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VIEWS: 10 PAGES: 15 SUMMARY SLIDES: Data cabling contractors are responsible for planning, installing, and maintaining the cables that form the backbone of modern IT networks. Copyright (C) SP Home Run Inc.

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         Data Cabling
 (Glossary Definition)
  Courtesy of the
  Managed Computer Consulting Glossary
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   Data Cabling
   Contractors are
   Responsible for
   Laying the Cables
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  That are the
  Backbone of Any
  Modern IT System
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   Data Cabling
   Contractors will
   Need to Account
   for Your IT Needs
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  Now and for Years
  Into the Future
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     Laying the
     Cables is
     Skilled Work
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   And You Shouldn’t
   Put Cutting Costs
   Above Getting the
   Job Done Right
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  Set Up a
  Maintenance Plan
  with Your Data
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  To Test Your
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    Have You Worked
    with Data Cabling
    Contractors in
    the Past?
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    Tell Us About
    Your Experiences
    in the Comments
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