Staying busy! by bagaaktar147


									                                  Staying busy!
Staying busy saved my life! I see a lot of my friends who follow the most mundane
routine of going to class and then coming back home and then just relaxing for rest of the
day. I wonder how they do not shrivel up out of boredom. Not to brag, but I do classes till
afternoon and then go to a full-time job from the evening. I am also involved with several
voluntary organizations. Sometimes it does get a little overwhelming and I do face
problems in finding out time to hang out with my friends and family members, but the
thought of not doing anything at all other than just classes, literally chokes me. I like
being busy, and I encourage students to stay busy and pro-active!

Having the right attitude
There is a problem in the way most people think nowadays. People do not want to work
hard, but they want to earn easy money. There is a clear absence of eagerness, optimism,
enthusiasm and motivation among the young generation to work hard to earn a good
living. They look for the easiest ways and thus, get involved in activities that are
sometimes not right or just. If we want, we can ease obstacles in our own ways by
working hard to get the right job or get self-employed as well. Nothing will stop us from
achieving what we want, if we are enthusiastic and optimistic enough to do something for

                                  Dear Readers,
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Inspiring Star Chat
I like Star Campus, especially because of the Star Chat section. I get to know about the
achievement of young people who are just like me and my friends. One of the issues
published about pianist Ethanol Hogue, a unique personality of our country. I am fan of
piano music and would like to learn piano. The article informed me and made me aware
about whom to go and- talk to if I want to learn piano.

. I would like to thank Star Campus' initiative for publishing about rare personalities on
Star Chat. These young talents need more exposure, because we do not get to hear about
them anywhere else.

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