                  5 acre Bayside Park
                                • Residential
                                  Rancho San Clemente - San Clemente,CA
                                  2,100 unit, 2,000 acre residential community
                                 Sierra del Oro - Corona, CA
                                 2,200 unit, 1,300 acre residential community
                                • Model Homes
                                  Marin Lagoon - San Rafael, CA
3857 Birch Street                 5 waterfront S.F. model homes
Suite 308,
Newport Beach                    Conrac Single Family Homes - Covina, CA
CA, 92660                        5 Zero Lot Line Homes
p 714/444-2434
f 714/444-3526

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