Not At All by yurtgc548


									    Not At All

The title of our poem is “Not At All!”

  Our prediction using the title is that the person in the
  story doesn’t want to believe AIDS exists because they
  are afraid of how it can effect people.
 A granddaughter is talking about AIDS to her
 grandmother. She is explaining AIDS is not the same
 as other diseases. You can’t be treated for AIDS where
 as most other diseases there is treatment.
     C- Connotation ( Unknown
 Regressing: Sentence in which is was
   “It is like a thorn that pricks
  continuously, piercing the flesh and
  not regressing.”
 Meaning: to move backward; go back
Unknown Words Cont.
 Mamba: Sentence in which it is used-
    “It is like the mamba whose deathly
 strike paralyses the heart instantly.”
 Meaning: An aggressive, venomous,
 elapid African snake
                C- Connotation
    Similes- “ It is like the mamba,” - Once it you get
    AIDS you can’t get rid of it.

 “ It is like a thorn that pricks continuously,”-
     You don’t get used to having AIDS .

 “ This one is like a fire,”- AIDS never weaken in your
Repetition- “Not at all.” AIDS is not
like any other diseases. The
granddaughter compares AIDS to
other diseases and she says it is not at
all like the rest of them because it
doesn’t go away.
             A- Attitude
 The granddaughter’s attitude about AIDS is serious.
She believes that you can not get rid of AIDS and that
it is a very serious disease people have to be aware of.
The granddaughter wants to spread the word to others
that once you get AIDS, you can’t get ride of it.

The poet’s attitude about AIDS is that people from the
older days don’t realize that AIDS is different from the
other horrible diseases in the past such as small pox.
Today, more younger people receive the disease of
             S- Shifts
  In the beginning, the grandmother is
confused about AIDS. She doesn’t quite get
what AIDS is and how it can effect the body.
After the granddaughter explains, the
grandmother understands the risks and
what it can do to the body.
We think the poem is titled “Not At All”
because some people think AIDS isn’t a
major issue, they are afraid of how it can
effect people. In reality, it is an disease that
is very harmful but preventable. AIDS is
“not at all” like any of the other diseases the
speakers described in our poem.
We think the theme of this poem is to
be aware of AIDS and to know how it
can effect you. It is important to know
that once you get AIDS you can’t get rid
of it.

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