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   Each Thanksgiving, everyone takes the
time to give thanks. But for the Barkhoff
family, they give thanks every day of the
                                                   Thankful Every Day                                                                              terrible had happened to her son. “I thought
                                                                                                                                                   Donnie had been hit by a car or something,”
                                                                                                                                                   she said. “I went down Claudia Drive and
year that Donnie is still with them.                                     Michelle Jackson, Publisher/Editor                                        saw people standing by the sandpits. One
   In March of 1993, Donnie encountered an accident that                                                                          of the neighbors told me it was Donnie. I remember a man
very well could have taken his life. As a matter of fact, he                                                                      grabbing me by the arm and telling me my son was going
believes he did die, and came back to life. Twenty days                                                                           to be okay. When I got to him, he was wrapped in a ther-
after his twenty-first birthday was a day that changed his                                                                        mo blanket, and all I could see was his face. He kept tell-
life forever.                                                                                                                     ing me he was sorry and he was just trying to get home. I
   “I had gone to pick up something for a neighbor,” said                                                                         wanted to take him home, to take care of him, but because
Sallie, Donnie’s mother. “When I returned home, my                                                                                of the hypothermia, he was transported to the hospital.”
neighbor told me that Donnie had called and had been in                                                                              Donnie’s body weight was normally 120 pounds, but
a car accident on Two Notch Road, but he was okay.”                                                                               when he arrived at the hospital, he weighed 385 pounds
   Donnie waited around for a ride back home, and after                                                                           due to all the mud on him. “They put me in the shower
a while, he decided to walk. He lived behind Columbia                                                                             to being up my temperature,” Donnie said. “It took five
Mall at the time, and thought he would take a short cut                                                                           treatments to get all the mud out my hair.”
through the sand pits. “At that time, the sand pits were                                                                             After raising his body temperature back to normal,
behind Tire Kingdom,” he said. “It was more like clay                                                                             Donnie was released to go home. “I have lost all of my
though.”                                                                                                                          memory of the first 21 years of my life,” he said. “But I
   While walking on the sand pits, Donnie began to sink                                                                           was told it would slowly come back.”
into them. He started bogging down, and the more he                                                                                  Donnie’s mom said she remembers a lake being where
fought, the worse he went down. After about an hour or                                                                            Columbia Mall is now. “There’s water under the ground,”
so, his entire body was submerged, except for his head. “I                                                                        she said, “and that’s what made the clay so soft.” The
                                                                                    Donnie Barkhoff
screamed and yelled for help during that hour,” he said.                                                                          sandpits have since grown up, with trees and shrubbery,
“But no one came. I gave up, and thought to myself that I      time, I remember seeing Jesus. We walked toward each               and the area has been fenced off.
was going to die here. Finally, I saw a head pop up in the     other. I never saw his face, but instead saw a silhouette of          “I know it wasn’t my time,” Donnie said. “But if I had
back of a yard nearby. The guy came as close to me as he       people all around in a white field. I remember Jesus talk-         weighed 200 pounds or more, I wouldn’t be here today.”
could get and told me his dad called 911. He stayed with       ing to me, and I am convinced it was Jesus. He had broad              Since that day, Donnie has become active in church.
me until the firefighters and paramedics arrived.              shoulders, long curly hair, he was a bit taller than me and        “He never used to go before the accident,” Sallie said.
   “The firefighters arrived first,” Donnie continued, “and    he had a deep, deep voice. I felt such a sense of peace at         “But he doesn’t miss a Sunday now.”
brought out a five foot ladder. They laid it on the ground     the time. It is hard to explain, but it felt like all my burdens      “Even though I am thankful to still be here, to be able
and it sank into the clay. One of the firemen grabbed a res-   were gone. He told me, ‘When I am ready for you, I’m               to enjoy the holidays with family,” Donnie said, “I am
cue rope and threw it to me. I tied the rope around me four    bringing you home.’ Evidently, he wasn’t ready. I began            not afraid of death anymore. The indescribable feeling of
times, but my arms, and my whole body felt like jello, like    to pull myself out with the rope. Once I finally got out, I        peacefulness is so welcoming that it makes coming back
a rubberband. I was numb.                                      was standing in front of the Fire Captain, and I told him I        to life difficult.”
   “When one of the firemen saw my eyes beginning to           was going home. They forced me onto the stretcher, and                “We are so thankful that Donnie is still with us,” Sallie
roll back, he jumped towards me and began to sink him-         put a blanket on me.”                                              said. “If no one had heard his screams, he may very well
self. He was pulled out. The clay began to get soft again,       Hypothermia had set in, and Donnie’s body tempera-               have sank into the earth and been another missing person
and I slipped completely under. For the next twenty-six        ture was in the teens. When Donnie’s mother arrived                with no clues of his whereabouts. We give thanks every
minutes, I was completely under the clay. During that          home, she saw the rescue vehicles and thought something            day that Donnie is still with us.”

                     Wishing you a Happy Holiday Season!
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 Publication Dates and                                                       Turkey is usually the centerpiece
                                                                          on Thanksgiving and Christmas
                                                                                                                              Why Turkey?                                ing in the new land.
                                                                                                                                                                           Another theory is that Queen Eliz-
                                                                          tables in many homes; although this is not the                                        abeth was eating a goose as part of her meal
 Advertising Deadlines:                                                   case in every household. However, since turkey                                        during a harvest festival. As she was eating
                                                                          seems to be a Thanksgiving and Christmas tra-                                         the goose, she found out that the ship, the
  Publication Dates                 Advertising Deadlines                 dition for many people, it had me thinking, why                                       Spanish Armada, who was planning an at-
                                                                          turkey?                                                                               tack on England in the 16th century, had sunk
   December 1, 2011                 November 25, 2011                        Well, there are several theories of how tur-                                       on its way to England. So, as the legend goes,
  December 15, 2011                  December 9, 2011                     key became the center-stone for Thanksgiving                                          she asked for another goose to be served in
   January 12, 2012                   January 6, 2012                     and Christmas feasts as an American tradition.                                        order to celebrate. When the pilgrims re-
   January 26, 2012                  January 20, 2012                     Believe it or not, although it was not the main                                       turned to America, they cooked turkeys in-
   February 9, 2012                  February 3, 2012                     meat for the pilgrims, it is theorized that the                                       stead of geese because of the story and tra-
   February 23, 2012                 February 17, 2012                    famous bird was a part of the first Thanksgiv-                                        dition of Queen Elizabeth. However, turkeys
     March 8, 2012                     March 2, 2012                      ing menu. However, for the Plymouth colonists              Leigh Katsos,             were also hunted and served instead of geese
    March 22, 2012                    March 16, 2012                      and the Wampanoag Indians, the three-day cel-                Columnist               because there were more turkeys than geese
     April 5, 2012                    March 30, 2012                      ebration in 1621, the first Thanksgiving, turkey
                                                                                                                                                               in the new land and less difficult to hunt.
     April 19, 2012                    April 13, 2012                     was not the main meat for their celebration to                                          Today, turkeys are affordable and can be
      May 3, 2012                      April 27, 2012                     God for sending them to the “new land.” Other meats on served to feed a lot of people. Also, turkeys are easier and
     May 17, 2012                      May 11, 2012                       the menu? Duck, eel, seal, cod, and geese were also served. less expensive to process than other meats of its kind. Until
      June 7, 2012                      June 1, 2012                      These meats were easily accessible and there were enough the late 19th century, chicken was viewed more highly than
     June 21, 2012                     June 15, 2012                      for everyone to eat at the celebration. However, turkey was today. Also, chicken meat can be tough, making the turkey
     July 12, 2012                      July 6, 2012                      still served, many believe. The reason is because a famous a better option, along with the size of a turkey being able to
     July 26, 2012                     July 20, 2012                      letter was found that Edward Winslow wrote, writing about feed more people, making it less expensive for families. And
    August 9, 2012                    August 3, 2012                      that he was on a turkey hunting trip, right before the celebra- let’s not forget there is more to buy than just the meat. So this
    August 23, 2012                   August 17, 2012                     tion was planned to begin. However, it should be noted, deer is why turkey is usually the centerpiece on many American
  September 6, 2012                   August 31, 2012                     and wild fowl (duck and geese) are the only two meats that tables on Thanksgiving and Christmas. Hope you have a
  September 20, 2012                September 14, 2012                    historians are sure that were served on the First Thanksgiv- Happy Turkey day!

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wood, SC, 29016. Cost is $18.25 for 6 months or                                                                                      The Blythewood Lions
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Page 2                                                                •                    November 17, 2011                              •            The Blythewood Leader
   Teddy Bears: An American Classic
   Every child loves teddy
bears. Whether the teddy bear
                                                                 Bear Company is one of the
                                                                 world’s largest producers

                                                                                                               i ck ey D’s
is the traditional brown, furry                                  of teddy bears- featured in

bear children have loved for                                     the 2008 Guinness Book of
generations or a bear that the                                   World Records for the ‘Larg-
child custom designed for him                                    est Teddy Bear Mosaic,’ and
or herself at one of the many                                    has developed over 100 teddy
stores that lets people build                                    bear designs children can          Visit our website daily at
their own bear, children have                                    choose from and stuff all by
always loved bears. The teddy                                    themselves in store.
                                                                                                         Under $5000                                $10,001-$14,000

                                                                                                                               PICK YOUR PRICE!
bear has remained popular be-                                       The best part of visiting the   1997 Jeep Cherokee Sport                      2008 Chevy Trailblazer
cause it is a comfort toy. Most                                  Chelsea Teddy Bear Com-            2003 Chevy Malibu                             2008 Chevy Equinox
children don’t really play with         Madison Cooke            pany was seeing how one            1999 Chevy Tahoe                              2004 Chevy Suburban
teddy bears, but instead cuddle             Columnist            of America’s favorite toys         2004 Chrysler Sebring                         2008 Chrysler Aspen
with them as they fall asleep at is developed. First, the most       2003 Dodge Grand Caravan
night or when they are scared                                    important step, the bear, is de-
                                                                                                                                                  2008 Dodge Dakota
                                                                                                    2000 GMC Envoy                                2009 Dodge Caliber
or sad.                                           signed and a pattern is created. Then a custom
   Teddy bears have played a critical role in made die cuts the fabric and all the pieces are
                                                                                                    1998 Honda Accord                             2008 Dodge Grand Caravan
children’s lives throughout history, and recent- sewn together by hand. Next, the teddy bear        1997 Cherokee Country                         2009 Ford Escape
ly on a trip to the Chelsea Teddy Bear Compa- is turned inside out and stuffed with cotton          1998 Grand Cherokee                           2008 Ford Taurus X
ny; I had the opportunity to learn its origin. In and beads, which are added to some bears to       2001 Volvo V-70                               2009 Kia Rio
1902, twenty-two years after Margarete Steiff make them sit upright. Finally, the individual        2000 Dodge Dakota 4x4                         2009 Kia XB
invented the first stuffed toy in 1880, Richard parts of the bear are sewn together to create                                                     2009 Volvo S-40
Steiff created the first teddy bear based on the teddy bear that Americans have come to                  $5001-$7,500
his sketches of real bears from the zoo with know and love.                                         2004 Chevy Blazer 4x4                              $14,000 & Up
the intention of creating a more realistic toy       It was amazing to see how much the teddy                                                     2007 Chevy Silverado
                                                                                                    2005 Chrysler Town & Country
for children to play with. Steiff’s legacy has bear has changed throughout the course of                                                          2010 Dodge Charger SXT
lived on through companies like the Chelsea                                                         2007 Dodge Grand Caravan
                                                                                                    2004 Ford Freestar                            2010 Dodge Grand Caravan
Teddy Bear Company. The Chelsea Teddy                                         •See Bear, Page 7
                                                                                                    2005 Kia Sedona                               2007 Ford F-150

                                                                                                                                                  2009 Honda Accord
                                                                                                        $7,501-$10,000                            2010 Honda Civic
                                                                                                    2008 Chevrolet Colorado                       2006 Honda Pilot EX-L
                                                                                                    2006 Chevrolet Colorado                       2010 Jeep Compass
Auto Care & Mini Storage     Dale Abbott, Owner
                                                                                                    2009 Chevrolet HHR
                                                                                                    2008 Chevrolet Impala
                                                                                                                                                  2007 Nissan Murano
                                                                                                                                                  2008 Nissa Pathfinder
                                                                                                    2007 Chevrolet Uplander
            U. S. Army Retired, 20 years of service, 40 year Veteran                                2005 Chrysler Pacifica
                           5x10.........................$50 Donations made                          2004 GMC Yukon XL 2500
                                                            monthly to AER                          2008 Hyundai Accent
                           10x10.......................$60 in support of our                        2004 Kia Sorento 4x4
                                                                                                    2006 Kia Sorento
                           10x20.....................$110       troops
                                                                                                    2001 Lexus RX 300

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             Our Oil Changes Include:
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The Blythewood Leader                                           •                   November 17, 2011                  •                                               Page 3
                                   Community Happenings
  •Historical Presenter/Author to Talk in Winnsboro.                  •Upper Cervical Health Centers Is reaching out to feed                  •The Christmas Tree Lighting in Blythewood will
Author Aliene Shields will present a program on The                  Columbia’s neediest families. In an effort to help feed                 be held on November 20, 2011 at 5pm at Town Hall,
Legacy of a Common Civil War Soldier at 6 pm at the                  Columbia’s neediest families, Upper Cervical Health Centers             171 Langford Road in Blythewood. The Blythewood
Christ Central Community Center, 235 S. Congress                     of America is organizing a Thanksgiving Holiday Food                    Christmas Parade will be held December 11, 2011. Entry
St., Winnsboro on Nov. 21. Shields worked with co-                   Drive.Here is how it works: NEW PATIENTS:1.Pack ONE                     forms are available online at
author Mac Wyckoff on her inherited collection of                    (1) shopping bag full of non-perishable groceries (see food
                                                                                                                                              •Operation Christmas Child / November 14-21, 2011.
34 letters written by her great grandfather, Thomas                  recommendations below) 2.Schedule your FREE appointment
                                                                                                                                             Operation Christmas Child is a project of Samaritan’s
Marion Shields, to his wife Mandy and other family                   with one of our doctors. We have reserved Monday, October
                                                                                                                                             Purse, an international Christian relief organization headed
and friends. He was a private in Kershaw’s Brigade,                  24th, through Friday, November 18th especially for you!
                                                                                                                                             by Franklin Graham. The Midlands community will give
Company D of the 3rd Infantry. The letters detail                    Bring your shopping bag donation to your appointment. 3.In
                                                                                                                                             gift-filled shoeboxes to send to children in countries of war,
some of the hardest and bloodiest battles of the War                 exchange for your food donation, you are entitled to a state-
                                                                                                                                             poverty, disease and natural disaster. All ages can share hope,
(1861-1865). On March 2, 1865, Shields was captured                  of-the-art Upper Cervical and neurological examination, as
                                                                                                                                             joy and love in this exciting and rewarding project. The
by the Union Army and held for three days. He was                    well as a painless dermal-thermal test for nerve pressure and
                                                                                                                                             Midlands Collection Center for Operation Christmas Child
allowed to return home after that. He returned to his                X-rays (if necessary) to determine the CAUSE of your health
                                                                                                                                             is North Trenholm Baptist Church, 6515 North Trenholm
life of farming with Mandy, had five children, and died              condition. The normal fee for these procedures are valued
                                                                                                                                             Road, Columbia. Monday, November 14, 9:00 am— 1:00
in his mid–70s. An ordinary life, perhaps, but one that              up to $300.00, but will be performed for NO CHARGE to
                                                                                                                                             pm, Tuesday, November 15, 9:00 am— 1:00 pm, Wednesday,
Shields and Wyckoff believe should be documented.                    you. EXISTING PATIENTS:1.Pack ONE (1) shopping bag
                                                                                                                                             November 16, 1:00 pm—6:00 pm, Thursday, November 17,
The event is free to the public and is being sponsored               full of non-perishable groceries (see food recommendations
                                                                                                                                             9:00 am— 1:00 pm, Friday, November 18, 9:00 am— 5:00
by the John Bratton Chapter #929 of the United                       below). 2.In exchange for your donation, you will receive a
                                                                                                                                             pm, Saturday, November 19, 9:00 am— NOON, Sunday,
Daughters of the Confederacy. The presentation is                    free appointment and Upper Cervical check-up.3.Schedule
                                                                                                                                             November 20, 2:00 pm—4:00 pm, Monday, November
free to the public. For additional information, contact              your FREE appointment between Monday, October 24th
                                                                                                                                             21, 8:00 am—7:00 pm. For all information, please visit
Pam at 803-712-0077.                                                 and Friday, November 24th for you! Bring your shopping
                                                                                                                                             the website at and click on
                                                                     bag donation to your appointment. If you would like to learn
 •Outreach Bicycles for Needy Children is in need of                                                                                         Operation Christmas Child or Samaritan’s Purse toll free
                                                                     more about the Food drive, please call (803) 736-3700. We
donations for this coming Christmas. Alesha Hudson began                                                                                     1-800-353-5949. For more local information, call North
                                                                     cannot do this without your help. We thank you in advance
this ministry at age 6 with the help of her grandmother,                                                                                     Trenholm Baptist Church, 787-2133.
                                                                     and look forward to WORKING FOR YOU FOR FOOD to
and has given out over 300 bicycles to needy children. The           support the needy families in our community!                             •The Fairfield County Main Library renovation
children are selected through the Dept. of Social Services and                                                                               project will begin soon. The Main Library will be closed
the local schools guidance counselors. Donate a bicycle(s),           •The Bethel-Hanberry Athletic Alumni Association
                                                                     (B-HAAS) will host a Holiday Horseshoe and Cards (Spades/               November 21-December 3. During this two-week period
make a deposit at First Palmetto Savings Bank or send                                                                                        the Main Library will relocate to space on the 321 By-
donations to: Outreach Bicycles for Needy Children, 1434             Whist) Tournament on December 10, 2011. Proceeds will
                                                                     go to the organization’s Scholarship Fund. The Horseshoe                Pass next to Hacker Industries (old TG&Y building next
Baldwin Road, Lugoff, SC, 29078. The bicycles will be                                                                                        to DSS and DHEC). While we are closed, materials may
given out at Unity United Methodist Church on December               Tourney kicks off at 1:00 pm with the card tourney beginning
                                                                     at 4:00 pm. You may pre-register for $15.00 per team. Event             be returned in the library book drop. During the two-week
17, Call 803-438-0145 for more information.                                                                                                  period that the Main Library is closed for relocation the
                                                                     day registration is $20.00 per team. All individual registrations
                                                                     are $10.00 regardless whether the registration is early or day          Ridgeway Branch Library will be open extra hours.
 • REHAB. Get free and confidential help finding
rehab listings in your local area through findrehabnow.              of the event. Come join the fun, food, and holiday festivities
com or call today at 888-629-0333 to speak to a                      prior to the Blythewood Christmas Parade on Sunday. Help us
counselor.                                                           make a difference in children’s lives. For details, contact Larry                      The Pine Tree Playhouse
                                                                     D. “Griff” Griffin, President @ 803-361-5292.                                                                 presents...

                 Support Bengals Wrestling: 2011-2012 Schedules:
                VARSITY SCHEDULE                                                        JV/MS SCHEDULE
DATE              TIME           OPPONENT                            DATE                TIME              OPPONENT
NOV. 29           6:30pm BROOKLAND-CAYCE                             NOV. 29             6:30pm       BC/DREHER
Nov. 30           6pm      @ Airport                                 Nov. 30             6pm          @ Airport
Dec. 2-3          TBA      @ Irmo Palmetto Classic                   Dec. 1              5:00pm       @ Lexington (JV Team only)
Dec. 7            TBA      @ Spring Valley*                          Dec. 7              TBA          @ Spring Valley*
DEC. 8             6:30pm KEENAN/EAU CLAIRE                          Dec. 9-10           TBA          @ Irmo JV/MS Sting Classic                    By: Jessie Jones, Nicolas Hope, & Jamie Wooten
Dec. 13           TBA      @ Lower Richland                          Jan. 4              TBA          @ Lugoff-Elgin                          Join the flirtatious, fertile and felonious Futrelle sisters for an evening of laugh out loud fun!
Dec. 14           TBA      @ Chester                                 JAN. 11             6:30pm Dutch Fork/Cardinal Newman                                            Directed by Ginny McKinney
Dec. 17           TBA      @ Ridgeview Blazer Classic                Jan. 13-14          6:00pm @ Lugoff Elgin JV Classic                                                           Show Dates:
Dec. 29           9:30am @ Airport Eagles Duals                      JAN. 19             6:30pm         RIDGEVIEW/IRMO*                       Fridays, December 2 and 9, and Saturdays, December 3 and 10
Jan. 4            TBA       @ Lugoff-Elgin*                          Jan. 21             Carolina JV/MS Championship @ Lexington                                       at 8:00pm
Jan. 6-7          TBA       @ Hardee’s Blue Devil                    JAN. 25                6:30pm             LR/DREHER                                 Sundays, December 4 and 11 at 3:00pm
                            Invitational                                                 *Denotes Region Match
                                                                                                                                                            Call 803-635-6847 for reservations
JAN. 11           6:30pm    DUTCH FORK*
JAN. 19           6:30pm    RIDGEVIEW/IRMO*                            HEAD COACH: Paul D. Watson, ASST. Head-                                                     Tickets $10, Sunday Senior matinees $8
Jan. 21           9:00am @ Heathwood Hall Duals                        Coach: Craig China, Asst. Coach: Eddie Celso,                                                   Cash and Check gladly accepted
JAN. 25           6:30pm     LR/DREHER                                  Asst. Coach: Keith Goins, Asst. Coach: Chris                                                       The Pine Tree Playhouse,
                  *Denotes Region Match                                                   Braziel                                                                 230 S. Congress St. Winnsboro, SC 29180

Page 4                                                           •                    November 17, 2011                                  •                 The Blythewood Leader
     Happy Anniversary                                                                 Birth Announcement
   Larry and Katie Ste-                                                             Christopher and
vens of Blythewood,                                                               Alice Wofford an-
SC celebrated 50 years                                                            nounce the birth
of marriage on Septem-                                                            of their daughter,
ber 23, 2011. A drop-in                                                           Laura Campbell,
was held in their honor                                                           on Thursday, Octo-
on October 8, 2011 at                                                             ber 20, 2011 at 3:15
Killian Baptist Church                                                            pm. Laura was 8
in Columbia, SC. Over                                                             pounds 12.8 ounces
one hundred family                                                                and 20.5 inches
members and friends                                                               long. Proud big
joined them to celebrate                                                          brother, Harrison,
this wonderful mile-                                                              and proud big sister,
stone in their lives. The                                                         Olivia, welcomed
drop-in was hosted by                                                             her home. Laura is
their children, Cindy                                                             the granddaughter
and Kenny Eargle of                                                               of Herb and Billie Wofford of Blythewood, Duane Earles of Columbia, and Eme Earles
Blythewood, SC and                                                                of Blythewood. She is the great granddaughter of Homer and Gladys Wofford of Blythe-
Jenny and John Koumas                                                             wood, Irvin and Margie Mundy of Blythewood, and Annelle Earles of Columbia. All are
of Elgin, SC.                                                                     excited to have a healthy baby girl join the family!
   The Stevens were
married on September
23, 1961 at Bayview                                                                  Send your wedding, anniversary, birth or birthday
Baptist Church, Colum-
bia, SC. They are members of Killian Baptist Church.                                announcements to
   The couple’s grandchildren are Bryan and Emily Eargle of Austin, Texas, Jus-
tin and Brandi Spivey of Camden, SC, Melyssa Eargle of Charleston, SC, Jes-                     Announcements are FREE!
sica Koumas and Jenna Koumas both of Elgin, SC.

                               RICHLAND TWO                                         ELGIN MOTORS
                                                                                     Quality Pre-Owned Vehicles
                               CHARTER HIGH                                                        Cars • SUV’s • Trucks
                                                                                            All Priced Below Suggested Retail
                                  SCHOOL                                                                              SUV’s
                                                                                                                      2004 Ford Escape Limited SOLD                        $7995
      Do you need a smaller, more personalized                                                                        2005 Jeep Liberty 4x4                              $10,500
                                                                                                                      2004 Ford Explorer EB (3rd row, DVD)               $10,900
              high school experience?                                                                                 2004 Ford Expedition 4x4 EB                        $11,900
                                                                                                                      1999 Ford Explorer, 4 dr, XLS SOLD                  $3,995
                                                                                                                      2006 Jaguar X-Type SOLD                            $11,900
                                                                                                                      2006 Ford Mustang GT (leather, 1000 watt shaker) $12,900
                                                                                                                      2004 Lincoln LS (70k miles)                        $11,500
                                                                                                                      2009 Ford Focus SE, 51k, auto w/l                  $10,995
                                                                                                                      2000 Mercury Sable, 82k miles                       $5,995
                                                                                                                      2001 Ford Ranger XLT S-Cab (4 dr, auto, V-6, pw/pl) $6,995
                                                                                                                      2004 Ford F-250 Crew Cab XLT, diesel, 72k miles $16,900
                                                                                                                      2007 Chevrolet Silverado LS Ext. Cab, 64k miles $14,900
                          For More Information:                                                                               2455 Main Street, Elgin
                         803-419-1348                                                     NEW CARS
                                                                                        ARRIVING DAILY!                  803-438-0380

The Blythewood Leader                               •               November 17, 2011                       •                                                           Page 5
                      Churches in the Community
               Agape Worship Center                                          Fair Lawn United Methodist Church                                    New Hope International Ministries
     Sunday Early Worship: 8:30am, Worship 11am                             Service: 9:00am, Sunday School: 10:15am                                         Sundays at 10am
               424 Lee Rd., Columbia                                                    9203 Wilson Blvd.                                     Holiday Inn Express, Creech Rd., Blythewood
          454-2373 •                                                   754-2070                                                         803.708.4974
          A More Excellent Way Ministry                                       Final Authority Chrisitan Church
 Sunday Service: 10:30am Wed. Bible Study: 7:00pm                    Sunday Service 10:00am • Thursday Bible Study 6:30pm                            New Kirk Presbyterian
        245 Adams Road, Blythewood, 29016                                             420 E. McNulty Road                                        491 Langford Road, PO Box 456
                      834-4214                                                              714-0761                                                  Blythewood, SC 29016 • Nursery care available                                                                                                    803-754-7557 or 803-608-1484
                                                                                      Grace Cathedral                           • Sunday Worship at 10:30 AM
           Columbia Crossroads Northeast                             Sunday School 10:00am • Worship 11:00am Wed. 7pm                       Nursery care and children’s church available
        A New Church with an Ancient Mission                                   8017 Winnsboro Rd. • 754-4690
       930 Longtown Road, Columbia, SC 29229                                                                                                                Village Church
          Sunday Worship: 10am Web: www.                                           Macedonia Baptist Church                                              Sunday 9:00 & 10:30am Email: info@                                 Sunday School 9am • Worship 10:15am                                   574 Rimer Pond Road, Blythewood.
                                             72 Macedonia Church Rd., Ridgeway                                          419-0989 • Erik Estep
                                                                                         803- 337-3205
          Crossmark, a Christian Church
    Sundays, 10:00am at the YMCA at Lake Carolina
         (Kelly Mill Rd. at Lake Carolina Dr.)
                                                                            Church Listings are only $10 a month. Call 803-609-4196 to • 803-293-9633                                   have your church listed in The Blythewood Leader.
       Love God. Love People. Serve the World.

                                                        Church Happenings
•FALL BAZAAR. The Women’s Ministry at North Point                    • Women of Purpose--Now has 2 groups....morning &                   • Macedonia Baptist Church Food Pantry is the site
Community Church will hold their second-annual Fall Bazaar           evening! We are a group of women of all ages who want               for food distribution of CSFP (Senior Citizens). This
on Saturday, November 19, from 9 am - 2 pm. The church is            to learn what the Bible has to say about our everyday lives.        distribution will take place on the 3rd Saturday rather than
located at 532 N. Brickyard Road, Columbia, SC 29223. We             All meetings are held at VillageChurch, with the evening            the 4th Saturday for the months of November and December
have several vendors confirmed already, but have openings for        meetings on the 2nd & 4th Wednesdays from 6:30 to 8:30              due to the Holidays. The distribution time will be from 10:00
more at this time. If you or someone you know sells catalog or       p.m. and the morning meetings on the 2nd & 4th Fridays              am - 11:00 am. All seniors 60 years and older are welcomed
                                                                                                                                         to apply during this time. Please bring proof of income and
homemade merchandise, let us know! For more information,             from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. All women of the community                  and a valid document verifying your address. The church
call Karen Bailey at North Point at (803) 699-1008.                  are welcome. There is a $25 fee that will cover your                is located at 72 Macedonia Church Rd. Ridgeway, SC.
                                                                     book, childcare and any other group expenses. For more              29130 Note: Due to government cut backs, the USDA
• Rehoboth Baptist Church, located at 4646 Hard Scrabble
Road in NE Columbia, Youth Ministry is sponsoring a                  information or to register for childcare, please contact            and Harvest Hope distributions have been permanently
Fashion Show. Admission is 4 canned goods or $5.00                   (803)419-0989 or visit .                  cancelled. For further information, contact Larry D.”Griff”
donation. All proceeds go the Harvest Hope to feed those                                                                                 Griffin, Executive Director @ 803-361-5292.
in need.The Meet The Need Fashion Show will be held on               •Ladies, join us each Tuesday for Selah Moms (1st and 3rd
Saturday November 19th @ 4:00 p.m. For additional info               Tuesdays) and Selah Studies (2nd and 4th Tuesdays). Selah           • The Community Thanksgiving Service will be held
call: Sis. Lisa Willis 803-788-3397                                  Moms will focus on education, encouragement, and support            Tuesday, November 22 at 7PM at Bethel Baptist Church on
                                                                     for all moms, and Selah Studies will offer 2 Bible studies          McNulty Road in Blythewood. Please join the community
• The combined choirs of First Baptist Church and                    to equip and encourage all women. We meet at Columbia               churches and pastors for a service that bridges racial and
Aimwell Presbyterian Church of Ridgeway will present a               Crossroads Northeast, 930 Longtown road, from 9:30-                 religious differences. The offering will go to the Cooperative
Christmas Cantata “Hope has Hands” at 6 P.M. on Sunday,              11:30am. Childcare is available. To register or for more            Ministry (Blythewood office) and you may also bring a
December 11st at the sanctuary of First Baptist Church,                                                                                  non-perishable food item for the Cooperative Ministry food
200 N. Valencia Rd., Ridgeway. The choirs are under the              information, please contact Sandi Di Toma at 803-403-7530
                                                                     or via email at                     pantry. If you have any questions, please contact Rev. Cathy
direction of Mary Conyers, minister of music at First Baptist.                                                                           Jamieson Ogg at Trinity at 786-1637 ext. 12.
There is no cost and are all at invited.
                                                                     • Thanksgiving Souper to ladle love at New Kirk on Nov.             • Final Authority Christian Church would like to invite
• AL-Anon Meetings are held on Thursdays’ at 6pm at Breath                                                                               you out to our Woman’s Conference 2011. RED is our
of Life Lutheran Church, Corner of Langford Road and Wilson          17th, 5:30 to 7:30 p.m., 491 Langford Road, Blythewood.
                                                                     For a donation of just $2.00, those attending the Souper will       theme (Releasing Emotional Drama). The Conference
Blvd. (US 21). Information: Call Susan at (803) 691-6735                                                                                 will be November 17th thru the 19th. Thuirday and Friday
                                                                     get a bowl of Chick-fil-A soup and a drink, with all proceeds       night at 7pm and Saturday 10am- 2pm. On Saturday we
• “God’s Greatest Gift, Jesus Christ” Drive Thru                     going to The Columbia Women’s Shelter – which provides
Nativity. Come experience the Greatest Gift ever. Free                                                                                   will also have a Womans expo during the conference.
                                                                     a safe environment for homeless women in crisis and                 Woman of the Midlands with small businesses or that
drive thru Nativity from 6:00pm - 8:00pm, December 16th              the necessary resources to build strong and healthy lives.
and 17th. Visitors drive their vehicles (NO BUSES, due to                                                                                desire to start small businesses should call 803-714-0761
limited space) through to view the Nativity of live scenes           Individuals also have the opportunity to sponsor a table            for more info on tables at the expo. Pastors Jeffery and
with actors and animals. This will be an experience you              for $150 or more to honor a special woman in their lives.           Princetta James will be presiding over the conference and
will want the whole family to enjoy. Pine Grove Baptist              Sponsorship forms, event tickets and additional information         guest speakers will be Dr. Cora Sanford, Pastor Ann Cross
Church, 836 Pine Grove Road, Lugoff, SC 29078. More                  can be obtained by visiting The Women’s Shelter website at          and the legendary Chris Bethel. The church is located at
information call Pastor Doug 803-438-2025.                 , or by calling 803-779-4706.                   420-E McNulty Road.
Page 6                                                           •                   November 17, 2011                               •            The Blythewood Leader
 “Thanksgiving, A Story of Divine Providence” at Blythewood Baptist                                                                      •Bear                               bear remains the number one
                                                                                                                                                                             choice as America’s comfort
                                             Submitted by Joy Trojahn                                                                    From Page 3                         toy. I believe the teddy bear is
   Americans love holidays. It           humble primitive farming tools,                     in perfect English? Why is Indian                                               a classic that will never be re-
amazes me how every year the             and their precious Bibles amongst                   corn a very important Thanksgiv-            history but yet also remained      placed because it is more than
stores put out the Christmas deco-       the few other books and supplies                    ing decoration? And what do you             the same. The teddy bear is        just a bear to many people. It’s
rations earlier and earlier. This        they carried with them?                             really know about a true hero called        still cute and cuddly, but there   a symbol of love when given
year the garland and tinsel are right      The Pilgrims had intended to                      Squanto? All the answers to these           are hundreds upon hundreds         from one person to another.
beside the witches’ hats, skeletons,     cross the Atlantic in a more favor-                 questions…and more…, so much                of different faces, sizes, and     It’s a demonstration of the
and scary costumes.                      able season, however, because of                    more, are revealed to us in Gover-          shapes to choose from. The         joy that can be found in sim-
    But in my opinion, one holiday       the continuous delays, from prob-                   nor Bradford’s diaries.                     teddy bear is still stuffed and    plicity and nature every time
outshines them all. This year we         lems with reported leakages of the                     A very special illustrated presen-       furry, but now children can        a child chooses a teddy bear
celebrate Thanksgiving on Thurs-         Speedwell, and from trials through                  tation, “Thanksgiving, A Story of           choose how furry and how           over some toy truck or doll.
day, November 24th.           Unlike     persecutions, they crossed the At-                  Divine Providence,” will be shown           full they want their bear to be    Most importantly though, it’s
other holidays, commercialization        lantic, arriving in the harsh winter                at Blythewood Baptist Church and            when they fill it themselves.      a symbol of no matter how
has not obliterated Thanksgiving         of November. They left without                      you are invited. Our heart’s de-            Most importantly, despite          much the world may change
beyond reason and recognition.           their supply ship, a vessel to be                   sire is to enrich your holiday and          the prevalence of many other       around us- some things will
Thankfully, it has retained much         used for their fishing enterprise. It               be a blessing to the community we           competing toys, the teddy          always be classics.
of its original beauty. Before we        was a great risk, yet the dear godly                love. This presentation will bring
gather around the table with friends
and family, ready to gobble up that
                                         ladies embroidered upon one of
                                         the sails of the Mayflower a phrase
                                                                                             into your hearts and homes a new
                                                                                             understanding of how God works
                                                                                                                                          Exterior Dreams and Seamless Gutters
big butterball turkey, dressing, and     you are most familiar with, and a                   in our lives through difficult trials                “Let Us Make All Your Dreams Come True”
pumpkin pie, let’s try to put some       phrase that you carry around with                   and through ordinary ways to per-                               • 6” Seamless Gutters
meaning back into this celebrated        you every day. Do you know what                     form His extra-ordinary plan. You
day.                                     that might be? Why did young                        do not want to miss this presenta-                              • Additions
   Let me ask you: How much do           Bradford, later to become the gov-                  tion. This could be the beginning
you really know about the story of       ernor of the colony, bring a printing               of a great Thanksgiving tradition                               • All Types of Siding
Thanksgiving? Imagine boarding           press? And how did that press save                  with your family and friends. I                                 • Decks
a big rickety, rustic ship, the May-     their lives in the midst of a raging                can assure you, the true story of
flower, with your precious children      storm at sea?                                       Thanksgiving will rekindle your                                 • Porches
and loved ones to brave a raging sea       Storms had driven the Mayflower                   faith in God and your love for our                              • Replacement Windows
and howling storms. Why? Was it          far from the shores of Virginia, the                American heritage. This year, let
for lands and fortunes? Why would        intended charter. Find out about                    “Thanksgiving” fill our hearts, and                             • Roofing
these dear people called “Pilgrims”      this special rock we call “Plym-                    not just our stomach.
leave the comfort of their homes,        outh Rock,” and why this was the                       Thanksgiving, A Story of Divine                     Chuck Mosier/Owner and Operator
their careers and livelihood, their      perfect place for the Lord to bring                 Providence, Sunday, November
dearest loved ones, and start over       these Pilgrims. How in the world                    20th at 10:00 am.                            
with nothing more than a few
clothes, a pouch of seeds, some
                                         did an Indian come out of the forest
                                         and begin speaking to the Pilgrims
                                                                                             more information, call 479-1511
       Wills, Trusts & Powers of Attorney,
       Guardianships, Conservatorships
   Estate Planning & Probate Administration
                                                                                                          Just 4 Paws         Grooming Salon
                                                                                                       Book Your Holiday Appointment Soon!
       Residential Real Estate Closings &
      Re nancing, Commercial Real Estate,
            Tax Deferred Exchanges
                                 COLLABORATIVE LAW                                                         Open Tuesday through Saturday at 8am
                                        Family and Civil
                                                                                                                                                             With the holidays quickly
                                        BUSINESS LAW                                                                                                         approaching, call for your
                                 Corporations, Partnerships,
                                 Limited Liability Companies                                                                                                  grooming appointment
                                   CIVIL LITIGATION                                                                                                           today! Time slots fill up
                                         Personal Injury                                                                                                        fast, so don’t delay!
                   Village in Woodcreek Farms                                                                     t s
           1700 Woodcreek Farms Road, Columbia (Elgin)                                                         Gif cate e                                       212 Main St., Blythewood
                      803-699-2490                                                                              rti ab                                        (Corner of Langford Road and Main Street)
                                                                 M.L. (Bart) Bartlett, Jr.                    Ce vail
                    www.bartlettlaw                                                                        A
The Blythewood Leader                                      •                      November 17, 2011                                  •                                                            Page 7
                          “Homemade Cooking: Prepared for
                          you like we prepare for our family”
                                                                     Thanksgiving Day fun run/walk to benefit
                                408 Main Street
                                                                                  Harvest Hope
                              629-6083                              8th annual Gobble Go event set for Thursday,
                                                                               Nov. 24 in Longcreek
                                                                      Hundreds of pounds of food for                                                  of 3.1, 4.4 or 5.5 miles on gently
                                                                    the hungry in our area will be col-                                               rolling roads including Columbia
                                                                    lected on Thanksgiving Day at                                                     Club Drive and Longtown Road.
                                                                    the 8th annual Gobble Go fun run                                                  The event is not timed and no
                                                                    and walk to benefit Harvest Hope                                                  awards are given.
   Thursday Night:    Now OPEN                                      Food Bank. The event begins at                                                      “On Thanksgiving Day, of all
                   Fridays till 7pm                                 8 a.m. on Thursday, Nov. 24 at                                                    days of the year, it’s terrible to
       Fish Fry                                                     the front gate of the Windermere                                                  think of people without enough
   4-8pm (Flounder serving our full                                 neighborhood in Longcreek Plan-                                                   to eat,” says event organizer
                                                                    tation.                                                                           Jeanne Reynolds. “The Gobble
      or Tilapia)      menu!                                          Runners, walkers, children and                                                  Go is a celebration of our bless-
                                                                    even dogs are welcome to partici-                                                 ings while helping those less for-
          Open Monday through Friday                                pate. The entry fee is two nonper-                                                tunate.”
     Ask About Our Daily Lunch Specials!                            ishable food items per person. All                                                  Reynolds says those who want
                                                                    items collected will be donated to                                                to help but can’t participate may
 Thank you for your continued support!                              Harvest Hope.                                       Jeanne Reynolds
                                                                                                                         Event Organizer
                                                                                                                                                      drop food items by the Wind-
                                                                      Participants can choose routes                                                  ermere front gate that morning.

                                                                    Embroidery Stitches Plus
                                                                                                                                   Sharpe’s Contracting
                                                                                                                                 
                                                                                                                                          FREE ESTIMATES
                                                                                                                                   Services, LLC
                                                                     Customize a blanket with photos and/or embroidery.             
                                                                                                                                      • Clearing/Grading
                                                                    They make excellent Christmas gifts! Call us for details!        • Driveways/Drainage
                                                                                                                                     • Pond Maintenance
                                                                               1232 D Rose Street, Elgin                             • Bush Hogging                                     
                                                                            803-438-0303                                                                          

   Eargle’s                                                                  Blythewood
  Paint & Body Shop, Inc                                                         Gloriosa                                   
       Serving                                                                    Florist
                                                                                                                                      When highly ammable dryer lint ignites, you and
      Columbia                                                            Give Thanks with Flowers this                                your family could be in danger. Have your dryer
      Since 1990                                                                 Thanksgiving!                                                      vents cleaned today!
        • Insurance Claims                                                                                                                                                  Protect your
    • Restorations Welcome                                                        Custom                                                                                  family by having
                                                                                                                                                                           your dryer vent
       • Frame Alignment
      • PPG/I-Car Certified
                                                                              Centerpieces                                                                                 system cleaned

                                                                                Starting at                                                                                and inspected.

 FREE ESTIMATES!                                                                  $29.99
                                                                                                                                                                          William Pearson’s
  1520 Leaside Drive                                                                 412 McNulty Road
                                                                                                                                                                          Appliance Service
 (just South of Columbia Place Mall)                                             (across from the post office)                                                               (803)
 786-4357                              Homer (Butch) Eargle                          803-691-1820                                                                         447-2843
                                         USA Retired

Page 8
                                                                •                   November 17, 2011                           •                  The Blythewood Leader
                                                                      in children younger than       family might develop dia-
                                                                      five. Type 1 diabetes is an    betes while another does          Blythewood Village
                                                                      autoimmune disease. This
                                                                      means that the body’s sys-
                                                                                                     not. A child with Type 1
                                                                                                     diabetes must take insulin        Dental Associates
                                                                      tem for fighting infection     daily to live.                    Comprehensive Dental Care in a
What are the warning signs of diabetes in children?                   —the immune system —              Type 2 Diabetes                  Comfortable Environment.
                                                                      turns against the pancreas.       Type 2 diabetes used to
                                    primary problem that re-          The pancreas is the organ      be known as adult-onset                                                          Now
                                    sults is elevation in blood       responsible for making         diabetes. With the increase                                                   Accepting
                                    sugar levels.                     insulin. You cannot get        in childhood overweight in
                                      There are two major             Type 1 diabetes from eat-      recent years, however, we                                                   Appointments
                                    types of diabetes, Type 1         ing sugar or from gaining      are seeing Type 2 diabetes
                                    and Type 2.                       too much weight.               more frequently in chil-
                                                                                                                                                                                   on Friday
                                      Warning signs include:             The exact cause of Type     dren. Type 2 diabetes has                                                    afternoons.
                                      •Increased thirst               1 diabetes is not currently    a definite environmental
                                      •Increased urination            known. What is known is        component. An imbalance
                                      •Waking up at night to          that there are certain genes   between caloric intake
                                                                                                                                          John C. Cosby, Jr., DMD
                                    urinate                           associated with a higher       and daily physical activ-           Doug F. Cottingham, DMD
                                      •Bedwetting, if this is a       risk of developing Type 1      ity results in overweight                            • Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry
    Lisa Knight, MD                 new condition                     diabetes. Inheriting those     or obesity. If there is a          Accepting
                                                                                                                                                          • Bleaching/Teeth Whitening
    Pediatric Endocrinologist
                                      •Increased appetite, but        high-risk genes does not       family history of diabe-             New             • Cosmetic Dental Restoration
                                    with weight loss instead          automatically mean that        tes, children are at a much        Patients!         • State-of-the-Art Facility
   Diabetes can occur at            of weight gain                    a person will go on to         higher risk of developing
any age, even in the first            •Fatigue                        develop Type 1 diabetes.       Type 2 diabetes. Children         745 University Village Dr. (Near Food Lion)
year of life. It occurs               •Difficulty concentrat-         Instead, there is some sort    in minority groups have a
when the pancreas does              ing                               of environmental “trig-        higher incidence of Type                      754-9160
not produce adequate                  •Frequent headaches             ger” that causes the per-      2 diabetes.
amounts of the hormone                •Blurry vision                  son with those high-risk          Type 2 diabetes tends to
insulin. Insulin is essen-
tial for allowing the body
to produce and store en-
                                      Type 1 Diabetes
                                      Type 1 diabetes used to
                                    be known as childhood-
                                                                      genes to then develop
                                                                      Type 1 diabetes. Exactly
                                                                      what those triggers are is
                                                                                                     present at age 10 or great-
                                                                                                     er, but can occur at any
                                                                                                     age in childhood, adoles-
ergy. In people who do              onset diabetes. It is now         not yet known. Currently       cence, or adulthood. Type
not have diabetes, insulin          known that Type 1 diabe-          there are ongoing interna-     2 diabetes is weight-relat-
is produced as necessary            tes can occur at anytime          tional research studies to     ed. The best way to pre-
to process food. Diabetes           from childhood until              determine these specific       vent Type 2 diabetes is to
occurs when a person has
a decreased supply of in-
sulin or if the insulin does
                                    adulthood. It more com-
                                    monly presents in children
                                    greater than five years
                                                                      triggers, and other studies
                                                                      that focus on genes and
                                                                      blood markers to deter-
                                                                                                     follow a healthy diet and
                                                                                                     stay physically active.            As your pet ages
not work properly. The              old, and is less common           mine why one sibling in a          •See Diabetes, Page 19         Your pet is growing older and you may be concerned
                                                                                                                                       that he may be losing his sight or hearing or he seems
                                                                                                                                       to be having more “accidents” in the house. This and
     #1 Gold Buyer                                                          Brown’s Special Touch                                      numerous other symptoms may be worrying you un-
   Wants Your Jewelry!                                                        Barber & Beauty                                           A thorough examination completed with a senior
                                                                                                                                       blood profile will often uncover underlying meta-
                                         SAY NO TO:                            has relocated to Lugoff!                                bolic or hormonal problems that can be completely
                                                                                                                                       reversed or slowed dramatically. At Companion Ani-
                                          Other Pawn                                                                                   mal Hospital, the care and treatment of aging pets is
                                                                                                                                       of special interest, and we have been very successful
                                            Shops                                                                                      in treating “old friends” and prolonging the quality
                                         Jewelry Stores                                                                                of their lives.
                                          Gold Buyers                                                                                   Call and make an appointment for your senior’s
                                           Mail Offs                                                                                   wellness exam and let us show you how to enjoy
                                                                                                                                       your best friend for a lot longer than you might have
     Now is the time to sell your gold                                                                                                 thought possible.
     Get paid top dollar                 I PAY                             Wednesdays are Senior
     Thousands of satified customers     MORE!                                 Citizens Day!                                           120 Blythewood Road, Blythewood
 We Also Buy...                                                          Shampoo/Roller Set only $12                                           Hours: Monday-Friday: 8:30am-6:00pm
                                                                             for senior citizens                                                   Every other Saturday: 9:00-11:30am
                      ...Not Sure? Bring it in!                                                                                                    Kristin Petrone, VMD
     Camden Pawn                                                        670A Hwy. 1 South, Lugoff
                                                                              (Beside Taco Bell)                                                  Meredith Harry, DVM
 411 Rutledge St., Camden
      (Next to SAFE Credit)
                                         425-5727                         803-438-9992
                                                                                                              Stacy L. Brown,
                                                                                                                  Owner                     786-2412
The Blythewood Leader                                             •                  November 17, 2011                             •                                                    Page 9
   The South’s customs and tradi-
tions continue to set it apart from
                                        lead him about and then
                                        despite his efforts to     Our Changing Times:                                         to memories in col-
                                                                                                                               umns like mine. To-
                                                                                                                                                        resting place. For one thing, folks
                                                                                                                                                        back then couldn’t be sure the per-
other regions. We’ve had and have       control it, down to the
some fine ways, though it’s fashion-    ground it’d point.
                                                                     Vanquished Customs, Vanquished Ways day, a woman be a     a yearning to
                                                                                                                                                 with   son was really dead. If, for whatever
                                                                                                                                                        miraculous reason, the dead soul
able to criticize we Southerners for       “There,” the old water witch                                         cut above others has to find another    stirred, someone would be there to
sticking to our ways. Well that’s all   would exclaim. “Dig there.”                                             status symbol. Try diamonds, dear.      save them from their own funeral.
right. When you live in the best re-       A dowser was a self-appointed                                        Large ones.                             For another thing, many funeral
gion of all you’re going to encoun-     expert sort of like a witch doc-                                           Casting Spells To Remove Warts       homes were too small to accom-
ter jealousy and jibes.                 tor and in ancient days some, in                                           I remember it clearly. An old        modate the crowd that convened to
   Down South we people have our        fact, viewed dowsers as sorcerers.                                      fellow wearing a straw hat with a       pay their respects. And yet another
ways. I’m glad to see small towns       Dowsing falls into a category akin                                      green sunshade got rid of my wart.      reason was to keep rats away. (Yes I
close shop at noon. So doing thumbs     to black magic. No scientific proof                                     He was at my dad’s shop getting         know what you’re thinking. Where
its nose at the almighty dollar and     backs dowsers, but in the days be-                                      something fixed. Muttering an in-       was d-CON?)
says something about the unhurried      fore huge well-drilling rigs came                                       cantation, he rubbed a broomstraw          In a closely related vein, nei-
pace of life below the Mason-Dixon      along you had to start somewhere,                                       over the wart on my left thumb.         ther do you hear church bells in
line.                                   somehow. A dowser could do no                                           He broke the straw in half and told     the country tolling once the hearse
   Still, old ways that brought a       harm and besides he looked cool                Tom Poland               me to throw that half over my left      comes into sight. The mournful peal
unique touch to our land are vanish-    with his forked stick walking here              Columnist               shoulder and never look at it again.    of the tolling bell leaves the air qui-
ing. Take dowsing, which I know         and there.                                I never did and a month or so later,    eter and, alas, much poorer.
also took place in other parts of the      City water (even in the country)                                     the wart was gone.                         Cowbells
country. Other customs and tradi-       makes all this dowser business a       No self-respecting society wom-     Now we just let a doctor freeze it      My mom remembers how cow-
tions are disappearing thanks to        moot point. Dowsers are about as an was without her fan when a hot- off. That’s cool but nowhere as cool        bells once blessed the air with a
progress and a powerful ally I’ll       necessary today as guys delivering and-humid Sunday rolled around. I as a wart spell.                           melodic tinkling as cows grazed
disclose later. Here are a few ways     blocks of ice for your icebox.      remember seeing a stately lady pull    Sitting Up With The Dead All         in distant pastures. No one place
we’re losing what once seemed an           Hand Fans In Church              out her fancy collapsible fan one Night                                     cowbells around cows’ necks today,
indelible identity.                        With a handle that looked like a Sunday. It was black with white        Another tradition rarely practiced   not that I know of. It’d be a peace-
   Disappearing Dowsers                 large tongue depressor, the fan was flowers. She fanned herself in a is sitting up all night with the dead.     ful, beautiful thing to hear cowbells
   As a kid I remember seeing mov-      a must-have in church. Often they haughty way.                          This tradition started in the 19th      ringing, but wind chimes will have
ies where some old codger would         sported images of Jesus with his       The hand fan was also a status century. In the old days, someone         to do. As that infamous skit went
walk about with a Y-shaped twig         arms outspread. Most always, a fu- symbol, and then central air con- sat by the departed one until the
called a diving rod. The rod would      neral home ad was on the back.      ditioning relegated hand-held fans body was lowered into its eternal                   •See Customs, Page 20

                                    Chef Enzo Torre
                                                              “We welcome Chef Enzo
                                                                Torre as our newest
                                                               employee and family
                                                              member at Scottie’s Cafe
                                                               & Grill. We anticipate
                                                                 his experience and
                                                              expertise will add to our
                                                                dedicated staff while
                                                                continuing to satisfy
                                                                  your tastebuds-”
                                                                   Scottie Opolyn

                     10400 Wilson Blvd., Blythewood
                           (Located next to Sharpe’s BP near I-77)


Page 10                                                       •                 November 17, 2011                           •           The Blythewood Leader
             Lake Carolina Elementary Happenings
                                                                                                                           Gently Used Items

                                                            Lake Carolina’s 10th annual Gator Fest was held            Ben & Brittany Aragon, Owners
                                                              on Saturday, November 5. The PTO sponsored
Fourth grade students recently performed “Heroes             event was a huge success with inflatables, silent
                                                                                                                     670C Hwy. 1 South, Lugoff
  All” at a recent PTO meeting. The performance             auction, games, food vendors, and so much more!
  celebrated different heroes in American history.          Thanks to the PTO, Lake Carolina families, Lake                 803-549-4678
Pictured are Jacob Ladd as Charles Lindbergh with           Carolina staff, and community for supporting this
                a reporter, Peter Van.                                       family fun event!

 B & W Lumber Company                                       Major Appliance Repair
 Serving the community for over 63 years!
                    • Framing            • Millwork
                                                                ALL BRANDS
                                                                      Early, Late & Weekend Calls
                    • Roofing             • Sidings                       All Work Guaranteed!
                    • Paint              • Hardware                     Expert Personal Service
  5934 Farrow Road
    (at Fontaine Road)        754-1993                       William Pearson’s Appliance Service

      A Taste of The Orient                                  The Big Deal
          HIBACHI                                           WAREHOUSE
                                     Restaurant Tama        MATTRESSES & LUXURY SHEETS
                                       & Sushi Bar
  Serving Columbia For Over 17 Years!
                                                                           ? t

     Sushi, Tempura, Chicken, Steak, Shrimp and More!

          Quick Lunches

         Starting at $5.00

        Mondays and Tuesdays only:                                   King Sets: $195
         Bring this ad and receive a                                Queen Sets: $115
     Steak, Shrimp and Chicken Entree
                for only $10                                         Full Sets: $110
               (Dine in only. Limited Time)                  Luxury Sheet Sets $25 With Mattress!
    Hours: Mon-Sat: 11am-2pm, 5pm-9pm
                                                                               Call Mark:
 2318 Decker Blvd., Columbia
                   (Next to Food Lion)                      (803) 736-4799
The Blythewood Leader                                   •                  November 17, 2011                     •                                     Page 11
                     The Staff of Kem
                        Smith CPA
                                                    RICK WILLIAMS                                 The Staff at Companion
                                                                                                  Animal Hospital wishes
                     Wishes You All a                AUTO SALES                                           everyone a
                                                          Wishes you all a

      A Special
                                                                                                     Kristin Petrone,
   Thanks to all of                                                                                        VMD
     our clients!                                                                                    Meredith Harry,
    158-B Langford Road                                                                                  DVM
                                                           We Customize Golf Carts!
                                                        Golf Carts on the lot for SALE!           120 Blythewood Road, Blythewood
                            Kem R. Smith, CPA       Buy or Order yours early for Christmas!          786-2412

                                                                                                                                     M.L. (Bart) Bartlett, Jr.

                                                                                                       Wishes you a very
      from our family to yours

                                                      772 Highway 1 South, Lugoff
            201 Blythewood Road                                                                              Village in Woodcreek Farms
                 Blythewood                               803-408-1522                               1700 Woodcreek Farms Road, Columbia (Elgin)
                786-8477                                  803-572-1832                                        www.bartlettlaw

Page 12                                         •            November 17, 2011                •       The Blythewood Leader
                                                                                                       Wishing Everyone a Very

              from everyone at                                  Blythewood
                       109 North Main
                                                                  Leader                                            1630 Highway 1 South

                        2537 Gervais
  Shannon K. Burnett
                                        Heather M. Cairns
                 786-1758                                               All                                                                     Gary Sims

  Get your pooch ready to say:                                           a
                                                                Thanksgiving                                       from everyone at
                                                                                                           Bartlett & Davis
                              Thanks for                                                                  Construction, LLC
                            allowing us to                             1700 Woodcreek Farms Road, Suite 201
                             take care of
                              your pets!                                        (803)                   Building

                                                                              609-4196             M.L. (Bart) Bartlett, Jr.
                                                                                                      Colt Alan Davis
        209 Blythewood Road (across from KFC)                                                         (803)
            803-920-5629                                                                            223-6093

The Blythewood Leader                                       •       November 17, 2011          •                                                      Page 13
                                                            Directory Listings
               ACCOUNTANTS                                                 AUTO UPHOLSTERY                                                         FURNITURE
                Kem R. Smith, CPA                                           Blythewood Auto Upholstery                             Four Seasons Furniture & Mattress Gallery
        Financial Matters, Taxes, Payroll, Notary                   Cars, boats, convertible tops, vinyl tops, theme cars                     Family Owned and Operated
        158 Langford Road, Suite B, Blythewood                             100 South Coleman Hwy, Ridgeway                                    Open Monday-Saturday, 10-7
                       786-5200                                                      FREE Estimates                                       135-A Blythewood Road, Blythewood
                                                                                      803-337-2713                                                   803-691-6804
              ART & FRAMING
             Harold Branham Artwork                                                  BANKING                                                        GROCERS
        Blythewood prints, framed art and more!                                       First Citizens                                                IGA Food Mart
                   803-348-7773                                                       We’re On It!                                               Your Hometown Store
                                                                            201 Blythewood Road, Blythewood                                 Oakview Plaza, Blythewood Road
                  ATTORNEYS                                                            786-8477                                                        735-1915
      Debra A. Matthews, Attorney at Law
      Personal Injury, Bankruptcy, Social Security,                       COMPUTER SERVICE                                                  GUTTERS & SIDING
                Real Estate, Family Law                                               tik • tek • toe                           EXTERIOR DREAMS AND SEAMLESS GUTTERS
        Main Street, Winnsboro • 803-635-6000                                In-Home • On-Line • n-Store                                 “If you need it, we can do it!”
                                          Advanced Professional PC Services                          •6” Seamless Gutters • Additions
                                                                 Microsoft Certified Technicians • BBB Accredited Member                  •All Types of Siding • Decks
                      Fantry Law                                         Visit our website for Discounted Services                • Porches • Replacement Windows •Roofing
                   John J. Fantry, Jr.                                 • 691-6837                              Chuck Mosier, Owner/Operator
    Municipal Law, Mediation, Corporate & Contract
           175 Langford Road, Blythewood                         CONSTRUCTION/ HEAVY EQUIPMENT
                       691-8900                                             Good Ole Boys Construction                                     HARDWARE & FEED
                                                                       Remodeling, Custom Building, Repair Work,                          Blythewood Feed & Hardware
      The Law Offices of Burnett & Cairns                                     Painting, Roofing & More!                            Seed & fertilizer • garden supplies • hunting supplies
           Shannon Burnett • Heather Cairns                                           David Ross                                                 Across From Post Office
         Family Law, Estate Planning, Business,                                      803-600-0470                                                         754-0534
     Personal Injury, Real Estate, Collaborative Law
              109 N. Main St., Blythewood                                          DENTISTRY                                                     HAIR SALONS
                        786-1758                                                Blythewood Dentistry                                             Blown Away Salon
                                                                                 James A. Finkel., DMD                                   Cuts, Color, Highlights, Perms, Waxing
           AUTO PAINT & BODY                                                205 Blythewood Road Blythewood                                     Hours: M-F, 10-7, Sat, 9-3
          Eargle’s Paint & Body Shop Inc.                                               691-4430                                          135-D Blythewood Road • 333-0311
               Insurance Claims • Towing
          Fiberglass Repairs • Frame Alignment                        Blythewood Village Dental Associates                                    Cuttin’ Loose Hair Salon
                      Free Estimates                                           John C. Cosby, Jr., DMD                               Cuts, Color, Highlights, Perms, Waxing & more!
                   1520 Leaside Drive                                   745 University Village Drive, Blythewood                      Walk-ins welcome. 429 Main St., Blythewood
                         786-4357                                                       754-9160                                                        735-8903

                 AUTO PARTS                                                 Robert W. Buchanan, DMD                                               KC’s Hair Station
                  Rivers Auto Parts                                            Cosmetic & Family Dentistry                                    Kerri Corn and Cheryl Hartness
               Used Auto Parts Since 1950                                       213 Main St., Blythewood                                   8101 Winnsboro Road, Blythewood
                   1620 Carnegie Street                                                 754-9545                                       (next to Joe Sharpe’s BP on 321) • 714-7249
              (off 2700 block of Two Notch)
             1-800-448-9394 • 803-254-4433                                           FLORISTS                                                 Mane Street Hair Studio
                                                                            Blythewood Gloriosa Florist                                   Cuts, Styles, Perms, Color & More!
               AUTO REPAIRS                                                  412 McNulty Road, Blythewood                                424 Main St., Blythewood • 786-8991
                 Omar’s Automotive                                              (Across from Post Office)
  Specializing in Ford Diesels and all automotive repair.                               691-1820                                              Rosa’s Hair Salon &
             1390 Old White Pond Rd., Elgin                                                                                            Beauty Control Products Consultant
              803-518-2077 • 803-420-2390                                                                                           180 South Dogwood, Ridgeway • 803-337-8053
                                                                  Reach an unlimited amount of people!
                 AUTO SALES                                       The Blythewood Leader is online every                                             Salon Carolina
        G W Broome Discount Auto Sales                                                                                              Color, Cuts, Highlights, Manicures/Pedicures, and
                  Buy here, pay here!                                            edition at                                                  Waxing • Walk-Ins Welcome!
             210 US Hwy 321 Bypass South,                                                                                                         158A Langford Road
               Winnsboro • 803-718-0380                                                                           754-0077

                  Mickey D’s Auto                                   Call Michelle for advertising rates:                                         Studio B Hair Salon
                 Financing Available!
      11019 Wilson Blvd., Blythewood • 754-8430
                                                                                 609-4196                                                   121 Decker Park Road, Columbia
                                                                                                                                                 462-2102 • 309-6583
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                                                              Directory Listings
   HEATING & AIR CONDITIONING                                                LUMBER & HARDWARE                                                       VETERINARY
         Arctic Air Heating & Cooling, Inc.                                       B & W Lumber Co., Inc.                                        Companion Animal Hospital
        Fast, friendly, fair. It’s time to call Arctic Air!             Framing, Millwork, Roofing, Siding, Paint & More                       120 Blythewood Road, Blythewood
                            754-3150.                                            5934 Farrow Road, Columbia                                                786-2412
    Blythewood Heating, A/C and Refrigeration                                                                                                 WEBSITE DESIGNERS
                  Trane Comfort Specialist                                           MATTRESSES                                                      JMB Designs, LLC
            Serving the midlands • 803-786-4978                                   The Big Deal Warehouse                               A web design company for small & start up businesses
                                                  Mattresses and Luxury Sheets                              
                                                                                    Call Mark at 736-4799                                               1-877-762-9093
        Broom Heating and Air Conditioning
  Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer • Turn to the Experts!                               MEDICAL                                                   WELL DRILLING
                                                             Aftercare                                            Hansen Pump & Well, LLC
                         754-9409                                                Medical Equipment & Supplies                              SC Licensed Well Driller, Ed Hansen, Owner
                                                                                 316 S. Congress St., Winnsboro                                    949 Chestnut Road, Elgin
                     INSURANCE                                                           803-635-7729                                            803-438-0453 • 803-600-3555
               Allstate, Kellie Ballentine
               Auto • Home • Life • Business
              162 Langford Road, Blythewood
                                                                        Blythewood Palms, Nursery & Landscape                         Your One Stop Game Shop
                                              Palms, Trees & Shrubs                               Game Systems, Games
                                                                                8307 Winnsboro Rd., Blythewood
                                                                                                           & Accesories
    Chichester Insurance Agency / Nationwide                                             803-201-1349
               Auto • Home • Life • Business
                      Keith Chichester                                        OIL & LUBE CENTERS
           303 Main St., Blythewood • 786-2224                                       Brown’s Oil & Lube
                                                                                    Most oil changes only $30
                  Insurance of Fairfield                                             2473 Main St., Elgin
Your Independent Agent since 1928. All lines of insurance for                             803-438-3323
            Personal • Business • Life • Health                                                                                                                     Camden Pawn
             120 S. Congress St., Winnsboro                                           OPTOMETRY                                                                         DOWNTOWN
                       803-635-4713                                                    Plaxico Eye Care
                                                                              Family eye exams, eyeglasses, contacts                                         411 Rutledge St., Camden
         INVESTMENT SERVICES                                                         135-I Blythewood Road                                                   (Next to SAFE Credit Union)
                        Edward Jones
               Chris Jewett, Financial Advisor
                135 Blythewood Rd. Suite F                                          PET SERVICES

                                                                                                                                      Brown’s Oil & Lube
                                                                                Just 4 Paws Grooming Salon
                                                                                   212 Main Street, Blythewood
                   All Seasons Services
   Irrigation Service & Installation • Landscape Lighting-
                                                                                                                                       Most oil changes only $30
                                                                                    Pet Sitting by Denise
       Hardscapes • Pesticide & Property Management
                   Justin Swindler, Owner
                                                                          Daily Visits • Mid-day Walks • Overnight Stays
                                                                                        Denise Cagle, Owner
                                                                                                                                       Wednesdays are Ladies Day!
                                                                                                    Oil Changes as low as $25
               Email:                                               803-865-5058
       JEWELRY & PAWN SHOPS                                                          PHARMACIES                                                                        available
                       Camden Pawn                                                Blythewood Pharmacy
    We Buy Gold! More Jewelry than the jewelry stores                           & Home Medical Equipment
                                                                                                                                                                     for vehicles,
              Licensed • Insured • Bonded                                       420-B McNulty Road, Blythewood                                                        trucks and
     411 Rutledge St., Camden (next to SAFE Credit)
        803-425-5727 •
                                                                                          786-8110                                                                  lawn mowers!
                                                                          PLUMBING & ELECTRICAL                                        Closed Sunday and Monday
  LAWNMOWER SALES / REPAIRS                                                       P.D. Nordman Plumbing
               Wymer’s Lawn & Garden                                Servicing the Blythewood Area. No job too big or too small!       2473 Main Street,
     Small Engine Repair, Lawn Mower Repair & Sales
          Free pick-up/delivery in 10 mile radius
                                                                           Plumbing Repairs, Commercial & Residential
                                                                               FREE Estimates and Senior Discounts,
              672 Smallwood Rd., Ridgeway
                                                                           Licensed, Insured & Bonded • David Nordman
                                                                                                                                      803-438-3323                           Tracy Brown
The Blythewood Leader                                           •                  November 17, 2011                              •                                                 Page 15
                                                                             fun page
                                                                                                             Word Search
                                                                         F G K K J R K Q U G O F W W O Q I                        L V B S Y N T Q H B Q O I
                                                                         O R X E W B G S             I Z U H M H T J E Z T B I N T V L U E Q E G
                                                                         S E U A H M A C A R O N I                   U J       I M E B G U K U L M P R T T F
                                                                         B    I L I A X     I   P    I    J B B N O K D I Q M R F T T I              B B V C M K
                                                                         B T Q G T I        E G E A X V K Y X U W R Q E B M S U U Q D A B R
                                                                         Y C Q Q I      S M W A Y I K I              K N L J A C E A Q V L S X H G E K
                                                                         Z G O D W X A E N E C U A S Y R R E B N A R C T                             I R N P X D
                                                                         I   E Y M B K Y L Q E M H V R L N H H Z B Z Q H G P                           I K U W T
                                                                         G S M L V W X F A C G I Z K O O E A N E Q O M D S P R J H F
                                                                         T M E C S K K N M D K F Q K Y N B L P A Q A N S R M W Q C M
                                                                         F B J H O A M C Z F L Y L                   I   I V Z K O N H A E Q E F O E              J   J
                                                                         E D L X I M M Z A D O W T A G I A E T S D R Z B K G R X T H
                                                                         H L M I    L O C C O R B P W Z P J H A A N D T X W W C Q Z O Q
                                                                         W J V H N P V L L I                L V N N D G F W T W X Y V L X Q R H S E
                                                                         F Q T G E Q O X E U L I X K Z W Y Y O R V W L E S X Q A X Z
                                                                         Z G I B L E T G R A V Y K Q C V V Y E K Z K U T C S A V H D
                      HOW TO PLAY
                                                                         A E X W G I        N Z K R E Z J K O Z O Q S V T H F                    I   B J F I   Q M
 Each row must contain the numbers 1 to 9;
 each column must contain the numbers 1 to                               A P O S G P X T Y L O I N N B V S H Y M E K V S A I                             F J   B G
 9; and each set of 3 by3 boxes must contain                             L R T C J N V O             I E N E P B A N A N A P U D D I N G T H D V
             the numbers 1 to 9.
                                                                         P B B G E A R E G L D N P O N D I A F R H Y O B T H A V S F
                                                                         D B D R O C X O F K V D D F T I                        S A E P T E E W S F R C V Q
              Television Trivia
 Questions: (Answers in the next edition)                                L E C I R E M D C Q F M J                   L T A O P D J         P Y B K Z E K A C J
 1.What actress, appearing in the TV series Dynasty, made her
 television debut in 1957 in Bachelor Father with her Dynasty            X E U L O P P Z P X Q V T U K J T M F U E L B C R O H Z A C
 co-star Jon Forsyth?
 2. Which of Jim Henson’s Muppets was he rst to become a                 H O Y L B N R I W W K I C W U Z U O Z I D M B S N U A S G X
 regular on national television?                                         H R O L L S G A Y X U S X Q J R T B P T D T T N X T T O D R
 3. What well-know actor has been known to carry a small
 battery-powered fan to blow cigarette and cigar smoke back at           O X K S H P L E W K S F E Z B Y Z E H T L O P Z Z L P K T V
 the o ending source?
 4. What famous couple appeared in the 1958 television play A            C    I E S X Q J X A Q P J B E Q I                     L B X I E C M U E Y H H Y Z
 Turkey for the president?
                                                                         W R J V C H A C N L K F S X Z P P X Y G P E E O L L H N D U
                  Last Issue Answers:
                                                                         W X W H B Q J W M T M I F A P A U L I N E T W S K O P K Q V
1.In what role did Helen Hunt, star of the TV sitcom Mad About
You, appear on The Mary Tyler Moore Show when she was seven              K L U W R U G L M G Y T H A T H P E L C H E E S E C A K E T
years old? The daughter of head news writer Murray Slaughter
2. What Hollywood sexpot played the wicked Siren on the Batman                                               Thanksgiving Dinner
television series? Joan Collins.                                               TURKEY                     DRESSING               SWEET PEAS          CHEESE CAKE
3. Who plays Captain Kangaroo, and what other well-known
television character did he play? Bob Keeshan, who was also the                  RICE               SWEET POTATO PIE                CAKE             FRUIT SALAD
 rst Clarabell the Clown on The Howdy Doody show
4. The only time Ralph Edwards did not host This Is Your Life, was           GIBLET GRAVY                GREEN BEANS              BROCCOLI            PECAN PIE
on January 30, 1957. Who was the substitute host that night?                                                                       ROLLS              APPLE PIE
                                                                              MACARONI                    POTATOES
Ronald Reagan.
                                                                         CRANBERRY SAUCE                    HAM                     CORN         BANANA PUDDING
Page 16                                                              •              November 17, 2011                      •       The Blythewood Leader
 Lions Club International Peace Poster                                                                                    YOUR
               Winners                                                                                                   PROUD

                                                                                                                                                    Great Prices
                                                                                                                                                    and Friendly
                                                                                                                                                     Oakview Plaza,
                                                                                                                                                    Blythewood Road
                                                                                                                             Randy Powell,
                                                                                                                        Assistant Store Manager   735-1915
   Morgan Cobey and Art Teacher Ashley Quam                    Brittany Morrison and Art Teacher Kris Militello

  The 2011 Lions Club International Peace Poster winners
in the Blythewood area were announced on November 8,
2011. An awards ceremony was held for the Columbia
Northeast and Blythewood areas at Polo Road Elementary
School. The theme for this year’s contest was “Children                                                               • Prescriptions
Know Peace.” The First Place winners in the Blythewood                                                                • Large Selection of Vitamins
area include:
  Steven Sandwich, 8th Grade, for Blythewood Middle                                                                   • Herbal Supplies
School (Art Teacher Jessica Burgess), Brittany Morrison,                                                              • First Aid Supplies
8th Grade, for Kelly Mill Middle School (Art Teacher Kris                                                             • Health & Beauty Care
Militello), Morgan Cobey, 8th Grade, for Muller Road
Middle School (Art Teacher Ashley Quam). The above
                                                                                                                      • Home Healthcare Products and Services
First place award winner’s peace posters will now move on                                                                 Hours: Mon-Fri: 9:00-7:00, Sat: 9:00-2:00
the next level of competition in South Carolina. Eventually,                                                          420-B McNulty Road, Blythewood
an international award winner will be named for 2011.          Steven Sandwich, and Art Teacher Jessica Burgess
                Read Every Edition online at                                                                           

                                                                                                                        Petal Pushers Uptown
                                                                                                                                       Christina Lee, Owner
                                                                                                                                                                  Fresh & Silk
                                                                                                                                                                     & Much
                                                                                                                            ust ned s
                                                                                                                           C ig                                       More!
                                                                                                                              s      ce
                                                                                                                            De erpie
                                                                                                                               t             Delivery in Fair eld & Richland County
                                                                                                                              125 N. Congress St., Winnsboro
                                                                                                                              Hours: Mon-Fri: 9:00-5:30, Sat: 10:00-3:00

The Blythewood Leader                                      •               November 17, 2011                      •                                                      Page 17
                                 Missed and Remembered
                         Charles “Slim” Smith, Jr.                                                                          Marianne Grant
   Charles “Slim” Smith, Jr., 85,                                             the Korean Confilct and was a           Marianne Grant, 29, of Blythewood, died Saturday, No-
of Blythewood, went to be with                                                recipient of the Purple Heart.       vember 5, 2011. She was born in Lexington, South Caro-
his heavenly Father on Friday,                                                  The celebration of his life        lina, a daughter of Joseph Richard and Linda Kay Grant.
November 10, 2011.                                                            was held on Sunday, Novem-           Marianne was a graduate of Ridge View High School,
   Charles is survived by his                                                 ber 13, 2011, at 3 o’clock, at       Class of 2000, where she excelled in cross country and
wife of 57 years, Minnie Trapp                                                Sandy Level Baptist Church.          softball. She was a magna cum laude graduate of Clem-
Smith; daughters, Nancy (Ran-                                                 Serving as pallbearers were          son University, Class of 2004. While at Clemson, Mari-
dy) Wilson, Wanda (Larry)                                                     Charles’ nephews and hon-            anne was a member of the varsity rowing team. Following
Thompson, all of Blythewood;                                                  orary pallbearers were the           graduation, she served an internship at University Hospital
and grandchildren, MC2 Jason                                                  members of the Men’s Sun-            in Augusta, GA. She then accepted a position at Texas A
Wilson of Naval Air Station,                                                  day School Class at Sandy            & M, where she specialized in diabetes education. Mari-
Jacksonville, Caitlin Wilson,                                                 Level. Memorials may be              anne was a member of Trinity United Methodist Church,
and Jared Thompson, both of                                                   made to the Heartworm Proj-          where she had been baptized and confirmed. Marianne
Blythewood; a sister, Kathleen                                                ect, P.O. Box 7308, West Co-         was a truly loving person who gave much to mankind and
(Don) Daniels, of Blythewood;                                                 lumbia, SC, 29171 or the Dea-        showed great respect to all the animal kingdom.
brothers-in-law; sisters-in-law;                                              con Ministry of Sandy Level             Survivors include her parents, Richard and Linda Grant
nieces and nephews; and his                                                   Baptist Church, 408 Blythe-          of Blythewood; brother, Logan Grant and wife, Brooke,
precious dog “Bell”. In addi-                                                 wood Road, Blythewood, SC            of Raleigh, NC; niece, Ava Grant; nephew, Hudson Grant;
tion to his parents, Charlie and                                              29016                                uncle, The Rev. Dr. Tony Grant and wife, Beth, of York;
Delphine Smith, he is prede-                                                    Charles was an avid garden-        and Pico, her beloved chihuahua.
ceased by his brothers, C.D. Smith, Jones Smith,          er who shared his tomatoes, peppers, and collard            The funeral service for Marianne was held 2 o’clock,
Lacy Smith; and sisters, Gladys Mattox, Delphine          greens with his many friends in Blythewood. An           Thursday, November 10, 2011 at Trinity United Method-
White, and Crawford Smith.                                animal lover, he shared his home with many cats          ist Church, 90 Boney Rd, Blythewood, with The Rev. Dr.
   Charles was retired from Niggel Associates where       and dogs throughout his life. Charles was a kind         Cathy Jamison-Ogg and The Rev. Dr. Tony Grant officiat-
he worked as a tile setter. He was an ordained dea-       and gentle man with a big heart and will sorely          ing. Shives Funeral Home assisted the family. Memori-
con and a member of Sandy Level Baptist Church.           missed by his family and friends.                        als may be made to Trinity United Methodist Church, PO
Charles served in the U.S. Army, where he fought in         Shives Funeral Home assisted the family.               Box 864, Blythewood, SC 29016.

                Great Christmas Gifts
          With The Original Christmas Story

                                                                                           Small enough to know you...big enough to serve you.
                                                                                         Collaborative Law • Divorce • Adoptions
                                                                                             Child Custody • Personal Injury
                                                                                         Real Estate • Probate • Estate Planning
                                                                                                    Power of Attorney

                                                                                              Shannon K. Burnett                          Heather M. Cairns
                          “The Law”                                                               Telephone: (803) 786-1758 Facsimile (803) 786-1759
                    Call Harold Branham                                                            109 North Main Street, Blythewood, SC 29016
                      803-348-7773                                                                    2537 Gervais Street, Columbia, SC 29204
Page 18                                               •                November 17, 2011                       •           The Blythewood Leader
•Diabetes                       remind children what to do
                                for healthy eating and ac-
                                                                    plate is a whole grain or
                                                                    starch and half of the plate
                                                                                                      Florida in Gainesville, FL,
                                                                                                      and her pediatric residency
From Page 9                     tivity every day.                   is filled with vegetables         training at the Medical
                                                                                                                                                                     Call me today for the
                                                                                                                                                                    attention you deserve.
                                   B Eat a healthy BREAK-           and fruits. A guideline for       University of South Caro-
   Currently, around 27         FAST                                serving sizes is:                 lina in Charleston, SC.                                          691-3000
percent of children two            5 Eat at least FIVE or              Serving of meat, fish or       She relocated to Colum-
to 19 years of age in South     more servings of fruits and         protein is the size of your       bia, SC with her husband,
Carolina are considered         vegetables                          palm, minus the fingers           Chadwick Knight in Au-             KELLIE BALLENTINE
overweight or obese. In the        4 Drink FOUR glasses of             Serving of starch should       gust 2010, and in addition         162 LANGFORD ROAD
1970s, the incidence of pe-     water                               be no larger than the size of     to her role as a pediatric         BLYTHEWOOD
diatric obesity was around         3 Have THREE servings            your fist                         endocrinologist, she also is
five percent. There has                                                Two fists together should
                                of dairy                                                              co-director of the USC In-
been a four to five-fold rise      2 Limit screen time              equal fruit or vegetable          stitute of Pediatric Diabe-
in obesity since the 1970s.     (computer, TV, phone,               portion                           tes and Obesity at Palmetto
   In our Healthy Lifestyles    video games) to less than              If you are concerned that      Health Children’s Hospital,
Clinic at Palmetto Health       TWO hours                           your child may have diabe-        a pediatric weight manage-
Children’s Hospital, we            1 Be physically active           tes symptoms, discuss this        ment program designed to
look for lifestyle areas that   for at least ONE hour               with your child’s pediatri-       help lower the incidence of
can be adjusted, such as           0 ZERO sweetened bev-            cian. The doctor will test        childhood overweight/obe-
physical activity and por-      erages                              blood sugar levels and then       sity in South Carolina. She
tion sizes.
   In the past few decades,
serving sizes have become
                                   (Source: South Caro-
                                lina Institute for Childhood
                                Obesity and Related Disor-
                                                                    will refer you to a pediatric
                                                                    endocrinologist if neces-
                                                                                                      can be reached at the Insti-
                                                                                                      tute at (803) 434-7990.
                                                                                                           About Children’s Hos-
                                                                                                                                                           Kem R. Smith, CPA
outrageously skewed. A          ders)                                  Ask Children’s Hospi-          pital                                                 Guiding You Through Your
typical muffin or bagel            Limit eating fast food or        tal is provided as an edu-           Palmetto Health Chil-                             Financial Matters Year Round
served in a fast food restau-   restaurant food to less than        cational service. It is not       dren’s Hospital was the            •Business financial and tax
rant may actually be three      two times per week. Stud-           intended to be a substitute       first children’s hospital in        assistance-entitychoice, start up,
to four times larger than a     ies show that eating restau-        for professional medical          South Carolina. Children’s          payroll administration, payroll and
healthy portion should be.      rant food more frequently           advice. Contact your pri-         Hospital has more than 30           sales tax returns, accounting,
   In our weight manage-        increases the risk for obe-         mary care physician or            pediatric subspecialties in-        financial compliance reports,
ment clinic, the two most       sity. One helpful website           other qualified health care       cluding pulmonology, car-           planning and training
common problems we              is,             provider for specific medi-       diology, surgery, oncology,        •Tax planning and return
encounter as a cause of         which lists the caloric and         cal advice, diagnosis and         nephrology, neonatology,            preparation- individual and
childhood overweight are        nutritional breakdown of            treatment.                        radiology anesthesiology,           business
drinking too many high          many menu items from                   About Dr. Lisa Knight          endocrinology, infectious
sugar beverages and eat-        chain restaurants. This can            Dr. Lisa Knight is a phy-      diseases, critical care and                               158 Langford Road,
ing portion sizes at meals      help families make health-          sician and Assistant Profes-      others. A major pediatric                                       Suite B
that are much too large.        ier choices when they do            sor in the Division of Pedi-      referral center for children                                    Blythewood
These two areas are easy        eat out.                            atric Endocrinology at the        from all 46 counties in
to focus on and adjust, and        Proper Portion Sizes             University of South Caro-         South Carolina, Children’s
changes in these areas can         Learn what healthy por-          lina School of Medicine.          Hospital treats more than                                   (803)
make a huge difference in
a child’s weight. One easily
                                tions are and then cre-
                                ate your meal so that one
                                                                    She completed her medical
                                                                    school and Pediatric Endo-
                                                                                                      80,000 children each year.
                                                                                                      For more information, visit        Kem R. Smith,          786-5200
remembered tool is called       fourth of the plate is a lean       crinology fellowship train-               Certified Public
“B543210” and it helps          protein, one fourth of the          ing at the University of          childrenshospital.

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                                                                               Gardening Tips by Sallie
                                                                                                              Bobby Lee’s Garden of Straw
                 Give us your comments
                                                                                                proud daddy. He said he
                                                                                                started planting in straw
                                                                                                bales last year because he
                                                                                                heard that it was the “lazy

  Good Ole Boys Construction LLC                                                                man’s garden,” to put it in
                                                                                                Bobby’s words. Bobby in-
                                                                                                jured his back, and all that
          Available 7 Days A Week!                                                              weeding he just couldn’t do
     • Complete Home Remodeling & Repair                                                        anymore.
     • Specialize in Trim Cut Houses - Including Balconies                                         So he bought 50 bales of
     • Custom Built Cabinets, Doors, & Fireplace Mantles                                        straw and away he went. He
     • Installation of Any Type Floor - Including Tile and                                      cut two holes in each bale
                                                                      Sallie Sharpe             with his saw, making each
       Ceramic                                                   Garden Advice Columnist        hole about large enough to
     • Roofing, Vinyl Siding, Painting, Sheetrock                   fit a 5lb bag of sugar. He
     • Decks, Porches, Screened Porches, Fencing                                                lined the bales up and put
                                                                    Bobby Lee walks in          landscape plastic in between          bees for pollination, such as     moisture in and on hot sum-
          Licensed & Insured                                     proudly displaying his digi-   the rows so the weeds would           squash and zucchini. The          mer days, they need a lot of

                                                                 tal camera showing two         not pop up. Next he filled            nectar in the hummingbird         moisture.
                                                                 baskets overflowing with       each hole with potting soil,          feeders attracts the bees. “If       Bobby Lee likes to give
                                                                 big ripe juicy tomatoes.       a little black hen compost            you have no bees, you have        the fruits of his labor to his

     600-0470                             David Ross
                                                                 He exclaims, “I just picked
                                                                 these and this is the middle
                                                                 of November.”
                                                                                                and a tiny bit of Epsom salt.
                                                                                                Then he added the plants or
                                                                                                                                      no squash” Bobby says.
                                                                                                                                         Bobby Lee’s straw bale
                                                                                                                                      garden has produced a large
                                                                                                                                                                        friends and family at Cedar
                                                                                                                                                                        Creek Baptist Church. He
                                                                                                                                                                        says that God is the most
                                                                    Bobby talks about his          Due to Bobby Lee’s in-             harvest of cucumbers, to-         important ingredient in ev-
                                                                 plants as if he was their      genuity, his garden has an            matoes, zucchini, peppers,        erything you do, and the
                                                                                                abundance of bees. He plac-           eggplants, pumpkins, wa-          garden is no exception. You
                                                                                                es hummingbird feeders                termelons and cantaloupes.        know what Bobby Lee? I
                                                                                                over his plants that need the         The straw helps hold the          have to say Amen to that!

                                                                                                •Customs                              mon. Not one relies on elec-
                                                                                                                                      tricity, that nefarious ally of
                                                                                                                                                                        ers think losing traditions is
                                                                                                                                                                        good, but I disagree. As we
                                                                                                From Page 10                          a thing called progress. The      lose traditions, we lose touch
          BLYTHEWOOD ART                                                                        on Saturday Night Live with
                                                                                                                                      next time you lose power to
                                                                                                                                      a summer storm, you’ll be
                                                                                                                                                                        with our past, and if nothing
                                                                                                                                                                        else, a lot of traditions and
          Framed Art, Custom Framing, Prints and Local Art                                      Christopher Walken, we all            transported to those old days     customs made the good old
                                                                                                need “more cowbell.”                  and old ways in an instant.       days special. I can’t speak
                                                                                                   Divining rods, hand fans,          Maybe you’ll sit up all night     for you, but living in a bland,
          Open Saturdays, 9am-2pm                                                               sitting up all night with the
                                                                                                dead, removing warts with a
                                                                                                                                      waiting for the electricity.
                                                                                                                                      Maybe you’ll fan yourself as
                                                                                                                                                                        homogenous world is to live
                                                                                                                                                                        in a monotonous world. And
            through the holidays                                                                piece of straw, and the refrain
                                                                                                of church bells and cowbells
                                                                                                                                      the heat climbs ... if you can
                                                                                                                                      find a fan.
                                                                                                                                                                        that’s not a tradition as much
                                                                                                                                                                        as it is a condition, and a bad
                                                                                                all have something in com-               Younger folks and outsid-      one at that.
    Why go to town when our PRICES can’t be beat?

          Inventory Reduction Sale:
                                                                                                     STUDIO Salon
                                                                                                     Master Hairstylist Hair
                                                                                                                             B                                              Blythewood
                                                                                                   Now Selling Designer Purses and Shoes!                                Wine and
      Select Items Drastically Reduced!                                                                                                                                   Spirits
                                                                                                            Barbara Evans, Owner
        Stock up for Christmas Gifts!                                                                                                        Why Shine When               for any
                                                                                                                                             You Can Sparkle!            occasion!
                                                                                                                                            121 Decker Park Rd.
                                                                                                                                                                         Two Locations to Serve You:
                 10425 Wilson Boulevard, Blythewood                                                                                          309-6583                       710 University Village Drive
                       803-513-3023                                                                                               FREE Eyebrow Arch
                                                                                                                                         With any service
                                                                                                                                                     Limited Time
                                                                                                                                                                              135 Blythewood Road

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                                       Visit Our Neighbors:
                                    Shop Ridgeway-Winnsboro
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                                                                                            Ridgeway or Winnsboro?
                                                        Debra A. Matthews
                                                                 Personal Injury
                                                                Bankruptcy, Social
                                                               Security, Real Estate
                                                                   Family Law
                                                           206 S. Congress Street           This spot can be yours!
                                                                Winnsboro                    Call Today for Details:
                                                           803-635-6000                           803-609-4196

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     holiday season?
                                                        Wymer’s Lawn                         Blythewood Auto
 Set your appointments early to
                                                          & Garden                              Upholstery
       ensure that you do!                                                                    Cars, Trucks, Boats,
                                                                                           Convertible Tops, Golf Carts,
                                                                                                Custom Interiors

                                                        • Small Engine Repair
Rosa Wittmeyer and Jennifer Palmer                      • Chain Saw Repair
                                                        • Lawn Mower Repair & Sales
 Order your home-made cakes
                                                        • FREE Delivery & Pick-up
   by Jackie for the holidays
                                                         (within 10 mile radius)
       Men’s Cuts only $12                                                                 100 S. Coleman Highway
    ~Walk Ins Welcome~                                  672 Smallwood Road                        Ridgeway

Rosa’s Hair Salon                                            Ridgeway                      (Down from Geiger Elemntary)

  Hours: Tues., Wed., and Fri.: 8-4, Sat.: 8-Noon
   180 S. Dogwood, Ridgeway
                                                          (803)                             Monday-Friday: 9-5            James Carmichael

     803-337-8053                                       337-8704                                803-337-2713
The Blythewood Leader                               •          November 17, 2011       •                                            Page 21
      make it “count” bengals!                                                                 Go Blythewood                                                      We’re “Banking” on you
             good luck!
                            From the staff of                                                     Bengals!                                                                           GO
                                Kem R. Smith, CPA                                        Support Your Blythewood Bengals! The Blythewood Leader and
                                                                                          ALL the advertisers on this page wish the Bengals a great Sea-
                                                                                                                                                                    “We’re On It!”
                              158 Langford Road                                         son! Half of the proceeds of this page will be given to the Bengals
                                                                                                                                     201 Blythewood Road, Blythewood
                                                                                         Athletic Department! Just another way The Blythewood Leader
Kem R. Smith                    786-5200                                                               GIVES BACK TO THE COMMUNITY!                                        786-8477

                                                                                                    Bold indicates Home Games                                       Best of Luck
                    GO Bengals.                                                         Date          Versus                    Score           W/L                   Bengals!
             WE'RE WITH YOU ALL THE WAY.                                                                                                                             BLYTHEWOOD FEED
                                                                                        8/19/11      South Florence              37-22            W
                                                                                                                                                                     & HARDWARE, INC.
  Chris Jewett
                                                                                        826/11       Fairfield Central            7-21            L               Over 30 years of service to the Community!
  Financial Advisor

  135 Blythewood Road               Member CIPF
                                                                                        9/2/11       Lexington                   17-52            L                        412 McNulty Rd., Blythewood
  Suite F
  Blythewood, SC 29016
                                                                                                                                                                                    (across from post office)
                                                                                        9/9/11       OPEN

                                                                                        9/16/11      Northwestern                32-40            L

Plant those touchdowns,                                                                 9/22/11      Rock Hill                    19-6            W                                     Good Luck Bengals!
        Bengals!                                                                        9/30/11      Lancaster                   24-21            W
                                                                                                                                                                                         Bring this ad and receive:

                                                                                                                                                                                         $1.00 OFF
      Blythewood Palms, Nursery &                                                       10/7/11      Spring Valley               29-12            W
           Landscape Supply                                                             10/14/11 Richland Northeast               0-10            L
                              8307 Winnsboro Road, Blythewood                           10/21/11 Dutch Fork                       0-14            L               408 Main Street        Your Next Tiger
                                      (Highway 321)                                                                                                                 Blythewood           Burger Basket
                                                                                        10/28/11 Irmo                             7-26            L                 (803)
                               803-201-1349                                             11/4/11      Ridgeview                    28-6            W               629-6083
                                                                                                                                                                                          Hurry, Expires 11/30/11

                    The Law Offices of

                    Burnett & Cairns,                                                       Show ‘Em Your Roar                                                      Make us “Hometown
                                                                                                                                                                      Proud” Bengals!
      Wish the BENGALS
Shannon K. Burnett
SHANNON@BURNETTCAIRNS.COM                                                                        Bengals!
                                                                                                 Heather M. Cairns
       a great season!
                            Small enough to know you,
                             Big enough to Serve you.
                            109 North Main Street,
                                 Blythewood                                                                                                                              Oakview Plaza, Blythewood
Heather M. Cairns     786-1758                  Shannon K. Burnett
                     Good Luck                                                                                                                                      Show ‘Em Your
                  this Season                                                            the blythewood leader                                                      Talent Bengals!
                       Bengals!                                                            “For the community, about the community”
                                                                                                                                                                    Blythewood Art Gallery
              Four & Mattress Gallery
                                                                                                                                                                        10425 Wilson Blvd., Blythewood
              Furniture                                                                                                                                                    (near I-77 on Highway 21)
              135-A Blythewood Road, Blythewood
                (Next to IGA) Hours: Monday-Saturday, 10-7
Page 22                                                                             •                       November 17, 2011                                 •        The Blythewood Leader
                                                 LOCAL CLASSIFIEDS
If you live in the Blythewood, Ridgeway or Winnsboro area and are selling an item such as a car, boat, etc., Classifieds are FREE up to 20 words
     (upon space availability). All other Classifieds are $10 for 30 words or less. Email: or fax to 865-0330.
For Sale                              For Sale                               Wanted                               Boats                                     Real Estate                             Employment
Pro Form 490LE Elliptical             For Sale- Beautiful oak                WANTED: Used, no more than           Yamaha Jet Ski, 2001                      Blythewood Ranch on 1 acre.             LPN/RN needed needed
work-out machine. Electric &          dining set (6 chairs) with             2 yrs. old, 1 hp submersible         GP800, aluminum trailer,                  Completely remodeled. 4BR, 2BA,         immediately for Chapin SC for
battery operated. Practically brand   lighted corner hutch. $700.            pump motor, needs to pump 18         new seat, low hours, excellent            formal dining, hardwood floors, 1900    in home private duty care. This
new. $200. Call 803-319-7534.         Call 786-9190 between 9-9.             gpm, 115 Volt. Call Kevin at         condition, runs 53-58 mph,                sq. ft. Located off Wilson Blvd. by     is a 24 hour case, 8-12 hour
                                                                             803-337-3505 or 803-629-3164.        custom cover. Asking $3400                I-77. $139,900 OBO. 803-234-1784.       shifts Mon-Fri and e/o weekend.
Seasoned fire wood for sale.          For Sale 180 feet solid
                                                                                                                  OBO. Call 331-8708.                                                               Must have 1 year pediatric
                                      white 6 feet solid white
Call Jabo at 803-348-7733.
                                      commercial grade privacy               Automobiles                          Boat and Trailer for sale. 1994
                                                                                                                                                            For Rent: 3BR, 2.5 BA, w/bonus
                                                                                                                                                            room, double car garage, 2300 sq. ft.
                                                                                                                                                                                                    experience, also trach, vent and
                                                                                                                                                                                                    g-tube experience. Must have
Ford 800 Farm Tractor,                fence. Must see. Asking                                                     Invader Inboard Boat. 20.5’ low           $1200/month. Call 803-319-7534.
                                                                             2007 Ultra Classic Harley                                                                                              clean SLED, valid SC nursing
with 3 point hitch, currently         $3,000. For more info, call                                                 hours, good condition. White
                                                                             Davidson, Black Cherry, 5k                                                     For Rent or Sale-Exit 27,               license and valid SC drivers
at hunt club. 803-622-8510.           803-518-8169.                                                               w/gray/black stripes on side.
                                                                             miles, ext. warranty. $16,000.                                                 Blythewood, 21 acres, 3BR               license. Great pay & benefits.
                                                                                                                  $7000 OBO. 803-309-9783.
                                      For Sale- Pool table,                  Call 803-920-5629.                                                             house, 2 acre pond loaded w/fish,       To join the Niightingales
Tires w/rims & lug nuts, set of 4,
                                                                                                                                                            hunt deer, very private, deck on        Nursing Team call Rose @800-
Goodyear #275/60R17. $600. Call
between 4-8pm. 803-419-7966.
                                      paid $1200 asking $500,
                                      Grandfather clock, Tempest             1985 GMC Shortbed, custom
                                                                             paint and interior, all new parts.
                                                                                                                  Real Estate                               front & rear of house overlooking       578-6033 or fax resume to 843-
                                      Fugit, $150. Harley Davidson                                                                                          pond. 1.2 miles to I-77, Rich 2         413-6036 attn: B Taylor
                                      accessories            (jackets,       $6500 OBO. Call 803-394-1199.        Room for Rent on 10/01/11.                schools, $1100/mo plus full dep.
Natural gas stove for sale.                                                                                                                                                                         How would you like to be
Asking $150 OBO. Call 803-            collectibles, etc.) -best offer.                                            $150/week, spacious 1BR w/                Call 803-261-9783 for appt.
                                                                             RV for sale, 2004 Gulfstream                                                                                           your own boss? Work your
337-8051.                             Call 803-960-3025.                     Sun Voyager, 11,000 miles,
                                                                             sleeps 6, 38,’ Vortee V-8 gas
                                                                                                                  Bath, utilities included. Deposit,
                                                                                                                  references, credit check required.        Services                                own hours? Work from home
Oreck Upright Vacuum                  For Sale, 7-12” concrete form                                               Short term lease, serious inquiries                                               and receive your products at a
                                      tubes, $60, 803-753-1937.              engine, garage kept. $88,000.                                                  Tutoring in Math and
Cleaner. 8 years old. $100.                                                                                       only. 803-447-5595.                                                               discount? Why not Avon? Call
                                                                             803-482-3761                                                                   Science. I have a Bachelor of
Contact Janet at 803-873-8494.                                                                                                                                                                      Sandra Hyder at 803-865-8303
                                      4 Sets of Complete                                                                                                    Science degree in Chemistry.
                                                                             1996 Harley Davidson,                541 Montgomery Road                                                               or 803-467-1951.
12x10 aluminum building               Cabinets, 16 ft. long, 6.5 ft.                                                                                        Call 803-451-9812.
                                                                             Sportster 1200, pearl white,         (Cedar Creek area). 3BR,
w/wooden floor, $900. 12x8            high. Solid wood, 4 sections                                                                                          Piano Lessons Available. More           Seeking self motivated individuals
                                                                             garage kept. New items: forward      2BA mobile home. $500/mo.
aluminum sides, roof, wooden          with drawers. $495 for all.                                                                                           than Music Program. Students            to join our cleaning service. Must
                                                                             controls, custom seat, battery,      plus sec. dep. Jackie Britt. Call
floor, 2 windows by door,             Call 803-337-8400.                                                                                                    ages 5-17. Affordable rates.            have own transportation. Call 803-
                                                                             rear chrome progressive shocks,      754-6901 or 360-7305.
$700. Call 803-260-3210.                                                                                                                                    Call 803-834-4214 or email              477-8204 or 803-462-2102.
                                      For Sale: Love seat, like              mirrors & windshield. 7000
For Sale, Kenmore Washer &
Dryer. Very little use, storage
                                      brand new, $150, Oak Table
                                      & Chairs (great condition,
                                                                             miles, $4,200. 803-549-2153.         Looking for land between
                                                                                                                  1-1000 acres to lease for bow
                                                                                                                                                            CNA to provide assistance
last 6 months. $300 OBO.                                                     2004 Gulfstream RV, 3 slides,        hunting only. Call Darnell at             for personal needs including            Buster, a miniature Schnauzer/
                                      has storage at bottom and                                                   334-657-8876.
803-351-7635.                                                                11,000 miles. Garage kept.                                                     Meals, cleaning and Dr. appts.          Pomeranian mix, needs a new
                                      leaf in center), $450, 2 desks,
1936 German Brambach                  great cond., $50 each, 50              Call 803-603-4647 or 803-482-                                                  All for one low price. 12 years         home. Weighs about 15 lbs. Free
                                                                                                                  Elgin, 3BR, 2BA Ranch style
Baby Grand piano, restored            inch Panasonic TV, $150                3761.                                                                          experience. Call 803-673-2370.          to good home. Call 361-5364.
                                                                                                                  home, $850/month with lawn
& refurbished. Asking $3500.          (just needs new lamp). Must            1983 Ford Van E350 rebuilt           care. Call (803) 331-5902 or

                                                                                                                                                                      FOR RENT
Call 803-295-0397.                    Sell! 803-447-5818 or email            351. Good work van. Needs            754-2621.
                                                  power steering pump and
                                                                             muffler. $850 OBO. Call              Fantastic home for sale in
Complete Yamaha Drum                                                                                              Blythewood. Summer Pines. Only                            1020 Brodie Rd., Leesville
Set for sale. Includes, bass,         2007 Honda 250 4-wheeler.              803-309-9614.
                                      Purchased April ‘08. Never                                                  5 yrs. old, 3BR, 2.5BA, large
snare, toms, floor tom,                                                      54 Ford Customline 4Dr Sedan.        bonus room. Large tiled kitchen
cymbals, high hat, cow bell,          left outside, rode less than
                                                                             Engin runs. Ready to restore.        and baths, Berber carpet, master
stool and sticks. $375. Call          10 times. Tuned up last year.
                                                                             $2000. Call 803-309-9614             suite on lower level, fenced back
691-6804.                             $2000 OBO. 786-0848 or
                                      email: Butlerjsbk@yahoo.               2007      MKX        Lincoln,        yard and much more. $145,000
Heavy duty bed frames just            com                                    Navigator system, special            Motivated Seller. Call 786-7602.
$50. Nice 6 piece sheet sets at                                              package. 1 owner, non-smoker.        FSBO, Brick 3BR, 2BA with
                                      2002 Golf Cart, lifted,
only $25 or 3 sets for $60. Call                                             $18,500. 803-920-5629.               separate 2BR, 1BA mother-in-
                                      windshield, radio. $1700. Call
803-238-6288                                                                                                      law suite. Partially furnished,
This year’s shelled pecans for                                               For Sale:Gray ‘93 GMC Sierra         fully fenced in. 1.4 acres, located
                                                                             1500 SLE- extended truck w/          on Highway 321 (3.9 miles from
sale. $7 Quart or $25 gallon. Call
803-438-1604.                         Wanted                                 camper top & hitch. Brand new        Blythewood). $149,900. Call                   Beautiful 4 BR/ 2 BA, 2100 square foot home on 36
                                                                             transmission. Moving, must sell.     714-1610. Leave message.
For Sale:2006 Yamaha VX110            Roommatewanted.Preferably              $2500. Call Jay, 240-422-6809 or                                                  acres with pond !! Located in a rural area of Leesville.
Sport Wave Runner, 3 person           female, non-smoker, employed           803-438-4799.                        1 & 2 BR eff. apts in Winnsboro,             Home has detached 2 car garage & a carport. Central
seater. Only 70 hours. Moving,        and likes children and dogs.                                                fresh paint in and out, back yard                              HVAC with gas logs.
must sell. $4000. Call Jay, 240-      Room over garage for rent-                  The Blythewood                  w/ picnic table, grill & fire pit.                         $1100/month plus sec. dep.
422-6809 or 803-438-4799.             have your own bathroom and                                                  Must have good renter past.                               Call Scott Properties today for more details.
                                                                                   Leader. Email:
                                      privacy, very inexpensive                                                   1BR $395mo plus dep. 2BR
11 guitars and 1 guitjo for           utilities. $600/mo. Call Brandy          info@theblythewood-                $445 mo. plus dep. Call 803-                                        803.951.0702
sale. Call 803-438-1604.              at 803-447-5818.                                        261-9783 for appt.                                            

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             George’s ol’ timey Feed & Seed
                                                                           Premium While Affordable
                                                                         Laying Feed for your Chickens!

                                   Triple Crown &
                               Southern States Dealer

          We Have DEER CORN!
                                                                           WE KNOW CHICKENS!
              786-6546                         7989 Winnsboro Road
                                         (Highway 321, Just South of Lorick Road)       Closed Mondays

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