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          International and Comparative Law
Southwestern has long offered a comprehensive program of courses and extracurricular opportunities for students
interested in the area of international and comparative law. More than 40 courses, a range of externship placements,
four summer abroad programs and a law journal dedicated to international issues in the western hemisphere, as well
as myriad symposia and lectures sponsored by the International Law Society and other student organizations provide
several avenues through which students can explore this field of law, being vitally important in today's global

Curricular Offerings
Over 40 specialized courses have been designed for Southwestern students who choose to pursue a course
of study focusing on international and comparative law. In addition to introductory courses such as Comparative Law,
Public International Law and International Trade Law, the curriculum includes offerings that consider the international
perspectives on criminal, commercial, tax, human rights, environmental and intellectual property law, among others.
      International Business Transactions, International Business Transactions with Latin America, International Finance,
      International Sale of Goods and International Trade Law cover commercial and business law in an international
      European Union introduces the major EU institutions and various aspects of its courts, commerce,
      competition rules and intellectual property.
      International Criminal Law & Criminal Justice Policy explores areas such as foreign defendants, sovereign
      immunity and gathering evidence in foreign countries.
      International Income Taxation covers the principal areas of U.S. taxation of foreign persons and foreign
      International Protection of Human Rights discusses international human rights development and enforcement.
      Terrorism, National Security, Foreign Policy and Legal Order, the National Security and Foreign Policy Seminar
      and The Criminal Justice Response to Terrorism Seminar explore a large range of topics to better understand the
      role of law and lawyers in fighting terrorism, establishing national security and shaping foreign policy.
      Prosecution of War Crimes Seminar examines legal issues arising in prosecutions of war crimes and crimes
      against humanity, including jurisdictional, evidentiary and remediation issues.
      International Environmental Law Seminar, International Environmental Law & Policy, Public International Law,
      Immigration Law and Immigration Law Seminar further explore American jurisdiction and other territorial issues.
      Comparative law studies are conducted in Comparative Criminal Evidence, Comparative Criminal Justice,
      Comparative Criminal Law & Procedure, Comparative and International Family Law, Comparative Law,
      Comparative Law: Civil & Islamic Law, Comparative Urban Planning Law, Conflict of Laws, Jewish Law, Islamic
      Law and seminars on International & Comparative Law and Latin American Laws & Institutions.
      International law issues related to entertainment and intellectual property law are covered in Cultural Property
      Law, International & Comparative Intellectual Property Law, International Art Law, International and Comparative
      Copyright Law, International Internet Law, International Media Law and International Sports Law.*

* Some of these courses are offered through Southwestern’s summer abroad programs.

Foreign Summer Law Programs
Southwestern offers four foreign summer law programs that feature international law courses taught by faculty from
Southwestern and the host countries; field excursions to the local courts, government offices and law firms; cultural
activities; and externship opportunities.
   A five-week program in Buenos Aires, Argentina, features courses related to international business transactions, Latin
American laws and institutions, international environmental law, international intellectual property and comparative
criminal justice. It is offered in conjunction with the University of Buenos Aires and the University of Salvador.
   A four-week program in Vancouver, B.C., Canada, focuses on comparative criminal law and procedure as well as
international trade, comparative criminal evidence and international criminal law and policy. It is held at the
University of British Columbia in collaboration with the International Centre for Criminal Law Reform and Criminal
Justice Policy.
   The five-week program in London, England, focuses on international entertainment and media law, and is offered
under the auspices of Southwestern’s Donald E. Biederman Entertainment and Media Law Institute.
   In addition, Southwestern is part of a consortium with the University of New Mexico and Texas Tech School of Law
offering a summer law institute in Guanajuato, Mexico. Courses cover Mexican law, international business law and
immigration law issues.

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Individualized Study
Southwestern’s Externship Program enables students to earn academic credit through placements in a number of
government and public agencies. Recent externships that focus on international law issues have included AYUDA,
ACLU, Amnesty International, Central American Resource Center, Copyright Royalty Tribunal, El Rescate, International
War Crimes Tribunal in The Hague, Los Angeles County Bar Association Immigration Legal Assistance Project,
Supreme Court of Argentina and the International Trade Commission. In addition to the traditional international law
courses, Independent Study is available under the guidance of a faculty member.

Southwestern Journal of Law and Trade in the Americas
The Southwestern Journal of Law and Trade in the Americas, a bi-annual student-run law journal, is one of the only
publications dedicated to legal issues facing the countries in North, Central, and South America as they forge new
relationships in legal areas including trade and investment. The Journal features articles and sponsors symposia on
such topics as international insolvency, privatization in Argentina, transborder dumping, intellectual property rights
enforcement and securities fraud, comparative criminal procedure, customs, countervailing duties, the inter-American
system of human rights, technology transfer, border controls, immigration, the environmental impact of trade
liberalization and the interrelationship of GATT and NAFTA.

Student Organizations
The Southwestern student body itself includes representatives of more than a dozen foreign countries and students
report fluency in over 35 different languages. The students have formed many formal organizations on campus
whose primary focus or major projects are concerned with international issues. The International Law Society serves as
a forum for students who are interested in the diverse opportunities available in the area of international law. The
Society regularly sponsors lectures and programs and is affiliated with the Association of Student International Law
Societies (ASILS), a branch of the American Society of International Law. The ASILS also organizes the annual Philip
C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition, which is hosted annually by selected U.S. law schools, including
Southwestern. Over the past several years, Southwestern’s teams have consistently distinguished themselves as top
oralists and brief writers in the competition at the regional, national and world levels.

Speakers on Campus
Recent programs featuring experts from Argentina, Canada, Mexico, Hong Kong and the U.S. have covered "Selling
Argentina: Problems and Opportunities in the Privatization of Public Enterprises," "International Commercial Insolvency,"
"Controlling Transboundary Crime in the Americas," "Mass Media & Censorship in the Americas" and "Understanding
the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo on Its 150th Anniversary."
   The law school also hosts special guests from around the world such as President Pierre Buyoya of Burundi; the
Right Honourable Kim Campbell, Consul General and former Prime Minister of Canada; the Hon. Emilio Cárdenas,
Argentina's Ambassador to the U.N.; the Hon. Juan Sola, Argentine Consul General in Los Angeles; Vincent Del
Buono, co-founder and president of the International Centre for Criminal Law Reform and Criminal Justice Policy; and
members of the law faculties of the University of British Columbia, University of Buenos Aires, University of Dar es
Salaam (Tanzania), University of Guanajuato (Mexico), and the University of Sofia (Bulgaria), among others.

Southwestern's ability to offer a comprehensive program in international law is enhanced by the faculty's expertise in
this area. Among Southwestern's professors are: the past chair of the ABA Section of International Law and Practice; a
co-author of the Antitrust Code for GATT; a member of the Arbitration Panel for Dispute Resolution under NAFTA; a
member of the Executive Council of the ABA Section of International Law and Practice; a past chair of the Association
of American Law Schools International Law Section; an advisor on the new bankruptcy codes for Croatia, Estonia and
the Republic of Moldava; an observer for the United Nations at the trials of Indonesian officials accused of crimes
against humanity in East Timor; an author of major volumes (in Spanish) on Argentine constitutional law and civil
liberties; and an expert on international intellectual property law from Argentina.

Employment Opportunities
The field of international law provides a variety of employment opportunities for law school graduates. The following
is a sample of Southwestern alumni who have made careers in this burgeoning area: Debra Belanger '94, Corporate
Counsel, Candle Corporation; Hernan Bentolila ‘00, International Counsel, Microstrategy, Inc., McLean, VA; Francis
Chan ‘94, Merrill Lynch; Brett Chapman '87, Senior Vice President, Walt Disney International; Vivian Cline '83,
Senior Corporate Counsel, Smith International, Inc., Houston, TX; Arthur Dimopoulos '91, Preston, Gates & Ellis,
Washington, D.C.; Karl Hopkins ‘92, Baker & Hostetler; Henry Hsieh '94, Click2Asia, Inc.; Wolfgang Kau '80, Kau
Attorneys, Germany; Rhadames Killy ‘94, Legal Director, Federation Francaise de Tennis; Randy Kung '99, Assistant
District Counsel, U.S. Department of Justice, I.N.S.; Lt. Leslie Reardanz III '90, Associate Admiralty Counsel, United
States Navy JAG Corps, Naval Special Warfare Training Center, San Diego, CA; Andrew Rosen '92, Executive Vice
President, Corporate Development, & General Counsel, Blackboard, Inc.; Henry Yang ‘96, Vice President/Counsel,
Mei Hua Precision Industry Co., Taiwan.

                                       Not all classes are offered every semester.
  Please refer to the current catalog or for course descriptions and additional courses in this area.

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